Quitting Smoking May Cause Fatigue and Tiredness.

Woman Suffering Quit Smoking FatigueRecovery from nicotine addiction is both physically intense and a very stressful process. During the early stages of chemical withdrawal, quitters undergo a rigorous healing phase. For the majority of smokers, quitting requires immense concentration, self discipline and resilience, resulting in varying levels of fatigue and tiredness.


The symptoms of fatigue are easy to recognise. They also highlight the importance of taking time out from your normal, every day activities during the first stage of healing and chemical withdrawal.

How can you tell if you are suffering from fatigue when quitting smoking?


  • Do you feel constantly tired and sleepy, even after resting?
  • Do you experience headaches, dizziness, poor concentration and blurry vision?
  • Do your muscles ache and feel weak?
  • Do you have a slow reaction time?
  • Do you have a hard time finding the motivation to do anything?
How long does the fatigue from quitting smoking last?


  • Everybody is different and there are varying factors that need to be considered, such as caffeine or sugar consumption, additional illness such as depression or insomnia and external influences that may cause stress and anxiety.
  • In general, fatigue from quitting smoking should only last a couple of weeks and peak within the first few days.
  • If you experience fatigue beyond that timeframe, or your level of fatigue concerns you, seek medical advice as there may be additional causes.


Tips for Managing Fatigue When Quitting Smoking.


Rest, then get some more rest.


Your mind and body are going through an intense physical healing processes. You feel tired and fatigued because you are tired and fatigued.

Don’t make things more difficult by attempting to go about your daily life as though things are normal, they are not.


Drink water and consume plenty of micro nutrients.


The brain and body need nutrients to heal. It is important to at least try and get some nutritional food between the sugar hits you will likely rely on when quitting. Consider getting a juicer.


When able, take small steps toward regular exercise.


Exercise is one of the most healthy and advantageous things we can do for both the mind and body. It encourages the healing process and generates positive endorphins in the brain.

Start small and don’t over do it.

If you don’t normally exercise, then start with a five to ten minute walk. The key is to do this every day.


Relax and get some laughs.


It is very easy to forget what happiness feels like when you quit. While you are relaxing, consider watching some comedy. Laughter is the best medicine!



  1. I haven’t smoked in ten min


    • I haven’t smoked a cigarette for 3 days. I have been vaping and it only helps a little. I can not focus, and I’m always tired. I’m in an accelerated program at school and I feel so stressed. There’s so much to do in so little time and I sit here in front of my computer only trying to find ways to focus and do some homework. I’ve been smoking for over 17 years and never been able to completely kick the habit. I always find myself going back to it. I hope I don’t. I just want to vent…

      • I was wondering why I was so tired all the time. And it occurred to my mind that it could be because of the quitting. And I was right… You should quit when you don’t have additional stress. Don’t give up. Like it says, the body needs allot of rest. Good luck.

  3. I have smoked 2 cigarettes in the past 4 days. My body basically said no more smoking. I do not crave smoking, I actually find it gross now. But I am so fatigued and tired I want to just smoke so I don’t feel like this.

    • no don’t try to smoke again to everyone who quit smoking for our body is the temple of the holy spirit it grieves when we do something harmful in our body just trust in the lord in he will heal you.

      • Itis not what goes into the mouth but what comes out that defiles the body, it makes me sick when people use this reference so far out of context, the Bible isn’t something you can just use to promote your own agenda, yes smoking is bad, that doesn’t mean you can just twist whatever scripture you want to support that. Well.. you can but it is disgusting.


      • I have smoked for a long time but three weeks ago I just prayed to God asking Him to help me stop clogging his temple with smoke from cigarettes.The next day I had urges for smoking but at the thought of clogging the temple of God I have stayed without smoking for the past three weeks.However,I am feeling tired and my mouth tastes so bitter,maybe these are healing effects.
        Great to quit smoking and am sure I will not go back to this habit.

        • shahzad says:

          Dear I have the same things in second week. but just stick with quitting. First three days I was not able to sleep well then after one week I am not able to wake up. Mostly tired and no energy to do anything and mouth taste is also strange. muscles seems weak.
          I am sure I am not going to smoke again even these things last for months.

    • That’s exactly how i feel. Tired all the time and lots of important tasks ahead of me. No energy, achy muscles.

