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Quit Smoking Side Effects Timeline.

Welcome to the Quit Smoking Side Effects Timeline, a quick reference guide for smokers who want to find out what happens when you quit smoking. This timeline is variable and dependent on an individual’s level of addiction.  Some will experience all of the day to day quit smoking symptoms and side effects of nicotine withdrawal, while others may only experience a few.

Please note, if you are looking for a timeline on how the body repairs itself as opposed to stages of withdrawal, please be sure to check out the post, What are the Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking?

Quit Smoking Side Effects Timeline

Stage One

First 7 Days

Side Effect – Chronic Physical Cravings.

Chronic physical cravings begin shortly after quitting then rapidly increase in intensity until they peak somewhere between 48 and 120 hrs, at which point they begin to gradually weaken. Physically, this is the toughest stage of the quit smoking and withdrawal process.

Having a greater awareness of how and why cravings occur can go along way toward making this quit smoking symptom more manageable…

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Side Effect – Irritability and Intense Mood Swings.

These are largely influenced by cravings and will peak at roughly the same time as cravings. If the smoker is also quitting caffeine, the symptom may be worse. With a bit of planning and know how, this quit smoking symptom can also be better managed on a day to day basis…

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Side Effect – Intense Fatigue.

A smoker begins an intensive healing process when they quit smoking. This process can severely fatigue the mind and body. Again, if the smoker is also quitting caffeine the symptom may be worse. It is important to get as much rest as possible and explore ways that can potentially help by combating the fatigue and tiredness that come with quitting smoking…

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Side Effect – Headaches.

It is not unusual for people to experience headaches when they first quit smoking. It is possible that the headaches experienced during nicotine withdrawal are the result of fluctuating serotonin levels. This is also a common symptom of caffeine withdrawal. Again, there are some things you can do to manage the head aches on a day to day basis…

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Side Effect – Chest Discomfort.

Smokers may experience a tight and uncomfortable feeling in their chest. This just goes away with time. Some ex smokers may also experience sharp pains in the chest, and while this may be normal, it really is a good idea to speak to your doctor and have your lungs checked. Even if only for peace of mind.


Side Effect – Constipation.

Nicotine and tobacco smoking interfere with normal digestive functions. Upon quitting smoking the digestive system undergoes a radical period of healing. Because of this, the digestive functions of your body may become unsettled as they become accustomed to a life without nicotine and tobacco smoke. For many ex smokers, this manifests as constipation…

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Side Effect – Flu and Cold Like Symptoms.

As the respiratory system heals, smokers will experience cold and flu like symptoms. The day to day symptoms can be headaches, flashes of hot and cold, chest congestion, cough, sore throat and nasal congestion.  The smoker will also likely begin coughing up tar…

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Side Effect – Increased Hunger and Weight Gain.

Nicotine is an appetite suppressant. When nicotine users quit they tend to experience an increase in their appetite. Food, particularly sugary foods, increase dopamine levels and may decrease severity of cravings. There are ways to minimise the weight gain…

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Quit Smoking Side Effects Timeline

Stage Two

7 – 21 Days


Side Effect – Moderate to Severe Cravings for Cigarettes.

The chemical dependency to nicotine is significantly weakened by around days 5-7. However, there is still significant healing required throughout the brain and cravings will still occur, though not as physically intense or long lasting. Many cravings will also be related to emotions and everyday memories that are still associated with smoking. They will begin to weaken over time and ebb and flow in severity.

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Side Effect – Moderate to Severe Irritability and Mood Swings.

Again, this side effect is largely influenced by the intensity of cravings.

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Side Effect – Mild to Moderate Fatigue.

As the now ex smoker, approaches the 2 week mark, fatigue levels will start to drop. Many ex smokers will begin to experience greater levels of energy.

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Side Effect – Headaches.

Headaches should begin to clear up by the end of the first two weeks.

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Side Effect – Mild Chest Discomfort.

This should weaken significantly once the chemical dependency is overcome. It may persist in a much milder state, alongside cravings.


Side Effect – Constipation.

This will likely persist in varying degrees of intensity.

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Side Effect – Flu and Cold Like Symptoms.

This will likely persist in varying degrees of intensity. The ex smoker will likely cough up more tar, more often as the lungs begin to clean out.

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Side Effect – Increased Hunger and Weight Gain.

This will likely persist in varying degrees of intensity and be tied in with cravings.

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Quit Smoking Side Effects Timeline

Stage Three

3 – 12 Weeks.


Side Effect – Mild to Moderate Cravings for Cigarettes.

Ex Smokers will progressively notice large gaps between cravings. There will likely be a number of spikes in relative intensity during this period, followed by a significant decrease in cravings. By week 6, most ex smokers are well and truly in control as the chemical dependency is well and truly beaten. By 12 weeks, levels of nicotine receptors in the brain should be equal to that of a non smoker and cravings from here on are triggered by habitual behaviors and emotions.

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Side Effect – Mild to Moderate Irritability and Mood Swings.

Mood swings will become far less intense as cravings  weaken and become more manageable.

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Side Effect – Mild Constipation.

The digestive system should be back to normal by the end of this period.

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Side Effect – Mild Flu and Cold Like Symptoms.

These symptoms will become a lot less frequent.

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Side Effect – Mild Hunger and Weight Gain.

By the end of this period, ex smokers should be in a much better position to manage weight gain.

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By the 12 week mark, most ex smokers will feel comfortable with their new lifestyle.


Quit Smoking Side Effects Timeline

Stage Four

3 Months – 24 Months


Side Effect – Very Mild and Infrequent Cravings.

Cravings progressively weaken to the point of almost being non existent. A six month ex smoker will likely experience very weak urges that add up to seconds per day as opposed to minutes. However, this period is still risky, as the periodic “walls” of cravings may become frustrating. These walls and urges will continue to weaken and by 12 months, most if not all ex smokers will go weeks even months between craves.

