Build a Quit Smoking Support Network.

Hands Offering Quit Smoking SupportRegardless of whether you quit smoking using the cold turkey method, or with aids such as nicotine replacement therapy, support is absolutely critical if you want to increase your likelihood of success. [Read more…]

Do You Have the Right Motivation to Quit Smoking?

Happy Ex Smoker with SonQuitting smoking is difficult. In fact it is so difficult, millions have died because they have been unable to do so. For a non smoker, it would be extremely difficult to understand why the likelihood of a painful death is simply not enough motivation to quit smoking.  [Read more…]

Learn More About Nicotine Addiction.

The human brainThe majority of day to day problems we encounter are resolved by our ability to research the problem and find a solution. This could be anything from a cake not rising, to a car not starting. A person who likes to bake, is likely to have easy access to information about baking cakes. Just as a person who likes tinkering with cars, is likely to have easy access to information about car mechanics.

[Read more…]

Prepare to Quit Smoking and Develop a Quit Smoking Plan.

Quit Smoking Date in DiaryAs with any goal in life, the better prepared you are to meet that goal, the more likely you will succeed in reaching it. This includes having a well thought out plan. It works in business, education, day to day living and of course rehabilitation. [Read more…]

Commit to the Survival of Your Quit Smoking Campaign.

ChainsFrom the moment you stop smoking, your number one priority must be the survival of your quit. All the motivation, knowledge, support and preparation will amount to nothing if you do not make the commitment to see your quit through. [Read more…]