Quitting Smoking May Cause Fatigue and Tiredness.

Woman Suffering Quit Smoking FatigueRecovery from nicotine addiction is both physically intense and a very stressful process. During the early stages of chemical withdrawal, quitters undergo a rigorous healing phase. For the majority of smokers, quitting requires immense concentration, self discipline and resilience, resulting in varying levels of fatigue and tiredness.


The symptoms of fatigue are easy to recognise. They also highlight the importance of taking time out from your normal, every day activities during the first stage of healing and chemical withdrawal.

How can you tell if you are suffering from fatigue when quitting smoking?


  • Do you feel constantly tired and sleepy, even after resting?
  • Do you experience headaches, dizziness, poor concentration and blurry vision?
  • Do your muscles ache and feel weak?
  • Do you have a slow reaction time?
  • Do you have a hard time finding the motivation to do anything?
How long does the fatigue from quitting smoking last?


  • Everybody is different and there are varying factors that need to be considered, such as caffeine or sugar consumption, additional illness such as depression or insomnia and external influences that may cause stress and anxiety.
  • In general, fatigue from quitting smoking should only last a couple of weeks and peak within the first few days.
  • If you experience fatigue beyond that timeframe, or your level of fatigue concerns you, seek medical advice as there may be additional causes.


Tips for Managing Fatigue When Quitting Smoking.


Rest, then get some more rest.


Your mind and body are going through an intense physical healing processes. You feel tired and fatigued because you are tired and fatigued.

Don’t make things more difficult by attempting to go about your daily life as though things are normal, they are not.


Drink water and consume plenty of micro nutrients.


The brain and body need nutrients to heal. It is important to at least try and get some nutritional food between the sugar hits you will likely rely on when quitting. Consider getting a juicer.


When able, take small steps toward regular exercise.


Exercise is one of the most healthy and advantageous things we can do for both the mind and body. It encourages the healing process and generates positive endorphins in the brain.

Start small and don’t over do it.

If you don’t normally exercise, then start with a five to ten minute walk. The key is to do this every day.


Relax and get some laughs.


It is very easy to forget what happiness feels like when you quit. While you are relaxing, consider watching some comedy. Laughter is the best medicine!



  1. Ok well I’m on the afternoon of day 5. I must say it has not been the easiest journey after smoking for the last 20 years. I am determined to see this through, enough is enough. Not only for my own health, i am doing this for my daughter who is 10 this may. I have a pic of her on the fridge with a sticky note underneath which says “My Reason”. She is a major factor in giving up, I want to be around for as long as I can to see her life, her children. Well I’m outta here to solider on with this :))

    • Soldiering on is a great way of putting it! Stay strong!

      • Diane McGlade says:

        On day 3 of quitting. The intense fatigue is overwhelming.This is my second attempt. I quit for 9 months with the help of the tablets. This time I’m using Intellicig. Am also very irritable. Just want some energy back !

        • The fatigue was terrible for me as well.
          Grats on 3 days btw. 🙂

          Stay Strong!

          • Hi, I’ve stopped smoking 3weeks yesterday. I feel so tired in the morning I find it hard to get out of bed. I am not using NRT but using a nicotine free ecig. Also feel very sluggish through the day. Is this a normal reaction. I am going for a walk about 20mins a day.

    • Keep going mate. I’m a smoker of 12 years and I’m 4 days into quitting. What a ride so far. Each hour that passes makes me that little bit happier cause I’m closer to this DRUG not having control over my life. Good on ya mate.

    • I’m on day #3 and thank god for the Internet. I’ve been experiencing extreme fatigue and some tightness in my lungs. But after reading thru many comments on here I think I can relax knowing it’s very normal.. I’m not normally a tired person and I mostly run on 3 to 4 hours a day of sleep. So when I started not being able the even keep my eyes open on day 2 I was quite alarmed. Best of luck everyone I’m heading into day 4 with hope!!!

      • Jenn, I agree, thank god for the internet. Day 5 and Im in awe at what my body is doing and isnt doing. Im so exhausted and want to sleep. Walking, water and meditation are helping me cope. I’ve smoked for 15 yrs – Im excited to run again with clearer skin and recovered organs. Good strength to all!

        • Andy Gilmore says:

          I’m also on day 5. I USED to smoke 20 a day and have been for 30 odd years. Tired ain’t the word. That said though my car fund has gained £35 already. I know it’s going to be a slog, but this time it’s for good

          • Day 7! Exhausted but so proud of myself. I’ve been smoking 20 cig for 10 years. I feel tired and sick, but I know I CAN make it. There are too many reasons to quit and so little to not, if none.

            Hold on! xxx

          • Day 7! Exhausted but so proud of myself. I’ve been smoking 20 cig for 10 years. I feel tired and sick, but I know I CAN make it. There are too many reasons to quit and so little not to, if none.

            Hold on! xxx

          • Congratulations what a major accomplishment, I hope you are still strong on the way to being smoke free.

            I’m on Day 3 and all I’ve done is sleep, i am suffering from major fatigue

        • Hi there i get tired and sleepy easy and do nothing like lazy when I’m home I have reason have to walk thanks to my dogs. Woke up at 3-4am not usually. I homemade detox drink every morning delicious and enjoyed. I have ask smokers friends if they ok I not want see them in couple weeks for my quit process sake and banned smoking in my property area too. Had been smoked for 33 years it was very difficult journey and I’m on 4th days now and my 3rd attempt now. I love her so much also her pair lattes too I have to let her go it’s show that they slow kills my health each day and i do for my teenager kids too and not want to get my face gets all over of wrinkles. Take care n take easy n put socks on when u go bed I’m with u all x

      • I am experiencing severe fatigue as well. I am on day 4 of quitting. I have smoked for the past 43 years and decided enough is enough!! I can barely keep my eyes open and I keep having bouts of depression like I have lost my best friend. Is this normal?

        • Yes I have it to. I think your mind also has a anxiety attack you have lived your life with that cigarette it’s always there in bad times to help you your inseparable now it’s not there and it’s a,shock and now you start to realize your life long friend through good times and bad has been slowly sucking the life out of you and your mind is wakeing up to this fact. But your body has been dependent on these chemicals six thousand so removing them is effecting your central nervous system and brain and it’s going to play pure he’ll with you . Believe me I feel like packing it in cause the cure seems worst then the cause but if we give in its a horrifying death. Keep up the fight live long and prosper.

        • I think that is a very accurate description- quitting smoking has always felt like I’m mourning the loss of a friend. I hope you’ve kept with it. Every time I feel sad that I “have” to quit, I try to think of the positive reasons. I have an app on my phone that shows how many days, how many cigs not smoked, how much money saved, etc. I’m 40 days now after 32 years. I think this time is “the” time.

        • Get vital reds for energy and over all health, and also get your essential greens. They are powders to assist in your energy level and fatigue. And get a high protein powder. These three things should help more than anything. Good luck, I’m in this also, so good luck to us all.

        • Darlene says:

          I smoked for 40 years…I am on day 10 and I can barely get out of bed. I did cold turkey no gum no nadda. The first week I was fine these last 4 days are brutal both with fatigue and withdrawls

          • I smoked fir over 45 years. Quit 43 days ago, 5 cold turkey then Step 2 patch until done then on to Step 3. Cigarette cravings easy to overcome. Other withdrawal symptoms brutal. Zero appetite, zero energy, exhausted, insomnia. Yesterday not too bad, gave me hope. Today not bad, but also not good. 1-3 Months is supposed timeline to get back to ‘normal’…I am going to get back to normal! Had carotid surgery (caused by smoking) 4 weeks ago today. That went well, but this!!!

          • Tanya Lamgford says:

            Gave up smoking after 40 years. Last 10 years i smoked anout 30 vigs a day. Am 21 days in and had such extreme exhaustion i thought i was sick. Did not reslise not smoking could have this effect on my body. Had heart scare 1 week before giving up, so am not going back to that habit. Family struggling a bit with my moods and sleep pattern but very understanding. Was great to read all your accounts, actually made me laugh realising and recognizing same symtoms. Keep up the good fight.

          • I am on 18 th day of quitting this bad Habbit. And my biggest motivation or compulsion in Quitting this time is that I don’t want to repeat act of smoking and go through horrible days and night in process of quitting.

        • Nancy Desbois says:

          Ive been smoking for awhile 30+ years i quit on dec 30 this ywar on my dads bday he died of lung cancer iam on nic patched cq they are great but boy that craving i messed up and took 6 puffs and threw it out but now i feel iam starting all over its awfull but im doing it wow smell and taste are great!!!!!!

        • Samantha Renahan says:

          I have just given up, not using any NRT, nearly 24 hrs, little bit off today, or maybe I am just off today in general, good luck to you all, it is not your best freind, it is a addiction, you can beat this, no more fear off being smelly.

      • Takondwa says:

        Google moringa.

      • I’m on day three and all I want to do is sleep. I never felt so much like an addict as I do right now! I have smoked 37 yrs on and off and this is not going to control me any more. Who would have thought nicotine was this addictive?

      • I am on day 16 and the fatigue and heart palpitations are still awful !!

    • Help I started smoking at age 16 and quit around 20 for 5 years, I picked it up again for 8months and now I’m quitting again
      This is just plain silly behavior yo

  2. I am going on 8 weeks smoke free but it seems to be getting harder the aches and pains sleepiness and fatigue are to the point that I want to start again but I can’t stand the thought of it! What are some suggestions of kicking my motabulisum back into gear? Thx for any help from very sleepy now nonsmoker

    • Hi Uphda, well done on 8 weeks!

      I suggest eating wholesome foods that require more energy to break down. (Beans, whole-grains, fresh produce etc etc) and some for of daily exercise. Doesn’t have to be a lot. Maybe a 10 minute brisk walk, twice a day. 🙂

      • Joey Gonzalez says:

        I have the same drowsiness after 5 months I don’t get it that’s alot more weeks
        The total number of days between Friday, January 22nd, 2016 and Friday, July 1st, 2016 is 161 days.

        This is equal to 5 months and 9 days.

        I’m trying to keep weight off so if I put in foods that require more energy to break down that’s going to make me sleepier isn’t it and more fatigued, don’t ya think

        • I’ve smoked for 34 years and gave up on 1st December 2015 very difficult journey for 3 months then had no urges for a cigarette , but now 6 months down the line and still not smoking I was hoping for my energy levels to rise but it’s been the opposite , I’m 6ft 2 and 13 stone have a good diet , makes you wonder if I did the right thing in giving up smoking ?

          • Me too almost 5 months quit smoking and I’m not very motivated I’m still tired my lungs still hurt a bit and I’m searching google for someone to tell me it’s normal and will pass soon!?

          • Jeanne Voreis says:

            I smoked for 44 years and on February 20, 2016, I quit smoking and went to vaping at 12mg of nicotine. After 2 months, I dropped down to 6mg, now after 6 months later, I’ve cut down to 3mg of nicotine. My Dr’s are very happy with me, but in the last month, all I want to do is sleep. I’ve had a breathing test, the one you inhale then exhale as hard and long as you can. I surprised them by far showing I did better than most normal people, and might I add that I am 62 yrs. old. I am 5’9″ and finally weigh 122lbs. I was at 102lbs. I was normally a active person, but like I said, all I want to do is sleep. I’m talking like 12hrs. every day and could stay in bed longer, but make myself get up.

          • Nancy Desbois says:

            Yes you certainly did you will not get cancer esp lung my dad and cousin had it awfull im in the process of quitting now im on patches cq they r great but alot of cravings and headaches sweats weird dreams too. I messed up took 6 puffs now i have to start over and i quit on my dads b day 30 th of this december its a hard journey but keep going u will never regret it Nancy, May God bless you!!!!

            My email is nancy gary n1@ gmail.com

        • Look, we need nutrition for this process. Check into Vital Reds, essential greens and extra protein. In the health isle at walmart and inexpensive. They are powders to your favorite drink, once a day. Fatigue needs to be fed. Check it out. Good luck.

      • Just want to share what has worked for me. I quit before 30 days and was so tired I gave up. Im in commission sales and just couldnt deal well with people.
        This time I quit I could feel it was going the exact same way, and I read a poster here who said juicing helped her with tiredness. I am not sure why I didnt think of that, but I started juicing day 5 and was not exhausted that day. I have missed only one day since then, but when I get busy and forget in the first half if the day I can feel the fatigue coming on. When I drink a 16 oz or so of juice, my energy is normal and my focus is good within about 30 min.
        If I do it in the AM the effect seems to hold strong most of the day.
        I should mention I am drinking a good bit of ginger tea and water with lemon and maple syrup and cayenne pepper too, plus doing 2 or more 15 min fast walks a day. But the thing I am doing different from my last quit, where I couldnt shake the exhaustion, is the juicing.
        I do carrots, celery, half of a beet, a small chunk of ginger root and 2 cloves of garlic. Then I blend a scoop of supergreen powder in that and drink. You could add other stuff but the carrot garlic and ginger I think are super important. Sometimes I do a half cucumber, a zuchini or a piece of lemon mixed in too. Wanted to share because this has saved my quit and my spirits. I am on day 15.

        • I’m on day 4 and have been keeping healthy foods and juicing apart of my quit. The fatigue is otherworldly so much tat instead of drinking coffee which is a trigger for me. I added coffee grounds to soft sugar cookies to bypass the trigger and help me stay awake. Second attempt in two years and quit last time for a month.

        • Nancy Desbois says:

          Thank you so very much cuz im excausted too . it takes alot out of me. God bless tou.

      • Is this site still active? It comes up when I ask a question about quitting. Just wondering. Good information and I’m curious how everyone has done. I’m on week 3 and still having a few issues but hanging in there.

        • OMG just started on week 2 and it feels horrible,permanently tired, irritated, anxious, depressed, aggressive. Taken 10 beers today just to feel normal to lose the weakness, dizziness, nauseous feeling, slept on and off for 10-12 hours and could easily sleep another 48 hours or more! I thought after initial few days of coughing, choking and throwing up in the morning I’d feel better or at least start to, feeling way worse! How long is this going to go on

          • Nancy De sbois says:

            Yes that happened to me as well keep fighting i get the sweats too i hear mints and mint tooth picks help i do that im going to start juicing i heard that helps as well keep strong u dont want lung cancer my dad had it. God bless you. Nancy

        • Right now I’m pretty sure I couldn’t feel any worse! I already feel like I’ve died anyway. Never realized it would or could be so bad

          • I agree with you Russ: I couldn’t feel any worse AND feel like I have already died.
            Incredibly difficult to quit, bit I am on my 14th day, and have never felt so ill in all of my life. Zero energy with chronic fatigue and insomnia and chronic depression just for starters, and I look awful, but when smoking for 35 years I looked quite well!!!! Doesn’t make sense does it?
            The only thing that keeps me going is that IT WILL GET BETTER, and just focus on that.
            I am 63 and male, so I would hope it is easier for those who are a lot younger than me.

          • I am almost 7-weeks nonsmoking and I too feel like crap. It is so odd that quitting makes me feel worse! I do have good days where I feel OK, but for the most part, compared to when I was smoking – I am less happy, feel less healthy, am more tired, have insomnia, have weird ailments, am also looking for something to eat to assuage the hand-to-mouth aspect of the habit, have developed some odd anxiety and depression, and the cravings still come and go. However, I too am holding onto the premise that these things are temporary and will pass. I just wonder how long it takes for them to pass. I am ready for some normalcy again! Stay strong everyone!!

    • I feel you. I am 4 weeks in, and I am constantly tired. I never napped before I quit, and now weekends include at least one nap. At work I feel that my productivity is down significantly. This is not the “Amazing Super-Happy Fun Time” I was promised if I quit. I just hope the health benefits are worth it. I will be pissed if I still die at 60 after I quit.

      • I feel the same way. Hope this prolongs my life. Chantex worked for me. It’s only been 4 days but I know I won’t go back. I am exhausted, and thought I would be full of energy! I’ve been going to the gym and eating healthy food.

      • I will be mad too. And no, I’m not having a super happy fun life either but I am hoping that it gets better. I did better in my first week (cold turkey). At four weeks the fatigue and the headaches and pressure behind my eyes is worrisome. I’m getting to the gym but the workouts seem harder because I have no fluidity! It’s crazy. I’m hanging in there tho. Good luck!

      • I would be as well. I’m also in for the better part of two weeks, but jeepers…I’m a mess. TOTAL mess! It is starting to affect me very negatively. At first I was of the opinion that, unless I make it a big deal to quit, it won’t be. Well, guess what? I’m reading these posts, so it is in fact a huge deal. I am all the said. Sad, depressed, burnt out, beyond tired, all of the above. I gym, try to eat, ignoring HOW my body feels. But it’s getting the better of me. There is a lot of other stress factors also doing the rounds. Work related stress, GF got suspended, I’ve always had insomnia, although sleeping difficulty has always been a part of my life, and even though I do sleep, it feels like I need so much more. Doing this for the rest of my life??? Well…A simple answer would be YES, but reality at the moment is telling me something different. But I will conquer this. How I do not know, but I will. I have plenty of reasons to start again. None to actually quite, however I am pretty much 2 weeks in and not prepared to start all over. As for advice, I have none. As for sympathy for everyone, I have lots. I guess it’s easier giving up that continuing a bad habit, right?

        • Yes, it is better to get rid of the habit, 2 weeks you have conquered the addiction…now conquer the habit, it’s not easy but well worth IT, I’m on my forth month, I look better, breath better, smell better, didn’t realize I smelled like that….I still feel a little tired from time to time, purchased a Fitbit started walking, cut out fast foods, i rest better….so, please hang in there.

          • Christopher says:

            Its been 2 weeks for me. My skin already looks so much brighter, and my breathing has increased drastically. But the quitters flu hit me HARD. The first week, I couldn’t sleep, and if I did pass out, I would wake up because I couldn’t breathe. Chest hurt so bad and the coughing.. omg, the coughing.

            But I can tell its getting better. A long road ahead, but its exciting to know this habit won’t control me anymore! I just wish I wasn’t so exhausted all the time. My boss looked at me yesterday and said, “Are you okay? It looks like you haven’t slept in weeks”

            At least I don’t smell like a stale 90’s bar. Amazing how much better your sense of smell picks up just a day after not smoking. My coworkers smoke and I feel nauseous 3 times a day when they come in from smoke breaks.

            20 Years of a pack a day and I will not miss it at all.

          • Nancy De sbois says:

            Agree u bet i. Going through it now its horrible tey mint and mint tooth picks Nancy , God bless you.

        • I am so grateful I’ve found this site! I too feel like crap and it does seem like the thing that makes you sick becomes the cure. Not planning on going back but, boy, am I tired.

      • I too have never been one to nap, but after quitting I feel the need to on a near daily basis. I too hope the health benefits of quitting are worth it as I would also be pissed if I died at 60 after enduring the craptastic slew of withdraws that come with quitting. I remain hopeful that these ailments and side effects will subside and quitting will become easier to deal with.

        • Me too. I feel like a narcoleptic. I want to nap all the time. I am also not having caffeine for other reasons but gave both the cigs and coffee up all at once. Hope to feel more alert soon.

          • I quit 33 days ago, 5 cold turkey, then patch. Smoked for 50 years. Feel awful. No quality of life. Exhausted, weak, nauseous, no appetite and lost 7 lbs. Exercise? Joke, I am lucky to gave energy to vacuum one room! Before this I walked 45 min at least 5 days a week, plus elliptical….Is it worth quitting?

    • Hi upda I’m into my fith week and like you in very tired all of the time even though the research is telling me the fatigue should only last a couple of weeks I’m wondering if this is because I’m using a patch and ecig only for most desperate times not using to smoke again. The patch is brilliant it is really taking the edge of everything I’m not sure I could do it without it

      • 7 weeks for me today. Quit cold turkey and also am so very tired. Have always eaten healthy. Exercise 30 to 60 minutes daily.

        • Hi Annette,

          I am experiencing the same. This is my 22nd day without a puff. Having body ache, fatigue and slight fever throughout the day. How much time did it take for you to get back to normal ? Did you take any medicine ?

          • I quit and a week before my first year I started again. Dumb decision. Never went back to smoking quite as much as I did previously. So now im about four months back in and am starting again. I noticed that within the first few months little things like taste, smell came back but fatigue hung around until like 6 months in. It wasn’t unbearable I just forced myself to get up walk do extra things around the house. Muscles get sore the more we lay around because of the fatigue. Another thing that was my savior was generic muscle rubs you can get at a dollar store or cvs. Taking a multivitamin everyday helped too. Good luck with quitting. Im only at day three and I know its rough.

          • I’m the same. Getting very very depressed with throat problem. Life is just hell now. Feeling very tired, restless and feel like an internal fever in the body. 🙁


          • Becky Roberts says:

            I am in the second month of cold turkey quitting. I’m so fatigued, non motivated, and a lot depressed. How long does this last? I am an Equestrian, a photographer and consider myself a creative person. And thank you for the muscle aches information. Have that too. Sometimes I wish I had never quit. But I have come too far to turn back now. Thank God for Netflix.

        • I feel better but I’m not doing anything but sleeping all day and all night. Is this normal? I’m on the patch which seems to help but I need to be able to function for work. Will try to work tomorrow but don’t know why I’m sleeping all the time

          • You are lucky Bill, as when I quit cold-yurkey 14 days ago I have had unbearable insomnia and then doze all day long without sleeping.
            No appetite and get the runs when I do eat anything. Lost half a stone already but can’t afford to.

        • I have been smoking for about 18 years. Now quit smoking for 5 weeks and i’ll feel super fatigue in the late afternoon.

          The 1st wk was craving and 3rd week feeling depressed and anxiety.

          I was hoping that this fatigue weak muscle will gone as i cannot do tough activity like before.

      • I quit smoking cold turkey a little over four months ago,?after smoking on and off for 25 years. I smoked about 10 to 12 cigarettes a day. All my life I have been hyper & very active. Always busy working around the house & hardly ever sitting down. After quitting, I am so tired, sleepy, have no motivation, etc. I never laid down to take a nap and my life. Now that’s all I want to do is lay in the recliner and sleep. This is about to drive me crazy. I’m trying to eat healthy and get some exercise. Sure hope my energy comes back soon. I’m going for a physical next month.

      • Nancy De sbois says:

        Yes i agree thats what im doing 8ts hard but we can do it try mint and mint tooth picks too.

    • I’m the same almost 5 weeks smoke free and I’m so lazy and tired don’t want to do anything just want to stay home and sleep. I feel my head is so heavy every morning I feel tired and lazy I thought to myself why don’t I get back to smoking !!??
      This is the second time I quit smoking for more than a week, first time was 6 months smoke free. I need help please

  3. I am only on day 9 but I am wondering when do your lungs stop hurting ,,,

    • Hi Donna, well done on reaching day 9!

      If you are experiencing pain, I would check it out with the doctor. I felt, as have many other quitters, a sensation of tightness in the lungs when I had craves. If this is what you are experiencing, it should weaken as your craves do. I felt it for a few weeks, less and less until it eventually went away.