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  1. I am a businessman entrepreneur and have been smoking since the age of 13. I am 31 now. I quite 3 days back and i might be writing this because i am just trying to take off my mind from the cravings that i am currently having. But i do not want to go back to smoking any more because i feel my taste buds are getting better, my lungs can absorb more air than before, etc. The feeling is nice but i feel like hitting my head against the wall at times to tell me brain “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”

    • CHATTYPATTY says:

      Hi Muhammad. I am 33 yrs old and have been smoking for 16 yrs. I recently attempted to quit smoking (5 days ago). I too want to shake myself and get rid of thecravings. We can do this! Just picture life as a non smoker. I did it for 5 months and was happy, but like the article said, emotional attachment led me back to smoking. I don’t want to be defeated this time around. I encourage you to do whatever healthy options you may have.

    • Thabiso says:

      I have been smoking for the past 25 years and I only stopped smoking three days ago.I am going crazy here but I have no choice but to hang in there willing to take any advise.

      • Randy's Rukkus says:

        You can all do this, just be patient with yourselves. I quit smoking in 2008 until 2013. It does get a lot easier. I quit again October 2013. Just like others, emotional situations lead me to the closest gas station buying a pack of cigarettes to keep myself from strangling a coworker lol. I have learned other ways to cope with stress to avoid this. As a police officer there are many times we endure stressful situations sometimes several times a day. I’ve learned to keep a playlist on my phone of songs that make me feel good and have a calming effect. I’ve also learned that taking a break (if possible) and walking around the office or outside in the parking lot really helps as well. You have to explore to find what works for you, most important. Quitting is not the same for everyone and what works for you may not work for someone else. So try it all, even if it makes you feel goofy for doing it. Think positively and repeat an affirmation to yourself during intense cravings, one such as this:

        “I am a non-smoker! By day and by night I am being prospered in all of my interests. I am healthy and whole.”

        The most important part of an affirmation is envisioning yourself as the successful non-smoker. Seeing yourself in your mind as the healthy non-smoker that you are.

        Just don’t give up. This is the best gift you can give yourself. Live is amazing as a non-smoker. You feel fabulous and when you stop to smell the roses you can actually smell them!

      • I am smoking about 12 years. I have many failed many times in quit smoking. I can’t drop it even 1 full day. But now I dropped it for 7 days. I tried NRT Means nico gum or nicotex. The first 2 days I used to have 5 gums. Now I am using 2 gums a day. 1.00 pm and 9.00 pm.

      • Ashgrim says:

        i feel u man, we are on same train.. i usually smokes average 30 cigarette a day and its already 3 days and im going to lose my mind now.. i need helpp

      • Betty Field says:

        I am on day 3 with patches & inhilator & it is going well. I have smoked for 44 years & tried cold turkey 14 years ago & I couldn’t do it. Use the support that is out there. I am determined this time & the cravings are not as bad as before.

        • Donna Vose says:

          That is the treatment I was trying but I got put off because I was getting really bad pains in my stomache and back. Has this happened to you too

    • Thabiso says:

      Hi Muhammad how did it go hope you did not go back

    • I’m on this site for my dad he’s been smoking since 14 and is now 41 lately he’s been coughing a lot and I’m scared for him but I’m also scared my future kids will have to grow up with only one grandpa I am currently going through website researching about lung cancer and side affects of quiting smoking when I’m supposed to be asleep but I can’t sleep hearing him cough during the night I’m 13 and worried I hope to persuade my dad and try to make him quit he’s tried electric cigarettes but I don’t think that will cut it I’ve always wanted to be lawyer when I grow so let’s see if I got my persuading skills

      • Nabila,

        Unfortunately, it will be next to impossible for you to convince your dad to stop smoking on your own. It could happen, but it is very unlikely. My friends and family harassed me about my smoking for years. I also harassed myself. I felt bad about smoking every single time I lit up. But I was afraid of quitting.

        I honestly never thought I would stop. I was too scared. I only ever got past more than one day without smoking twice, and both times I had no choice. I had built up quitting to be so terrifying in my mind that I would rather face the 50% chance of early death that cigarettes provide.

        The person you want to help has to educate and arm themselves to be successful, and this requires desire and effort on their part. I’m not trying to discourage you from pushing, in fact, you absolutely should continue to do so. Just do it with good facts. Find a way to make him curious. Learn everything you can and use it to show him that quitting is not as scary as he thinks. Knowledge is most certainly power, especially when dealing with this addiction.

        Once I learned what I needed to know about nicotine addiction, the rest was easy. It wasn’t perfect. I was a little edgy from time to time. I wasn’t climbing the walls though. I didn’t burst into flames. I didn’t kill one single person, a fact I am extremely proud of. Little by little, I started to relearn how to get through life events without nicotine.

        I didn’t quit right away either. I read a lot of things, then I walked away. Then I came back to it, then walked away. I didn’t plan my quit. I was running low on smokes one night. Like so many other nights, I told myself I wasn’t buying anymore. Except this time, I didn’t just smoke my boyfriend’s smokes instead. I woke up the next day and didn’t smoke. I felt kind of good, and very proud. It made me want that second day. The fear was gone, and because I didn’t plan the quit, I didn’t have weeks to let the anxiety build.

        I can almost guarantee you that your dad hates smoking and wishes he could quit. He probably thinks about it every day, maybe with every cigarette. So try to nurture those thoughts with positive reinforcement. Don’t feed into his anxiety about quitting. Don’t make him feel guilty. He already does. Talk about what would be great about him being a nonsmoker, not what is bad about him being a smoker.

        I wish you the best of luck in your quest to help your dad stop smoking. And I wish everyone else the best with their continued efforts to break free. You most definitely can do it, you just need to believe it and never take another puff (NTAP).