      • Hi it’s been 2 wks now since I haven’t smoked, but I feel worse, I’ve got no energy tired all the time and all I want to do is sleep is this normal

      • I’m 3 weeks into trying to quit smoking, and fatigue and irritability are what bothers me most, that and I still crave a smoke!

      • Its been 12 days since I stopped smoking, however I have notice that I am always tired just as I am at work cos its night shift, even when I just had a good sleep. But I do exercise 6 days a week. 3 days at the gym, 2 days of Zuu Sessions with Fitness Group and every other day my husband and I go through 1 hour of Boxing and Zuu.. I really enjoy being a non smoker. I haven’t craved for one since I stopped. I feel more fitter and healthy.

    • I feel the same way but I am not giving in. The fatigue makes me want to though.

  4. I quit smoking since last 4 weeks in between i smoked 7 cigarettes altogether and that also cause whenever i smoke after a gap it helps me have a good sex it sounds weird but it does and i started running now since last week and trying to get back im shape

  5. I quit smoking 17 days ago. I have been exhausted for the past week or so. I slept until 12pm the other day, just couldn’t get out of bed! I am not depressed but my motivation is definitely lacking. If I get anything done on my days off I feel good. I am too fatigued to do much of anything so I am just trying to deal with it. I have been very emotional at times, crying my eyes out when thinking sad things or listening to a sad song. I am wearing the patch and this is happening. I’m afraid of what will happen when I wean myself off. One day at a time. Sometimes one minute at a time.

  6. Getting back in shape? All I want to do is eat. Tomorrow I will try to walk for 5 minutes every day. I am taking it real easy on myself. I’ve been smoking since I was 12 and I’m 46 now.

  7. After many years of smoking 30+ per day, quitting smoking cold turkey results n cravings and many difficulties but by far the worst of these is 4 – 5 months of continual fatigue.

    Life smoking without this fatigue and being able to do things is way better than not smoking wth months of fatigue and the crippling lethargy.

    If I can limit this extreme fatigue in time and extent, then I will quit smoking.

    Any views or advice?

    • jenna carter says:

      are you a Canadian resident? there is a program that will provide you with free quitting smoking aids run through your doctors office I find that this brand works better than the expensive store brands, you have up to six months of product free and I found it has helped me manage my symptoms, I have quit smoking cold turkey in the past I feel your pain it is difficult and frustrating, I hope I have helped. and good luck to you everytime you quit you win just a little more!

    • Michele Salter says:

      I am into my 5th month of not smoking I am getting more fatigued every day, I am seriously thinking of smoking again. I have never felt like this in my life I have always been very active I am 59.

      • Need to Excersise to keep your hear rate up now. Cigs were keeping your heart rate up, now you have to do it on your own. Watch as you start to look younger. Sex drive goes way up. Keep eating to let your body recover all those missing nutrients. Your gonna have to fight that fatigue for a year until your body fights off all that poison your lungs built up. Cut back on coffee and you will get to sleep at night.

      • Just gone 5 months myself without a smoke. Was a 25+ a day smoker since I was 18. Now 47…….Never felt so crap in my life! Absolutely exhausted everyday. Run my own business so have no choice but to keep going.. My sense of smell has returned but now I can just smell all the really bad smells!!!! I miss smoking like you wouldn’t believe and I miss the times where I could sit back, relax and have a few beers and accompanying smoke, but have resigned myself to the fact that I can never go back to it and I’m just going to be grumpy and sad for a long time to come!!! Have t

        • Oh my god, I feel exactly the same way, I miss my smoke with my morning coffee soooo much! 3 weeks today, and I wonder when it will ever get easier!

  8. jenna carter says:

    I quit smoking a week and a half ago, it was rough the first 4 days I think day three was the worst I was just nasty all day and so difficult to get along with. I have only had one and a half cigarettes since I quit (both in the same day) but after the third day I forced my self out of the house and to the gym almost everyday and now it has just become part of my routine I have replaced smoking with exercise and I feel great. I biked 9 miles today! I don’t remember ever being able to do that! I have also started a strict fruit veggies and lean meat diet to try to stop the weight gain from happening when I want sugar I eat apples or berries. it hasn’t been easy at all because my eating habits when I did smoke were terrible. when I get hungry I think should I be hungry right now or is this because of the smoking, if I have already eaten a reasonable about, I wait until an appropriate time to eat again. I have founds more will power than I ever knew I had, it’s all about saying no and staying positive.