      • Barry Tate says:

        Thanks for sharing this comment, Cameron. I have also been experiencing the chest tightening and it’s been 2 wks since I stopped. This explains a lot.

  4. Help 21 days into my quitting and I have no interest in my normal day activities. I miss my old energy and interest in live…..

  5. Tim Welbourn says:

    9 days
    I ripped into the kids this morning for talking amongst them selves and then had a go at the mrs because I couldn’t work the printer. What is happening to me im a monster. I have no interest in accomplishing any jobs including my own which us bad as I’m self employed.
    I feel so tired and I have forgotten what the joys of life are.
    If I new it would be like this I would never have started.
    But this is it now never again I am so close to accomplishing this and no I will feel very proud and feel the benefits of not smoking.

    • Heya Tim. Well done on 9 days!

      Yeah, it gets really tough. I know what you mean about forgetting the joys of life. The good news is, that weakens the more you heal. As your brain begins to regulate dopamine highs at a normal level. (You have been used to extreme, regular peaks.) In time, life will become A LOT more enjoyable, especially if you get into new interests.

      As for the anger, I found locking myself away when I could helped. Oh, and scream into a pillow…loudly!

      Stay strong!

    • Joey Gonzalez says:

      oh my I did deep breathing by now your over it already I hope you were successful I went thru that on my third week , I just took the day off away from people
      cause I was lashing out at everyone for no reason. omg it’s emotions under the addiction that we get over congrats I hope you made it and thank you Cameron You seem to have alot of input I appreciate it .

  6. I quit 3 weeks ago. I find myself STRUGGLING every day. I’m only 20, an I only smoked for 1 year. Never even consistently. Sometimes I’d have a pack last 3-6 days, sometimes I’d smoke 3 packs in a day.

    First week of quitting I felt tired-ish, but I was calm. This past week, I have seriously been high strung. I’ve been short with everyone, been REALLY aggressive. I hate everything and everyone which is weird because everyone tells me I’m the most positive person they know.

    I get plenty of sleep and can usually hold it together in the worst of situations.

    I snapped last night and screamed at my sister over nothing. I went to the woods, and had my first cigarette. It felt amazing.

    I’m so on the fence right now. It feels good to have quit, but I think for my sake it is best to keep smoking for now.

    • Enmanuel says:

      Hey Andrew look atit this way, do you rather go thru this phase of quitting smoking now that you dont have that much addiction and that you are healthy or do you ratherkeep smoking and later on in life you might get seriously ill and then quit?thunk about it man,

    • Hi Andrew,

      I’m 40 and have smoked ‘properly’ since about the age of 16. I’ve tried UMPTEEN times over the last 20 years to stop smoking (believe me, I’ve tried EVERYTHING including the Carr book and group) and I think I’ve finally managed it. I think fundamentally and although it sounds like a cliche, you have to want to do it. You have to hate yourself as a smoker and you have to hate for what it stands for. I would read as much as you possibly can on tobacco including the industry as well as what long term health problems you can expect from smoking, the money you can expect to spend etc etc. If you still want to smoke after that then at least you can tell yourself you’ve made an informed choice:)

      I will say though that this website (and I still must write to Cameron and tell him this) is the single most useful tool I’ve ever used in combatting nicotine addiction. I think the most fantastic bit of information and probably for me, the missing part of the jigsaw in terms of successfully stopping smoking, is understanding the addiction itself. Cameron explains the addiction brilliantly; understanding that nicotine addiction (like any other addiction) is a disease of the brain that can be cured, has probably actually stopped me smoking. I finally get it.

      I would read everything you can on the subject of smoking. You have more resentment than you ‘should’ about stopping smoking and i totally understand how you feel because that’s how I’ve felt on previous attempts and is the reason I’ve started again. It’s been almost 3 weeks but I can tell you now that I know I’ve stopped for good this time. Something has clicked finally.

      Good luck and don’t stop stopping!

    • Hello Andrew!!

      I have been smoking for over 20+ years and this is my millionth time to quit. I have been cigarette free (not nicotine, yet) for 3 days. I am using an e-cig and it seems to be helping this time. I truly got fed up with smoking. I also calculated how much money I would spend between now and the day I could die (in my case, I chose 80 years old). Supposing that the price of cigarettes remains at $6.00 +/-
      I would spend close to $80,000 over the next 30 years. Would rather spend that on something else. I have learned to never take another puff, you do and you are hooked again. So good luck to myself and everyone else who is trying to win the battle against nicotine!!

    • Don’t have any more go get a nicotine patch I’m into My seventh week now and for three weeks I was was an absolute cow giving every one in my household a hard time I went to the chemist and got patches and wow what a difference I will be able to beat this now because of the patches good luck

    • Nancy De sbois says:

      No dont.try.mint candies and tooth picks u can do it. God bless you im praying

  7. I quit smoking 11 weeks yesterday and feeling so much better but still having fatigue, lightheaded or dizziness feeling just over all feel tired don’t want to do anything. I have gone numbers of times to my doctor and test after test and everything is fine ) if anyone has any suggestions please help.

    • Hi Keith, grats on 11 weeks!

      Some people will experience the fatigue longer than others. If your doctor thinks everything is clear, I would just try and get some extra rest. Maybe try a daily walk as well, as regular exercise does help fatigue. Diet also contributes. I ate a lot of sugar in the early weeks/months. So I often had energy peaks and lows. Much better these days!

      Stay Strong!

      • Thank you. But, have you heard of anyone still having the dizzy feeling or I call it zombie feeling even after 11 weeks. Thanks Keith

        • Not specifically. I would say very uncommon for a cold turkey quitter as after 11 weeks, the withdrawal has just about run its course. Some people using NRT and medication, mention having symptoms that last longer. I suggest checking out some of the free user groups I mention on this page…

          • I am having the same feeling, light headed. Doc did all test and things are good.
            One of the ER Doc said it is withdrawal and it may last for few months and eventually it will go away.

            Just wanted to know how long it last for you. I am 7 weeks smoke free but i took cig for 3 days in between.

        • Keith, I have recently quit, it will be 6 weeks for me this coming Sat. and I am having the same symptoms as you, the dizziness like symptom and stay wore out and sleepy all the time. I’m going to try juicing as I read in previous comments stating it helps….Hopefully this will help, and good luck to you.

    • Me to always tired into my seventh week it also took this long for the chest pain to stop

    • How long did the lightheaded and dizziness last I’m in my 3rd month and I’m lightheaded, dizzy all day long just feel disconnected from the world, anxiety crazy, depressed and soooo tired! Lol I need help

  8. Marky Yates says:

    Gave up smoking 3 weeks ago yesterday.I have been smoking for 25 years,i am the type of person that could have gone without a ciggarette for hours,so it didnt really rule my life.Have now just thought right thats it,no more.I have ridden moto-x for just as long so always been quite active.I have found since quitting im more tierd at night but wake up earlier,Also the last couple of weeks after riding my bike my arms & hands have really been aching as if really stiff for a few days after,this has got to be realted to giving up.

  9. Ram Lama says:

    Hi there! I started smoking 5 months ago and I used to smoke 3-4 cigarettes daily. But i quit smoking 5 days ago. I am experiencing insomnia, fatigue, anxiety and cough. How long will this last? I am not a heavy smoker. So can you please help me? Sorry for bad english. I am from Nepal.

    • Hi Ram, well done for quitting!

      Insomnia and anxiety are secondary conditions that ought to be treated separately. Having said that, their severity can obviously be related to the act of smoking and quitting. I would speak to a doctor about getting help for those. The fatigue may also be prolonged because of the anxiety and insomnia as well.

      The cough will likely come and go over the coming months as your lungs heal.

  10. All of you guys need to read Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking. I have been quit smoking for 3 years. I tried every method you can think of in the past. The longest I had quit was 9 months, but the urge to smoke and the mental craving never went away – until I read his book. It completely changes your perspective on smoking and quitting smoking. Everyone should give this book a try. You have nothing to lose…

    • Thanks Jaclyn.

      His book helps some people, and for others it doesn’t. I am sure plenty of people who visit this site have read it. One thing it does really well, is encourage people to recognise the addiction, which is the first stepping stone.

    • Greg Walker says:

      I am on Day 4 after reading The Easy Way to Stop Smoking. I’m 68 and have been smoking since I was 13 years old. I’ve tried the patch, eCigs., etc… None of the replacement methods helped me. I feel tired and have slept a LOT, but I’m determined to soldier on though it

  11. On day 15 and the fatigue is really bad, just lit one up now and feel sooooo much better 🙂

    • hi Eddie, I’m sorry but i dont believe you, think you are just wanting someone to tell you you are right and yep a smoke will make everything marvellous and yep eddie you’ve done the right thing, you know deep down you feel crap for giving in ,your head would have spun and you would have felt crap after your first ,i had 1 last week so i know the feeling and went looking for people to tell me i was right to have that,had to sit down and tell myself what a complete dick i was, Yep ,i feel crap at the moment, so tired and always thinking of how to fill day in, but OMG i can breath, smell, taste and so on, 30 year smoker 15-20 a day and 12 weeks smoke free, and i am just going to ignore your comment, get healthy with my diet and keep plugging along,

      • tassi dave says:

        yeah closing in on 6 weeks .heavy smoker 20 plus years.insominia.tierd ect blag blah but like you jenny.i can breathe smell taste and i dont stink of the crap cigs any more so yeah im with you plug on plug on

  12. Geesh! I’m on Day# 3 & Boyfriend is Day# 5!!! I am tired & lazy but waking up @ 3 am!! Having Cravings about 6-7 times/Day! It’s been a little Manic as we alternate between being little bitchy to Hysterically laughing!!! I was bawling the other Day, as my Printer Ink was ‘blobbing’!!! Then howled when I told the Boyfriend!! I am definitely in Withdrawal!!! LOL!!!

  13. Hi,
    It has been 150 days since I stopped smoking.I used to smoke 2 packs a day for 20 yrs. I feel on top of the world now and I am a source of envy for all my smoker friends.
    Even now I sometime experience tingling sensation in my fingers and toes and also feel a sudden anxiety in my stomach.

    • Hi URM, grats on 150 days!

      The scar left by addiction does take some time to heal. I would expect pangs to come and go for several months at least. The walls really subsided for me around the 10 month mark. Although I still had really, really small walls afterwards, though even they have cleared up now. (nearly two years for me.)

      Stay Strong!

    • how long did it take before you overcame the fatigue and lack of motivation?

  14. Mostafa Sharaby says:

    I gave up smoking a month ago. I went to the ER many times, right after. Head pressure and Pain. I did MRI tests on my spine and brain, came back normal. I did blood tests, came back normal. I still have head pressure a bit often while doing some kind of medium activity. I had lots of anxiety and stress, thinking I can’t snap out of this feeling and my body giving up on me. I couldn’t eat for the first 2 weeks from so much Health Anxiety. I started eating better slowly but truly better. Sometimes I’ll get stiff joints and pain either in my back or arms overall anywhere in my body and it happens, PAIN! I got up today to go get a birth certificate for my wife in the scorching heat and felt like I was going to faint. I hope all this goes away. The fatigue is killing me. Thing is this is my third time quitting in 1 year. The first time I quit was for 3 months, and I felt great but got back into it. The second time was for 2 months but for the second time I came back heavier then ever. I do want to also mention I quit drinking PEPSI same time I quit smoking. I used to drink at least 1 PEPSI a day on average and some days not. Maybe all this is happening because I quit only for 2 months and my body was healing it self then I came back and smoked even harder and stopped again with caffeine. I hope I get better from the anxiety and fatigue. God willing. Amen

    • Hope you are still doing ok Mostafa. Thanks for the comments and grats on 1 month!

      I suspect you are also having withdrawals from caffeine and sugar. When I quit smoking, I also quit caffeine for a few weeks, which I think made the fatigue worse. (I always suffer fatigue when abstaining from coffee.) The body will adjust and it will get better. In the mean time, if you are not already doing so, I recommend some form of daly exercise. Even if only for 10 minutes. 🙂

      Stay Strong!

    • I have been trying to for a long time I haven’t been able to because of lots of life demands. Listening to drumming music, during the day. Turning on a blue lights bulbs 15 min before you get out of bed are suppose to help. Strange but cheap. I will let you know how it goes.

  15. hello Cameroon ,
    I have been smoking for 5 years. Recently I was smoking more than one package per day,
    It is one week I decided to quit but not completely , every day I smoke 2-3 cigarettes , that wthout that I m not so strong to struggle.
    What I want to say is I ve never felt such tired , headache, low- motivation, depression..
    I do not have any problem but I feel like I am the unhappiest person in the world .
    One thing makes me happy that I think I am about to forget cigarette forever.
    Please kindly help me, what should I do ?
    I was doing exercise and now I cant even walk for 15 mins.I go to workplace sit behind the computer and then come back home , sleep.I don’t even want to eat anything if I dont have pain on my stomache. I feel like I am pensioner,
    Your comments will be highly appreaciated,Best Regards,

    • Hi Julia.

      Even cutting down the cigs is going to cause physiological changes in the brain, as it adjusts to the lower dose of nicotine etc. So you will experience some withdrawal, a cycle that will continue until you have healed from the addiction altogether.

      As for the depression, this is common among smokers and there are many studies that link two together. Having said that, I would treat the depression separately and talk to your doctor. It is a very treatable condition. I have had to manage depression multiple times throughout my life, and for me, recovery requires small steps. Talking to a GP and therapist is a good start. I also recommend exploring new things in life and taking up new interests. The number one thing I recommend though, is philanthropy. By giving yourself to a cause and doing something of real value for others, you immediately prove your value to not only the world, but yourself as well. There is no better treatment for depression, in my opinion.

    • Nancy De sbois says:

      Hi try.mint life safers or mint candies and to keep something in ur mouth try mint tooth picks i do that aand the patch qc nicoderm it works it horrible i know im on my 37th day but i smoked 6 piffs so now i have started again god bless u

  16. On day 3 and feeling so low like I just want to scream 🙁 Smoked for 18years and am determined I am going to quit for good and follow this through.

  17. For me the worst time was around week 3-4. The initial “arent I doing well after day 4” feeling had long passed and I then experienced tiredness and struggling with concentration and head feeling fuzzy. Then I got angry and frustrated. Now after week 8 life has become a lot more interesting and I am a lot more relaxed and I can do more during the day.
    However there is definitely an issue still. I am trying to incorporate exercise into my routine and being relatively fit despite being a smoker I have struggled with this. It is easy to overdo it and feel horrible the next day. It really is just take it easy and be patient with yourself. But I do recommend starting to incorporate or regenerate old interests. For instance the last time I gave up a bought a new motorbike. And this time I got a new mountainbike and getting my teeth fixed. Think and do positive even though you feel like rubbish and eventually you will occasionally start enjoying life again…but this time properly without horrid drugs like nicotine. Also moderate alcohol and caffeine its these that you brain can associate with smoking. I would advise abstaining from alcohol for a while and if you give into a smoke whilst having a drink then make sure you just tell yourself it was a one off and keep quitting. Be stubborn. And one word of advise dont be too hard on yourself. If you give into smoking, perhaps its just not the right time. There are worse things in the world but not many. Just make sure you do quit again.

    • Wow Neil you wrote this awhile back.
      I loved reading your comments. I feel we are in the same boat logic wise. Would love to hear more from you.

    • On day 16. Tired and feel like there’s nothing to look forward to. Neil’s comments put things into perspective, take your time think and do positive. Going to give myself a shake and do just that !!!!

  18. Day 6

    I was wondering if others know people who had been heavy smokers and just quit as if it was nothing suddenly when they made the decision and didnt even seem to suffer much. How is that possible?? My boyfriend is one such person, whereas I have insomnia, am spacey, tired and over emotional. I also have sore eyes, ears and throat. When I try blame my low spirits on withdrawal symptoms, my boyfriend doesnt understand, he didnt really have withdrawal symptoms. How can this be?

    • Hi Lynn,

      Every body has a slightly different physiology and circumstances. Having said that, I would think it rare for two heavy smokers to have such a widely different experience. He may well be suffering, just somehow able to suppress it more and keep it internalised. Try not to measure your quit against others. This is your quit and your journey and you need to focus on what you need to win.

      Stay strong!


  19. Rebecca hand says:

    I’m on my 9th day…. I’ve been using the 10motives disposable pens which take the edge off… 2 days ago I started with swollen glands and burning fever, I’m in so much pain with my throat I can’t swallow. Has this happened to anyone else ??

    • Hi Rebecca, grats on 9 days!

      Swollen glands and burning fever are definitely things a doctor should check. They wouldn’t be related to the quit, at least not directly.

      Good luck and stay strong!

  20. I never tried to quit, but was cutting down, slowly, assuring myself that one day will come soon. Well, quit day came sooner than I thought. It took agonizing 24 hours to rule out lung mass. After that, I realized: never want to be in this situation again. Never picked cig again. Day 5 for me.

  21. Hi Cameron

    Day 6 and feeling ok. After day 4 did buy e cig. What’s your thoughts on these.

    Regards Susan

    • I was tempted to use one in the early days of my quit. I am glad I didn’t. They are designed explicitly as an alternative to smoking tobacco and not as a quit smoking aid. Some people manage to quit while making the switch and cutting down as they go. The thing to note though, is that they work towards quitting the e-cig.

      Good luck!

      • Hi Cameron I had been smoking for 40 years a pack a day and in the last ten years had tried to give up several times. For me the ecig have been a godsend I don’t use them as a cigarette sometimes I don’t have until the evening I use them at crunch times but even then I try not too. Without them I’m fairly certain I would have caved by now. I’m hoping over time I will be able to throw these too I am giving myself a good 12 months to be completely nicotine free and definitely no smokes during this time or ever again so for me and perhaps other who struggle with cold turkey and have stressful lives they could be an aid to achieve an end goal cheers penny

  22. Jay Narsinghani says:

    Hi Cameron,

    It’s just been 4 days since my last puff and the fatigue, the tiredness and the lethargy is unbelievable.
    Every second I feel I’m gonna fall.
    Even after a 10 hour sleep I get up and I feel so light headed that I feel like going back to bed.

    Im not really craving for one but sometimes just feel like it would help me get my energy back.

    Your thoughts on that….


    • Stay strong Jay. What you are experiencing is pretty normal. Take one challenge, one hour, one day at a time. You are going through recovery and it will take a lot of your energy. Give it time and you will heal. 🙂

  23. Rob Jennings says:

    I am a 62 year old male and have smoked all my adult life. On 31st July 2013, in a spontaneous moment, I smoked my last ciggy. It has now been 6 weeks and i was glad to read all of the other comments on here as they are reassuring.
    The fatique was starting to worry me but now it seems its very common. I get up and have a coffee and then feel like going back to sleep again. Every time I sit down I could fall asleep. Having said that, it is starting to improve so I think I just have to hang in there.
    My appetite is just starting to improve and i think I have a little weight gain but nothing much.

    I am just so pleased to have got this far cold turkey.

  24. This is day 2 for me. I have tried many times to stop. What I thought used to be fun -was really my biggest enemy. Each time before I did somewhat ok until I had to go to work, it was mostly the extreme fatigue . I got SO moody, I hated everything and kept threatening my husband that I was going to quit my job. Due to bills, life and ins. for the kids that is not possible for the time being, but do plan on something else in the next year. I am a cocktail server (15 years) on the Las Vegas strip. Tonight I will walk into a smoke filled casino and serve drinks to people blowing smoke in my face. my strength to get through it is my 8 year old son walking past me and out of nowhere said “Mom, I wish you would stop smoking”

  25. Day 2 and my stomach is aching. I was throwing up in the morning and feel fatigued. 7 year smoker packet and a half a day. I feel so weak and dysfunctional. I don’t need tobacco anymore in my life

  26. Hi, I am day four without smoking after30 years of smoking. My mom passed away last year of lung cancer so this year I decided to quit. I’m having a hard time with the tiredness and my daily routine of things. I have not really tried to quit in the past so this is all new to me. I have two adult children and I would like to live to see them have their children and enjoy that time so that is what motivates me, as well as I recently got married to a non smoker who is very supportive of me doing this. I’m tired all the time and my body seems to hate me on a daily basis and im hoping that this feeling passes pretty soon because I am determined to quit for good. Many of my friends at work smoke and some are encouraged by me tring to quit because one has already started the travel yesterday as well. Keeping my fingers crossed for them an believing they can do it as well as all of you can and myself.

  27. I’ve been smoking for 20 years for past 6 years I’ve been on and off trying to quit but this time I need to do it as have been told have 85% lung in breathing at this stage they not sure why till under go more test they thinking asthma or early signs of lung damage im finding it very hard day 1 I went down to 5 smokes only a day to then only 1 in the morning none all arvo today was been rough I had 1 this morning then non stop sleep then cause I was sleeping so much it scared me I had 2 this arvo I didn’t enjoy em and made me feel worse im a regional manger for a company and I am finding it hard to function all I do is sleep or wake in fright cause been asleep when I wake I find it hard to actually get up I go back to sleep again feels like ya passing in and out all the time and its scary and im not getting much work done I need to have 0 smokes a day which im finding my body doesn’t want them its me making myself just have 1 how much longer is the fatigue and laziness going to last this week is hell.

  28. I’m a little embarrassed but I’m only on day one! I keep snapping at my poor husband and he doesn’t deserve it. This is my second time trying to quit but my first go I was forced to and it feels the same this time. I just NEED to quit, which I know I do. It’s frustrating feeling like you can’t do something you want or enjoy because somebody is going to give you a hard time about it. So I guess my anxiety is thanks to feeling like my husband is forcing me to quit. My last go I tried carrots, gum, and peppermints but my sister-in-law had quit very successfully (after 18 years of two packs a day) using the Blu ecigs and I was using that and had literally gone an entire week without wanting or feeling the need to smoke either a regular or the Blu. My husband thinks cold turkey is best and I’m just having a difficult time. Technically yesterday around noon was my last smoke but I’m already irritable. Does anyone have any suggestions? This is just annoying and I guess it’ll be easier since I’m always alone at home but I don’t like being snappy or irritable. My God, menstral cycles are plenty of “mean” days for me, I don’t want cigarette withdraws too! I just need some helpful tips so can anyone suggest anything? Hate this quick temperament.

  29. Going on week 4. I have had anxiety and panic before I quit. I am completely exhausted, dizzy off and on and can’t focus with my eyes sometimes. Using the ecig but just sooooooo tired.

  30. well on day 18 of my cold turkey quit. first 3 days were terrible but after that progressively becoming more managable day by day. my only concern is my constant fatigue and sugar cravings. I assume this is the bodys adjustment phase as it would usually be stimulated by nicotine but after nearly 3 weeks I would expect some improvement. I try to take positives and better to be resting in bed that coughing up blood in bed on some cancer ward.