    • I would like to share my expreience on the way to becoming tobacco free. I can tell you that I did have some of the difficulties with the side effects most of you are going thru but for the most part they are of little consequence comparatively speaking and I am now in week 16.
      I started smoking in 1975 and just recently quit on April 9th 2014 so just shy of 40 yrs of self inflicted abuse. I like most every smoker tried to quit many times but honestly those attempts were 1/2 hearted because I enjoyed smoking. Even the plea’s from the love of my life (Vickie) and the death of my father from lung disease weren’t enough to break the hold that cigarettes had on my life. I always thought that I would know when I needed to quit because it was catching up with me. I can tell you with 100% confidence that you will never see it coming.
      That changed the evening of April 9th when I went to sleep and awoke 5 days later on April 14th.
      At some point during those 5 days of being in a coma I was conscious enough to pick up on conversations like “he probably won’t make it” I woke up with the knowledge that death had been so close for me. A heart attack requiring Triple bypass and a stroke is normally is enough to get the coroner involved.
      But there I was holding my beatiful wifes hand with another chance. Don’t get me wrong I am very happy to be alive but I just don’t understand why Life is taken away from a small child because of cancer or from a brilliant college student with their whole life ahead of them by a drunk driver and Life is given back to me AGAIN !
      Trust me life will go on without you or me and not miss a beat, make no mistake about that.
      You are the only one that can change what life has in store for you. I suggest that you deal with the bullshit that comes with quitting and stop making excuses or life will quit on you.
      If you decide like I did to roll the dice make sure you have great Doctors and a good Hospital close by
      Thanks to doctor’s and all the fine people at the Pepin Heart center and the Florida Hospital for saving my life.
      Good luck

  2. Mr vella says:

    Nice work guys..keep up the spirit and we will get thru this..

  3. This is probably my 10th time of quitting smoking. I figure one of these times I will get it right hopefully it will be this time. I have not smoked in almost 6 weeks and at times I an still struggling. The cravings can be so strong and the voice of addiction actually becomes the voice of reason. I have actually wondered at times if it is addiction speaking to me or if my thoughts are rational. Example I believe addiction had me convinced buying an e cigarette would be a good idea. I think as soon as I start thinking about smoking I just need to tell myself to SHUTUP

    • I went an bought an e cigarette during my first week of quitting,I think it got me through the cravings in that first week then I gave up on it. an have been non smoking now for 4 weeks and 4 days after 27yrs being a smoker.Cravings are getting fewer but got hit with constipation!

      • I have also bought an e cigarette. I originally purchased it months ago with full intention of quitting as I smoked my last cigarette on my way in the shop to buy it. I started out with a strong level of nicotine and after a week i reduced it to a lower level. After two weeks I reduced to a zero nicotine (which I never should have done) and at my three week smoke-free point…….I started smoking again. I should not have attempted the reduction in nicotine so quickly.
        I have once again stopped smoking using my e cigarette and have a week in today. I have also taken up regular exercise as well to give me a focus. I would seriously like to continue through this to become a permanent non-smoker as I am 35 years old and have been smoking since the age of 12!!!! I want to be alive and healthy to watch my kids all grow to have their own!!!
        I wish you the best of luck and hope you are still going strong as a non-smoker!! :)

  4. I’ve been smoking since I was 16, I’m only 19 now and I can tell you this is so difficult, I recently purchased a vape and I’m hoping to decrease my nicotine intake as I go about my journey of quitting, I know this will be a long process. I have depression and anxiety and many times a cigarette is all I need to calm my nerves.. It’s weird because I actually feel bad because at many times a cigarette has been the only thing there for me, letting them go is hard because any time I was stressed I would sit outside with a pack, listen to music and smoke my troubles away, stopping has lead me to go back to memories at times where I know smoking has helped me out (negatively) I felt as anything I was going through could be solved with a long drag. This is day three, Vaping is helping a lot with cravings. Wish me luck

  5. Stephen says:

    I Have been off the cigs for 1 mo now and let me tell you it not a easy trip but it can be done I still have mild chest pains and numbness in my arm but is getting better as the days go buy.It hard folks I will not lie but it can be done and when you come out of the woods it feels great.

    I smoked from age 8 till age 49 at 2 packs a day so yes it can be done

    • Natasha says:

      wow Stephen thats AMAZING!!! im working on day 2 of my second time quitting. first time.. didnt go so well. caved after 3 weeks.. turned crazy! im hoping i can do it this time but your story is inspirational and from smoking that much to none at all im sure i can beat this too!!

      • Hi all,

        So I have been quitting for a couple of months now I haven’t been counting because I just feel I want this habit gone for good, when I randomly feel like a smoke or I am having a bad day I think to my self…I am not smoking TODAY, so im not thinking that its forever cause that sounds too hard im saying im not smoking TODAY, its getting me through it so far. I tried to quit once b4 but after a long hard year of quitting I thought I was strong enough to have just 1 cigarette…boy was I wrong!! This time around im (trying) to out smart the nicotine I have changed my lifestyle abit I always feel abit anxious wen there is a special occasion that involves alcohol but I prepare my self for those nights, the next waking up the next day my chest feels good and I am proud not feeling guilt that I stuffed up I feel proud that I didnt smoke!! I just wanted to let you guys know that yes its soooooo hard to quit but keep thinking positive dont let it beat you im not saying that I am fully recovered but I am saying this time around I will be focused, prepared, and alot stronger.GOODLUCK ALL n wish me good luck too!!

  6. I smoked for 35 years and I am now 53. I had been feeling a bit tight in the chest and difficulity in breathing , 3 months back i decided not to light up any more.

    now every time I think of smoking I just take a deep breath. Breathe in, breathe out. Feels good.

    Now after giving up my throat began to sore, difficulty to sallow, excessive secretion of saliva.
    Lots of mouth ulcers, stomach irritation, constipation, tiredness, swetting followed by chill. Chest tightness.
    i am very afraid what im feeling.. i already have profile panel test,ecg, cpk,Troponin -T, Echo.. Ultasound of whole abdomen, and doctor said it is ok.. I always feel very tired .. and i dnt know why.. pls advice..