  9. I smoked 20-30 cigarretes a day for 12 years. I quit cold turkey 7 months ago. I feel i beat it, i rarley crave and have no intention of smoking ever again. However, since I’ve quit I have gained 25 pounds, and while I was somewhat active and in shape while smoking, I’m totally lethargic and lack motivation to do anything except eat and sit on my ass. Has anybody delt with this? Will my metabolism ever come back?

    • Joe Shm says:

      You may have developed a food addiction. I don’t know why the literature always says “oh yeah you might be eating a lot to get through this” — yeah, you’re eating a lot because tons of food also spikes your dopamine/etc… it’s just switching vices. Cut out the crazy eating!

    • Regarding the weight gain…I quit 4 mths ago…just quit cold turkey…I am steadily gaining weight but I am eating much less and much healthier than I did when I smoked…I knew I might gain weight and didnt want too, so I quit eating junk food, fast food, thinking I could avoid that pitfall, but Im gaining anyway…so now what?? Is it metabolism? Changed because I smoked so much for so many years and then quit? Will things level out eventually?

      • sonja oxlade says:

        Hi Donna im only 1 month smoke free but i have always been concerned about the weight gain , i had asked a doctor a while back about it and he said there was some weight gain that occurred from quitting the amount depended on diet etc but went on to say even if you ate well there still was some gain which i believe he said was a metabolism thing. I started walking before i quit to build up strength and fitness, once i had quit i really stepped it up even when i was so tired and didnt feel like it, i can tell you the scales say i have gained 3-4kg,s but my clothes are looser. while im annoyed at the scales im happy knowing i am looking better from the exercise. I hope this helps but also to answer your question, yes it will even out. find sweets that are low in sugar content or dried fruit etc,thats what i have been doing, or if you can do some light walking,only need 10 mins 3-4 times a wk,then you will be toning up and looking gd…. Good luck

  10. I found this article while researching quitting smoking and feeling tired. I quit almost 4 weeks ago. I felt incredibly slow thinking and tired for about 2 weeks. Then my thinking improved but my body remains really tired no matter what I do. Ironically I have had very few if any cravings at all. I quit at 9pm in the evening slept through much of the nic withdrawal day one and two used some nic gum for a few days then no nic at al. I had a prior quit with patches that I did not have the lethargic feeling with so It definitely has to do with the lack of nicotine. On the plus side , my skin looks great, my hair seems to be healthier, my breathing is great etc.. Its just that when you own a few businesses and have high expectations from people you cant be some stupid slug moping around. Does anyone have any idea when this adjusts itself? is it months? 4-5 months or longer?

    • Hi, I’ve just past my 3rd month & can tell you there’s still no letting off with this tiredness. It’s starting to have a negative effect on my work & social life & to tell you the truth I’m starting to wonder if giving up was such a bright idea.

      • I gave up on the 26th january 2015 ive never felt so tired and unhappy as i do now.Im so tempted to start again to get my energy back.

  11. Same with me Joyce, it begins to worry me because I am always tired despite the adequate sleep every night. It has been 3 weeks since the day I quit smoking. Just these past days I couldn’t contain my emotions, although I am less irritable compared with the past two weeks. But this 3rd week is emotional, I feel so lonely and I can’t help but cry hard.

    • Hi jacy, it really is a tough ride, I’m only 9 days in and feel like an emotional wreck, I’m annoyed when anybody mentions the fact that I quit and I’m even more indignant when they don’t. Poor guys just can’t win. I really hope it gets better for you soon and remember, you are not alone, we are all going through this with you albeit at different stages. Stay strong I might need you in a couple of weeks ;) x

  12. Hi, I’ve been a non smoker for 9 days and I am absolutely exhausted. I haven’t had many cravings at all just a few moments when I seemed to forget that I’d quit and had to quickly remind myself. My head is fuzzy and I can’t seem to find my words I am also waking several times during the night and spend longer trying to sleep than actually sleeping. I’m extremely itchy all over and my skin is absolutely terrible, I look like a teenager again and not in a good way !! Anyway I know these are all symptoms of my body repairing itself but I really wish it would hurry up as I feel like giving up (although I won’t) just so I can feel normal again. Sorry for the rant guys it’s been one of those days.