  31. Hi,

    Thank god I found this site. I smoked for about 20 years- I’m 36 now- so I started young. ( roll-ups for the past 10 years or so). I am at the 5 week mark tomorrow and although I am proud of quitting and I have no intention of ever smoking again no matter how hard it gets- I feel really overwhelmed with anxiety, depression and fatigue since I quit. It probably doesn’t help that I just finished 5 years of University which almost killed me- but to be honest- I would be more proud to be a non smoker than anything else in the world and now I am! (although it’s early days)

    Saying that though- I really had no idea that my emotional/mental health would take such a nose-dive since quitting but reading these comments it’s comforting to know that I am not alone! I really hope that it gets easier and I am looking forwards to a few months dow the line- then a few years when I hope to feel 100% but at the moment I have to say I am suffering really bad.

    Everything seems like a huge effort, I am drained of energy- even the most basic things- like getting-up, showering, dressing, and feeding myself feels like a momentous task!

    Suffice to say, I am pretty down about it. But- I am determined to see this through! With smoking there really is no option but to NOT smoke! It is by far the worst thing I have ever subjected myself to- but I was young when I started and was hooked at an early age so I shouldn’t be too hard on myself for it. It’s not a smokers fault- I blame tobacco companies and the people who work for them.

    What keeps me strong is my absolute refusal to give any more money to these evil tobacco companies! There is o other word for them but EVIL- I don’t know how they sleep at night knowing what they do!

    So if you feel the urge to smoke in withdrawals just remember that all you are doing is speeding up your own demise and making profits for evil people (in tobacco industries) who depend on your addiction to make massive salaries indiscriminately trading and exploiting with peoples lives and health.

    They wanted you to start young and they wanted you to be a customer for life until you die a gruesome death by a smoking related disease- how evil is that? How sick is that? How are these evil people not in prison? The mind boggles…

    They sell death in a packet and they hook people on substances which will eventually kill them- and as poor addicts we willingly and legally sign our own death contracts with these evil tobacco companies becoming customers for life and enslaved to their horrible poisons!

    If that prospect doesn’t disturb you enough to stay off cigarettes forever then I don’t know what will. Keep strong people! Keep the faith! – We can do it! All the best 🙂

    • Awesome post Rory, I think you hit the nail on the head for a lot of quitters. I hate big tobacco companies and the people who invest in them with a passion.

      Well done on quitting though and keep fighting the good fight. It sure is tough and I would say the most challenging thing I have ever done, but SOOOOOO worth doing. Over two years now for me, no regrets! I love life as a non smoker!

      Stay strong!

      • Hey Cameron,

        no problem- thanks for creating this space for all us poor recovering nicotine addicts! It’s very helpful and much appreciated. I can’t wait to get to the stage you are at! sounds fantastic, and I would very much agree that it is one of the most difficult addictions/behaviors to quit and to deal with. My mother quit after 35 years of smoking, she was 50, and is now 10 years off them! She is doing great…

        It angers me that the tobacco industry still gets away with producing and selling these death sticks! But most governments make a fortune in taxing cigarettes so I doubt of they will ban them any time soon! So it’s up to us to refuse to buy them! I really feel for smokers and quitters, it’s such a brave and courageous thing to quit, and we should all be very proud of ourselves. I’m not feeling great in withdrawals , and I am hoping it will get better- and I know it has to in time! 🙂

    • i just started the quit and i feel like crap im 17 and i started at 12 idk how i am going to get through this alone bc my parents are telling me that there is no way they are going to believe i am quitting so im in this alone and will refuse “to light one up” as long as i live.

  32. today is the 2nd day of giving up smoking and I am unable to work in office. drowsiness is killing me. i want to sleep but i can’t. somebody help!!!!

  33. Jade Jenkins says:

    Thank god for this post….its so well written and keeps me motivated to keep going on my quit journey and also not to give myself a hard time.
    My husband and I quit 5 weeks ago and it has been tough! we were on the patches for three weeks (a week per phase) and now we are on the gum.
    We are both SOOOO tired, depressed and grumpy, I dont know how we havent shanked eachother….however, we are also determined, proud and excited to be smoke free.
    Im sure the tiredness will go eventually…its just good to know we are not alone.

    Good luck to anyone else on this journey.

  34. I quit a month and a half agree, I must say dealing with cravings have not been as big of an issue for me as I would have thought (this time) attempt number 4 at quitting. I think the difference this time was determination, my husband is still smoking and it does not bother me the smell that comes off of him just reminds me each day why I quit and living in Canada I find it quite funny that he is outside in the freezing cold and storm storms with his cigarettes while I watch tv and laugh from the window. All laughs aside, the fatigue is whats kiling me, I could seriously fall asleep standing up, Im having naps when I can but Im burnt out, when does this go ahead when will the fatigue stop , anybody? It seems to be the only withdrawl symptom I got and because of that it seems like its ten fold, Can I get peoples feed back son when the fatigue went away.

    • Hi Sonya, I found the fatigue to weaken within a couple of weeks. Though having said that, it came and went a few times throughout the journey. Fatigue can also be attributed to other lifestyle choices as well, so best to keep that in mind throughout the journey as well.

      Well done on your quit btw!

      Stay Strong!

  35. I quit a few years ago. Didn’t have a lot of cravings, only for a week or so. At the same time, my muscles got very weak and I was tired. At times I could hardly stand up, my legs were shaking and I had trouble walking and kept falling over. My doctor couldn’t figure it out and contributed it to stress. Was on sick leave for four months. Neither of us thought quitting smoking had anything to do with it.

    I later started smoking again, and I’ve smoked for a couple of years, together with a form of chewing tobacco (a type you put under your upper lip). I want to quit smoking, cause I don’t really enjoy it. But every time I try, within a day or two the muscle weakness is back. I went for a month without any improvement, then smoked two cigarettes and was back to normal again. I’ve used the other tobacco throughout, so no cravings. I exercise, eat (extremely) healthy, the blood test showed that everything is normal, blood pressure is around 105/65 (been measuring, thought maybe a blood pressure drop was the cause). What in the world is going on? It’s going to be impossible to quit again if I cannot fix this.

  36. I have to say, this site has been a huge relief for me. I am in a very odd situation, health-wise.

    I am 34, and have suffered from M.E. since I was about 17-18. I started smoking around 16, but (as with most people) it started just 1 or 2 a week… by 20 it was 1-2 a day. By December ’13 it was 8-10 a day. However, its always been a ‘secret’ in so far as only my wife and some friends knew. None of my family did, nor anyone at work (which was great for keeping the amount I smoked under control.

    I had one hell of a scare this xmas. I was on my way to my in-laws and my chest (ribs) started really hurting and it made my breathing more shallow. Naturally I got very worried as to what this meant, and if it was smoking related. the way it feels muscular and the way it radiates around the ribs and back seems to suggest that its just a horrible muscle strain across the ribs (probably from carrying 2 suitcases).

    At the time, however, I had no idea what it was and I started getting anxious after a few days, and that made everything worse. It also added nausea and loss of appetite. I also became absolutely EXHAUSTED. -Now my M.E. has always done that, but this was well beyond the level it normally affected me.

    I panicked so much that I totally detoxed. I wasn’t smoking for the 4-5 days I was away anyway (although I did use NRT gum), I cut down caffeine and cut out sweetners etc. When I got home I had a few more cigarettes over a few days (much less than normal), with a view to cutting down. But as of 2nd January I decided to cut them out completely and go smoke free.

    I am using e-cigs as an interim stand-in. I figure the most important thing is to cut out the smoke, and naturally phase out the nicotine.

    Well- I feel TERRIBLE! lol. I am EXHAUSTED. Really totally drained and wanting to sleep all the time. I am anxious. my chest is still tight.

    Reading a lot of the stories on here make me worry much less. I see that all the symptoms I am feeling from the tiredness and anxiety to the breathing, are all regular symptoms of quitting smoking.

    I feel really good about the choice I’ve made, and feel less worried now. Its also comforting to know that there are so many other people going through the same thing.

    The biggest thing for me is to feel like I don’t have to worry!

    • Sounds like panic attacks. I get those all the time. today is my first day without a cig. I’m exhausted. Didn’t really wanna post but I made myself do it. I have nothing better to do. Been out of work since June cause of a car wreck. Broke both my legs, the right sustained permanent injuries. I limp with a crutch. Been hard on me so I started smoking again after I quit last January.

    • Julie James says:

      Hi im julie im on day 2 with one slip up,that made me sooo sick, these headaches are the worst, i have the patch on, cravings are strong but the minute i inhaled i coughed for 30 minutes, i am a long time smoker, i want to quit, i work a stressful job, but not being able to breathe scared the hell out of me, any other hints tips,i feel horrible and look like s”t:-(

      • Hi Julie, I found that by taking out the biggest challenges, momentarily, allowed me to focus on areas I could overcome and tackle the healing process one step at a time. For example, I took time off work while I dealt with the chemical withdrawal. I didn’t compound the withdrawal with stress from work. My family also stayed at the in laws for a few days so I didn’t feel claustrophobic and I was able to be as relaxed as possible during the most difficult stage.

        Put the ball in your court as much as possible.

  37. I’m on day 6 of quitting after smoking for over 20yrs. I have headaches from waking until I sleep which is usually 2am since quitting 🙁 my throat is sore and I sound like Hilda Ogden. I wake up congested coughing up plegm. I feel exhausted all the time and I’m grouchy

    • Faith Coleridge says:

      You sure it’s not PMS LOL

    • Thank you Jennifer for making me laugh my socks off at 1.51am.
      Insomnia has a tight hold on me and I’m only day 4.
      I had no idea about the insomnia…what an interesting surprise.
      I used the word addiction all the time, I just didn’t apply it to myself and thought I was weak willed.
      I have had tonnes of energy but it’s mainly been to divert myself.
      I am extremely intolerant aswell; almost like I’m righteous…it’s all a bit unsettling.
      Not missing the foul smell on my clothes, the urge to wash my hands after every furtive fag and the taste in my mouth.
      Thanks to all for sharing your thoughts, so I can feel normal :()

  38. Angela Pembroke says:

    I’m so glad I found this website! I’m 3 weeks into my smoking rehab and its going well with patches and inhalator. I’m so tired and anxious, I’ve been having heart palpitations and feel quite depressed. Definatly don’t want to go back to the fags, have up before Christmas to test myself and got through that and new year without temptation.
    I’m just feeling so anxious and exhausted all the time, I just want to sit and sleep, my partner who doesn’t smoke isn’t very supportive and doesn’t understand why I’m always feeling unwell.
    All I know is no matter what the little nicotine devil inside my head does or says to me I’m not giving in, it’s my first attempt at giving up and I’ve been smoking nearly 15 years :/ we are doing a brilliant thing, telling the government where they can shovel their fag tax, and the tobacco companies where they can go is a massive comfort. Being able to afford bedroom tax and bills is the only luxury im getting from quitting at the moment as I’m out of a job, but it’s a major relief, a relief that I’m blessed to feel every day for the last 3 weeks, and knowing I’m at least sticking one finger upto the government!!

  39. Sathyanath says:

    After 19 years of smoking i had decided to quit smoking, 10 Jan 2014 is my 1st day and already started feeling Fatigue and tired, Hope i can cross this hurdle…

  40. Faith Coleridge says:

    Oh God I’m on day 5. I’m so f’ing tired. Emotional too. A few hours ago I just started crying for nothing. I bought a relaxation self-hypnosis CD and a quit smoking one. They are working wonders. I’ve also got the tingling in my fingers and feet. I am celebrating that as my body coming back to life after 8 years of HEAVY smoking. I joined a gym at the turn of the New Year knowing that would help. Everyday at lunch this week I have done two miles on the elliptical trainer (slowwww pace) and stretched. I’m using this as an opportunity to get my health back in every aspect
    It kind of started spontaneously but whenever I feel like giving in I just close my eyes, ball my hands into fists and start chanting ‘Oh God Oh God Oh God Oh God Oh God Oh God Oh God . . . ” That lasts for a minute or two. It seems to help. I will not lose this time.

  41. I am an 17 year smoker, consuming between half a pack to about 2 packs a day (depending on circumstances)

    Well, i recently (15th January) celebrated my 40th birthday and , sorry to say, I really over-did things ; especially the drinks part. I remember waking up a couple of days later feeling so nauseated, head achy and so thoroughly disgusted with myself concerning proceedings that I swore it would never happen again.

    Anyhow I am now on day 5 with neither a puff of smoke nor a sip of alcohol. I just decided that I was tired of feeling sick all the time and I just want to feel better – body, mind and soul. I think I’m doing OK; the lack of alcohol isn’t as bad as lack of cigarettes but i have somehow managed to avoid them. My appetite has shot through the roof, I’m irritable and short tempered and i seem to be permanently tired.

    But I would rather feel this way for a little while than go back to what I was. lack of smell/taste, stained fingers, smelly clothing (and home), bad breath, out of breath – the list is endless. I have made up my mind to fight this thing until I succeed or die trying – that’s whats in the cards for me anyway if i don’t quit so i have nothing to loose in trying and everything to gain in succeeding.

    plus, i think being around in my 4 year old daughters life is one of the best gifts I can give her. (my wife doesn’t yet realize that this time I seriously intend to quit – i bet she’ll be ecstatic..)

    Good luck everyone. I hope you find the reason(s) to quit and keep quitting like I have. all the best.

  42. I am 62, smoked for 40 years and quit 8 weeks ago with the help of Wellbutrin; the only way, it seems, I could quit. I also weigh 200 pounds (should weight abut 140). Anyway, I can breathe an itsy bitsy bit better; however, I see no improvement in anything else. In fact, I am soooooo tired and sleepy all of the time, worse than when I was smoking. I sleep 10 hour nights, then take 2 hour napes (after I eat a 500-650calaorie lunch) . I don’t have diabetes or high blood pressure, nothing wrong with me. I read that it is normal to be tired more than normal after quitting smoking, but I would think I should be over it by now. When I first quit, the first 2-3 weeks I was antsy and had trouble sleeping through the night. Someone please help me!

    • Well done on 8 weeks Amy. I was affected by tiredness and fatigue for a while as well, though that was over the first couple of weeks. Mind you I tend to get fatigued now and then anyhows, as I am overweight (working on that…). The wellbutrin might also be playing a role. My general suggestion is to try and get a 10 minute walk in every day and maybe seek some general medical advice from your doctor.Ask about vitamin D and if it may be beneficial for you. Personally, I find the 10 – 15 minute walk extremely helpful.

      Stay Strong!

  43. 20 year tobacco user here. I am 25 days tobacco free and still experienceing my two worst withdrawl symptoms, light sleeping and fatigue. I am also stopping a a ten year daily marijuana habit, man what a battle its been. Fight the good fight and stay strong. We are doing this for a healthier longer life with our loved ones, luck to
    You. Heres to another day drug free.

    • Hey Brock,

      i’ve been on ciggies for 25 years on and off, also 23 years of weed almost continuously. And lots of it too. Have enjoyed it all but was thinking to complete a third decade of such activities is akin to suicide. My chest can’t take it any more. I feel ultra fatigued today (6th day off weed, 2nd off ciggies) Try some vigorous exercise and you’ll most likely sleep a little deeper.

      All the best.

    • Brock, I am on week 5 of no weed after a 12 year daily habit and Day 2 off nicotine quitting cold turkey. My own biggest symptom of marijuana withdrawal was horrible, horrible nightmares for about a month. The nightmares have greatly lessened the last week.

      Now I have the quitters’ flu full force so hopefully this too will pass soon. I have hope 🙂

  44. Jan Lochhead says:

    Hi all,

    Currently on day 47 tobacco free and recovering from a bout of Glandular fever. The fatigue was killing me. I think it was a combo of the two, the virus & quitting smoking after being a 30 a day smoker for 30 years!

    Apart from the smoking I have mostly had a healthy diet and do yoga. However the fatigue was so bad, for 5 days I couldn’t move from my bed it was awful, I could only move to get to the toilet.

    I decided to up my juice intake, here is a fantastic juice for anyone suffering fatigue:
    1 whole cucumber
    1 courgette
    A few handfulls of spinach
    A chunk of fresh ginger
    3 pears
    3 cloves (if you can stomach it) of garlic.

    Garlic really is the superfood in this recipe which is why it’s best to give it a go. It’s great for circulation, which helps the blood. Thats why when we quit smoking the body is really trying hard to recover and the blood is working on overdrive, garlic really does help in this process as it helps the heart pump the blood round the body. I also add “spirulina” powder to mine (another great anti-oxidant” and drink it twice daily. Eating Broccolli raw is also great too, not the most nice tasting, but very good.

    I needed to share this as I’m currently on day 4 of NOT NAPPING! since pping this recipe, in the day and today managed to get back to my yoga class, cycled there and back too. And I totally credit the juice for it.

    Good luck all you fabulous non-smokers and the ones just beginning to quit. DON’T GO BACK, to the filthy drug. I you want something you’ve never had, you got to do something you’ve never done.



  45. Hi
    Im on day 4 off not smoking, using patch and nasal spray. Feeling good bout myself after stopping and failing over the past 20 years. Tried cold turkey Alan Carr book (stopped for 2 years then) This site is really good to read as I was worried about the tiredness this time and now I understand why I am tired! I am also using an app on my phone called QuitNow, this shows me how my body is recovering with each smokefree day. Thanks to all. Kind Regards Joanne

  46. Day 3 quit smoking: it didn’t hit me until today. I am so tired I can barely move. I am dizzy and light headed. Packs day long Capris for 3 years, these cigs are like lazor beams.. They are skinny and extra potent. My light headed ness and tingling and heavy was throughout my body is do overwhelming I have been laying on the couch all day. I never do thAt. I feel good though, like oxygen is going to my brain for the first time in a long time. I am using the patch, and a zero nic-cig for after eating.. I honestly feel good because I am doing this for looks and vitility, but reading some other experiences on here is depressing… Anyone doing this for their looks? Thanks

  47. Maria Rosales says:

    I am 66 and smoked on and off for over 40 years. I am on my 6th attempt to quit tobacco. There are many gains in quitting but for me there is one thing that is not helping: lack of energy and sleepness. I have gained at least 5 pounds, even though I am trying to get away from sweets. Definitely, appetite increases when you quit. I am on my 5th week and I am still fighting the drop in physical energy. Is there any natural supplement that would help increase metabolism return to normal or almost normal?

    • Lord Gruff says:

      There’s an interesting book that covers some of the pharmacological substances that can be taken to help ease the side-effects of quitting. It’s titled ‘How To Quit Without Feeling S**T’ by Patrick Holford. I managed to get a copy from my local library. It’s definitely worth a gander; but some of the substances he recommends are not readily available in the UK.

      Another way to really kick-start the body’s healing is to go on a ‘juice fast’. Check out Joe Cross’ self-funded film – “Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead”. It’s on Youtube and there are also a couple of related websites.

      To paraphrase what Allan Carr said in his excellent ‘EasyWay To Stop Smoking’ book – when we’re smokers we don’t realise that we smoke to make ourselves feel ‘normal’. Non-smokers feel that way all the time… without any cigarettes!

      Exercise is also a great help with mood, etc. However, the assumption with many of the exercise suggestions on here is that everyone can suddenly & easily start going for a ‘brisk 10 minute walk’. Not everyone can do that. On the voluntary courses I deliver for the NHS, we start by saying, ‘Start from where you are now’. To some people, just one minute of gently marching-on-the-spot is difficult. So we recommend to start with 30 seconds and then gradually build up to doing 60 seconds… and then 90 seconds… so on. The point is to do some exercise, no matter how small. Every little helps.

      Stick with it, everyone.
      Best Wishes,

      • A brisk ten minute walk is well and truly possible for the overwhelming majority of people and easily constitutes a small step in the right direction. Of course, some folk are debilitated by significant health/fitness concerns, and in such cases, walking on the spot for 30 seconds might well be a step forward also.

    • Hazel Theoret says:

      Hi I quit smoking 9 weeks ago cold turkey! I smoked for over 40 years! I’ve never felt this horrible in my life! I’m tired & depressed & feel achy everyday! I’m a physical person & that’s not helping! I almost want to go back to smoking I didn’t feel any pain or any of the other symptoms

  48. I am 37 and have been smoking for 20+ years. I have been smoke free for 12 days now. Quit cold turkey just out of the blue. Guess it was my bodies way of saying now or never. lol
    I guess I should start off by saying I recently just got over the shingles. Yes, my nerves have been getting the best of me these days. My allergies are killing me as well.
    Anyway, I thought that if I quit, I was going to be “The Kraken” around my friends and family and that was my biggest reason for not quitting, I didn’t want to take it out on them. Plus, my stress level and my nerves are a battle for me these days. Guess you can say being a Military wife isn’t as easy as most people think. Well, turns out, It wasn’t that bad after all. I have been calm for the most part. To calm sometimes. I catch myself looking off into space, a lot and for long periods of time. I feel run down almost all the time. I feel clogged up in the face, nose eyes and all around head.(Allergies)? or not. Not sure. To be honest, feels like from my shoulders up, my head is heavy. My eyes can’t seem to keep up with my head. They don’t focus like I need them too. This feeling makes me feel off balance and uncoordinated. Good thing is, this doesn’t happen all day long. It comes and goes during the day. With all this, I get Panic and Anxiety attack and feel like I’m doomed. My “Mind” keeps telling me I’m never going to get better and I smoked to long and I’m going to die because of it, that’s why I’m feeling like this now. I know this sounds crazy and maybe it is, I don’t know. This is just how I’ve been feeling for the last 12 days.
    So, is what I’ve been feeling Normal or do I need to start getting myself fitted for my own “Pretty Personal White Jacket” and checking myself in to the nearest crazy clinic?
    I’m not going to start smoking again, that part of my life is over with. However, I don’t want to feel lost like this forever. I would like for my life to get back to normal. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. I don’t want to rest anymore, I want to get up and do things. lol I would like to start working out and walking more without feeling like I’m going to stagger or fall over from the lightheaded feeling. I want my old self back. I want to be fun loving, silly and out and about taking charge of life with my family and friends.

    P.S. Sorry for rambling there at the end. That’s another side effect I forgot to mention. lol

    Thanks for the help, 🙂

  49. Its been 4 weeks since I quit however, I still feel fatigue and moderate muscle pain, not sure if this is something that I should expect.

    • Manu it may well be a little tension causing muscle pain. Your mind may be happy with quitting but your aching body may try and trick you into smoking again by telling you it’s suffering. Giving up can be simple yet very tricky. Addictions try to hang on to you. I find going for a run, or jog loosens me up somewhat. That also stops the fatigue whilst taking in lots of deep breaths whilst exercising. After exercise you should feel good and more relaxed overall, and then have a good nights sleep.

  50. I have been smoke free for 3 weeks now. I am happy, I can taste and smell and I actually laugh from time to time. I have been fighting the cravings with the force of a battalion, seriously not what I had expected after 3 weeks, however today is a good day. i am fatigued, I have never been a nap taker or one to sleep in or go to bed early and sleep like the dead. I am now and have been for 3 weeks. I have been smoking off and on for 37 years so the way I see it is I need the rest to heal. I pray that I will be protective of my quitting and not go back to it so easily like I did last time, after 3 years it took only one cigarette and 2 days to be a full blown smoker again. This time I am learning to protect what I have with my entire life force. It is a good thing to read other stories and comments, it helps!

