Ten Quit Smoking Ads That May Help You Prevent Relapse.

It’s hard to quit smoking. Even the best of us need encouragement to get through the first few months. If you have quit smoking and currently finding it hard to stay motivated, check out this compilation of quit smoking ads.


Quit Smoking Ad 1.


Marathon: Ex Smokers are Unstoppable

The overwhelming majority of quit smoking adverts we see on television, focus heavily on the health problems associated with smoking. It is extremely refreshing to see adverts that focus on the actual health gains from quitting. The team behind the “Ex Smokers are Unstoppable” campaign in Europe, have given us Marathon, a quit smoking ad created to inspire.



Quit Smoking Ad 2.



If you’re a parent and have recently quit smoking, this is the quit smoking ad you want to see if you’re having a hard quit day.



Quit Smoking Ad 3.


Tobacco Kills

This creative quit smoking ad, illustrates how many people die per day from smoking and points the finger squarely on big tobacco. If you need a cause to help you quit, you already have one.


Quit Smoking Ad 4.


If You Smoke, You Stink

This quit smoking ad, demonstrates that if you decide to smoke again and you are still looking for that special someone, you will seriously limit your potential.



Quit Smoking Ad 5.


Get Unhooked

If you are struggling to remember why you thought being a smoker was such a bad thing, this quit smoking ad will refresh your memory. It’s good to be free from the noise of addiction.



Quit Smoking Ad 6.


The Zita Story

If you are thinking of relapsing because you are young, have time on your side and don’t feel unhealthy, let this quit smoking ad be warning, cancer doesn’t discriminate.



Quit Smoking Ad 7.


Anthony Hicks

If you persist in your quit smoking attempt, you will eventually heal from the addiction and reach a point when you wont crave a smoke. You will be thankful and have a much better life to look forward to. However, as this quit smoking ad shows, if you choose to start smoking again, you won’t have much to look forward to at all.




Quit Smoking Ad 8.



When you quit smoking, it doesn’t take long to notice the improvements in lung function. The more you work it (exercise) the better it becomes. If you stay quit, your lungs will continue to improve and you will continue to feel better. If you want to relapse, this quit smoking ad gives some good instruction on how to practice living with emphysema.



Quit Smoking Ad 9.


Quitting is Hard, not Quitting is Harder

If none of the above quit smoking ads prevent you from relapsing, there is always this. Not much else needs to be said.



Quit Smoking Ad 10.


Never Give up on Giving Up

Nearly every successful ex smoker has experienced a relapse. If it happens to you, don’t be discouraged, the more you persist, the more likely you are to quit.



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