    • Randy's Rukkus says:


      All those symptoms are side effects of quitting smoking, they will subside. You did the right thing by going to the doctor. If the doctor says you are ok then you are. Be patient as it does get better. All these symptoms will go away as your body heals. Your healing process will possibly be a significantly longer since you smoked for 35 years. But rest assured that it will all go away soon. Generally those symptoms start subsiding around 12 weeks smoke-free. This may be a bit longer for you as I said but you should be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

      Fatigue is one of the most common side effects of quitting smoking. Your body expends a lot of energy trying to heal itself from all the damage caused by smoking. So many things are damaged by this destructive habit. Lungs, brain, digestive system, mouth and throat are all affected by the use of tobacco products. Thats a lot areas for your immune system to repair so of course you will be tired a lot. Don’t worry about it, rest as much as you can, and focus on staying quit.

      Good luck to you, I know you can do it!

  7. I gave up the cigs 2 days before this Easter after 20 yrs I was 15 when I started I’m now 35. I was seriously ill with a chest infection and spent my Easter on the sofa far to poorly to move which spoilt my kids holidays so I swore that I will never smoke again and blamed it all on the cigs I have now quit for 6 weeks and although I have had mood swings and cravings I swear I will never put one to my mouth again I have put on a little weight but I have my energy levels back so I will be starting boot camp this week. Oh and my home is much fresher smoke free even though I only smoked in the kitchen it still stunk the whole house smoking is band completely in the home and I absolutely love it. And love the fact when people offer me a cig I say no thankyou I don’t smoke even being around people smoking other family members and friends dosnt even bother me so I think it was the right time for me to pack in .

  8. I finally got sick enough (pneumonia) to quit on May 4th. I was hospitalized for 2 weeks, and was too sick to notice the physical cravings! Day 21 today, and just have to keep reminding myself how lucky I am that I can turn my life and lungs around if I stay “quit”. I was a pack a day + smoker for over 40 years. It will be a huge learning process to live life cigarette free. I smoked when I was happy and sad, anxious and calm, in the car, on the phone – I smoked constantly! Deep breathing really seems to help right now. I also find I have to avoid all my smoking triggers (coffee, alcohol, etc). Cigarettes have ruled my life, now it’s my turn.

  9. Hi there, I’m 24 yrs old and Ive been smoking ever since I was 11. 1 day I just woke up and decided I cant do it anymore, I cant let this demon take over. I just wanted my life back a healthy lifestyle, full of energy, easier to breath and not get tired after running around for 5 mins. I havnt smoked for over a week now and I feel so much better and also proud of myself. Im currently using the new liquid e-cigarette and I have to say its really good it has cut my cravings in half and if I ever crave bad I just have a couple of puffs on that and Im off again. Ive tryed quiting at least 3 times before but failed miserably but this time it feels right and im stronger than before. I can do this and I know you guys can. Be strong and dont let the cravings get the better of you. Think positive, think of a new life without smoke :)

  10. Been a pack a day smoker for about 4 years now. Im on day 32 of no ciggerettes, cravings have gone away, besides a few during the week, usually when im at work. HERES some advice for younger smokers, THE SOONER YOU QUIT, THE EASIER IT WILL BE. WATER+EXERCISE= a much more pleasant quitting experience.

  11. I was a smoker on and off since i was 14, i am now 48 and i felt it was time to stop for good. I stopped on easter monday and am using just will power.
    Still get powerfull cravings at least once a day and have a tight chest and very tired most afternoons.
    Hope it gets easier soon, dont feel any better for stopping at the moment!

  12. I looked at my little girl and I decided it was enough. I wanted to see my little girl grow up, and experience her life. I been smoking since 18 years, I’m 32 years old now. I had experienced bad chest pains,numbness in my arm and my throat hurt. I been clean 21 days now. I will not pick up another cigarette! I am in control of my body now!

  13. I was in the hospital 5 days ago because I had an asthma attack. Right then and there I swore to never smoke again. It is only really hard when I’m at work. I’m a cook and is hard not to get frustrated and want that easy relief. But then I just think of my 3 year old boy and I know I’m doing this do he’s dad can live to see his kids. I’m 23 smoked for 8 years and have been 5 days clean. Going to be a lifetime clean

  14. F Nawaz says:

    I’ve always heard of a love hate relationship but its only since I decided to quit that I realise iv been in a love hate relationship all this time. I loved my cig (maybe still do) for all the wrong reasons, yet I hate it too. I hate that I smelled, I hate that I coudn’t smell, yet I loved the fake comfort it provided albeit fake. This is only day 5…day 2 and3 was defo the worst for me so far. Why did I quit? Same as many, just became so tired of being controlled by my smoking habit. From another forum iv seen ppl calculate how many cigs they smoked per day and now that they smoke free it translates into how many cigs they haven’t smoked. So 5 days on I can now say that I have not smoked 150 cigs…whew and wow! In 5 days that is the amount a 30 cigs per day habit would have totalled to!!!

  15. Stopped smoking 5 months ago using champex and been having anxiety attacks since, I don’t have the urge to smoke any more. My doctor wants me to go on a anti depressant drug to stop the attacks, what do I do give up one drug addiction just to go onto another drug?

    • there’s a relationship (proven by research) between depression and smoking..it’s okay…anti-depressants don’t have to be forever and they won’t make you sick or kill you

  16. Hi.. I am on my seventh day smoke free and even though it has not been smooth sailing at all i have to say i can feel it getting better.. I was a smoker for 20 years and i loved it. i decided to quite for my health the health of my family. I can smell and taste better the cravings are less but all i want to do right now is eat….. I still dont mind i can quit smoking now and deal with the weight a bit later…

  17. I am 35 and have been smoking 1+ packs a day since I was 17. Smoke free for 1month. I have a wonderful 8 month old boy and I am a stay at home dad. I hate going out side to smoke while he is in his jumper having a good time. Then I would have to come inside and and wash off so I wouldn’t have cigarette residue to get on him. I thought to myself wtf am I doing? Why am I wasting so much time and energy and killing myself at the same time. I did this for him so I can be here as long as possible to see him have a family of his own one day.