  51. 8 weeks quit (was 15/day 20 yrs) finding the severe fatigue the worst withdrawal symptom to deal with. Waiting in anticipation for more energy ….. I had bags of energy and did loads of exercise when I smoked 🙁

  52. rochelle says:

    Having smoked for 11 years then given up for 18 months, I have spent the last 7 months as a “secret smoker”. I finally decided to quit for good (once again) and am now on day 3 of no cigs (I find it easier to go completely cold turkey). On the positive side I genuinely no longer feel mentally addicted and know I do not need nor want another cig but the fatigue is killing me. Been in bed at 6pm straight from work for last 2 nights! Hope it gets easier.

  53. Hi,
    I had been smoking for five years and quit for almost a year and slowly i started taking one or two cigs after beers to get rhe extra high.but last week i went on a rampage i had two packs continuously day before and i decided to quit and its day 3 and i started yoga tdy.. My body is reacting wierd

  54. This is the hardest thing I have done. I am 61 and have smoked for most of my adult life. My husband quit on 1/9/14 and I quit on 2/22/14. I am using the patch (14 mg for a month and now on 7 mg). I am also using an e-cig with no nicotine vapor. I could not do this without the e-cig. I feel every day is a battle not to smoke – but I haven’t. I hate the weight gain even though I am working out 1/2 hour 4 to 5 days a week. I hate how I feel mentally and how I don’t feel like doing anything I used to love to do. Thanks to everyone for your postings. I now realize I will get through this and I will feel better. I am not crazy! After quitting, I now realize what a terrible drug nicotine is and I am so happy that I quit. I am looking forward to the future and to controlling my life rather than smoking controlling my life. I made the right decision. I just want to feel like me again.

  55. Gave up 7 days ago with the aid of acupuncture. Muzzstop…..no cravings! Unbelievable! Also gave up coffee…..
    The first 2 days all I did was sleep. The withdrawal pains were phenomenal…..I actually thought I had sciatica! The pains have worn off now but the fatigue is intense. I work a 28/9 roster so family and friends want to see me but I have no energy or desire.
    The actual stopping smoking has not been a problem……I am so impressed. The first treatment was a liver detox, the second, blood. He told me he can get rid of the cravings but not my memory……that’s when the Will power kicks in……and doesn’t have to be that strong. I simply have no physical urge to smoke because my liver has let go of all the chemicals. My brain still registers that I was a smoker but I change what I’m doing. If something triggers, I have a glass of water.
    Have also kicked into the whole fruit smoothies and am drinking much more water than I’ve ever drank……exercising by walking at least 5 Kms per day (will start at the gym when I get back to work, slowly!)…..feel great, the coughing is starting to subside but yes, the fatigue is still there.
    It’ll be a time thing.

  56. Brad Oubre says:

    After smoking for 26 years, I have been smoke free for 5 months. I have never been so tired in my life. I really only have the will to make it to work and back. Is this normal? Any one else experience this? Thanks for your input.

    • 88 days and am tired as hell i saw your post and im relieved itsnot just me i was looking for a post like yours so now u know your Not Alone

  57. Veronica D. says:

    I have been smoking properly for 21 yrs but around second hand from both parents 2 pks a day each for 13 yrs before that. I have tried to quit many times and many diferent ways. I am sick and tired of being sick all the time I can’t breath anymore, so I sent hubby to store for the box of patches before I could get out of bed to have my first cig of day, yesterday morning. It worked. We were at a hotel with our 4 kids, so I was stuck til he got back. Still sick tho but now I feel fatigued and “high”. Hubby is happy, last night was first ever without “constant coughing” he said he got some rest! How long til I feel better and actually stop coughing? I wonder. My grandma on mom’s side had lung cancer and 1/2 of one lung removed and 1/4 of other, she never stopped smoking but continued to cough. I don’t want that to be me. I have been coughing for 12 yrs now. Patch is helping so far, and hard candies too, I am afraid of my day 4. I always go “nuts” and break down and buy cigs. I can’t do that this time.

  58. Hi i don’t consider my self a heavy smoker but i used to smoke one or two cigarettes every day from 2 years . Its been 5 days i stopped iam feeling very dizzy and week . i used to jog for 6 km. but from 3 days i cant even jog for 2 km . is this because i stopped and when i wake up early in morning my throat will b blocked and i feel of veard wheezing noise . is this normal for a quitter or do i have to concern doctor .
    any help is appreciated
    and can any one suggest what to do to keep my mind off of it..

  59. Thank u everybody. It is so reassuring to read all the posts. I am so exhausted. But reading that this is common really helps. I am on day 15.

  60. I’m week 3 and was over the moon to see this site cause I thought I was going crazy. But rather than tell you all the same, my muscle are weak and I have no energy, I decided to do some research. Hopefully to help all of you guys as well but mainly cause I can’t be suffering like this as I’m training for army entry. I have researched magnesium supplements. I claims to be the best thing and add a light exercise each day. I started today and will let you know how I’m going after one week.

  61. I haven’t smoked in ten min

    • great achievement, u can win the universe .

    • I have not had a cig in three months I don’t miss the nicotine I quit cold turkey but miss the habbit tons just loved it I am very tired when out of work …. Sucks but I work out now and am in better health still not smoking and won’t but miss is and wish I wasn’t so tired


    • I haven’t smoked a cigarette for 3 days. I have been vaping and it only helps a little. I can not focus, and I’m always tired. I’m in an accelerated program at school and I feel so stressed. There’s so much to do in so little time and I sit here in front of my computer only trying to find ways to focus and do some homework. I’ve been smoking for over 17 years and never been able to completely kick the habit. I always find myself going back to it. I hope I don’t. I just want to vent…

      • I was wondering why I was so tired all the time. And it occurred to my mind that it could be because of the quitting. And I was right… You should quit when you don’t have additional stress. Don’t give up. Like it says, the body needs allot of rest. Good luck.

        • Robbie I am 35 days without any nicotine and even with following suggestions (exercise… Water…juice…regular rest..positive attitude) I am still drowsy and even nod off when sitting watching TV. I smoked 40+ years and this must of done a number on me. I don’t think I need a therapist nor will I take any medicine. This particular quit is the real thing…I m in recovery..I m just not quitting anymore..I m an addict. But Robbie, no complaints..the freedom this time and the self discovery is awesome! All the Best…Jeff

      • Jose Abah says:

        You wrote that message one day before my birthday. One of my New Years resolution is to quit smoking. It’s been 3 days as well and I’m feeling exactly how you felt about 1 year ago. I’m curious to know how are you doing now?

        • I have now been stopped since 7th May 2015
          Only problem I seem to have is my breathing
          I’m out of breathe all the time.
          Keep at it everyone it definitely gets better
          Every time I wanted a cigarette I said to myself ok if I feel like this in a hour I’ll have one !!!! The hour never came I always having the “next one” it works try it

      • I stopped smoking 12 days ago now, but I always am tired and feel dizzy in the morning And it seems like all my bones ache is this normal

        • I quit 38 days ago. I have felt sick,dizzy the whole 38 days. I can’t concentrate,i am having a lot of trouble holding a conversation and I am depressed to the max…yet these 38 days are better than the 38 years I smoked. Hopefully it gets Easier.

          • I quit 46 days ago and the tiredness and feeling depressed made me go to the doctors. I thought it would of passed by now and in the last few days I’ve been really tempted to smoke but I’m not going to I’ve come this far.

        • Sharlene says:

          Victor how you feeling…. Are you still clean… I quit on 29th Feb 2016….cold turkey.
          .it’s hard!!!!! Very

          • Mario Hammett says:

            Wow 29th Feb 2016 is the day I quit as well. I’m feeling so much better but I still miss my cigarettes sometimes and get all those ugly feeling stuff

    • I quit smoking because I started to get chest pains and chills. I quit for about 1 month now and I still get a little chest pains when I don’t sleep right or when I’m at work and when I lift something heavy I feel it in my chest. Also when my neck hurts a lot and when I turn it left and right or all around I feel something in my chest. I get worried every time the chest pain comes back but I’ve had this pain for years when I started lifting weights, just not as much as now.

  63. I have smoked 2 cigarettes in the past 4 days. My body basically said no more smoking. I do not crave smoking, I actually find it gross now. But I am so fatigued and tired I want to just smoke so I don’t feel like this.

    • no don’t try to smoke again to everyone who quit smoking for our body is the temple of the holy spirit it grieves when we do something harmful in our body just trust in the lord in he will heal you.

      • Itis not what goes into the mouth but what comes out that defiles the body, it makes me sick when people use this reference so far out of context, the Bible isn’t something you can just use to promote your own agenda, yes smoking is bad, that doesn’t mean you can just twist whatever scripture you want to support that. Well.. you can but it is disgusting.


      • I have smoked for a long time but three weeks ago I just prayed to God asking Him to help me stop clogging his temple with smoke from cigarettes.The next day I had urges for smoking but at the thought of clogging the temple of God I have stayed without smoking for the past three weeks.However,I am feeling tired and my mouth tastes so bitter,maybe these are healing effects.
        Great to quit smoking and am sure I will not go back to this habit.

        • shahzad says:

          Dear I have the same things in second week. but just stick with quitting. First three days I was not able to sleep well then after one week I am not able to wake up. Mostly tired and no energy to do anything and mouth taste is also strange. muscles seems weak.
          I am sure I am not going to smoke again even these things last for months.

        • As a christian I could feel the Holy Spirit prompting me to give up smoking, so I prayed and asked the Lord to help me. I have now been smoke free for 3 1/2 months. The Lord has been my strength, whenever I got a craving I prayed for help and again God helped me.

    • That’s exactly how i feel. Tired all the time and lots of important tasks ahead of me. No energy, achy muscles.

      • Hi it’s been 2 wks now since I haven’t smoked, but I feel worse, I’ve got no energy tired all the time and all I want to do is sleep is this normal

        • I feel the same way. Today is five weeks for me and I’m still tired all the time!!! I cannot keep my eyes open in work from 1:00 on!

          • LeeAnne-Are you still smoke free? It would mean you have made and
            past 1 Year! Congrats if this is the case. I am writing, too, and I am at 8
            weeks and still feel drowsy at times and can fall asleep at my computer or watching TV…just short spurts. I don’t believe I have any physical ailments and I , though an older man, am in great shape. Could Nicotine usage/addiction of 40+ years affected me so? Did the tiredness go away for you? Can you or anyone help with a reply? Thanks, Jeff

          • Katherine Attwell says:

            I am 6-weeks 7-weeks!! Free! 🙂
            I feel tired and drowsy a lot!! It is soo annoying!! But it has been a help to read all of ur Comments 🙂 Soo Thanks 🙂 🙂 I am so surprised to note that this fatigue I am (still) experiencing – is indeed experienced by others!! Wt – I think exercise in the afternoon helps. Also, Coffee 🙂
            It’s funny to read the different Levels of where u are all @ – !! Yes@3-wk u will make a Coffee n have a craving to have a cigarette – Yuck!! Just keep it up and keep on pushin thru!! 🙂 Every one 🙂 rdgs,

          • Sharlene says:


        • So glad I quit. Yes I have been tired but not so bad I cannot function. I chose not to give up my 1 morning and 1 evening cup of coffee. Although it is a trigger and makes me want to smoke I fight it and still have my coffee. It gives me that extra energy boost. I also walk 20 minutes in the afternoon. Helps clear my head actually gives me more energy. My triggers that I thought I would have are not too much of an issue but I really wanted to quit. I was a really heavy smoker for 23 years so at first I chose nicotine replacement for the first month which helped immensely.

      • I’m 3 weeks into trying to quit smoking, and fatigue and irritability are what bothers me most, that and I still crave a smoke!

      • Its been 12 days since I stopped smoking, however I have notice that I am always tired just as I am at work cos its night shift, even when I just had a good sleep. But I do exercise 6 days a week. 3 days at the gym, 2 days of Zuu Sessions with Fitness Group and every other day my husband and I go through 1 hour of Boxing and Zuu.. I really enjoy being a non smoker. I haven’t craved for one since I stopped. I feel more fitter and healthy.

    • I feel the same way but I am not giving in. The fatigue makes me want to though.

  64. I quit smoking since last 4 weeks in between i smoked 7 cigarettes altogether and that also cause whenever i smoke after a gap it helps me have a good sex it sounds weird but it does and i started running now since last week and trying to get back im shape

  65. I quit smoking 17 days ago. I have been exhausted for the past week or so. I slept until 12pm the other day, just couldn’t get out of bed! I am not depressed but my motivation is definitely lacking. If I get anything done on my days off I feel good. I am too fatigued to do much of anything so I am just trying to deal with it. I have been very emotional at times, crying my eyes out when thinking sad things or listening to a sad song. I am wearing the patch and this is happening. I’m afraid of what will happen when I wean myself off. One day at a time. Sometimes one minute at a time.


      • Betty Belenky says:

        Probably?…..I assume you have tried them and that makes you qualified for this ridiculous remark. And why in God’s name are you yelling???? How rude you are. Particularly to someone who is self proclaimed “emotional”. ??????

    • April Culver says:

      I know the feeling today is my 11th day of not smoking but on Thursday I quit the patch thought I could do it but while I was at work I passed out went to the emergency room found out I have a medical condition called syncope where I’ll pass out without any conscious because of smoking and I also was dehydrated and I joined a gym just had surgery recently on my teeth. So I decided to start back on the patch and ween myself off it later on. I have been depressed some at first I wasn’t craving cigarettes until recently I’m just trying to take it one day at a time and trying to fight the urge of smoking. The doctor told me I have an year to get the nicotine out of my system then I’ll start feeling better!!!

  66. Getting back in shape? All I want to do is eat. Tomorrow I will try to walk for 5 minutes every day. I am taking it real easy on myself. I’ve been smoking since I was 12 and I’m 46 now.

  67. After many years of smoking 30+ per day, quitting smoking cold turkey results n cravings and many difficulties but by far the worst of these is 4 – 5 months of continual fatigue.

    Life smoking without this fatigue and being able to do things is way better than not smoking wth months of fatigue and the crippling lethargy.

    If I can limit this extreme fatigue in time and extent, then I will quit smoking.

    Any views or advice?

    • jenna carter says:

      are you a Canadian resident? there is a program that will provide you with free quitting smoking aids run through your doctors office I find that this brand works better than the expensive store brands, you have up to six months of product free and I found it has helped me manage my symptoms, I have quit smoking cold turkey in the past I feel your pain it is difficult and frustrating, I hope I have helped. and good luck to you everytime you quit you win just a little more!

    • Michele Salter says:

      I am into my 5th month of not smoking I am getting more fatigued every day, I am seriously thinking of smoking again. I have never felt like this in my life I have always been very active I am 59.

      • Need to Excersise to keep your hear rate up now. Cigs were keeping your heart rate up, now you have to do it on your own. Watch as you start to look younger. Sex drive goes way up. Keep eating to let your body recover all those missing nutrients. Your gonna have to fight that fatigue for a year until your body fights off all that poison your lungs built up. Cut back on coffee and you will get to sleep at night.

        • Best post yet. Thanks for the explanations re. heart rate, nutrients and timeline on fatigue. How long has it been since you quit? You seem to have a real handle on how this works.

        • Luke- Thanks for the timeline on the fatigue. I am off the nicotine for 60 days ( 8 weeks) and still feel the fatigue from time to time, even though in reasonably good shape. I smoked for around 40 years and I am a young 60.
          I am grateful that I have the current health I have. Shucks, if I ever again say life isn’t fair….Well, I feel and look pretty darn good after 1 year of the cigs but only 8 weeks off of the NRT’s and 2 months off the vaping. I’m free, Luke!
          Hope you quit has stayed successful. Best, Paul

        • Six months I quit smoking n this is what I m feeling
          Tired ,somtime like shot of breath, headeac, nose block, now im afraid of tomorro coz everyday different problem wen is it going to stop it has been a problem for me at work coz always taking leave to the doctors ,thing playing in my mine will I be ok tomorro sorry have to let someone knows coz need help . Im 40 years old man smoke for 27 years smokers n now been quiting smoking for 6 moths n still have the effect ,I did try to smoke back tried wit one cegeratte wah it test like shit so I dont bother to finish the one cegeritte .

        • Sharlene says:

          Love this post thnxs so so much….. In bed teary eyes… It’s hard… Quit 29/03/2016….cold turkey

      • Just gone 5 months myself without a smoke. Was a 25+ a day smoker since I was 18. Now 47…….Never felt so crap in my life! Absolutely exhausted everyday. Run my own business so have no choice but to keep going.. My sense of smell has returned but now I can just smell all the really bad smells!!!! I miss smoking like you wouldn’t believe and I miss the times where I could sit back, relax and have a few beers and accompanying smoke, but have resigned myself to the fact that I can never go back to it and I’m just going to be grumpy and sad for a long time to come!!! Have t

        • Oh my god, I feel exactly the same way, I miss my smoke with my morning coffee soooo much! 3 weeks today, and I wonder when it will ever get easier!

          • I also feel the same, quit the fags a couple of months ago, the first month was fairly ok, now I am having moments of severe craving, feeling very tearful, flat, tired and what’s the point of it all feeling, when does this clear? I have severe copd from a 20 a day habit for 30 years, so I know I can never smoke again, unless I want to end up withan oxgen tank strapped to my back!
            No, No No! Any support and wise advice would be gratefully appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

        • I run my own outfit as well stopped smoking and started vaping . 12 weeks now i feel rough / moody / depressed but i know my health will improve and things will get better stay positive and try some meditation this works for me. Smoked for 40years now class myself as smoke free although i vape. DON’T GIVE UP YOU’VE COME SO FAR.

        • That’s how I’m feeling also it’s only been 7 days for me. I’m grumpy tired sad like I have lost my best friend. I want one so bad although i will keep up the fight because I don’t want to have to go through this again. I keep hoping there is light at the end of this tunnel. Like I am hoping in a couple weeks I’m going to feel like my old self but better for not smoking. I’m am reading that people are feeling this for long time and that depresses me 🙁

    • Mario Hammett says:

      Swim for an hour or two every day. Swim as in relaxes swimming. It will energize you.

  68. jenna carter says:

    I quit smoking a week and a half ago, it was rough the first 4 days I think day three was the worst I was just nasty all day and so difficult to get along with. I have only had one and a half cigarettes since I quit (both in the same day) but after the third day I forced my self out of the house and to the gym almost everyday and now it has just become part of my routine I have replaced smoking with exercise and I feel great. I biked 9 miles today! I don’t remember ever being able to do that! I have also started a strict fruit veggies and lean meat diet to try to stop the weight gain from happening when I want sugar I eat apples or berries. it hasn’t been easy at all because my eating habits when I did smoke were terrible. when I get hungry I think should I be hungry right now or is this because of the smoking, if I have already eaten a reasonable about, I wait until an appropriate time to eat again. I have founds more will power than I ever knew I had, it’s all about saying no and staying positive.

  69. I smoked 20-30 cigarretes a day for 12 years. I quit cold turkey 7 months ago. I feel i beat it, i rarley crave and have no intention of smoking ever again. However, since I’ve quit I have gained 25 pounds, and while I was somewhat active and in shape while smoking, I’m totally lethargic and lack motivation to do anything except eat and sit on my ass. Has anybody delt with this? Will my metabolism ever come back?

    • Joe Shm says:

      You may have developed a food addiction. I don’t know why the literature always says “oh yeah you might be eating a lot to get through this” — yeah, you’re eating a lot because tons of food also spikes your dopamine/etc… it’s just switching vices. Cut out the crazy eating!

    • Regarding the weight gain…I quit 4 mths ago…just quit cold turkey…I am steadily gaining weight but I am eating much less and much healthier than I did when I smoked…I knew I might gain weight and didnt want too, so I quit eating junk food, fast food, thinking I could avoid that pitfall, but Im gaining anyway…so now what?? Is it metabolism? Changed because I smoked so much for so many years and then quit? Will things level out eventually?

      • sonja oxlade says:

        Hi Donna im only 1 month smoke free but i have always been concerned about the weight gain , i had asked a doctor a while back about it and he said there was some weight gain that occurred from quitting the amount depended on diet etc but went on to say even if you ate well there still was some gain which i believe he said was a metabolism thing. I started walking before i quit to build up strength and fitness, once i had quit i really stepped it up even when i was so tired and didnt feel like it, i can tell you the scales say i have gained 3-4kg,s but my clothes are looser. while im annoyed at the scales im happy knowing i am looking better from the exercise. I hope this helps but also to answer your question, yes it will even out. find sweets that are low in sugar content or dried fruit etc,thats what i have been doing, or if you can do some light walking,only need 10 mins 3-4 times a wk,then you will be toning up and looking gd…. Good luck

      • I quit smoking six and a half years ago I still have lots of strong urges to smoke. I smoked forty nine years. Yes I gained thirty pounds and I really didn’t eat much different. Ive lost ten pounds of it I just cant loose the rest. Ive been depressed ever since I quit. I used the patches which worked for me but I stayed on them six months. So what I have learned is we don’t produce the same dopamine we did when we smoked. And dopamine is in our feel good part of the brain. So since I cant seem to get motivation the right kind of sleep and don’t feel happy anymore im going to try to bring up my dopamine levels. If you look up things about dopamine it will tell you a lot about it. I hope this helps and don’t go back to smoking no matter what.

  70. I found this article while researching quitting smoking and feeling tired. I quit almost 4 weeks ago. I felt incredibly slow thinking and tired for about 2 weeks. Then my thinking improved but my body remains really tired no matter what I do. Ironically I have had very few if any cravings at all. I quit at 9pm in the evening slept through much of the nic withdrawal day one and two used some nic gum for a few days then no nic at al. I had a prior quit with patches that I did not have the lethargic feeling with so It definitely has to do with the lack of nicotine. On the plus side , my skin looks great, my hair seems to be healthier, my breathing is great etc.. Its just that when you own a few businesses and have high expectations from people you cant be some stupid slug moping around. Does anyone have any idea when this adjusts itself? is it months? 4-5 months or longer?

    • Hi, I’ve just past my 3rd month & can tell you there’s still no letting off with this tiredness. It’s starting to have a negative effect on my work & social life & to tell you the truth I’m starting to wonder if giving up was such a bright idea.

      • I gave up on the 26th january 2015 ive never felt so tired and unhappy as i do now.Im so tempted to start again to get my energy back.

  71. Same with me Joyce, it begins to worry me because I am always tired despite the adequate sleep every night. It has been 3 weeks since the day I quit smoking. Just these past days I couldn’t contain my emotions, although I am less irritable compared with the past two weeks. But this 3rd week is emotional, I feel so lonely and I can’t help but cry hard.

