Being Victorious.

I can finally say that I am a true blue, dinky die, non smoker!

Well there you go. I’ve gone and done it. I‘ve managed to join the millions, no, make that hundreds of millions, of happy ex smokers who have successfully quit smoking for more than twelve months.

Three hundred and sixty five days, seems to be the norm when it comes to determining whether or not a person’s quit campaign has been successful, and having finally reached that point, I am somewhat inclined to agree. After all, I had consistently encountered those pesky on again, off again, walls of craving right through to around the ten month mark.

Needless to say, those walls have come to a halt. At worst, I now encounter nothing more than a slight flashback.  No cravings, just a painless reminder now and then that I used to be a smoker. What truly stands out though, is not the fact these walls have finally broken down, but rather I no longer have a shred of quitter’s remorse.

For so long it had been there, a persistent thought in the back of my mind telling me I missed being able to relax and not concern myself with the frustrations of quitting. I am sure most quitters are familiar with the feeling of envy that often occurred upon seeing smokers go about their business without a care in the world.

Sure, there may have been days it was weaker than others, but it was always there and I was always pushing it away. Forcefully reminding myself of everything I had learned, everything I had gained and everything I would lose if I gave that thought a voice.

At some point over the past two months that thought vanished, and today, I can finally say that I am a true blue, dinky die, non smoker!

I don’t think about them when I wake up.

I don’t think about them when I have a coffee.

I don’t think about them between tasks.

I don’t think about them when feeling stressed.

I don’t think about them when driving.

I don’t think about them when I come out of the movies.

I don’t think about them when socializing.

I don’t think about them during ad breaks.

I don’t think about smoking.

Which is just as well, because I seriously need all that thought space to start focusing on this…….
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  1. Congrats! Wow, and I thought I had it tough! It’s been 2 years and 3 months since I became a non smoker, and I LOVE IT! Smoked for 30 years, tried to quit 4 or 5 times, made it a couple weeks on my best attempt. Four years ago my wife purchased a rolling machine complete with tubes and tobacco. This was just to keep down the ever increasing expense of my habit, and I reluctantly agreed. I found that my home rolled actually tasted better, and of course the savings were great. I realized after a bad cold that left me with a noticeably rough cough, that I needed to quit for good. I did, thankfully and it was of course hell, but it seemed the physical withdrawal was noticeably easier. I attribute this to having first purged myself of the additives the manufacturers add to their cigs. So perhaps others looking for help, can use this insight.

    • Dana Baird Beazley says:

      You are so right about purging the additives first, I had switched and been smoking American Spirit ciggs that is only tobacco no additives at all for about 6 or 7 yrs and even before I quit 5 weeks ago I noticed I could go very long periods of time in between smoking one. I am still craving here and there but not to bad , still getting shortness of breath here and there but not like the first 2 or 3 weeks.

  2. Thank you for this website. I quit four months ago and have looked to you often for positive reinforcement, particularly during the evening hours, when I have a sense of something missing. A quick look at the site reaffirms my decision. That and an app which calculates the amount of money saved, thus rationalizing numerous indulgences, such as massages and lunches out!

  3. I am on my third day cold turkey. I signed up as a research facility to study the effects of quitting smoking and it is the first time I have tried cold turkey. I am so glad I stumbled upon this site and knowing how the brain works on how this will get easier, I think I am going to Duke it out. Thank you

  4. no offense but i hope you’re at least like 6′ 5″…

    day 4 cold turkey. probably my 5th time doing this. no choice this time b/c asthma kicking in and having severe attacks that scared the *beep* outta me.

    this is not pleasant. this year look-back post is awesome and literally just stopped a big craving mental cloudscape i’d entered.

    361 days to go!

  5. Barry Brouillette says:

    What works for the headaches? not aspirin doesn’t help.

  6. Peg Mahurin says:

    This website has made been a Godsend. I quit on Nov 12, 2017 using the patch. I think I took the patch off too early (on Day 31), and I am still experiencing all kinds of stuff, mainly blurry vision and difficulty focusing. I keep coming back here and reading more. It is helping very much. Thank you.Peg

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