Being Victorious.

I can finally say that I am a true blue, dinky die, non smoker!

Well there you go. I’ve gone and done it. I‘ve managed to join the millions, no, make that hundreds of millions, of happy ex smokers who have successfully quit smoking for more than twelve months. [Read more…]

The Angst.

It seems that whenever I suffer anxiety, old triggers are given a new life and I once again begin to crave.

Anxiety. Like most ex smokers, I used to believe smoking relieved it, and for two decades I counter intuitively used my addiction to cigarettes as a means to deal with the condition. Unbeknownst to the fact, that in reality, I only ever made things worse. [Read more…]

Over The Walls.

I felt great and couldn’t understand why people would fail at such a momentous point.

At around five months into my quit I had a pretty significant breakthrough. I was able to see a predictable pattern emerge. For several days I would feel comfortable living my life as a non smoker, only to then encounter a handful of days full of cravings. [Read more…]

Escaping the Out Crowd.

The process of breaking down triggers is never easy. As soon as I opened my first beer, the cravings began…

One of my biggest fears about quitting had been that as a non smoker, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy a beer or social occasion. After all, for the best part of two decades, any social event I attended involved binge drinking and smoking [Read more…]

Punked by Reality.

In the past, when presented with a dilemma, the first thing I would do is light a smoke.

Something great happened around the fifth week of my quit smoking campaign. I had at some point, stopped continuously thinking about smoking and the fact I was no longer a smoker. [Read more…]

My Tomorrow.

I resigned from my job and declared that I had to make some dramatic and immediate changes in my life.

For me, 2011 was a year of tremendous change. I had spent the last six years building a management career, often at the expense of having a quality family life, only to discover my efforts were fruitless and a complete waste of time. I had become stuck in an unrewarding and dissatisfying job for a large, poorly managed, telecommunications company. [Read more…]

The Possible Impossible.

I could not stop thinking about smoking and the fact I was no longer doing it.

When will this end? I found myself asking this question time and again, day after day, during the first few weeks of my quit campaign. By around the two week mark, I had well and truly broken the chemical dependence to nicotine. Yet still, I could not stop thinking about smoking, or more, the fact I was no longer doing it. [Read more…]

My Magic Number.

I had enough crave crushing, dopamine inducing sweet stuffs, to supply a child’s birthday party.  Extreme measures for an extreme addiction.

Five was my “magic” number. It was how many days it took to break through the most intense hurdle of my quit, the chemical dependency. [Read more…]

An Uncompassionate Goodbye.

This time, I was physically, emotionally and intellectually prepared.

At 11pm on August the 10th 2011, I lit my last cigarette and there was nothing celebratory about it. In past quit campaigns, I had always made out that my last cigarette was a big deal, an emotional break from something I was going to miss.

Not this time. [Read more…]

The Idiot in Me.

I would light up, then cough, then curse, then declare my hate for cigarettes and the fact I had actually quit for 6 weeks only to relapse.

How quickly the illusion of wanting to be a smoker disappears once you actually become one again. That dirty cigarette, the one I had so desperately missed while having my morning coffee was exactly how I remembered it. [Read more…]

Champix Chantix: My Last, Best, Fail.

I believed my friend was simply trying to convince himself, by convincing me, that this new drug was the way to go.

People either love it or hate it. Many consider it a “miracle” cure for nicotine addiction. Others believe it causes misery and depression, even suicide. [Read more…]

The Long Choke

As a deluded fourteen year old, the choice to smoke was an easy one to make.

Prior to stopping on the 10th of August 2011, I had been a smoker my entire adult life, having started from the unripe young age of fourteen. As a teenager, I didn’t care about the health issues associated with smoking. [Read more…]