    • Hi jacy, it really is a tough ride, I’m only 9 days in and feel like an emotional wreck, I’m annoyed when anybody mentions the fact that I quit and I’m even more indignant when they don’t. Poor guys just can’t win. I really hope it gets better for you soon and remember, you are not alone, we are all going through this with you albeit at different stages. Stay strong I might need you in a couple of weeks 😉 x

  72. Hi, I’ve been a non smoker for 9 days and I am absolutely exhausted. I haven’t had many cravings at all just a few moments when I seemed to forget that I’d quit and had to quickly remind myself. My head is fuzzy and I can’t seem to find my words I am also waking several times during the night and spend longer trying to sleep than actually sleeping. I’m extremely itchy all over and my skin is absolutely terrible, I look like a teenager again and not in a good way !! Anyway I know these are all symptoms of my body repairing itself but I really wish it would hurry up as I feel like giving up (although I won’t) just so I can feel normal again. Sorry for the rant guys it’s been one of those days.

  73. Wendy, I am gaining more energy now compared the past weeks! You can do it! Just look forward to being healthier. Although I still feel that my muscles are weak and my limbs are tingly but I divert it to light physical activities. The emotions are manageable nowadays! I’m sure you will also be proud of yourself on how far you’ve gone through not depending on nicotine anymore! We can do this! 🙂

  74. Well, my first week was like that too minus the itchiness. During the first 2 days I felt dizzy and anxious. Upon approaching 1 week with enough sleep, vitamins, and food I still feel that my head is fuzzy, my eyesight is blurry and I can’t focus too well, plus I’m very irritable. Times when I feel the urge to smoke I feel fidgety but I always wave it away by busying myself on walking or talking to a family member. Approaching two weeks I start to feel headache (on the scale of 1-10, it was 1-2) that transfers from almost all part of my head, my muscle begun to sore, I feel anxious and fuzzy I suspect that was already stress and fatigue since I can’t get on with my usual routine without getting tired easily. Approaching 3rd week I felt extremely tired as if I haven’t slept the night before. My muscle sore and my eyes still can’t focus well. Right now, I’m feeling much better than the past weeks.

  75. If you can quit smoking then it may mean your mind can take you wherever you set it to. For someone to quit smoking it may mean the sky is the limit for them.

    • Today is day 14 for me. It’s not an easy thing to stop using something that has been part of my life for a long time. The withdrawals suck !! I feel bad for my girlfriend but love her patience and support. It’s hard to concentrate, the irritation is the worst for me. I just keep reminding myself that smoking those damn cigarettes are the reason for any of these side effects. They are the culprit!!!!!

      Today was the first time I woke up completely exhausted this morning….. Just drained…. I wonder if it’s the intensity of 2werks of withdrawals. Also, I think k the body’s energy source is shifting from the nicotine… To a more natural source (like metabolism and food) which it has not relied on in years…. It must be confused. I trust my body, I trust the power of my mind. This is worth it…. I want to feel alive and well…. Not desperate for a drag and guilty because deep down I know I’m choking to death…… We can do it….!!!!!!!

  76. Haven’t smoked for more than two months, feel like something is terribly wrong with me, no strength, weakness and sore muscles, blurred vision, pressure in ears, bad breath, heartburn. If someone can let me know whether it’s normal to feel like this nearly three months after quitting. I dont know what’s going on inside.

    • Hi Adrianna! I don’t know if it will help to say that I’ve been through the same effects as yours. They don’t come at thesame time, thanks God! After having this certain effect for days I thought it finally goes away but it comes back. Well good news is it’s not as uncomfortable as before.

    • Adriana…. If I were you, I would go see my primary care physician for a check up. While some of your symptoms may be withdrawal related, all of your symptoms could be caused by some other underlying illness. Can’t hurt to go to the doc. Good luck and way to go! Three months is HUGE! I’m on day 1.

  77. I’ve been quit for four full days. I’m 34 and smoked since I was 18.

    Can’t live with em, can’t live without em, I guess. Good luck to everyone else who has to deal with this ball and chain. I do believe it gets easier as time goes on.

  78. Hi all, 108 days in to my non- smoking habit and have a question. I feel like I am beating this habit but some side affects are lingering. First off, it seems as though I am having more difficulty breathing over the last couple of weeks than during previous six. I had a mini physical with X-rays around five weeks ago and all ok. Is this the smokers flu I have read about? Can you have these symptoms this far along in the quit cycle? Let me know what you think. Yes, gained weight. Yes, very fatigued. Yes, its all getting better! I think.

  79. It’s been 34 days smoke free. Yay!! But I am so tired. I am sleeping way too much. I slept almost all day. I hate this. I have always been very active and hope this side effect ends soon. This is my worst side effect from quitting so I guess I am pretty lucky. I am just so glad that I quit.

  80. I quite smoking 4 weeks ago. The thing is I only smoked because it helps me concentrate on exams. I am a student. And now that I quite i can not focus on anything. My attention spam has gone down to zero. I don’t want to start again. I take very long exams for my study so please help!!! I guess ADD medication could help. But I don’t wanna start something else worse than smoking. HELP please

  81. I quit 18 days ago & I think I have slept for 17 of those. I play roller derby so I am physically active but I have to take energy supplements to get through a 2 hour practice. After reading this website I see many people have the same issue. What did/do you do to overcome this problem? I don’t have food cravings or cigarette cravings, just the severe fatigue. It really makes me want to smoke again. :/

  82. Been thirty days since I have smoked, went cold turkey.
    Used to be a pack a day for the last 32 years.
    Cycle 2 hours every other day. Only withdrawal I’m having is tiredness, helps if I sleep early. Used to have major craving in the late afternoon, so I jus go cycle at about this time.

  83. Just turned 40 and I was up to a 1/2 bottle of Makers Mark and a 12 pack of PBR’s everyday. I was smoking a 1/2 pack of Camel filters as well.
    I’ve quite before once for 3 months 2 years ago, but it was more for just seeing how long I could do it before I said fck it. Now I have no intention of going back.
    For the tiredness I like to drink Tazo spiced chi tea plain 3 times a day. For the sugar cravings, raw honey instead of anything High Fructose. Grapes instead of tootsie pops this time, lol. I’ll give myself a week maybe less before starting to work out again. Day 3 seems to always be the worst for me and others. Its a drastic life style change.
    Feed the good wolf…

  84. Day 19..
    Had been smoking cigs since I was 13..
    quit at 21 then started again at round 28 till now 39… Anyway im on day 19..
    Its been Hell.. had 2 episodes of near stroke I think.. The cyanne pepper extract along with prayer saved me..
    Had 2 dreams of cigs but realized in the dream I quit..

    My Fatiuge has gotten better seems to be mainly in the morning snd afternoon. I drink Goji & Noni juice wich helps. Have had Hot Flashes to..
    Dizzy Light Headed etc it sucks…

    For any head pressue a lil garlic helps but be careful not to eat too much cuz then you heat up. Ive been battling sll these symptoms its been Hell.

    Best advice is hang in there dont give up! Call on good friends or family for empathy.. Start exercising a bit snd stay away from stressfull people..

    Drink lotta water and get some Pediolite to it has zinc which lets the cells absorb water if u dehyrate.

    Dont Give Up !!! Quitting is worth the hell I already thought I would die twice.. anxiety goes out the roof

    Keep cool as well dont over stress… listen to good music.. snuggle with your pets.. get the dopamine flowing

    Its not easy but the reward is worth it!

    I smoked natural organic tobacco and I tried that evape. I think that only made it worse.
    Im on day 19 and never will go back to the tobacco demon!!


    • rita singh says:

      GREAT GOING RISH…this post is ENCOURAGING N EMPOWERING…thanks 4 the tips which help ease the symptoms…its better to feel hellish for a couple of days while quitting smoking rather than being in hell 4 a lifetime…why be a prisoner to a bad habit n a victim when one can be a VICTOR…why be a slave when one can be a MASTER…it is indeed! tough quitting but get TOUGH INSTEAD and quit…..MORE POWER to all who are trying to quit…GOD BLESS….

      • Ranjan Arora says:

        Great Going Rishi! Yes quitting is very tough, that’s what we have heard, I guess only those who are quitting actually know how tough it is! We, non smokers, can only acknowledge that the only way is to be TOUGHER than the addiction!
        I wonder where does the motivation to quit & remain strong come from, the self realisation or the support of a loved one or both?
        We are with you Rishi, you are a winner!

        • Day 28 only 2 symptoms left are sinus pressure & fatigue. I hate the fatiuge. Im going on walks. My temp is normal or below normal. Smoking a lil bit of cannabis indica has relieved anxiety. I take b12 and multi vit.
          Cayenne extract for the ear sinus pressure. I have 0 mucous. (except one day I blew out clear liquid out my nose)

          It just maily the fatuige that get to me and it during to day. Im just sleeping alot.

          will update spoon.
          Dont Give Up The Fight!

    • Congrats on 19 days (when you wrote), I like your gratitude for being Nicotine-Free!
      I have 58 days as of this writing and I am thrilled. Keep it going Rahj.

      All the best, Jeff

    • Do the patches and look up dopamine to see how to help it. we have so many brain changes when we quit. And it causes depression I used the patches six months it dosent take urges all away but it does help. There will always be urges to smoke but it gets better in time.

      • If anyone is looking to eventually quit, I don’t agree with the person who says,”do the patches” because they have been doing patches for 6 months…well beyond the suggested time. Importantly though, if you are addicted to nicotine, land are using patches or any other NRT (with no immediate, honest intention to quit) you are feeding yourself nicotine to battle a Nicotine habit and addiction. Please don’t be fooled by that method…you will pay the price like I did for many decades!!! If you have to wean down…perhaps..but please…GET OFF ALL NICOTINE, ASAP! I luv you all. Jeff

    • I quit smoking on 12/3/2015 and since then i was feeling light headed and after a month 1/02/2016 i started feeling light headed most of the time. recently it has reduced but it is still there but very mild.
      Any tips ? how long this light headed feeling will be there ?
      Note : after the light headed feeling i smoked for 2 days.
      I did all test and things came normal, only thing i am noticing is ringing in my ear and one of the Dr said it will go away.
      so wanted to know how long it took you to get out of it ?

    • Sharlene says:

      Wow… Thnxs for your share please let me know how you doing… Quit 29/02/2016….cold turkey…. Can’t concentrate… It’s hard behind with my work.. Wanna cry.. Well done…. Thnxs for your share!!

  85. I am four days smoke free……i am 29 and have smoked since i was 14. This is not easy, however i am taking champix which makes cigarettes unbearable to smoke….sugar cravings are through the roof! Going to start walking every morning as of tomorrow. I am planning on never going back to it again!

  86. i am 26 male I quit six weeks ago cold turkey after 7 years of at least a pack a day menthol. I like seeing some of the post where people mention sore throats and sinus pressure (ears/nose). i have been to the doctor and I’m scheduling for an ENT, blood work, and an allergist.. I feel like crap all the time there is no way this is still withdrawal… or is it? lol I see some post complaining of the same problems.. maybe we just get it really bad.. maybe it’s all stress and anxiety and that’s why I smoked in the first place lol idk I’ll find out soon enough..

  87. It’s been 56 hours since I quit, I’m tired and my temper is short, I have almost constant headaches . But I know what I want in my life.

  88. Victor bas says:

    Wow, so many people have this issue of fatigue its crazy, i quit smoking 2 months ago and had plenty of enegy and i did not experience fatique the first week was hell couldnt sleep had dreams that i was smoking it was crazy, but after that time passed i felt like a new man.
    Whoever feel this fatigue even after a month of quiting should definitely consult a doctor. You are not suppose to have any of the withdrawal symptoms after a month at most, i can think of one reason why you feel this way and that is smoking has done its job on you and permanently damage your cardiovascular health. You get more oxygen after you quit so your muscles should get a burst of oxygen.
    Once again get yourself checked smoking really badly damages your cardiovascular health and if you feel this way thats not a good sign.
    Dont worry though there are ways to get your heart strong again. God bless.

  89. Victor bas says:

    Remember smoking affects people diferently, there are smoker who smoke for 40 years and dont get lung cancer and there are people who dont smoke and get it, so eveyone is different having a balanced diet is key, i am an indian so i eat all kinds of heavy food even the vegetables i eatare cooked so they have no nutrition left its just fiber. I canged my diet completely i mostly eat raw vegetables lean meats like fish and workout regularly, i cannot even describe how i fell now amaaaazing. And also smoker should eat raw broccoli its an anti cancer vegetable its like a power house of micronutrients as well.

  90. I’m only in my fourth day but ever since giving up I am suffering extreme headaches is this normal

  91. Yes Mel, headaches and overall malice when I quit. Still have body aches and have gained 7 pounds which put me to the diet doctor! I refuse to get obese which is as bad as smoking so there would be no point in quitting. Worse thing for me is the extra hours spent sleeping and not getting my household together. I used to reward myself with a cigarette outside after I finished a chore; so now …no reward, no housework!!!! My best advice is to crank the tunes. Find oldies etc. ; it has worked every time in forgetting the cigarette craving. Just dancing away around my messy house and being kind to myself.

    • Omgosh Dawn, what you just said is me to a tee! I’m 7 weeks in after smoking since I’ve been 13… I’m now 53. I’m so happy that I decided never to smoke inside my house or my car for 8 years, which helped me cut back. Like you, I used a cigarette as a reward for cleaning. I want my incentive back but I refuse to start smoking again. The cravings are few and far between, but the drowsiness and incentive to move is keeping me down.

  92. oh and its been a month since I quit!!!!

  93. i feel so tired gave up 12 days ago i gave up in the past an did not have this low energy is it that they are putting more stimulents in cigerettes to keep us hooked!!!11

    • Something is different never had it like this they must be putting something in them all the symptoms and hard to function it’s four weeks. I totally agree with you.

  94. A nasty mix between insomnia and extreme fatigue. This is negatively affecting a couple aspects of my life. I am 16 days in now only vaping 6mg. Glad to feel im not alone. Stay strong yall. Before yeah know it well be 100%

  95. Jennifer Drummond says:

    whoa, i have a long haul ahead of me because i quit smoking a few days ago. I have already begun feeling tired all the time now even after I have rested. I have had insomnia the night after I quit smoking. I’m still going to except this challenge and stay quit. Just keep up the good work and you will succeed.

  96. I have been taking Champix and almost finished the second month. I haven’t smoked for 44 days. I have been a smoker for for over 35 years with about a six month break several years back. I’ve noticed that stopping this time I have had a total feeling of “I don’t want to do anything”. All I want to do is lay down and watch tv or sleep all day. I’m fifty yo male and This is affecting my work and social life. The only time I venture outside now is to go to the shop. I’ve even started putting clothes in the dryer on a hot sunny day! My poor labby misses me because he is an outside dog. The lawn looks like a jungle. Funny thing is, I know all this is not the real, yet I seriously do not have the will to do
    anything about it. I hope this isn’t the permanent new me.

  97. Wow y’all- congrats to all of us for choosing life-affirmative BREATH! I’m 10 weeks tobacco-free, have quit many years in a row, but feel this is the time when I am really truly done done done with it.

    I’ve been reading a lot of posts where folks feel fatigued and listless. I feel tired a lot myself. However, I smoked for 23 years! I believe this tiredness is a sign that my body is using much of it’s resources to begin some significant deep healing on my tissues, and that if I am patient and gentle with myself I will eventually feel more vibrant than ever before.

    It’s definitely true that I look more fresh, my skin glows, and those days when I’m not tired, I sparkle with spirit and life- My overall quality of life has improved greatly, and best of all, I’m FREEEEEEEE from needing a fix to feel “normal”.

    I also know that I was often tired while still smoking, but I would just keep jacking up my system with more and more nicotine. Now I dance or jog or go for a vigorous walk daily, and I feel pretty great. I think it’s really important to remember that our bodies are incredible machines with their own intelligence, and that years of abuse takes time to heal.

    I also find that when I take 10 minutes first thing in the morning to do some breathing exercises my lungs feel amaaaazing and my energy level is pretty steady for longer. Google pranayama or go find a yoga teacher, it might help!

    So happy for all of us to do the work and keep choosing breath and life- keep moving forward folks!

    Big huffs of love and oxygen,


    • Eva thanks for your information. Are you still nicotine free? Sure hope so. I will try the morning breathing. I use every tool I can. I still have the periodic tiredness after 8 weeks but I think much of it is to be expected. Wow…what a nasty addiction and what a number I did on myself! In any event, I am grateful to be nicotine free!

  98. Benn a week now since the last ash smoked….its a rough road, but I got this!
    My wife and I both quit together same day…..both have been smoking since our teens, we are in our late 40s and early 50s
    Mostly tired and fatigued.
    Cravings never to bad, am a busy person and biz. Owner as well as two other jobs, so no time to cry.
    Good luck and God bless everyone…..you got this!

  99. In sleep the body rejuvenates itself, I definitely think from years of abuse it’s the bodies was of saying “sleep so I can rejuvenate you” the bodies cells need to be recovered and repaired and this takes a lot of energy, trust your bodies cues and go with the flow! It will get better, as for constipation and weight gain, use 1/4cup of apple cider vinegar with hot water, drink once a day, helps most on empty stomach in the morning! Trust me, u won’t miss a bowel movement with that one!

  100. So glad I read this! Have been tired and suffering poor concentration and lack of motivation and it is my third day off patches. Glad to know reading this and also the comments that this is normal and will improve hopefully with time

  101. Hey, everyone! Glad to join the ranks of non-smokers here! I’m just 7 days in but I have NO cravings and NO temptation to smoke. So proud of myself! I work at a major hospital and joined their smoking cessation program. I use the nicotine patch and e-cigarette (which I have not touched in the last two days!). The major complaint is fatigue, like so many others that have posted here. Right now I’m so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. My sleep has improved DRAMATICALLY (started sleeping like the dead the day after I quit), but the fatigue carries over to the next day, every day. I know this is my body healing and so will be patient and kind to myself. I’m just so proud that I quit! I’ve smoked since I was 18 (though I quit when pregnant with each of my 3 children) and I’m 48 now. This is a major accomplishment for me and all others who have quit and I wish everyone the very best! Stay strong!!!

  102. I stopped smoking in January this year after a heart attack, 20 a day for 45 years, I’m 65, the first 3 months were ok did cardio rehab, changed my diet lots of walking felt good and went back to work.
    But the last three months have been hell, oh so tired, am off work now because I cant get up in the morning, I sleep most nights for 12 hours some nights its 16 or 18 hours, I am not happy with the quality of life I have.
    I had three stents fitted and my heart wasn’t damaged that much so I was lucky but I do take lots of pills, statins, beata blockers plus others, have had lots of blood tests since the attack and everything is fine, the GP has put me on antidepressants now which don’t seem to be doing anything.
    The sad thing is I am so close to going back to smoking it scares me, I thought after six months I would over it all.

    • Please stay strong and stay focused on remaining smoke FREE. I’m sure it is difficult but the reward is worth it. I will pray for your strength to overcome this demon. Take one day at a time…or perhaps one hour at a time. Our bodies need to heal and this does not happen overnight. Listen to music, drink lots of water, eat fruits and vegetables, do small tasks around the house….life is too precious to poison it with tobacco.

    • Colin, studies are showing that statin drugs deplete essential fats in the brain, which can cause, among other things, depression. If you are going to be on statins, very important to get plenty of good fats into your body so your brain will work right. I have been doing bulletproof coffee every morning, basically making a latte with grass fed buttter (kerrygold is the one I buy), coffee, an oil called Brain Octane oil and raw cacao powder. Also avocados, krill oil, and astaxanthin may help. I order the last 2 from Mercola’s site, but of course you can do your own research on that. Hope this helps!

  103. judy Kahn says:

    Hello fellow stoppers, woke up one day after many years of smoking 10-15 cigarettes a day, and just stopped cold turkey. That was 10 months ago. I picked up some weight but that is by no means my enemy. The fatigue and tiredness is driving me battie. I was very active for a 56yrs old but now I feel like I am 156 years old. Reading the comments I see that it can last a year, well hopefully I will bounce back soon. I DO NOT WANT TO SMOKE AGAIN. Let keep strong fellow stoppers.

  104. I’m 49 years old and smoked 35-40aday started when I was 14. Not smoking day 6 it’s not the craving it’s the lack of energy or depression I don’t know but I’m hanging in there and if I can you can smoking was everything and my body’s in shock

  105. Im 47 years old and smoked a pack a day for 32 years ive been smoke free for 6 months now .Quit cold turkey never really had to much withdrawals but have been tired all the time.Dont like the feeling and my spouse is 4 days behind me as a none smoker and feels the same way.I know that smoking for 75% of your life takes more than six months to get your health back so here is to hoping that this will pass with every smoke free day…

  106. Today is the first day of my second attempt to quit smoking. My first attempt lasted 16 months and I thought I had conquered it. So ashamed to have started smoking again. For me, the sleepiness and depression is the worst part of quitting but last time it only took a few weeks and then I felt almost normal again. Every time we resist the urge to smoke we get closer to our goal of beating this nasty addiction. For me there is no nicotine replacement. The best way is just to quit. Clear the nicotine and other chemicals out of the body. Unpleasant but true. And cold turkey is totally free.

  107. I’m really glad I saw these posts. I thought something was really wrong with me. This is day 14 since I quit. I never heard that stopping smoking can make you so fatigued. I can hardly keep my eyes open & I also wake up every hour at night. Every time I plan on doing anything,, such as grocery shopping, I start closing my eyes again & never make it there. I had to quit smoking due to having oral surgery. I’ve read that you need to eat healthy. Well now since the surgery, I’m eating mush. Getting sick of applesauce & mashed potatoes. I wasn’t ready to quit smoking yet so I didn’t have a chance to get prepared. Found out I had to stop smoking right before surgery. I hope the fatigue goes away soon. Don’t miss smoking, too darn tired.

  108. 2nd time for me on quitting, Last time it was for two years and in them two years I was always tired always catching bugs and it seems the same this time round, it has been 6 months quitting and I am tried I am down and I have had like a cold for weeks now or it hay fever.If I go to the doctors he will say no it not the quitting, quitting is a good thing. Does not seem to be when I feel ill 24/7

    • Hale- Hey I am Nicotine Free only 8 weeks (but off cigs 1 year). Since I cut out
      all nicotine, I have been tired (even though in shape and exercising) and can for short periods fall asleep at my PC or TV. I don’t have an answer for you after you being off six months, especially about getting flu, etc and being sick all the time. If you don’t mind perhaps some other doctor or even a holistic specialist could give you some helpful advice. Finally, Congrats on your quit time..no one can take that away from you. To me 6 months is an eternity! Don’t smoke, we need you. Jeff

  109. Well its been 2 months since I quit nicotine ( cigarettes followed by the patch ). I am pleased to read these comments regarding some of the ongoing symptoms of quitting, Seems I’m not alone! I have gained about 10 pounds and I have been feeling tired and just dont have the drive to do a fraction of the things I did when I was smoking. Hoping this will stop soon, will be asking my doctor about this in a couple weeks. Glad to be done with the smoking, just wish I was feeling normal.