    • Ashton, I can relate. I have a nine month old and after being pregnant then breast feeding, I missed smoking so much. The day I stopped breast feeding, I started smoking. I wouldn’t smoke around her, but I would go outside or drive in my car then clean it out and wash the windows. I started being obsessive compulsive and smoked with gloves on then washed my hands, etc. I started getting lazier about that and didn’t do anything after a few weeks. I quit five days ago because I felt like it was more of a chore than anything else. I had to make time to smoke. It was getting in the way! Too much effort to cover up this dirty habit. I love smoking and miss it, but I’m tired of lying. It’s a weird relationship! I feel depressed like I gave up part of who I am. It was my comfort, stress reliever, helped me stay awake on teething nights. I have to find another outlet. I just keep focusing on my breathing. I am definitely depressed about it, but I think it will be for a short period of time. I have to stay busy and keep baby around me so I am not tempted. I’ve been walking around the mall a lot or target! I don’t even care if I buy anything, just staying busy! I found it helps to still go to the gas station but buy a fountain soda for the straw effect! We can do this one day at a time! My poor husband is getting the worst of my mood swings!

  18. I have been thinking about quitting for a while now. just when i’m ready to it always seems like something comes up and i run back to my comfortable smokes. ahh the happy place. Probably like all i love to smoke. I have never been roll over in bed in the morning light one up person. First smoke was on the ride to work. The last cigarette of the day was usually on the nightly dog walk.
    I am 43 and have been feeling my health on the decline ( so my head tells me so). Doctors check up, blood work, and chest X-ray all come back good. Been smoke free for almost 24 hrs. i know thats nothing. but it is a start. i hope this is the final quit.

  19. It’s been 40 days since I quit smoking again, this is the last time!!
    Just been hit hard with the cold 72 hours ago, thought it was just a cold with light symptoms, but no, now coughing up blood, I think from tar sitting on my lungs. And feeling very tired and lethargic. Hope fully I will get better soon. But I knew this was going to happen after quitting. But in the end I know it’s all worth it by quitting, but geeze I hope I don’t have cancer, that’s the price I could pay, I am only 31.

  20. 3 days in, some good info here, just wanted to say thanks!

  21. I am 24 years of age. Been smoking since I was 16. A doctor came to give a “Quit Smoking” talk in our office last Wednesday, 11 June. She said this “the first step to quitting is to set a date and stick to that date”. I was thinking of a significant date, my birthday falls on 12 June, the day after the talk. I thought to myself, why not? On my 24th birthday, I gifted myself the gift of quitting smoking. I am on my 5th day now. 0n the 2nd day (13 June), a birthday party was thrown for me in a club, I drank (plenty) and everyone around me was smoking but I managed to survive the night without even a puff. For me, it’s about will power. The best is yet to come.

  22. Never have been a chain smoker or a 1-2 packs a day smoker… Started smoking 6 years back when I was 22. Now 28 and hv decided to give up smoking for good. I am one of those ppl who love to smoke when listening to music. Started smoking due to emotional issues and was addicted before I even realised it… Went from doesnt matter if I smoke 3-4 Cigs a day to cant poop without hving a cig with tea… Being a sportsman it hit really hard when y stamina started deteriorating…
    Neways, hv been clean for a week. Symptoms are coughing tar, nausea, constipation and strange dreams… benefits are good breathing, hunger is back to normal… The worst part is the cravings and my mind trying to convince me that its ok to hv a puff or two. What has helped me is eating a Chocolate bar or a Cookie whenever I feel like hving a cigarette… And it helps being 60 kgs and hving an athletic body… :D
    All the best to all the ppl who are struggling with this… : )

    • I am one of those ppl too who love to smoke when listening to music :D. i quit smoking 1 month ago but cant resist smoking while listening good music in room.
      so i buyed a e-cigarette with nicotine free liquid and smoke it but dont take in lungs :D

  23. Someone help – my boyfriend has been smoke free about 3 months, he’s had the odd mood swing etc. but NOW he’s mad, anything sets him off, especially me. He smoked 17years, 15 a day & now nada. He thinks, one smoke will kill the urge, the stress, the drama & ease his temper. I’ll do anything to ease his temper, otherwise it’ll be over between us so fast. Is this normal??

  24. welcome to smokers in world.
    i request you to quit smoking now and live with happy for your self and for your dependents also.
    i smoked more then 15 years now i am 39.i lost my 15 years healthy life with smoking.
    now i quit and i am so happy to live more with peace and healthy.

  25. Ashton, I’m with you all the way! I’m 35, smoking about a pack per day since 18 and have a 3 year old. I remember sneaking out when he was younger and doing the whole wash thing. Now he asks me where I’m going. It makes me feel awful to say, don’t worry, be right back. Quit two days ago. I know that’s nothing but I really want to do this and be smoke free for my health and my son. I also want to smell the ocean again ( I recently noticed that I have a pretty large decrease in the smell sense). Go figure. This is great information. I think it’s also important to focus not only on the side effects but the really positive things that happen to the body while quitting. Good luck to everyone. We can do this!

    • I find these comments therapeutic in a sense that I know I’m not the only one dealing with this. My husband and I decided to quit at the same time… we are on day 7 and it has been a struggle to keep going on with our daily lives and do the things we are used to doing. I feel like I lost a part of me, that sounds so depressing! I have to have confidence in our ability to quit and also remain married after this! haha Best of luck to everyone.