  13. Wendy, I am gaining more energy now compared the past weeks! You can do it! Just look forward to being healthier. Although I still feel that my muscles are weak and my limbs are tingly but I divert it to light physical activities. The emotions are manageable nowadays! I’m sure you will also be proud of yourself on how far you’ve gone through not depending on nicotine anymore! We can do this! :)

  14. Well, my first week was like that too minus the itchiness. During the first 2 days I felt dizzy and anxious. Upon approaching 1 week with enough sleep, vitamins, and food I still feel that my head is fuzzy, my eyesight is blurry and I can’t focus too well, plus I’m very irritable. Times when I feel the urge to smoke I feel fidgety but I always wave it away by busying myself on walking or talking to a family member. Approaching two weeks I start to feel headache (on the scale of 1-10, it was 1-2) that transfers from almost all part of my head, my muscle begun to sore, I feel anxious and fuzzy I suspect that was already stress and fatigue since I can’t get on with my usual routine without getting tired easily. Approaching 3rd week I felt extremely tired as if I haven’t slept the night before. My muscle sore and my eyes still can’t focus well. Right now, I’m feeling much better than the past weeks.

  15. If you can quit smoking then it may mean your mind can take you wherever you set it to. For someone to quit smoking it may mean the sky is the limit for them.

  16. Haven’t smoked for more than two months, feel like something is terribly wrong with me, no strength, weakness and sore muscles, blurred vision, pressure in ears, bad breath, heartburn. If someone can let me know whether it’s normal to feel like this nearly three months after quitting. I dont know what’s going on inside.

    • Hi Adrianna! I don’t know if it will help to say that I’ve been through the same effects as yours. They don’t come at thesame time, thanks God! After having this certain effect for days I thought it finally goes away but it comes back. Well good news is it’s not as uncomfortable as before.

    • Adriana…. If I were you, I would go see my primary care physician for a check up. While some of your symptoms may be withdrawal related, all of your symptoms could be caused by some other underlying illness. Can’t hurt to go to the doc. Good luck and way to go! Three months is HUGE! I’m on day 1.

  17. I’ve been quit for four full days. I’m 34 and smoked since I was 18.

    Can’t live with em, can’t live without em, I guess. Good luck to everyone else who has to deal with this ball and chain. I do believe it gets easier as time goes on.

  18. Hi all, 108 days in to my non- smoking habit and have a question. I feel like I am beating this habit but some side affects are lingering. First off, it seems as though I am having more difficulty breathing over the last couple of weeks than during previous six. I had a mini physical with X-rays around five weeks ago and all ok. Is this the smokers flu I have read about? Can you have these symptoms this far along in the quit cycle? Let me know what you think. Yes, gained weight. Yes, very fatigued. Yes, its all getting better! I think.

  19. It’s been 34 days smoke free. Yay!! But I am so tired. I am sleeping way too much. I slept almost all day. I hate this. I have always been very active and hope this side effect ends soon. This is my worst side effect from quitting so I guess I am pretty lucky. I am just so glad that I quit.

  20. I quite smoking 4 weeks ago. The thing is I only smoked because it helps me concentrate on exams. I am a student. And now that I quite i can not focus on anything. My attention spam has gone down to zero. I don’t want to start again. I take very long exams for my study so please help!!! I guess ADD medication could help. But I don’t wanna start something else worse than smoking. HELP please

  21. I quit 18 days ago & I think I have slept for 17 of those. I play roller derby so I am physically active but I have to take energy supplements to get through a 2 hour practice. After reading this website I see many people have the same issue. What did/do you do to overcome this problem? I don’t have food cravings or cigarette cravings, just the severe fatigue. It really makes me want to smoke again. :/

  22. Been thirty days since I have smoked, went cold turkey.
    Used to be a pack a day for the last 32 years.
    Cycle 2 hours every other day. Only withdrawal I’m having is tiredness, helps if I sleep early. Used to have major craving in the late afternoon, so I jus go cycle at about this time.

  23. Just turned 40 and I was up to a 1/2 bottle of Makers Mark and a 12 pack of PBR’s everyday. I was smoking a 1/2 pack of Camel filters as well.
    I’ve quite before once for 3 months 2 years ago, but it was more for just seeing how long I could do it before I said fck it. Now I have no intention of going back.
    For the tiredness I like to drink Tazo spiced chi tea plain 3 times a day. For the sugar cravings, raw honey instead of anything High Fructose. Grapes instead of tootsie pops this time, lol. I’ll give myself a week maybe less before starting to work out again. Day 3 seems to always be the worst for me and others. Its a drastic life style change.
    Feed the good wolf…

  24. Day 19..
    Had been smoking cigs since I was 13..
    quit at 21 then started again at round 28 till now 39… Anyway im on day 19..
    Its been Hell.. had 2 episodes of near stroke I think.. The cyanne pepper extract along with prayer saved me..
    Had 2 dreams of cigs but realized in the dream I quit..