  110. Been stopped 11 days, using an e cigarette but finding that I’m quite tired and have no motivation but when it comes to going to bed boom carnt sleep. Also getting major cold/flu like symptoms (not nice)

  111. Hi nearly 7 weeks for me although I’m on a mw 18mg nicotine I feel really proud of my self for not touching a ciggy but really need to cut this nicotine in but just not jet,feel like my body has been battered most of the time still smiling and yes laughing at the most stupidest of stuff but can’t beat a good laugh ,I work 5 days have my own cleaning buisness so on the go but when I’m home I’m done in so tired but keep smiling would rather be like this than standing in my garden stinking I hope I start getting some energy soon Keep smiling everyone your doing fab

  112. I have not smoked in 7 days, was smoking up to 30 a day. My body is takng a beating, I am absolutely exhausted and thought it was something wrong with me. I really hope the energy levels return again soon. I battle to focus, I am yawning all day long and slept more than half my weekend away. Come on Adam, pull yourself together mate!

    • I’m a 57 yr old male. Smoker for 35 years. I stopped smoking about 5 months ago. I am out of energy, I just want to stay in bed. I’m also getting sick a lot. My ears are plugged, no motivation to do anything. I thought maybe this is a side effect from using chantix. Anyone have this going on?

  113. quit_smoking says:

    I had started to smoke for quitting and wanna feel that how people are not able to quit smoking. And i just want to say that smoking changes you completely. There was a time in my life 2 years before that i thought it would be very easy to quit smoking.
    But i was wrong. I tried to quit ciggi but every time i tried it makes me to smoke. I stopped for 7 days, 6 days, 10 days but its very hard to quit it. But now i am smoking it for 3-4 days interval and smoking only one ciggi. And still on my way to quit.

  114. Michael C says:

    i have not smoked in 42 days, i been on the patch and it really has helped me, i was a very heavy smoker since i was 15 years old i am now 62, i want to see 63 and more years to come, i hate the smell, i cant tell you i feel better but i know i will. and i am around others who smoke and i dont care for the smell, i walk away now. if i can do this anyone can .

  115. Hey guys i was using nicoderm patch and i used it more than 10 weeks but couldn’t let go the patches. If i take them off or even it’s on i feel dizzy, hard to concentrate, getting vision that i see something but reality it’s nothing. Last time i used these patch and it worked on me and I didn’t smoke for 4 years now it’s hard to quit and today after couple months later i buy the cigarette. Any advice please let me know I want to quit.

  116. I’m on day 9. I am on the patch and having acupuncture done. The cravings are virtually non existent but the fatigue is really starting to get me down. I can’t get out of bed before 10 hours of sleep. I know that my body is adjusting to stopping a 32 year chemical dependency but I was really counting on keeping myself busy and looking forward to using the time I would use smoking to be productive. Instead I just sleep. I’m not depressed about quitting but I’m starting to really get down about sleeping my life away. Please tell me this will get better.

  117. 8 weeks smoke free now after 20 years 20 per day!! Quit cold turkey. Sleep pattern has changed. Now it is difficult to stay awake past 9 pm and then wake up at 5 am and don’t know what to do. Gained weight approx 6 pounds. Worst is the feeling of fatigue and lethargy. Also lost the razor sharp focus on job but this I know is deceptive and temporary as Nicotine plays a trick causing you to relapse. So nothing to worry, the focus will return soon. Doctor advised me to walk 45 minutes daily and also prescribed supplements for vit B-12 and D-3.

    • Blimey yes I feel for you. Im 39 smoked forever other than a few years whilst pregnant with kids. Never smoked too many about 10-15 a day but i’ve given up, early days at just under two weeks but jeez am I struggling with the tiredness. I’m pretty active anyway but since giving up the the fags I have really struggled to stay awake or get motivated. Hoping it doesn’t last because at the moment I’m not really feeling the benefit. Have to say the giving up has not actually been too bad, used patches to start but they really made me ache so after 6 days I’ve gone cold but had an ecig handy just in case. Keep going peeps. Hard when u feel so crap but keep thinking long term. Xx

  118. Every time I have stopped smoking the extreme fatigue has forced me to start again. It has lasted as long as 14 months and I just cannot function with being a slow zombie falling asleep continually as I am a very active person while smoking 20 to 30 cigarettes per day.
    I have quit again a few days ago and this time I want to find some way to cope with the fatigue and so successfully give up smoking, but maybe the price of quitting smoking for me is close to 2 years of extreme fatugue, I do not think that I cancope with this.

  119. I have been quit 24 days, I found this site becuase I have been feeling tired and unable to concentrate. I am relieved to see this seems to be a common side effect of smoking. I am going to experiment with my diet some more, doing green shakes in the AM and just started back to the gym 3 days ago. I feel like I am drinking a ton of water. In a way, its encouraging to me becuase it tells me my body must be doing something big. Would love to have it coming under control by day 30 though. My biggest support has been a free website called whyquit.com . I watch the short videos and read the articles on there every morning and night and it makes me feel like I am not alone. I really recommend that site. I am 100% sure being free of drug addiction is worth how ever many tired, unfocused days it takes. Very very happy with myself.

    • Well done.. Keep going it does get easier, for tiredness / concentration Organic Cocoa with warm almond milk really helped me – if you google it will tell you all the benefits – stimulating seretonin Which is great for energising and as a mood enhancer.

  120. Me and my hubby have quit for 120 days we both smoked 20 per day… Hits you in the pocket before your health. We used MLC app (my last cigarette) keeps record on how many cigarettes you haven’t smoked and how much money is being saves. How many smoking related deaths since last smoked and much more… Great motivator for us!! Feeling much fitter and healthier :))

  121. Anonymous says:

    I have been a smoker for over 20 years. I quit 2 weeks ago and am still going strong. I will never pick up a cig again. I started working in a hospital 3 years ago and witnessed several patients pass away from cancer. I saw them when they were first diagnosed healthy and happy to wasting away to skin and bones within a 6 months period. Very sad. Talk about a reality check. If you want to beat your cravings, Google images of what cigarettes can do to your body I guarantee you won’t pick up again.

    • I’m pretty sure you seen them wasting away in 6 months from the chemo and or radiation treatments.

      • Anonymous says:

        Good Point. Although I think the original poster is saying that they are in hospital because of smoking in the first place.

  122. I’ve begun my quitting process. My doctor told me that if I wanted to sneak a cigarette, make sure that I only had one or two a day. I have been smoking for 27 years and am quitting. Now when I do light up, I can’t finish the cigarette. I began by telling myself a year ago that the cigarettes were tasting nasty and that I was going to quit. Now, a year later; I don’t buy cigarettes anymore. I will get one from someone else, but only one or two at the most a day. I am looking to get some water flavoring so that I can up my water intake. I am also getting me some nicotine gum and some sugarless candy. I am getting some apples and oranges tomorrow when I go grocery shopping. I am going to get some healthy things to eat while I am in the quitting “process”. I have found myself getting cold really quick as to where I was always hot and sweating. I can feel the migraines beginning to come, then I take a nap.

    • Thank you so much for posting about your quitting experience! This is my 2nd day without a cigarette. I am using an e-cig but i am still having withdrawals. I was thinking something was wrong with me. I am sleeping so much, i am having trouble thinking clearly, having chills and i am not hungry. I dont have any motivation and am getting headaches. Now i know from reading your post that i am in withdrawal. I will hang in there and wait for it to pass. Thx again!

  123. ida cesnik says:

    how come i keep going to the toilet to poop and wees ever since iv stoped smoking.is that normal.im worried

    • Hi Ida… perhaps, a lot more than you think, can happen to a body when you stop using a drug, … each person reacts in a slightly different way.. and I have been getting a lot more bowel movements than normal, the opposite to most it seems..so I wouldn’t worry too much, but, do get help if it continues for too long.. No one is going to have exactly the same symptoms..

  124. I quit smoking 6 days ago. I had one last cigarette, and like the other times I quit, I didn’t have another “last cigarette” or another “last cigarette.” This time, for some reason, I feel confident. I feel ready. I quit and while I have had some cravings, I just tell myself no, and I actually forget about it for a while. I have even sat outside with my bf while he smokes. I’m glad that it seems like this time it will be for real.

    However, I have quit before, for years at a time, while pregnant and nursing my kids. This is the first time I quit for me, more than for my kids, so I think that’s why it will stick.

    But, I have felt much worse this time. I am exhausted. I am so fatigued. I feel good for about 1 hour after I wake up. Then I have a lot of trouble concentrating and comprehending my school work (I’m in college). I start getting double vision trying to read. After the double vision starts, it doesn’t stop until I go to sleep. I am afraid to drive because of the exhaustion. I’ve been going to bed at 8pm every night, as early as possible, as soon as I have put the kids to bed. It doesn’t matter, I’m still exhausted. I’ve upped my coffee upake, but it doesn’t help.

    It is slightly better now than it was the first 3 days. But school finals are coming up, and I am really regretting my timing. I never felt like this when I quit before, so I wasn’t expecting it. But I’m not going to start back up until the timing is better, then have to go through this detox all over again. It’s awful, and I wish I could concentrate and have more energy.

    • I meant “unlike the other times I quick, I didn’t have another ‘last cigarette’.”

      • quit!!! Okay, if I notice more mistakes, I’m just leaving them.

        • Hey Tiffany. I was a smoker for 27 years up to at least 20 a day. I have 2 daughters and have never really tried to quit. When I did it only ever lasted a few days.
          I have wanted to try and quit over the years but was obviously never quite ready.
          Well, today is Day 36, with no cigarettes. I kinda had a plan, so bought myself some lozenges ready to go, slowed up the smoke intake and spaced them out so as to have my last one before I went to bed Tuesday night 26/4/16.
          I woke up Wednesday morning, headed straight for the back door as I have done for years for that 1st smoke and just remembered, “oh yeah, I don’t do that anymore”!!! I had one of those lozenges and it made me feel hideous. So, there in my drawer sit 79/80 lozenges I bought lol!!!
          I did it!!! Cold Turkey! No regrets.
          I am suffering the quitters flu I think, a constant cold. A nightmare but worth it. I can’t believe how I have coped. Very proud as are my little family. Hubby still smokes and there have been no temptations at all! I have had plenty of days that have truly tested my will power and I have gotten through. If you’re really determined, no matter what’s going on around you, you can do it ?? Keep up the great work Tiffany, you are probably stronger than you think!!!

        • Tiffany..Don’t start again.. You are awesome, and doing a fantastic job, especially since your Hubby still smokes! Just tell yourself it is the addiction telling you that you need a smoke, it is the addiction that makes us justify why we need another cig..it is the addiction that tells us ANYTHING, to get us to smoke again.. stay strong! 🙂

  125. I am on day 7 of not smoking. I’ve quit cold turkey. My first few day’s were the worst. It’s getting a little better every day. I smoked for 36 yrs. I’m not going to say it’s been easy because that would be a lie. I would think about smoking all the time. Now it’s not as bad. I know I don’t have the means to do this by my self. I asked God to carry me threw this and he has. I’m the weakest person I know. And for me to have 7 days smoke free is only by the grace of God. Amen

    • Amen Sister! He is the only way I have been able to quit and stay that way…all the glory goes to God!

    • Good for you I am also smoke free for 7 days today. I’m sleeping a lot have to motivation and just keep fighting these cravings it not easy and it’s no fun. I just hope it’s better soon my cravings are strong and it’s really depressing me.

  126. Congrats to all who chose to be smokefree! I quit smoking 35 days ago (cold turkey) after smoking for 4 years straight. I had quit before for 3 years (tapering+cold turkey) after 13 years of smoking a pack a day, so I understand what ex-smokers meant when they said quitting again is harder. I am happy for and proud of every person who quits smoking because beating an addiction takes a lot of internal work.
    I have been feeling fatigue off and on, so I took time off from work for the first few weeks to cope. The recovery may be slower than before because I’m in my late 30’s and I live with someone who still smokes (especially indoors a few times). I fall asleep faster and have deeper sleep, but I also feel more energized when I wake up. I still feel those urges once or twice a day when I get stressed, but they get weaker every time. I remind myself that every time I feel crappy, it’s all in my head, and my body is still recovering from years of damage.

    • Ok, I’m so glad I read all your comments. I too quit smoking 13 days ago and I’m totally exhausted. You guys made me feel much better knowing that you went thru the same thing. Congrats to all , hang in there!!

    • Has anyone had blurry vision for more than week after quoting cigs ?

  127. Tiffany, you crack me up!

  128. I stopped smoking 4 weeks ago and I still have every single one of these issues. The tiredness, and my inability to eat anything, are the things that really bother me. I’ve gotten used to the 24/7 blurred vision, and have even stopped wearing my glasses because they’re pointless now, but sleeping 16 hours a day is extremely bad, especially for me. My normal sleep hours is 4, and it always has been. But now it has become 16, technically 18 because I can’t even move for the first 2 hours I wake up. I only get 6 hours of wake time in a day, and even with those 6 hours I do nothing because I can’t physically move. Walking makes me want to pass out, and my blurred vision makes it almost unbearable for me to see anything. Even now I’m unable to see what I’m typing. I guess I should be happy I’m a master typer, but it would still be nice to be able to see, and to be able to not go into a minor coma every time I close my eyes.

    • Also, does anyone know anything I could physically eat? I’ve been eating a handful of Ritz crackers every few hours (or whenever my body allows me to wake up for a moment), but I’m pretty sure they don’t have everything my body needs in order to not die of starvation. I can’t eat hamburgers, salads, chips, or even cereal, and milk is supposed to be healthy for your stomach! But I need other things, because in the past 4 weeks I’ve lost almost 10 pounds. I was 100 pounds when I stopped smoking, if that tells you how badly I need food.

      • Sounds like the lack of food is affecting you more then you think. Trying ensure and multivitamins. You may want to go to your doctor, as this is severally affected your life for the last 4 weeks.

        • Lack of food can cause nausea. It also shrinks your stomach and makes it more sensitive when you do eat. It will also make you more tired. Pedialite, may work also, for hydration. Think food for ppl who have IBS, clear no gluten broth. Nothing to acidic or sugary. Celery, carrot sticks kind of things. Stay away from highly processed grains. And try nuts or whole grains.

      • Hi

        Try eating raw carrots and celery, raw vegetables in general. The first two days I had no appetite either but then once u started eating raw vegetables it slurred on my appetite. Meditation helps too. Try slow your mind down and really listen to what your body wants ( in healthy food options)

      • First go to a holistic doctor and get the enzymes ur body needs for your energy and motion also u may wanna try a colonic or foot detox it helps get the toxins out faster which is the cause of half of your withdrawal symptoms and also helps the nerves in your body including your stomach all healing actually starts in your stomach and then other parts of your body. I also tried a liquid called agricept which helps with blood pressure atleast these things helped me. For appetite I used the Okc Mary Jane remedy since I never wanted to eat Gud luck

  129. Its been 6days for me and it’s getting better I’m so scared something going to trigger me back to smoking so I’ve been very careful on controlling my stress. I’m dealing with a lot of fatigue and anxiety, concentrating I hoe this will pass. I giving grace to God to get me through this I’m doing this for myself and my kids I pray we all are smoke free one day

  130. I have quit smoking just over 5 weeks now and am on nicotine supplements. I have never felt worse as I am so tired all day I can’t move and haven’t worked in over 2 weeks now. The first week you just feel like an alien anyway, which is probably normal, then it was bearable, the fatigue and since over two weeks now it is extreme. Eating healthy and drinking plenty plus taking vitamins and minerals. Seen GP and all my blood tests are fine! I wonder if my severe fatigue could be still from quitting smoking? Anyone has any similar experience??
    Thanks guys!

    • Me too. I quit 3 months ago and have been completely off the patches for about 7 weeks. I just today thought to start researching why I had more energy when I smoked when I always heard it was supposed to be the opposite. I am exhausted. All the time. I’m ready for a nap after my first cup of coffee. And if I didn’t HAVE to be awake, I think I’d only be awake 8-10 hours per day. I don’t have insurance so I can’t ask a doctor, but it’s not getting better with time like everyone says it will.
      Sleepy and hollow.

  131. It’s been 2 weeks for me, I’ve been smoking for 30 plus yrs off and on. This time I was using nicotine lozenges till yesterday. I had blurry vision and lack of concentration and exhaustion for the first week or so. Then I smoked one cig. Ugh.

    I upped the nicotine lozenges thinking it would stop me from relapsing. It did but I got so tired and kind of depressed for a few days. I just let myself sleep a lot. Going to bed by 7:30, up at 6ish.

    Yesterday I didn’t take any lozenges, I started to crave them all of the time and then when I took one it just made the craving next worse. There was all of this anxiety and mental torture.

    Now I’m tired a lot but I think it’s ok to just sleep when I’m able. Now I’m getting off the nicotine lozenge addiction too, gawd! I really just want all of this stuff out of my system and get on with life. I do still crave cigs sometimes. It’s hard, but I’m going to really do it!

  132. I been smoking for about 10 years. I stopped 2 days ago. I can’t stay awake for long I feel so tired and weak and I’ve never felt this way before. I was always good on 4 hours of sleep now I’m sleeping all day I know its only 2 day but when does it stop? Not to mention the feeling hot sucks I get really irritated when my feet are hot ?

  133. I’m on day 7, yup the exhaustion sucks, especially I cut out coffee cause it was keeping me up all night at first. One of things I’ve done is drink a lot of carrot and pineapple juice, it helps. Plus it gives my body the nutrients it needs to fight these withdrawals. Anybody who’s quit ???, let’s keep it going

  134. Bobbie Wungnema says:

    You can do this I was a 27 year smoker. I tried for years to quit now I have 15 days now. Thought I was over the worst part can’t sleep that’s it no coffee No tea omg thought I was coming off a hard core drug with the withdrawals now if I can get some sleep I’ll be good. Any clues

    • Bobbie.. Time I think.. and, you ARE coming off a hard core drug! Look at all the evil chemicals they put in cigs, aside from Nicotine.. Be careful stopping coffee tea etc as well .. very hard on your body, just have one early in the day ..The sleeplessness is very common, I have not slept a full night in 21 days and after reading all the comments here, so is exhaustion as well..which is a relief for me, as at least I know it’s not just me…What the heck do they put in cigarettes ( that they don’t tell us about ) anyway??!!

  135. Rebecca Jackson says:

    I am on Day 6 of quitting, after being a smoker for 24 years. I am not using anything to help me quit, and i never really planned to quit, i just didnt feel well one day and so i didnt smoke because i could barely move, the day after i decided i have done one day lets see how many more we can do.

    I am now determined to never pick up another cigarette again!!

    However, the tiredness is a killer, i am so exhausted all the time, and i am getting 9 hours sleep a night. I did have achey and weak muscles but started to take multi-vits and iron tablets and drink a lot of water and this seemed to alleviate the aches and pains.

    Yesterday i chewed on gum all day and have to say that that was best day i have had with regards to sleepiness, grumpiness and the cravings.

    My main problem now is the constant eating (with the exception of yesterday) i think chewing gum and taking multi-vits and iron may be the way forward!!

    Anyway – keep up the good work all fellow quitters!! Lets hope the exhaustion does not last much longer!! 🙂

  136. Its been almost 2 months for me, and im still so exausted. All i do is sleep…im up for a few, then back to bed i go…how long will this go on???

  137. Been a week since I stopped. I feel fatigued all the time but I feel healthy at the same time. I have a flu right now, with some bouts of dizziness but I still have energy to do work. It takes time for me to focus but once I’m on it, I tend to concentrate on writing for longer hours. Been having mood swings but I told my significant other that I might have such after I go totally zero, and he’s been supportive. Weird transition but I know quitting will bring out the best in me in return. Don’t stop fighting people! We can do this!

  138. Day 1
    I felt completely happy and motivated. I was ready to change my life and become a better healthier person. Couldn’t sleep all night.
    Day 2
    A combination of not sleeping and not having my vice to fall back on caused my mind to wonder to negative places. Revisited a ton of bad memories, criticsized myself, had strong desires for attention. Cried for hours uncontrollably. Walked around in a teary eyed daze. Fell asleep incredibly early… had the weirdest dreams.
    Day 3
    Moody. Pissed off. Everything is extremely loud and stupid. Everyone is dumb. Angry Angry Angry. I said what ever came to mind, no matter how rude it was.
    Day 4
    Early morning: Tired and more tears. One word could make me sob. No motivation or desire to do anything which lead to deeper depression.
    Later that night: Super energized, hyper, excited.
    Day 5
    Exhausted. So tired. Could barley keep my head up or eyes open. No motivation to do anything.

  139. I quit smoking for one year .But I start smoking again.
    Now I quit again for 5 days and I am experience fatique.The last time I quit I am experiencing severe lung pain, stomach disorder, dipression , fatique, anxiety, anger issue.Now, I am afraid this symptoms would struck me again.Iam using nicotine gum and on my day 5 .Any advice.I am really afraid to experince the same symptom the I feld a year ago.I am really determined to quit for good this time if I can go through this symptoms.

  140. Well first what a relief to find this site and see that I am not alone. I’m 53 and smoked ultra light cigs for 22 years. 6 weeks ago, following a health scare with my lungs, I gave up but using the lowest level of nicotine in a e-cig. First couple of weeks seemed ok but now I feel so depressed, spacy, white dots flash in my eyes, can’t stand bright light, can’t concentrate, exhausted and on top of that my legs ache so much that i can’t walk for more than 10 minutes without being in agony. i went to my GP but he said these symptoms weren’t part of giving up smoking and has arranged a test on my veins and arteries! Hence this search online for more info. so yes its reassuring to see that other people expereinced similar symptoms but I also see many paeople who say they are still feeling the same way months even years later. In fact i’ve read a lot of the posts and am yet to finf someone say they stopped. That could just be the nature of a board like this where people use it when they are feeling at their worst but it would be so good to hear from people who went through this hideous experience and came out the other side with their mind in tact and feeling better. seriously, at the moment i feel like i’m going crazy and need to be able to hold on to the fact that itb will get better. Thanks for any thoughts.

    • Colin, your symptoms sound exactly like migraines. I had migraines related to stress and environment toxins for two years straight. I had every symptom you described. The e-cigs could have caused migraines.

  141. 3 weeks of them today! and last night my legs felt like i had do a weights session with “the rock” I mean I have not been any ware near a gym and my legs are aching so much! also so tired, so tired that very one says I look tired and that not helping either!
    Staying strong though need to break this cycle!

  142. almost 4 months since i quit smoking, smoked for 7 years < the first time i quit smoking it took me 3 months for all the symptoms to go away but the second time was much harder and longer..
    1,2,3 month felt bad, fatigue, anxiety, stomach disorders, mood swings, lump in throat and hurts when i swallow, heart beating fast after i eat and when i wake up aswell i see it in my stomach, cant sleep well, feeling light headed and no mood to do anything, the worst part was my heart beating fast and sometimes reach 120 per/m just by standing up..
    now im in month 4 and the only symptoms i still have are the lump in throat and my heart beating faster after i eat and stomach disorders and coughing out black/ brown tar.. i feel its getting better since i started working out aswell which helped my body and mind. i wish this could help you trying to quit that it gets better.