  26. yieley green says:

    Addiction is hard but most of it is mental.
    I’m an Ex-smoker, from ages 19-29, ten years, little attempts to quit here and there but nothing serious, took a long break when I was pregnant then started up four/five months after giving birth.
    The final straw for me was that I was turning thirty and couldn’t believe that I could say that I’ve been a smoker for ten years. What happened to that little girl that advocated that cigarettes were bad? What really helped was working at a park, having to pick up discarded butts, and drag the garbage full of them around. The smell alone made me sick. I decided to buy one last pack, number them starting from 19, counting to 1 and then the last one a smiley face. I didn’t share them, they were all mine and they would be the last that I had for the rest of my life. I smoked them when I felt staying from 19, gradually I found myself trying to conserve and smoke less of them to stretch it out but by then end it was more like, alright let’s end this.
    You have to quit things associated with smoking, at least for a little while. Like coffee, smoking went hand in hand with it, I started taking caffeine pills instead. Not hanging out with certain friends, because all we did was drink and smoke, so I found myself drinking less. I found myself getting to work earlier too because I wasn’t trying to finish my cigarette before getting on the train. After a while a year passed, almost 15 months.
    Did I ever slip? One night I went to a party, and was drinking. like a old habits, someone passed me a cigg and I take it to puff. After I took the first puff, I was like, yuk! What am I doing?, and I gave it back and left.
    Stay strong, and correct any little slippage, because one day you could actually be free of the nicotine beast!

  27. Scary Moments says:

    Male 21 years old. I Was getting a full medical. doctor asked do you smoke? yes i do.
    she did a lung check i had to blow into a tube correctly it was surprising difficult.xx

    Machine Calculated the Result:
    lung Age, 42 years old.

    My Face turned white! i was embarrassed. She said me i got the lungs of a middle age man. Everytime i think of a cigarette i think 42 years old lungs.

    quit for 2 weeks now, food tasting better, sex feels amazing, saving money each week and use it towards my girlfriend.

  28. I first tried to stop smoking when my daughter was due, it was the biggest thing that had ever happened to me so I had the motivation I needed right there, I stopped for about a week, watched my daughter being born and went straight outside for a cig.

    I tried again when she was a few months old, that time went nowhere.

    I tried very hard when she was 2 and managed to chew and eat my way through them first couple of weeks. The worst day without a doubt is the third day. But, I managed to last a good 2 months. Then alcohol and the loose inhibitions and lack of care happened. I started again after a night of silliness. This time I smoked more heavily and the money drained away and my chest become quite messed up..

    I stopped as an early Christmas resolution 7 months ago, just on a whim and because I got that ‘I’m so sick of smoking’ feeling. This was the hardest time I had quit, it was absolutely horrible. It really was. The sleep disturbances, the cravings, the sweating, coughing, feeling sick and dizzy, light headed, I would sit and complain all day about how bad it felt. But instead I’ll say that 7 months on I don’t at all understand why I ever smoked. It stinks, its expensive as hell, its terrible for your health and its generally just a filthy habit that nobody should be doing. People can be as smart-arsed as they want about its their body and their life, but there’s nothing at all intelligent about smoking. There’s a million reasons not to do it and not one to keep doing it.

    And one more thing, I am a 30 year old man, I also have been bodybuilding since I was 26 and saw massive improvements to my entire existence when I quit poisoning my body and mind.

    Have a good one, people. Fare well.

  29. Melissa berry says:

    I am 7 days now I went cold turkey after smoking 21yrs..I had 2 trips to er thinking it was my heart ,I have shakes in my whole body &heartburn ,never sleep anymore ..its been hell and I had no idea your body suffers like this I was told some of us go through such withdraws its compared to comming off drinking addiction?its been very hard on me physicaly ..I dont suggest cold turkey to anyone use something to wing your body off …thank u for sight its been so helpful ..

  30. Natasha says:

    been smoking for 7 years now.. tried quitting once.. lasted 3 weeks before i was unbarable to be around. now im on day 2 of quitting again.. I get really bad bronchitis from colds and i just cant handle it anymore. im on antibiotics now so i figure its the best time to try now as i cant smoke anyways. i really do enjoy it but i know in the long run not smoking is way better for me. my ex got me into smoking, and just like him im going to kick this out of my life too! wish me luck!

  31. Sandeep says:

    I have been smoking for last 10 years. 5 years back, I tried to quit but I could not bare withdrawal symptoms so I started smokeless tobacco as a alternative of smoking. last month i had a gum disease, a blood while brushing, breathing issue, short breath etc.. my doctor friend suggested me that quit smokeless tobacco and all symptoms would be no more. It was hard but I did. Withdrawal symptoms did last up to 2 months and my all problems are almost solved. Be tobacco free else it will reduce your life

  32. Ikram Ullah Azam says:

    I’m Ikram 35 yrs old , have been smoking since I was 17. I’ve quit smoking last year. but I suffered from a lot of ailments. stress, fatigue, anxiety, fear and chest pain with shortness of breath etc. after a long a continuous process of checkups and medical tests I found out no any serious matter for these symptoms. So I came here by googling the key word ” Side effect of Quit Smoking”. I guess this all is because of quitting. I dont want to go back but there should be some serous consideration about it . there should be some solid and harmless alternative of smoking in the time of stress. I need help…. Ikram

  33. Just turned 50 and have quit smoking for 4 months so far. I smoked for a good 30 years and still miss it quite a bit. I feel like I was more fun when I was a smoker. Probably just in my mind. Had low blood pressure while I was a smoker and now it is at normal range. Go figure. I thought it would be lower. Well, I plan of continuing my smoke free life if at all possible. Good luck to everyone that is doing the same.

  34. Ahson Tariq says:

    I’m Ahson Tariq from Karachi Pakistan. Started smoking at the age of 15 and quit smoking on the 1st of July. It’s been 14 days tonight (while watching FIFA WC Final) and did so with the help of a nicotine inhaler, which helped a lot.

    My experience involved two main worth-sharing things, vis-a-vis, the duration during which I was dependent on the nicotine inhaler and the side-effects.

    Initially, I was completely dependent on the inhaler, however, after a week’s time, I was able to survive without it for three to four hours and now, with two weeks passed, I just use the inhaler first thing in the morning and then after lunch and dinner. I’m targeting to get rid of it within the next two weeks, InshaAllah.

