Announcing the “Know Your Addiction” Series of Tutorials!

Know Your AddictionHello all quitters and ex smokers! As part of my commitment to helping others quit smoking and providing a comprehensive resource of information for smokers looking to quit, I am pleased to announce that one of the first major updates in content for is now available! The “Know Your Addiction” series of tutorials is now available here, under The Good Quit Guide.

The tutorials aim to assist smokers and ex smokers alike, in coming to grips with the complexity of what nicotine addiction actually is, a chronic brain disease. It is also my hope that the tutorials better explain to loved ones, why their partner, parent, child, relative or friend struggle so much with quitting. I also hope that through better education and understanding of what is physically happening to an addicted smokers brain, smokers can gain new ways of looking at their addiction, ways that encourage steps to treatment and develop an outlook that will lead to a successful healing process.

As this update is a central feature to this website, I am asking readers to contribute by providing feedback either in the comments section below or  below the actual tutorials themselves.

In particular I am seeking feedback that answers the following questions.

Are the tutorials easy to understand?

Do they provide you a sound understanding of what is happening to your brain when you smoke and when you quit?

Does the information help you to better manage your quit campaign?

Is there anything else you would like to see covered by the tutorials?

Do you have any general suggestions or feedback?

Thanks! Don’t forget to share if you like!

Check out the tutorials here!

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