  143. Hey guys,
    I’m a 21 years old, smoked nearly 1 and half year. Used to smoke weed also. I had this ache in my throat . Also smoke used to hit me in throat. One day I coughed up blood and was so frightened that I quit. I m 20 days off cigarettes now. I had all those symptoms lethargy, Anxiety, chest pain and lost appetite.I did many tests. My lungs are normal.It was just the damn throat. I’ve very little symptoms of quitting as of now. And It feels great to have a smoking free life. I m gonna monitor my health. And gonna thank you all for sharing experiences. It was really great. Be strong . These symptoms are temporary. I m almost out of them. I promise you r gonna feel great about it. And one more thing and the most important thing : don’t think too much. Really this doubles up the after effects of quitting.just consult your GP and listen to him.

    Stay strong.
    Your brother in arm in this fight

  144. ive not smoked for 3 weeks i currently useing a ecig with no nicotine . im always tired mostly i sleep more even drinking 1 cup of coffee or 2 in day try keep meself awake but end up falling asleep somewere in middle of the day . i do 20 minutes walk every morning to is the toredness normal

  145. Well on day 8 after quitting cold turkey. First 4 days were not bad, day 5 terrible flu like feeling, lasted 2 days, constipation since day one followed by diarrhea on day 6. Still feel tired and crudy. Chest feels tight and sore also muscles as well. Headaches are not that bad but present.
    Overall I think I am feeling better just slowly. Happy not to depend on the smokes.

  146. Gave up 7 days ago using 21mg nicoteen patches but cannot stand the runny nose and cold like symtoms im current having at the moment like sneezing been smoking since i was 15-16 (38 now) around that time finding myself like many said sleeping alot staying up at daft times like now at uk time of 4.30 gmt

    I will quit mind walking through my town past pubs i see and before i can see them actully smell the staleness of them which is something i dont miss

    Just the sneezes and runny nose cold symptoms i hate rest has been very easy to manage

  147. Smoked 20 years. Quit one week in. The sleepiness and fatigue is intense. I am so glad I googled it and came across this website. I don’t feel so alone in this confusing state. I look like death though no matter how well rested I’ve been the night before. But truly thankful for this indirect support group 🙂

  148. Day 2 of quitting after smoking for 15 years. I am so physically exhausted, I keep taking two hour naps. After a hour of being up I start seeing double and my eyes are so heavy so i go back to bed. Then I do this whole cycle of hot flashes. I have a seven year old who keeps bringing me water, when I am up i have enough energy yo make ger something to eat, have a cuddle then I go to sleep and she turns on a movie.

  149. I Stopped smoking half of the day yesterday and fully today. I am so tired please help me guys how u have quit. No energy in body taking gums as replacement still feel drowsy and sleepy

  150. Ok I’m 26 it’s beven 2 days and idk…I feel drained and pressure on my chest which is really messing with my anxiety making me panic…is anyone else like this I’m doing cold turkey after 10 yrs…really not enjoying this

  151. Greetings all from the UK. I quit 8 weeks ago on nicotinell patches they have really worked for me. I’ve tried umpteen things umpteen times before cold turkey, all other brands of patch ( niquitin,nicrotte) and Champix by Pfizer; I think this is known as Chantix in the States. I do however get bouts of fatigue, just had so checked out this forum. It is really good to hear I’m not the only one feeling this. Thanks Guys!

  152. Baskar you could try patches but ask a doctor or pharmacist for advice 1st good luck with your quitting attempt(s).

  153. Debbie Mason. says:

    I’m into day 9 in my quitting journey. I now have quitters flu. But after reading Web sites on this flu it makes sense to me that I can be feeling so sick. Last time I stopped smoking for 2/12, yrs I had the flu for a full 12months. Lest hope it’s not as long this time. I’m happy I’ve made this move to finally do this and I wish you all the best of luck on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

  154. shaking like never
    no concentration
    feeling lazy
    Man , withdrawal symptoms !

  155. just over a month in, cold turkey. Definitely feeling tired, smoked for 14 years picked it up in the Iraq war in 04… 33 years old. Never tried to quit before, but found it was fairly easy? but now the withdrawal symptons are starting to get more severe, no appetite on occasion, not much of a cough unless I make myself. When I do cough its yellow brown, but lately my gums have started to bleed when I cough hard and I notice a little blood in the back of my throat. I do not believe im coughing up blood. but worrysome none the less. Ive started running/walking for the last two weeks. I run and notice my legs/body get tired before im running out of breath. Having warm/fuzzy feeling in my lungs that seems to move around from day to day. Taking long super hot showers has helped produce nasty mucous in the evenings. Not much insomnia either, im sleeping lightly but sleeping. Symptoms have me worried enough to go in to my GP this afternoon.

  156. Fatirah says:

    Hi all. This is so hard and I want to have cigarettes badly. I’m on day 9 and stay so tired that it’s ridiculous. I’m telling myself if I only had that one smoke, I’d feel better! Aaagggghh!!!

  157. Brandon says:

    My scans came back totally negative, its a must for peace of mind, since then all my symptoms have nearly completely subsided. I think the worry really magnifies everything and makes us feel even worse. Getting checked out is a must you guys, these boards do bring a certain piece of mind, but having the tests done is necessary for health and mental health! Im a month and a half approximately, and I feel 100 percent better. still some funny chest feelings but no more anxiety. no cough, some throat clearing. Ive been a notoriously bad snorer, my wife reports im dead silent at night now and shes loving it 🙂

  158. Sultan T says:

    today is my 46 day since I quit smoking “cold turkey” and still I feel tired, sleepy, dizzy, exhausted and I crave allot for sugar so I’m gaining weight fast.

    when I go to the gym I freak out when I get dizzy after jogging! is this normal? how long will this experience last?

    But got to say I am very happy I quit! I just got fed up from my past smoking life, bad breath, tooth and gum damage, black lips, waste of money (30 cigs a day). worse of all was that you feel unwelcomed at many places you go to !!

  159. I’ve been frustrated the last couple weeks, I want to heal faster tho I know it has to run its course and take its time. Ive been trying to maintain my running, I run at night the air is cool but moist, feels good in the lungs. However I cant run as far and as fast as I like, about 2/3 of a mile before I have to catch my breath. I have zero cough throughout the day. Every now and again I have to clear my throat. After the 2/3 mile which I can breath easy, I start to wheeze, then my throat feels like it tightens and harder to catch my breath. but walking a bit eases it and I lightly jog till I tire again. probably doing 2-3 miles a night jogging/walking. I find a good Podcast helps keep your mind off it.

    • Christine says:

      I can definitely relate to the wheezing after running. I am on day 12 of quitting and I have had little to no cough, except for after I play soccer. I had a game a few nights ago in the evening and had minimal sleep due to coughing that night. I will say this though, I have been playing soccer as a smoker for years, and less than 2 weeks without a smoke and I can already feel the lungs opening up and my stamina picking up on the field. Hang in there!

  160. Great blog! I’m 8 days into quitting after 40 plus years of smoking. Used nicotine gum for first several days, but cutting back now to one piece per day. Trying to confront the nicotine withdrawal up front. Cravings are subsiding, not so intense. Fatigue is definitely present, grouchy sometimes. Found it useful to ask for support and “space” from others. Good to see they are supportive and understanding. It helps. Eating lots of anti ox fruit, need to up the veggies and exercise. This is hard…no way around it, but options suck…just read the blogs related to lung cancer and COPD sufferers….Would love to hear from people with more long term successes…how they got past the issues still challenging them at 2,4 and 6, even 12 months into their quit. Thanks

  161. Christine says:

    Well, it’s day 12 of quitting cold turkey and I feel pretty good, except for the exhaustion. I am on the struggle bus trying to push through this fatigue. I play soccer and do my best to run around with my 6 year old, but if I could, I’d sleep all day. It takes everything out of me not to bang my head off the desk at work during the day! Any suggestions?

  162. Nice work Grant! congrats. Only read cessation forums, no need to worry yourself needlessly googling symptoms etc. if you are truly worried about health issues, please just go to your doctor. Its the only thing that will give you any relief. I just hot 2 months yesterday, so pretty early in my quit. Im cold turkey. I crave nothing except better health. cigs are a thing of the past for me, barely a memory, and I realize im one of the lucky ones for feeling this way. I was a pack a day for 14 years. so nothing on your duration, but addicted none the less. My biggest issues now are Health anxiety, worrying about every little thing in my body. I took my own advice and went to the doctor and had chest x-rays. all clear, however that only subsided my anxiety for a couple weeks. now im back to hypochondria. not nearly as bad tho. My body is very sore all over, light pains in my ribcage that seem to move around presumably as my lungs work to push the shit out. Little bouts of acid reflux when I get to really worrying and onset anxiety. I walk/jog almost every night. In an attempt to fast track feeling better and get healthy quicker. The most painful of all is knowing I cant make it go any faster. time is dragging, I wish I could be 5 years down the road looking back and knowing it will all be ok but I cant. I cant force my healing faster, 14 years of damage will take time to heal and im not a patient man. I do breath much better, im not coughing really at all, not producing sputum unless I jog really hard then I begin to weez and cough up some crap. Taste and smell are 10-fold better. The worrying is the worst. Funny how when were actively killing ourselves we don’t even care, but when we stop then were worried…. Its crazy! Quitting is the easy part. Just don’t ever smoke again, it will be tough at times, and it will be trying. work through a craving at a time, before you know it, it will all be a memory. good luck to us all!

  163. Michael Stojanov says:

    It is the 8th day of my attempt to quit smoking. I have done this two times before and succeeded. But then I was stupid enough to start smoking again. My experience was: The intensity of the withdrawal symptoms was worse the first time I stopped smoking. It took me about 5 months (!!!) to really feel great again. It was much faster and easier the second time I quit. After 6-8 weeks I was totaly okay.

    The problem with nicotine withdrawal is: It´s not only the nicotine receptors who need to normalize (which happens in 3-4 weeks). Other hormonal systems need to adjust as well, which can take much longer. For example hormones produced by the andrenal glands: Cortisol, Adrenaline. The production of these hormones is often drastically reduced during withdrawal and it may take MONTHS until the secretion is on the level of a non-smoker again. This deficit usually poduces all the problems: low blood sugar, dehydration, low blood pressure, tiredness, lack of concentration, dizziness etc.

    The good news is: It goes away, eventually. And afterwards you will feel better than you did as a smoker. The bad news is: It can take quite some time for the secretion of the adrenal glands to recover. It happens very, very slowly.

    You have to be patient.

  164. Brandon says:

    Update, im now just shy of ten weeks. Ive made a couple realizations, while I still needlessly google symptoms and freak myself out, I tend to not have the anxiety effect nearly as bad. I got it bad a couple times both times after a VIGOROUS workout, that I pushed myself hard. Firstly I decided to quit running, and instead quickly walk for 2-3 miles 4-5 times a week. I cant force quick results, and risk hurting myself. Secondly. With my newer healthier lifestyle, I decided to really focus on all areas of health, Diet, teeth, and vitamins. However this is where I think I found one of my worst issues. I was taking mens 1-a-day vitamins. And it clicked that maybe this was triggereing my anxiety and worry. So I stopped taking them about a week ago, and find myself more in a relaxed state. I have anxiety on 2 of 10 scale at worst, when a couple times I hit 10-10. I looked into vitamins causing anxiety, and there is quite a lot of support, that too much b6 b12 and magnesium can trigger anxiety. anyways its working for me. I find strangely that I think about smoking more now than I did at first. still 0 cravings. Not Moody at all anymore. Still not coughing much. Some days I feel more congested and cant breath as deep, till I clear my throat (no cough) a few times and produce some brown specd c**p a few times, then im good again for a few days. Its clearing out slowly. I feel like I can breath deeper, and the air tastes so good. I still find I take shallow short breaths most of the day out of habit. Gotta find a way to work them lungs all day. Don’t feel very tight in the chest much anymore either, and the reflux seems to have subsided. I quit taking the over the counter reflux stuff even. Still getting the sore upper back muscles and shoulder blade areas. haven’t gained weight, instead of hunger I have no appetite sometimes. Not sure if smoking cessation can cause swollen lymph nodes in the chest, nobody seems to write about them, lots of people get em in the neck. I feel like a have a couple in my chest that are swollen and painful to touch. Been getting deep tissue massages to help with a triggered piriformis muscle and the shoulder tho no injury is locked up so she says, tho I have full mobility in it. she worked the muscles in my armpit super hard and probably got some bad blood moving to the lymph. Just another thing to worry about right! As always stay strong guys and update us!

  165. 30 days ago I decided to quit. I have been smoking for 21 years and it has been tough. I slipped once after 12 days and had one cigarette. Instead of giving up the effort, I did not have any after that. I am exhausted all the time. But I know it is temporary. To all those trying to quit smoking.. its well worth it. I find myself with extra time at work because I am not out smoking all the time. It is simply the grown up decision to make and to lead by example.

  166. Brandon says:

    3 months in now, and I can say most of my normal symptoms have subsided or disappeared completely. Get some weird stuff now and then, Still get achy, esp in the shoulders and left side neck. Also not really producing much mucus. Never did much anyways. now when I do its clear. Still a little anxiety about health here and there but nothing like it was. Now having about 0 cravings. I do think about it when I see someone doing it. But have no desire at all. Just want nothing to do with it! Stay strong all!

  167. Day 12 off nicotine gum (after 9 days no smoking):

    Started with intense flu, dripping nose, coughing lime-green phlegm up, short burst of headache round front or back of head.

    Waking up every two hours at night, intense dreams.

    Rapid waves of motivation to do things, that then pass just as quickly. The days seem much longer.

    Around day 8, the fatigue set in. Tiredness I don’t recognise. Falling asleep in the day.

    Think I should be doing more with my unsmoked lungs, but realise that after 10 years of smoking strong tobacco rollies, I am going to be going through a long detox process. I thought I would be running 10k every day, but I am too exhausted!

    So: patience, lots of iced lemon water, gentle exercise in new trainers, good salads, juicer, deep breathing, napping and Netflix for distraction.

    Good luck everyone.


  168. brandon says:

    ^ good plan! Strap in! hopefully your recovery is smooth and painless!

    • Day 17 off nicotine gum (26 days since last cigarette):


      Lungs clearing nicely, keep coughing up the odd blob of phlegm! The flu has cleared.

      Fitness improving. Smashed 3 miles on the treadmill the other day. Back on some weights. Lung capacity improving for sure.

      Sense of smell and taste (and sight a little) coming back – flowers, herbs, food, teas etc all more vivid. Colours popping quite a bit.

      Waves of energy, a bit more clearly expressed than before. Less manic.

      Not got the sweats in my sleep any more.

      Not craving cigarettes – stood outside restaurant other day with friends while they smoked a post-meal cigarette, and it strangely smelt like the first one I ever smoked when 14 – burnt wood/charcoal/foul smell.


      Rage. Frightening amount of fury at nothing in particular.

      Incredibly broken sleeping patterns. Waking every 2 hours. Tons of dreams. Waking up in a rage.

      Weird haze in my head throughout the day. Never very present, it feels. Thinking a lot. Feels out of control. I think this is the psychological detox from 10 years of habitually trying to control my thinking and feelings with a habit and a drug.


      More patience. As I write, I realise 17 days off of nicotine is not very long. I’m gonna keep it in the day. Got a gym membership lined up. Lots of water to drink.

      Stay tuned.


  169. Brandon says:

    17 days is a long time, you’ve probably not been off for a single day in many years prior! slowly it will get better. Ive just hit 100 days yesterday, and sometimes I think the same, then I realize that before I had maybe gone a day or two max without a nail in the last 13 years. Updates for me, still getting slight swelling in left neck not painful, doesn’t feel like a lymph node. Just an annoying feeling. Its probably stemming from infected impacted wisdom teeth. Soooo, tomorrow im going under the knife to have the last three taken out, 1850 bucks worth. Hopefully once they are out and I recover, if they are infected, that will clear up and ill feel even better, at least I wont be thinking about my quit for a few days. @ 100 days im not feeling cravings really at all. Every now and again, ill finish with an annoying customer, and think to myself, ok now I can go for a smoke and chill out for a sec… but no, I just leave the office for a few minutes instead. The phsyological part of the quit is ridiculous… oh how the body tries to trick us into having a smoke. I still have a lot of muscle aches and pains in my chest and shoulders without exertion. that’s about it for symptoms for right now.

  170. Maureen Maguire says:

    I’m coming up on 8 months and I can’t stand the fatigue. I started smoking at 12 years old, I’m now 57 – 45 years of smoking. The fatigue is so bad I want to go back smoking.

    I’ve been to my primary care physician and she took blood work but the only thing it showed was I was low on vitamin D.

    Why am I having such a hard time with fatigue? Why? I have no want to do anything because I’m so tired. After working two days, I sleep for 18 hours. No one I’ve asked has an answer. I need to find something to help me with this because I can’t put up with this much longer. I feel I will start again if this fatigue doesn’t stop.

    People who have no idea about quitting say this couldn’t last 8 months. But I know my body and I’M TIRED!

  171. Maureen says:

    I’m coming up on 8 months and I can’t stand the fatigue. I started smoking at 12 years old, I’m now 57 – 45 years of smoking. The fatigue is so bad I want to go back smoking.

    I’ve been to my primary care physician and she took blood work but the only thing it showed was I was low on vitamin D.

    Why am I having such a hard time with fatigue? Why? I have no want to do anything because I’m so tired. After working two days, I sleep for 18 hours. No one I’ve asked has an answer. I need to find something to help me with this because I can’t put up with this much longer. I feel I will start again if this fatigue doesn’t stop.

    People who have no idea about quitting say this couldn’t last 8 months. But I know my body and I’M TIRED!

    • Well done Brandon & Maureen! It helps me to read your threads.

      Day 25 off nicotine for me.

      High points:

      Running on treadmill excellent. Love knowing I am adding to my fitness, and not just having a cigarette when home from the gym and losing all the hard yards I have made. Feel hopeful about fitness for first time in a decade.

      I don’t feel unwell like I used to. There is a glow in my cheeks.

      My clothes don’t smell of smoke.

      Taste of food has come back. I am more careful about what I want to eat, taste-wise. I am interested in strong tastes like garlic for some reason, though this might be nothing to do with it.

      Can breath more deeply. This is obviously great. I also haven’t coughed in a week or 10 days or so. I don’t have that dry, raspy cough I used to have. I am noticing it in others, actually.

      Can finally say I am a non-smoker. This feels fantastic.

      Don’t have to go outside for a smoke. Don’t have to smoke after a meal. Don’t have to smoke before/after a flight outside an airport with all the taxis and other smokers . Don’t have to smoke with morning coffee. Don’t have to smoke in middle of night when I wake up. Don’t have to smoke before dinner. Don’t have to think about where and when I am going to smoke next.

      Low points:

      The FATIGUE. I get waves of complete EXHAUSTION. Falling asleep in daytime. Lethargy. BUT – this is definitely the fallout from 10 years of nicotine use. I am sure there is some reasonable scientific explanation, and it doesn’t make me want to start again. I keep remembering how often I have wanted to stop, and all the downsides it had going for it.

      I get perhaps 2 to 3 moderate cravings a day now, though they pass easily. It was a hell of a lot harder the first few days.

      I don’t want to put on weight, but think that it would be a small price to pay given what I am gaining. This is my way of saying I might be putting on a small bit of weight. Not much though. Chocolate is really good now. Chocolate ice cream especially.

      Sleep – I’m waking up less, but still waking up in middle of night, and the dreams are intense; I can easily sleep in if I have time. Slept 11.5 hours two nights ago.

      Another low bit is the anger. I find my patience are extremely short. Again, though, this is a small price to pay for now. It is all going to pass.

      While writing this, I realise that if I focus on the highs, the lows are not as bad. I mean Jesus I wanted to quit for years, and now I’m 25 days off it? Amazing.

      Keep up the good work guys, like I say, it really helps reading these posts.

      Lock (25 days).

  172. Brandon says:

    Congrats Lock! So true, ive found the best thing is to (at least try) to focus on the Highs. Im hitting 4 months now. And I can say if theres a way to take your mind off the quit, all these weird pains and ailments we experience almost completely fade away. I was having another health anxiety spell about 3-4 weeks ago. Nobody could convince me I wasn’t dying. Then I decided id better have my wisdom teeth taken out while the timing was right, so I did, and just having to focus on eating and drinking carefully, plus the constant aching for a couple weeks, completely took my mind over. today is two weeks since surgery, and the pain is gone and im back to normal minus careful eating, and I feel great. My mind does try to go back to the old thoughts but its easy now to brush it off. I had a 10 day vacation reciently and I thought that it would subside from being able to relax. But no I thought about it more, need a good distraction!!!!

    • DAY 44 off of nicotine!

      Man oh man this is an awesome ride – I can tell anyone who is reading that this is one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. It was hard initially, the withdrawal felt like I was floating and passing out at the same time. Now, the withdrawal has fully ended, I have had the flu (for about two to three weeks I think), and the natural rhythms of sleep and energy are regulating. I notice that this is taking time. Of course it is. I smoked solidly for ten years. Letting this habit go is going to have knock on effects in my life.

      I find that my food is important – good nourishment, not bad food. I have found a serious taste for iced water – something about the hit on the back of the throat maybe? Same vibe as the heat of the smoke (but obviously the healthier option).

      I no longer have cravings. I can smell a cigarette half a mile away (literally, if I’m downwind). I tell people I don’t smoke if they ask me for a lighter.

      Basically, I am so goddamn RELIEVED I don’t have to smoke at all today. Life has it’s problems, the odd thing comes up, but my answer is not to have a cigarette today, which I find miraculous, considering I never thought I would be free of it. Actually, I did hope I would be, when I smoked, but I couldn’t get that first three days or so, in which I am told the nicotine leaves the body. After 3 days, it is no longer a physical withdrawal, on some level.

      I am still remaining vigilant to the smoking habit. If someone is smoking a roll-up, which is what I smoked, I have to stay vigilant. I smoked Pueblo tobacco, “additive free”, with “additive free” organic papers, 12-15 a day. They have some of the highest nicotine content of any rolling tobacco, I believe. And tar. I would smoke one with coffee in morning, one mid morning, one before lunch, one after lunch, anything from 3 to 8 in the afternoon, and usually 4-5 in the evening (pre-meal x2, post-meal, pre-sleep x 2). The last 6 months of my smoking I would wash my hands with soap after every cigarette, so that I couldn’t smell it. I would wash, then chew gum and splash aftershave on me after I smoked. NUTS! Anyway, it’s over now. Thank God.

      I don’t know. I haven’t gone completely nuts for exercise, as I reckon this one is a slow burn – and I would probably just injure myself if I started 10k runs. In fact, my knee was hurting after two weeks of no nicotine because I hit the treadmill too hard, so I have to bear in mind that this is a LONG HEALING PROCESS. My thinking has always been that I need to act fast to capitalise on the space I have from my last cigarette, but I don’t have to do that as I am not going to smoke today.

      I keep reading all your threads – please keep writing!

      Till the next time.