    The second thing is the Quitters’ Flu. It’s been a PITA for me. So what is it?

    “The lungs contain small hair like structures called cilia. (They look more like sea anemones.) These cilia, naturally sweep particles out of the wind pipe to be expelled by coughing.

    Tobacco smoke coats the lungs with tar and disrupts this process by preventing the cilia from working. When you quit smoking, the tar begins to break down and the cilia once again start cleaning.

    Quitters will likely notice a blackish – brown and often speckled phlegm as a result. Given the amount of rubbish that builds up in a smokers lungs, this can be quiet extreme and often takes time to settle down.

    The symptoms of quitters flu should also start to settle after a few weeks.”

    However, the ability to breathe better, outweighs this flu, which I am hopeful will subside within the next few weeks.

    In the end, I’d just like to say, “Be strong and get rid of this bad habit which not only harms you but your loved and dear ones around you”.

    Best wishes


  35. Michele says:

    I quit 3 days ago and today was a rough one. But I am bound and determined to quit. I am taking Chantix which helps with craving I just cannot get smoking aspect out of my head like when your doing certain things it is time for a smoke,. I have smoked 25 years and I will conquer this demon.

  36. hi i m happy aftr leaving cigratte

  37. I decided not to smoke for now…..I think saying ‘stopped’ is unhealthy…. 5 or 6 or so weeks ago….not sure how long exactly…. I don’t think its healthy or wise to count the days. I started smoking when I was 6 year old and I am 46 now so 40 years smoking. I have not used any aids because I believe I can do whatever I want and wont be dumbed down by a society that wants to gets rich from telling me im weak.

    • But you’re not weak – on the contrary you are brave. No one will ever truly understand what it feels like: the cravings, the mood swings, the tightened chest … Only you can, and the hundreds of thousands of people like you and I who have said “Enough is enough, my life is important to me”.

      I’m using aids, and I couldn’t care less what other people think, because in a couple of months I won’t need it any more and I’ll be running for miles.

      I can understand that you have been smoking far longer than I have, but it makes NO difference. We’ll all end up in the same spot and the end of the day, regardless if you started smoking a week ago or 60 years ago.

  38. It’s been 63days now.it is still a struggle for me.Thought it would be getting better,and most likely is just doesn’t feel like it. Not going to give in…….

  39. I smoked for 4 years of my life, and at the age of 20 I’ve finally decided to end it – completely.

    On the way to see my GF I passed a petrol station, as I passed it I thought “You know, you could always quit”, and so I did. It’s only been a day, but I bought an e-lite from that petrol station and I use it when my cravings hit a climax. I kind of bite my lip for most of it, but whenever I start to get irritable, or when I get sweaty, etc … I just take a couple of puffs.

    Just remember guys, do it for yourself, for your own well being. There’s only good from quitting, think about the smells, the tastes, the fresh air, the running, … and most of all think about the years of life you’ve graciously added on to yours – it could be a matter of seeing your child get married, or being a grand dad or grand ma. Don’t live to regret it.

  40. delfred24 says:

    Hello everyone..today it has been 20 days since I had a smoke..already feel better than I have knowing I came this far..I had to take two week off of work and use my pto..since Co workers also smoked daily.within the two weeks off i spent time with my family and we did stuff as a family..my wife always wanted to do a yard sale since we have to much stuff lol..but the third week went back to work but that first day back to work was the hardest..once I got thru that day I knew I we’ll do all I can and give it all I got to quit..it’s been three weeks now and I hope that my little story we’ll help u or a friend to think more about quitting smoking..I had to write this also to get rid of NJ headache lol..thanx everyone and goodluck..

  41. Hi,
    I quit two months ago and then started again on holiday

    • Ok so the rest of that post disappeared. I know I can quit and am 3 days in. I’m not having cravings like the last time, instead I have the urge to buy them rather than smoke them, which lets face it buying them will lead to. I’ve actually stopped myself from going to the shops on my own to prevent this.

  42. Hello my name is renee and I am attempting my third time to try to quit smoking. I quit for three months each time before. I have set my quit date for tomorrow July 23. In really gonna give this my all. Its seems with each time I try It’s gets harder not easier. So wish me luck and the best to everyone also

  43. MJ Ruales says:

    By july 26..its my 1 month of quiting smoking..but still my cheast is slightly in pain..

  44. I quit for 43 days and i’m 24 been smoking since 16. I still have a sore throat and sinuses seemed messed up. Also been spitting out phlegm but it has been decreasing but still feel bad. Going to the doctor to check whats going on hope it gets better with more time.

  45. Hi All,
    I’m on week 2 smoke free for the most part (slipped up once but hey that’s part of the process, don’t beat yourself up about it) I have been smoking for 11 years. I started at 14 and I am now 25. I quit several times before the longest lasting about 3 months but always went back. The main issue I was having was I have GAD and every time I quit my Panic attacks would sky rocket and it was unbearable so I started right back up. I know have that under control with Zoloft and meantaly I’m better than ever … Than it was time to quit the cancer sticks for good. I’ll tell you what, my chest is killing me my throat feels raw and I went days without pooping and when I did hemroid (I know gross right! TMI!) anyway we all can power thru this. Reading the success stories of people 7 months Into it is a heck of a motivator. I can’t wait till the physical effects subside. I felt better when I smoked! But hey almost out of the woods… Right ?