    My Fatiuge has gotten better seems to be mainly in the morning snd afternoon. I drink Goji & Noni juice wich helps. Have had Hot Flashes to..
    Dizzy Light Headed etc it sucks…

    For any head pressue a lil garlic helps but be careful not to eat too much cuz then you heat up. Ive been battling sll these symptoms its been Hell.

    Best advice is hang in there dont give up! Call on good friends or family for empathy.. Start exercising a bit snd stay away from stressfull people..

    Drink lotta water and get some Pediolite to it has zinc which lets the cells absorb water if u dehyrate.

    Dont Give Up !!! Quitting is worth the hell I already thought I would die twice.. anxiety goes out the roof

    Keep cool as well dont over stress… listen to good music.. snuggle with your pets.. get the dopamine flowing

    Its not easy but the reward is worth it!

    I smoked natural organic tobacco and I tried that evape. I think that only made it worse.
    Im on day 19 and never will go back to the tobacco demon!!


    • rita singh says:

      GREAT GOING RISH…this post is ENCOURAGING N EMPOWERING…thanks 4 the tips which help ease the symptoms…its better to feel hellish for a couple of days while quitting smoking rather than being in hell 4 a lifetime…why be a prisoner to a bad habit n a victim when one can be a VICTOR…why be a slave when one can be a MASTER…it is indeed! tough quitting but get TOUGH INSTEAD and quit…..MORE POWER to all who are trying to quit…GOD BLESS….

      • Ranjan Arora says:

        Great Going Rishi! Yes quitting is very tough, that’s what we have heard, I guess only those who are quitting actually know how tough it is! We, non smokers, can only acknowledge that the only way is to be TOUGHER than the addiction!
        I wonder where does the motivation to quit & remain strong come from, the self realisation or the support of a loved one or both?
        We are with you Rishi, you are a winner!

        • Day 28 only 2 symptoms left are sinus pressure & fatigue. I hate the fatiuge. Im going on walks. My temp is normal or below normal. Smoking a lil bit of cannabis indica has relieved anxiety. I take b12 and multi vit.
          Cayenne extract for the ear sinus pressure. I have 0 mucous. (except one day I blew out clear liquid out my nose)

          It just maily the fatuige that get to me and it during to day. Im just sleeping alot.

          will update spoon.
          Dont Give Up The Fight!

  25. I am four days smoke free……i am 29 and have smoked since i was 14. This is not easy, however i am taking champix which makes cigarettes unbearable to smoke….sugar cravings are through the roof! Going to start walking every morning as of tomorrow. I am planning on never going back to it again!

  26. i am 26 male I quit six weeks ago cold turkey after 7 years of at least a pack a day menthol. I like seeing some of the post where people mention sore throats and sinus pressure (ears/nose). i have been to the doctor and I’m scheduling for an ENT, blood work, and an allergist.. I feel like crap all the time there is no way this is still withdrawal… or is it? lol I see some post complaining of the same problems.. maybe we just get it really bad.. maybe it’s all stress and anxiety and that’s why I smoked in the first place lol idk I’ll find out soon enough..

  27. It’s been 56 hours since I quit, I’m tired and my temper is short, I have almost constant headaches . But I know what I want in my life.

  28. Victor bas says:

    Wow, so many people have this issue of fatigue its crazy, i quit smoking 2 months ago and had plenty of enegy and i did not experience fatique the first week was hell couldnt sleep had dreams that i was smoking it was crazy, but after that time passed i felt like a new man.
    Whoever feel this fatigue even after a month of quiting should definitely consult a doctor. You are not suppose to have any of the withdrawal symptoms after a month at most, i can think of one reason why you feel this way and that is smoking has done its job on you and permanently damage your cardiovascular health. You get more oxygen after you quit so your muscles should get a burst of oxygen.
    Once again get yourself checked smoking really badly damages your cardiovascular health and if you feel this way thats not a good sign.
    Dont worry though there are ways to get your heart strong again. God bless.

