Build a Quit Smoking Support Network.

Hands Offering Quit Smoking SupportRegardless of whether you quit smoking using the cold turkey method, or with aids such as nicotine replacement therapy, support is absolutely critical if you want to increase your likelihood of success.

When the battle is tough and reason abandons the quitter, support from others empowers the ex smoker helping them stay strong.

The grasp of nicotine addiction and the power it holds over a person becomes obvious whenever a quit smoking attempt is made. The quitter is forced into an extremely difficult war of reason against areas of the brain affected by the disease addiction.

It is during this war of reason that a quit smoking support network really shows its strengths. When the battle is tough and reason abandons the quitter, support from others empowers the ex smoker, helping them stay strong.

Tip: Support is available in a variety of forms. It is a great idea to diversify and focus on ease of access when needed.

Your Quit Smoking Support Network


Family and Friends.

When it comes to intervention, it will most likely be provided by a well prepared network of family and friends. However, getting the right kind of support from family and friends can be really tricky.

Given the nature of nicotine withdrawal, being crowded by well intentioned family members may cause anxiety for the quitter. Sometimes it is better to be left alone, and this means having family members and friends who are both understanding and forgiving.

Think about who you want around when you find yourself on the edge and feeling as though you can not cope with even the most basic things in day to day life. What can those people do to help you?


Having a good relationship with a trusted physician is a great way to keep on track. Good doctors not only provide advice on ways to manage withdrawal, they also help you track the progress of your recovery.

Tell your doctor you want to stop smoking and ask for help in coming up with a strategy. A good doctor will take time going through all the available options and offer sound, up to date, medical advice.

Quit Smoking Support Quit Lines.

Most, if not all, developed countries provide access to quit smoking telephone support. These can be used effectively via live voice calls and or text messaging.

Combined with additional support, a quit line can assist quitters in avoiding relapse during the high risk periods. Research and contact available quit lines prior to your quit day.

One on One Therapy.

Given that addiction is a brain disease, it helps to have access to a professional therapist. Therapists can effectively help with behavioural changes in your life. The more specialised in addiction recovery, the better.

Talk to your doctor about available therapists in your area. Research cost as well as reputation. Some governments and health insurance companies may offer payment assistance for such services.

Group Therapy.

Participating in face to face group therapy sessions with other quitters can also help. Humans are capable of great accomplishments when working together.

Talk to your doctor about available group therapists in your area. Research cost as well as reputation. Some governments and health insurance companies may offer payment assistance for such services.

Online Support.

Online support is an excellent way to get support when needed. Especially if it is easily accessible via technologies such as mobile phones.

Participate! Don’t be shy, the more you communicate the better! You are not alone!

The Good Quit, is an open and free to use google+ community of ex smokers and current quitters. The community is maintained by ACHOICE2LIVE™ and is moderated by some very helpful volunteers. If you haven’t used google + before, simply login to google or register for a new google account and watch this tutorial on how to use it.



  1. Thank you so much for your help. You have provided me with so much knowledge today. I feel like i know what I’m in store for. I decided to stop smoking last wek. I usually smoke a pack a day. but my last pack took one week because i started slowing down considerably. I am now on my own. first full day of no cigarettes at all. I really need your support anh guidence. I’m sick of this life and i want something more. I believe you when you say that life as a non smoker will be so much better. please help me to experience that!.

  2. I have not had a cigarette for over 3 months and am going through the worst time of my life.nrver felt so I’ll. Pain in lungs anxiety not sleeping so very tired headaches and much more really had enough.

  3. Helen Kellett says:

    I’ve quit smoking for 6 eeeks and in the last two to three weeks I’ve been suffering from daily headaches and extreme fatigue and weak muscles.
    Thanks for the informative article. It’s been a real help.

  4. Cassandra says:

    I am on day 48 of quitting smoking off the Alan Carrs book. The first month was easy but the last while I get angry so easily and down and tired. I keep apologizing to my son and boyfriend for snapping cause I feel so bad. Does these emotions ever end.

  5. I can speak from experience that group therapy works. I have been attending for a long time and so far everything is good. I am feeling so much better knowing that there are other people who have the same struggle with me.

  6. I am now attending group session program for smoking cessation and I am progressing. My family is also supportive. I am so blessed because my family is helping me and understanding me.

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