    • 2 weeks clear too and been smoking from 12 to 38. I look younger for my age on the outside but on the inside whi knows. I was never a heavy smoker but did this cold turkey. Finding it fine but now I feel I can’t take in oxygen as much and panicking a bit now. Might be the stuffy warm weather. Live in a shared house and I’m probably a bit paranoid about making hacking up mucus sounds so my lungs probably need to clear and the mucus is on the move. I’m usually very healthy but 2 days ago got out of breath just walking to shops and climbing a small hill. This has never happened before. Hope its not lung disease. Seeing people with oxygen masks and trying to breath is a fear. Worry worry lol. . . So is anyone getting anything like this after 2 weeks?
      Lucy x

  46. Billisimo says:

    I quit cold turkey on July 16. I ran out of smokes and got tired of “bumming” smokes from other people. I asked a friend for a cigarette and she went off on me telling me to support my own habit. Right then and there I quit. I told myself i was not going to me a slave to any cigarette and would not have people talking to me like that. So I quit without ever telling a soul until they ask. I have had no major problems outside of sweating a little more and little itty bitty cravings. I plan on never taking another puff again.

  47. Sanjeev says:


    I have done with the smoking thing , i quit it from last 5 days and already feeling great.
    Just one problem has been raised , i am getting heartburn from last 2 day’s any suggestion’s if any.

    • Hi do u often get tingling in Ur hands like something is moving like u feel a heat sensation ? Do u commonly induce burp to feel releaved wen u hit the chest pain??

  48. Emad A. says:

    This is my third time trying to quit smoking. Now 8 days without nicotine :)

    Please wish me luck this time :)

  49. quit smoking 53 days ago but developed a feeling of something in my throat. smoked since 14 now 24. Doctors did blood work, chest and throat x-rays but came back negative. Have to do a barium swallow test and endoscopy next. Just wish I could get answers but doctors keep saying i’m healthy. I hate always getting dumb answers like sinus infections or it’s a cold. Doctors refused giving me a CT scan which I think would be necessary.

  50. Day 7…Not too bad. I certainly had bad days previous to this. I simply had to suck it up. I’ve been smoking for 40 years. I have to be done. My mother died at 59 from COPD. I am now 53. Am I stupid? Really? For a stupid habit that I have convinced myself that I love! Why? Never again. I want to live. I want to retire with my husband. Life is about choices and consequences. Live or die. Fair enough…I choose to LIVE! What I won’t do is be one of those ex-smokers. I will not preach to others about quitting. Again, adults have the right to choose. Good luck to all and congratulations on your choice for LIFE!

  51. Hi I am David I have been smoking for the past 4 years I am a pilot and I really get stressed after flying it has been a week now as I have quit my smoking I have this hand tinggling chest pain and painful arm effect I believe in one thing and that is Jesus he is the ultimate star for Christians if u ready to quit smoking all you got to do sit in the room cry to him father God help me to do so I wanna stop polluting the temple of God I’m sure God will listen to your prayer and he will be Ur side of recovering . I just wanna check with u guys I have sometimes this chest discomfort and I do induce some burps to feel better I’m curious if anyone out there having the same problem like I do ????

    • Hi, I do feel some sort of tingling chest pain from time to time. But I guess some people will experience these things when they quit smoking. Hope we’ll get better soon. Good luck.

  52. 23 years smoking a pact and a half a day. Tried gum, patch cold turkey and nothing worked. The cravings were too much for me to not go longer that 2 days. I love smoking.
    Finally went to the doctor and got a prescription for champix due to this working for 2 guys on my softball team and figured I’d give it a go. For the first 5 days the pill didnt seem to do anything, I was smoking as usual. Day 6 and 7 the smokes tasted off. I would smoke the same amount of smokes a day, but I would tent to butt them out half way. Day 8 I had about 4 (half) smokes. Day 9, didnt have/want any. It has been 3 weeks now smoke free. I would get these mini cravings about 3 times a day that would last only for about a minute, they seem to be down to 1 a day while driving to work drinking my coffee.
    Week 1 and 2 not smoking I did seem to get annoyed easier, but my patience s have been slowly getting back to nornal. My team mates said this happens to them as well, and said by around week 5 or 6 it was all back to normal. I like reading the quit smoking time line to see what has healed or will heal soon in my body.
    I would say to anyone who is havin problems to ask their doctor about the pill. You do seem to drink a lot more water and it’s for 12 weeks, but so far, it’s all worth it.

  53. i am 19 yrs old.. I have been smoking since 2010… I am feeling a kind of pain in chest now a days…. The pain went away when i quitted smokin for 3-4 days…. Bt whenever i start smoking again then the pain starts again…. I can’t even stay calm without smoking…. What should i do?? :(

  54. i quit smoking 10 days ago the sleepy/tired feelings didnt hit me till 2 days ago and the first 48 hours were not that bad
    but the craving dont really bother me its this tired feeling i have

  55. Hi, I have been smoking since I was 13 yrs, now am 32 yrs. I want to get rid of smoking. This my 4 the day. Severe chest congestion. Wet cough, fever presently I am going through. Just want share with you all

  56. I’ve been a smoker since I was 10 yrs old. I decided last year to give smoking, tried but after 3 weeks was back smoking. I was diagnosed with COPD, also there is a spot on my lung :(. I have been smoke free for 42 days and I won’t be putting another smoke in my mouth again.
    I’m using patches that can be prescribed by the Dr.

  57. Blake VanMarter says:

    I have been a smoker for 8 years and have been smoke free for 3 days now. It is extremely difficult when everyone around me smokes. between the office and home I am constantly around it. I have taken steps to not go out to places such as bars and restaurants and trying to refrain from indulging with alcohol so as to not have an intensified craving. I have used an E-Cig as part of my separation with limited use so I don’t become dependent on this product as well.

  58. I have smoked for 15 years (crazy to think about). I have quit for nearly two weeks. Even though the timing or environment doesn’t always allow for it; I have done 3-5 push-ups every time I want to smoke. Helps distract my mind and it is slowly helping me get fitter at the same time. I have also avoided alcohol, because a smoke and a drink always went hand in hand.

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  60. Hi, I’m 23 years old this year and been smoking for the past 8 years. Its been only a month since I quit and I’ve experienced many side effects such as diarrhea, constipation, fever, fatigue, headache, stomach bloating/making loud noises etc. I’m really scared right now. Hopefully it will get better soon. Wish me luck!

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