      3rd July 2017

      Brandon good to hear where you’re at. Keep posting please. Sounds like you are doing great.

  173. Pauline says:

    I am on day two of no smoking and I am already feeling so tired, I was doing so well until I read these comments. Congrats to all of you on not smoking more. I am very nervous now to stay quitting but I cant go back. Have four little ones depending on there mommy to stay alive forever lol gl everyone stay strong

  174. Brandon says:

    Congrats Lock! sounds like you got it whipped! I hope that’s the last of the troubles for you!. Hang tight Pauline! The beginning is soo tough. The lethargy and immense craving is hard to handle. Your little ones will be testing you for sure!. 4.5 ish months for me. Im now fully healed from my wisdom teeth surgery. Feeling as if I had some of these issues before I quit, and never noticed because the smoking masked it. Still have this tightness left side of neck, no pain no discomfort, just annoying. feels like a tight muscle down the left side of neck, and back side of shoulder. Havent done a lot of exertion, but did remodel a bathroom. No craving, 00000. I have been thinking about it tho. strangely I keep thinking that I want it. Mind playing tricks. Saying its ok now, your clear, one here or there wont hurt…. LOL not this guy, never again. its not worth going through all this shit again! Not really any other symptoms anymore, have a dry cough here and there, doesn’t produce anything. Attribute that to my summer pollen allergies. Also realizing that as our quit duration gets longer, i.e 2-3-4 months etc, it REALLY helps to have your support team keep your quit relevant. Don’t let the excitement fade. It feels harder when it starts becoming not that big of a deal. Celebrate EVERY miles stone, each month that passes! Every event, I survived vacation without one, 1-2-3-4-5-100 months etc. Keep it exciting and the rest will fall into place. Have people check on you, talk about it, the goods and bads. At first the time really drags, eventually as symptoms fade, it starts to speed up and feel normal. eventually theres times where its completely gone. Even now most of my day im normal, im not a recovering addict. I pray soon the rest of my body lines out, and I can forever leave that portion of my life in the past. Keep posting guys! Its nice to be here with all of you.

  175. I’m day 43 without cigarettes. I smoked 20 a day for 17 years. Long menthol superkings though. I used the patches and am down to just the gum now. I feel like a retard as I am so dizzy and tired incessantly. I wake feeling like I haven’t slept. I just sit around all day worrying that this feeling won’t subside. I have been super healthy and have been eating salmon and green veg very few carbs. All healthy. Yet I feel like I have drunk a whole bottle of wine or something. That horrible dizzy feeling when you don’t quite trust yourself to do anything because you feel exhausted and your head feels fuzzy. Help!!!! I feel like such a failure. It is like climbing mount everst just to take the dog for a walk which I normally (when I smoked) had more energy to do. So strange I gave up because I felt like a spaced out smoker who just sat there smoking but now I don’t I am disappointed I don’t feel any better!!!! The only bad thing I’m doing is maybe coffee but feeling like a Zombie how on earth not? Will try green tea. Oh to make matters a complete joke I am learning to drive and since quitting the fatigue is making me appear like a zombie and made me worse!!!!!! Come on. Has anyone had this experience?

  176. Brandon says:

    I was a menthol man too, I often wonder if the menthol some of us had to have makes it harder to get rid of some of the symptoms. I mean, how many more chemicals are in menthols to make them taste cool….. I mean, they have to be at least marginally worse than regular smokes, or at least I always heard that… It will all begin to subside, nicotine is out of system really fast. I have no concrete evidence but what I feel, is our bodies absorb all these 4000 plus chemicals we sucked in all those years, our bodies begin to adapt and then learn to live with that. When we quit cold turkey or even with help, all the shit stops, and our bodies not only have to re adapt to being without those chemicals. Then on top of it I believe that the cells all over our bodies have to then re-generate and get rid of the traces of these chemicals weve introduced and stored throughout our bodies. As our cells turnover (die and regenerate) those chemicals are processed through out lymphatic systems, which can lead to swollen glands and strange happening in our bodies. All just speculation, but to me ill be damned if it don’t make sense!

    For me im about to hit 5 months. still feel the crap once in a while, but mostly feel pretty good. Some days I get very tired, hard to keep eyes open tired. Feel swollen sometimes as well. Mostly feeling good tho.

    • Thanks for this Brandon…I’m on Day 14 and constantly tired…needed to know that this is the norm!

  177. I’m very happy to see this thread, I’m 5 days in of quitting smoking after 15 years of this junk. I used to be so active and athletic, and now I’m on my way back, I am exhausted and my chest didn’t feel great. After reading through this I feel much stronger in terms of sticking through with this. It’s strange how difficult it can be without just knowing that someone else has felt it too.

  178. Im on day 4 without a cigs and i feel like crap, I’ve been smoking 25+ cigs for about 28 years. i do vape at really low (3mg) nicotine just to give me something to do, im tired, have nausea . small pains all over. oh and i quit drinking coffee about a week before i quit smoking, cant wait to feel better,

    thank you all for giving me the inspiration to keep going

  179. Ok, my husband is quitting smoking. It has been about 3 weeks but he is still really tired and having some opposite effects. When he was smoking his heart rate was lower then it is now. I am starting to get worried about him. Any thoughts?

    • I have read where your heart rate will increase by 15-20 beats per minute after you have quit.

      I’ve been 60ish days cold turkey, and I am exhausted. I get my normal sleep to, so I don’t know about this symptom. I hope it passes, I think it is still my body using a lot of energy cleaning its self out, and the fact that it was cold turkey, and sudden.

    • Greetings Leah, when I quit my heart did all kinds of weird things. Palpitations, heart rate went down to low 40s. One day I went into Afib. Blood pressure was up, heart rate 140+ and irregular. I spent the day in the hosp. All test showed my heart was healthy. Dr. put me on lowest dose beta blocker. That was a month ago. I’m doing good with that now. No episodes except for mild palps. My point is, I truly believe that they put chemicals in tobacco that alters heart function thus to solidify addiction. I continue to deal with other withdrawal symptoms. Again, Doctors found nothing wrong with my heart or lungs. I see time has gone by and hope your husband is goodtogo.

  180. Brandon again. 5, almost 6 months deep now. things are definitely looking up, The mental focus of looking into the way we feel and scan over our bodies is through the roof. We are hyper sensitive to the changes and way we feel. Every ache, every pain in critical…. Every weird sensation is cancer…. Weve been programmed to not worry about the risks of smoking, so when we are able to break free, we realize quickly how much harm weve been doing to our bodies. Then everything becomes damage control and all these new sensations are “serious problems” most of us haven’t lived adult life without the cloak of smoking. Having realized and saying all that, I can say that once each and everyone of us comes to terms with the fact that it will take “serious” time to heal, about a year or better it seems, we will continue to over exaggerate the situation. We all need to take a step back, make your mind in control, it truly is the key. ive had the hardest times along with the rest of you folks! Only until I wrapped my head around the situation has it started to get better. I would get so worked up that I would go to the hospital, only to pay out the ass to be told I was fine, or had heartburn or GERD… all bullshit. Acid reflux kicks up after cessation for a while. Im still quite gassy for instance. But growing to learn to give each issue time, having the staying power to give the new odd sensation time to subside, before hospitalizing ourselves and paying people who either don’t know how to help or really don’t care to help us. I honestly get the feeling of no sympathy from docs when you tell them its from smoking, and honestly, I get why. Now a days, im only feeling indigestion, gassy, and a little heartburn mixed with some heavy desire to smoke, not a crave, but I just want to do it. And they quickly subside. Keep exercising, keep focused. Give things time 🙂

  181. Three months in after 40 years of smoking. I chose the vaping assist route and it has made things so much easier than the last cold turkey attempt 20 years ago. I rarely used the vaping device by the end of the 3 months and decided to drop from 12mg to 6mg and that has been interesting. Suddenly, I’m going through the insomnia, fatigue and mild irritability again as one might expect with the halving of the dosage, but the effects seem more acute. I used to hike , kayak, bike ride, but a 20minute walk to the shops now seems like a trek through the Himalayas and I’m wondering if I should just go straight to zero nicotine vaping (i’m sure the vaping helps psychologically) and get the lethargy etc over and done with. It does get better right?

  182. Hope you guys are doing great still! Brandon again, Ive finally hit my first large milestone! 6 months!!! Most symptoms and cravings are completely gone, I still see cigarette adds and think MMMM that looks good, and then its gone. I still have this tight feeling in the left side of my neck and collarbone area. Doesn’t feel like swollen nodes at all. other than that my anxiety is gone, and the hypochondira is mostly gone. No wheezing or coughting at all! Keep the comments coming guys!

  183. Hi All You Happy Quiters!!!!!!!

    I’m so freakin proud to join you guys of Non-Smokers. I’m on my 4th day and would say it’s one of the most terrible days of my life… After smoking and drinking whiskey for 23 years finally went Cold Turkey… The reason I decided to go cold turkey the very first time in my life is coz I knew other alternatives is just a waste of time.

    But my mind says I chose the wrong path… Coz the
    Body ache, bones ache, fatigue, fever for the last 4 days, depression is all taking the better out of me…

    Am I doing Right??

    My heart says you are…. Unlike my mind.

    I will soon join a Gym once my body comes back to normal. I don’t know when this will happen.

    Oh Yeah!! I forgot to tell all my fellow quitters here that I had a great habbit of smoking 2 cigs with one glass of peg (whiskey). I use to drink a full bottle… So you guys can imagine the way I use to end up smoking. Btw I have left drinking along with smoking… So you guys can imagine the predicament I am going through right now.

    Oh Good Heavens…. plz give me the strength that I succeed and to my fellow quitters reading this. Lord bless everyone here. Tc

  184. *4 months off nicotine today (20th September 2017)*

    Wow. I didn’t think I would be able to stop. I always thought I would be stuck in the horrible loop of feeling 25% under the grade, every day, no matter how hard my head resolved to quit – I never could. I tried. I tried to smoke less/put off the first cigarette till as late as possible in the day/go for a run/not smoke till noon/not smoke till 6pm/smoke three and not smoke till after lunch….. ad nauseam.

    I can’t believe how lucky I haven’t had one today, or for 4 months.

    I got the sweats, the fatigue, a really bad flu (for a month), and I’m still recovering from the decade plus of smoking I did to myself.

    I recently went to the dentist. My gums had been bleeding for two months, hard, badly, every time I brushed my teeth. The last two week before the dentist I didn’t even brush them because my bleeding had got so bad. The dentist told me I had gum disease, but had not been able to see it because smoking hides it: the inflammation of the gums makes them look ok (bizarrely).

    I have had two sessions under local anaesthetic, and he’s cleaned my gums. I am 36 years old. He told me if I hadn’t done it, I would have lost a tooth or two in a few years. Thank god I’ve quit.

    My lungs and breathing and voice are all expanding and filling up with oxygen, and I feel the luckiest man alive not to be smoking.

    Brandon well done man! Good to read your thread, and all you others who are quitting. I need to read your stuff, so please write what’s going on for you, how it’s going.

    I went for a run the other day, and barely was out of breath. I clearly need to run a little harder now!


  185. gave up soft drinks 30 days ago because of kidney problems. had to have kidney removed 6 days ago. quite smoking at same time, not doing bad , just everything I eat or drink doesn’t taste good.

  186. Thank god for this thread! I thought i was dying! I havent had a cig in 7 days. Two or three weeks ago i had to find another job so i needed to save money, of course cigarettes were the first to go, i didnt realize it but my sleeping habit started to change, i could sleep like a rock not recently. Well a couple weeks ago, i smoked cannabis and from being so exhausted i passed out, that has never happened to me before, so i woke up probably a couple minutes later, and thought i was having a heart attack, i thought i was poisoned or something, my heart was racing so hard, i could not control it. Anyhow i had been dealing with waking up, heart racing and had bad headaches, i looked up effects of cigarettes, and ran into this post, thank god for your guys stories. Once i knew cigarettes could cause this my lethargy and sleepiness was reduced alot. Im just dealing with anxiety and bouts of sleepiness and my heart will race randomly. Also im 25 been smoking for 9 years, im done with cigarettes for good. Stay strong everyone!

  187. Brandon again! Im almost to 8 months now! feels great! but somehow instead of feeling like its a huge milestone now 8 months feels like nothing. but at only a month it felt like an eternity! Healthwise I think im doing a lot better, never had acid reflux but man is it kickin my ass now…. I almost quit completely carbonated drinks, mainly soda. and it has helped ten-fold! Switched to lots of Gatorade and water. Still doing my brisk walks, either im not pushing hard enough or the damage is done in my lungs, I don’t feel as if my breathing is improving enough to sustain a light job for more than a few blocks. BUT I don’t feel out of breath, my legs tire to the point of having to stop. Zero cravings, only thoughts about smoking but the thoughts trigger nothing. Now I truly hate the smell, Im an auto body estimator, and when I have to climb into some peoples cars who smoke, its really almost gags me, some of these cars are real soup kitchens….. ALA dirty mike and the boys…. Seeing people smoke or people in front of me in check out lines forkin out the dough for fags…. I feel sorry for them and thankful its no longer me! Knowing cigarettes put us all where we are now, should be motivation enough to never light again! Lock if youre still around, hope you are doing awesome man!! Let us know, and keep up the good work everyone, it does get better. little by little. every month is better.

  188. It’s been 6 days since my last cigarette. I was doing it cold turkey style. Couple of days ago, I was dozing off while working. It was extreme! I was nodding off. Blank for a sec and then woke up. Scary feeling like driving while you were extremely sleepy. Slept alot the past few days, so I was confused. Came across this website and read about fatigue from withdrawal. Went to a vap store and bought a e-cig. Had a few drag of nicotine and my heart was racing. I wonder if I am cheating by using e-cig. I once quit for more than a year cold turkey but seems different this time. Last time when I quit, I had 18 years of smoking. This time I had 28…….

  189. Brandon again, another milestone, 9 months today! feels good! Can now say im pulling out of the funk. I never listened to my body when I was a smoker, (not that my fat ass had much to say lol) Now a days im listening, and its taken a while to decipher its language. Now I can tell what is causing the issues through experimentation and research. I also tried to quit caffeine and soda pop at the same time, then I discovered doing that threw off my acidity, and caused aweful acid reflux, which promptly quit after I drink a pop every other day or so. Ill deal with that craving later…. The smoking is in the past, no desire, no crave, its repulsive now, cant stand to see people smoking, or god forbid smell them, and thank god its not me anymore. Ive come to terms that ive damaged my body, irreversibly as well. I now know that I can only try to better myself through excersize and healthier living. There is a certain devotion that I feel to myself, that I owe it to myself to be better and get better. I realize now that’s all I can do. Learn the language of my body, take action when needed. I feel in another three months at my solo 1 year free party, I will have almost 100% normalized after quitting. I was in denial as I think a lot of you are as well, that its not gonna take that long to feel amazing. Years and decades of poisoning and damage, simply cannot go away so fast… The body must take its natural course to healing, and we have to live with it until it can, and all we can do is try to help it along the way. A solid year or more is what its gonna take, plain and simple. Re writing ones body chemistry plays tough on us. Cell die-off is hard on the lymphatic system. Especially the nerve cells which take the longest to regenerate. Our bodies absorbed all those 4000+ chemicals we inhaled 20+ times a day every day for years and decades. Now the body has to rid of all that crap, and its tough on us. Give it time!

  190. Saufi dahan says:

    Hi there.6 month since my last puff and im feeling better.the only thing bother me is the dizziness feeling every now and then that make me feel bad.you feel like you are walking on top of hanging bridge.also still feel the anxiety but it is more under control now

  191. 42 year old male here; smoked for almost 30 years – over a pack a day during he past 10 years and always coupled with a very strong SB latte every morning. Got a scare about a month ago where neuro said that I “might’ve had a TIA, but MRI shows nothing”. Decided to quit during that hospital visit and I felt absolutely awful after a few hours; didn’t help with the neuro scaring me with the talk of stroke either. The following hours and days were absolutely awful – paranoia, fatigue, foggy head, heavy arms, grinding teeth, sore jaws, periods of disconnected weirdness (supposedly anxiety), concentrating was shot and kept worrying over and over, “I’m only 42…maybe I have cancer, maybe my heart’s going bad…I have two young children and I’m not going to be around for them. I’M GONNA F***ING DIE!” Then I’d get depressed and be afraid to go to sleep.

    Blood, CT, MRI and all the rest came back clear. Doctors said that I’d been given a warning, but take the thinners and statins just to be sure and we’ll check back in a couple months. It’s been a month now and the fatigue and paranoia is still here, but it’s getting slowly better. Despite all this bulls**t, I feel better…again, SLOWLY. To distract from the fatigue and paranoia, I go for a walk sometimes 30 or 45 minutes each and I feel so much better afterwards.

    I can now see why many don’t want to quit. The “credible” outlets say the symptoms only last a little while, but what’s written by former smokers – it lasts a helluva long time! I’m glad I found this one; seems to be the only one that either isn’t vague written by bookworms trying to sound laymen’s or it’s that other site (WQ) that is absolute fear, zealotry and stories that will keep you up at night.

  192. Hey J.G, I feel you!, I just turned 33 on dec 22, and it was also my 10 month anniversary of quitting. I feel the same way still, that my whole body is falling apart. the main symptoms have long since subsided, the cravings, the fog, the insomnia. etc. but now its all the serious ailments running through my mind, and I feel like my body is playing tricks, ive had a few appointments, lots of blood work, a chest xray and exams, all normal. but the constant thought that I have something wrong with me, causes me to hold my body tense, and it makes me sore and swollen in places without cause. In general I do feel better, and when my mind and body are busy, I forget all about the crap and fuction normally. Have a young boy myself and I get worried a lot that I wont be there for him 🙁 Think im going to start a vigorous work out regimen, I already do as you do and walk 30-45 minutes often and feel awesome after.

  193. Peggy Sourile says:

    I’m on day 6 of not smoking after 40 years of smoking. I’m not using any patches or gum or anything. I do have a ecig vaping thing, but I don’t really like it. I feel sad, hopeless, and exhausted. I just want to sleep, but I have to keep on with the tasks of life. I can’t believe that it’ll be 2-3 months before I feel “normal.” Hope I can make it…

  194. NoBSing you says:

    gonna be a helluva lot longer than 2-3 months… plan on a year or better before normalcy…

  195. hi all, quitting smoking like 6 weeks ago still have the dizziness, blurry vision, bad mood, feeling unhappy, always sleepy, fatigue, feel like I don’t want to do anything at all.Hope i can get better soon, i am tired already feeling that way every single day.

    Good luck everyone!

  196. Wow! on my 63 day mark. My mornings are horrible! I will never use nicotine again! anxiety, heart palps, insomnia, depression, headaches, still present. name it! Had everything thoroughly checked. Doctors say I’m very healthy and fit. I’m 60 years old. I keep looking for answers. I believe in Jesus and this is challenging my faith. our Lord says “long suffering produces endurance” I so want to feel better!

  197. Brandon again! In 3 days I will be at 13 months! I think im good now, as time goes on, it just sloooooooooowly fades away. the longer you smoke the longer it will take IMO. I still have little bouts of reflux, and the minor health anxiety worries, but mostly I am fine, and feel good. Now im really preparing to work on increasing my lung function, push myself and see just how good I can feel. ive slowed my daily walks as it has been a very cold winter in Montana. about to pick it up again. and push harder. I hope to see some updates from the folks with me along my quit, Lock:? you still around>? doing ok?

    • Greetings Brandon, I’ve tracked your posts. Very encouraging. I spent 36 years in the Marine Corps uniform. That kept me fit and I still train physically, just not so hard or as much. I smoked and dipped my whole career. I quit from skoal dipping. My point is, nicotine has become like a natural chemical my mind and body needs to thrive. I am committed to quit. In my research, I’ve concluded that I really don’t know what “normal” is. I have to stop looking up the “why”? of my symptoms. I’ve also concluded that medical doctors are not at all savvy to withdrawals of nicotine. Can you imagine how the food and drug administration would suffer if people were delivered from deadly nicotine? My heart wants to campaign against tobacco empires. O BOY! anyway, I’m committed and hope to have an awesome testimony to inspire others to quit the deceiving deadly lifestyle of tobacco. Semper Fi! and thanks for serving Brother.

  198. It’s encouraging reading that other people are suffering from extreme fatigue too!

    I stopped 4 and a half weeks ago when I effectively went cold turkey. I’m managing fine not wanting to smoke – but the tiredness! I feel like I’ve got narcolepsy (I haven’t). I work in sales and am out on the road a lot. Barely a day goes by when I don’t have to pull over somewhere and curl up on the back seat of the car and sleep for half an hour – and I manage to achieve a deep sleep in that time. Or if I am working from home, I have to take a nap.

    I am really hoping this starts to wear off. I’m really glad I’ve stopped smoking, my breathing is much better, my pulse is noticeably stronger and slower and, as a singer, I’ve recovered some of my top end vocal range.

    Just need to get rid of this fatigue!

  199. Greetings Xnicotine users, I have found that diet and nutrition play a vital role in recovery. Brandon hit it right on the nail when he alluded to the body will heal on its own time. We are what we eat is so true. My faith in God in this process is showing me that our minds can be so deceiving. Proverbs 3:5-6 says “Trust in the lord with all your heart, lean NOT on your own understanding, acknowledge him in all your ways and he will guide your paths” I pray you all meditate on this word. Also claim the forgiveness we get from the abuse we have done to our bodies. Keep on charging warriors! “Minimum standard is a starting point, not a goal”. “Direct what YOU expect, expect what YOU direct. If the expectation is not being met, change YOUR direction. Semper FI!

  200. Dave J. Brawn says:

    The “2 Days without a Cig….63rd Day Smoke Free…Quit Six Weeks ago” people will proudly share this.
    But where are the “7654 Days Smoking and I smell like an ashtray, I am coughing my lungs out every morning, I am 24 and I have a thousand more wrinkles than that gentleman over there who just turned 112, I have spent enough money to buy a car now with all my cigs…” people at? Everyone here made a decision to inhale over 400 crappy chemicals into their bodies for a long period of time…its time now to suck it in and let your body heal. Have belief and faith and be strong. I am trying my best here and every small word of support and wisdom from anyone and everyone here is making a difference.
    Thank you to all that have spent your time to write a few words of encouragement. Stop supporting the people who market products that harm people just for the sake of getting rich.

    • I remember my 63rd day mark as I made a post of it, check it out. I too would love to campaign against deadly nicotine. Its scary to know the main cause of your death or at least the complications of such of tobacco. I am just now seeing the light of healing. the 14th of April will be my 90 day mark. Understand that nicotine does mask other physical and mental issues. Once your body heals, those hidden issues subside or at least can be addressed to get better. Ultimately, quitting is better. continuing will surely kill you. Our existence is finite, that means we all die. Death by nicotine means long term suffering 1st. My death will occur when God is done with me. nicotine speeds up the process and by my hand, not Gods. Fight the good fight Xnicotine Warriors. IT DOES GET BETTER! GOD AS MY WITTNESS!

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