Where to Find Free Online Quit Smoking Help and Support?


The most effective help and support for people quitting smoking, tends to come from fellow quitters and ex smokers. The internet has plenty of quit smoking support groups full of quitters and ex smokers counting on each other for guidance through the difficult healing journey. Here are just a few of the free online quit smoking help and support groups available.


Free Online Quit Smoking Help and Support Groups

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The Good Quit

The Good Quit,” online quit smoking support group, is an open and free to use google+ community of ex smokers and current quitters. The community is maintained by ACHOICE2LIVE™ and is moderated by some very helpful volunteers. If you haven’t used google + before, simply login to google or register for a new google account and watch this tutorial on how to use it. If you are looking for a quit smoking help and support group, we would love to have you join us!


The Quit Smoking Page

This used to be my favourite online quit smoking support group and is the place I found a lot of great help and support during my own quit smoking campaign. It is open to all facebook users and there is often a lot of quit smoking help and support to be found. When you are there, say hello to Rhonda for me!

Quit Smoking Message Board.

This is a large, free online quit smoking help and support forum and perhaps one of the most active quit smoking communities online. Well worth checking out if traditional forums are more to your liking.

Stop Smoking Subreddit.

The stop smoking subreddit is another popular online quit smoking support group, dedicated to providing help and support to people who are quitting smoking. Bear in mind there are lots of differing views and opinions on just about every quit smoking topic imaginable.



  1. i smoke 35to40 cigretes daily initily atack high blood pressure & fast heartbeat. to i imidiatly quit smoke after 1.month. but my blood pressure & heartbeat irregular prosis continue. so plz better advice

  2. I have stopped smoking for almost 2 months and today of all days i REALLY want to smoke again

  3. I’ve quit smoking about 3 months now. I don’t have cravings to smoke. I had chest pains and numbness now getting better but still having feet pain and gastric. I feel like tingling in my both feet, just started to feel two weeks ago. Gastric, over weight, tiredness and feet pain are my big problems now. Really suffering like hell. Is it normal to have those. My Blood pressure normal, blood sugar normal. No heart related issues according to Doctor. Really struggling to overcome any advices. Thanks a ton in advance for the support

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