  29. Victor bas says:

    Remember smoking affects people diferently, there are smoker who smoke for 40 years and dont get lung cancer and there are people who dont smoke and get it, so eveyone is different having a balanced diet is key, i am an indian so i eat all kinds of heavy food even the vegetables i eatare cooked so they have no nutrition left its just fiber. I canged my diet completely i mostly eat raw vegetables lean meats like fish and workout regularly, i cannot even describe how i fell now amaaaazing. And also smoker should eat raw broccoli its an anti cancer vegetable its like a power house of micronutrients as well.

  30. I’m only in my fourth day but ever since giving up I am suffering extreme headaches is this normal

  31. Yes Mel, headaches and overall malice when I quit. Still have body aches and have gained 7 pounds which put me to the diet doctor! I refuse to get obese which is as bad as smoking so there would be no point in quitting. Worse thing for me is the extra hours spent sleeping and not getting my household together. I used to reward myself with a cigarette outside after I finished a chore; so now …no reward, no housework!!!! My best advice is to crank the tunes. Find oldies etc. ; it has worked every time in forgetting the cigarette craving. Just dancing away around my messy house and being kind to myself.

    • Omgosh Dawn, what you just said is me to a tee! I’m 7 weeks in after smoking since I’ve been 13… I’m now 53. I’m so happy that I decided never to smoke inside my house or my car for 8 years, which helped me cut back. Like you, I used a cigarette as a reward for cleaning. I want my incentive back but I refuse to start smoking again. The cravings are few and far between, but the drowsiness and incentive to move is keeping me down.

  32. oh and its been a month since I quit!!!!

  33. i feel so tired gave up 12 days ago i gave up in the past an did not have this low energy is it that they are putting more stimulents in cigerettes to keep us hooked!!!11

  34. A nasty mix between insomnia and extreme fatigue. This is negatively affecting a couple aspects of my life. I am 16 days in now only vaping 6mg. Glad to feel im not alone. Stay strong yall. Before yeah know it well be 100%

  35. Jennifer Drummond says:

    whoa, i have a long haul ahead of me because i quit smoking a few days ago. I have already begun feeling tired all the time now even after I have rested. I have had insomnia the night after I quit smoking. I’m still going to except this challenge and stay quit. Just keep up the good work and you will succeed.

  36. I have been taking Champix and almost finished the second month. I haven’t smoked for 44 days. I have been a smoker for for over 35 years with about a six month break several years back. I’ve noticed that stopping this time I have had a total feeling of “I don’t want to do anything”. All I want to do is lay down and watch tv or sleep all day. I’m fifty yo male and This is affecting my work and social life. The only time I venture outside now is to go to the shop. I’ve even started putting clothes in the dryer on a hot sunny day! My poor labby misses me because he is an outside dog. The lawn looks like a jungle. Funny thing is, I know all this is not the real, yet I seriously do not have the will to do
    anything about it. I hope this isn’t the permanent new me.

  37. Wow y’all- congrats to all of us for choosing life-affirmative BREATH! I’m 10 weeks tobacco-free, have quit many years in a row, but feel this is the time when I am really truly done done done with it.

    I’ve been reading a lot of posts where folks feel fatigued and listless. I feel tired a lot myself. However, I smoked for 23 years! I believe this tiredness is a sign that my body is using much of it’s resources to begin some significant deep healing on my tissues, and that if I am patient and gentle with myself I will eventually feel more vibrant than ever before.

    It’s definitely true that I look more fresh, my skin glows, and those days when I’m not tired, I sparkle with spirit and life- My overall quality of life has improved greatly, and best of all, I’m FREEEEEEEE from needing a fix to feel “normal”.

    I also know that I was often tired while still smoking, but I would just keep jacking up my system with more and more nicotine. Now I dance or jog or go for a vigorous walk daily, and I feel pretty great. I think it’s really important to remember that our bodies are incredible machines with their own intelligence, and that years of abuse takes time to heal.

    I also find that when I take 10 minutes first thing in the morning to do some breathing exercises my lungs feel amaaaazing and my energy level is pretty steady for longer. Google pranayama or go find a yoga teacher, it might help!

    So happy for all of us to do the work and keep choosing breath and life- keep moving forward folks!

    Big huffs of love and oxygen,


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