Five Tips to Help Beat Nicotine Cravings.

Nicotine cravings are the most difficult hurdle in any quit smoking campaign, especially during the first few weeks. So long as your quit survives, cravings for nicotine and cigarettes will gradually weaken and break down. So, when things get tough, consider using these tips to help beat nicotine cravings and progress along the path to freedom.


Take a Deep Breath, Then Slowly Exhale While Counting to Ten.


  • Repeat the process until the craving dissipates.
  • This is good for the majority of nicotine cravings and will also help with habitual and emotional craves.


Grab a Drink.


  • This can be plain water, but drinks that are fizzy, sweet or sour, can give you a slight dopamine kick and provide a sense of satisfaction.


Eat Something.


  • Cravings may become worse when you are hungry as hunger can sometimes be confused for cravings.
  • If craving, check whether or not you are due for a meal.
  • If you are genuinely craving nicotine, consider nibbling on sweet or savory treats as they can also provide a natural dopamine hit.


Take a Shower or Bath.


  • Having a shower or bath can be extremely useful during the early stages. They provide a period of respite from the intense waves of nicotine cravings and withdrawals.


Yell into a Pillow.


  • When nicotine cravings peak, they may become so intense and aggressive, that the only way of finding relief is to grab a pillow and yell at the top of your lungs.


Are you an ex smoker or someone currently quitting? Do you have any tips that others could use to beat nicotine cravings? If so, leave a comment below.




  1. Buy a bag of ice, put some in a glass when watching tv/reading etc. Chew /suck at you leisure..really helps me

  2. I write, whether its in my quitters diary or type an essay on my computer – hitting the keys with energy of course. One other thing I found really useful is reading this website (I know this sounds coy) but its about concentrating on the articles, getting to grips with what your body is doing and why and reminding yourself why you are putting yourself through this because it is not easy.

  3. Angela Miller says:

    Looking up and reading your web site

  4. quit when you get a flu and your throat is sore, it makes it easier to stick to not smoking in the beginning. keep reminding yourself how much better you feel not smoking. and make sure you still have a few left in your pack so you don’t get that panic feeling of not having any cigarettes. to stop your temptation to smoke them, draw little people onto the cigarette paper and think of them as your little friends you carry around with you, dont let anyone (including yourself) burn and smoke your little friends.

  5. Hi, everyone i try hot water, i drink it like coffee slowly…. when glass is empty i will be free. please try your self’s its fast and eassy.

  6. I’m still very early in my quit, but i do find that cinnamon sticks and lollipops help quite a bit. The cinnamon sticks are my favourite since its low calorie and has a nice, fresh taste.

  7. Day 7 for me!!! Feel great…Excercise helps as well as putting all my energy into redecorating, painting and yard work…I took a tee shirt out of the drawer in my bedroom an got on the treadmill and OMG..the stench from the cigarette smoke was awful!! I like the cinnamon sticks as well!! I am so tired…and try to get as much rest as possible…:) God speed!! and good luck one your new smoke free journey…

  8. good idea Briddy! I like to draw pictures of animals on my cigarettes such as my dog Bessie. That way I have happy thoughts every time I reach for the pack. And I imagine the stench of the fur if I “lit” her up – which puts me off. Works every time!

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