The Quitters Flu.

Man with Quitters FluHave you recently quit smoking and now find yourself feeling sick? You may be suffering from the quitters flu; a number of symptoms that combine in such a manner they  resemble a cold or flu like illness. Most smokers who quit will experience it.


What are the Quitters Flu Symptoms?

As mentioned above, quitters flu symptoms resemble those that tend to accompany the common cold or flu. These can be headaches, flashes of hot and cold, chest congestion, cough, sore throat and both nasal and sinus congestion.

The moment you quit smoking your body begins to heal and as a result, these physical symptoms will tend to occur. It is a normal part of the process, though discussing such symptoms with your doctor is still a good idea, even if for peace of mind and reassurance.

Perhaps the most notable of these flu like symptoms are those associated with the respiratory system.

A microscopic photo of cilia lining the human wind pipe. Image made available using creative commons licence.

The lungs contain small hair like structures called cilia. (They look more like sea anemones.) These cilia, naturally sweep particles out of the wind pipe to be expelled by coughing.

Tobacco smoke coats the lungs with tar and disrupts this process by preventing the cilia from working. When you quit smoking, the tar begins to break down and the cilia once again start cleaning.

Quitters will likely notice a blackish – brown and often speckled phlegm as a result. Given the amount of rubbish that builds up in a smokers lungs, this can be quiet extreme and often takes time to settle down.

The ability to breath easier and maintain a greater state of healthiness, more than make up for the unpleasantness of quitters flu. The symptoms of quitters flu should also start to settle after a few weeks.

How long does Quitters Flu Last?

The length of time you may suffer quitters flu symptoms is variable. Some ex smokers may only suffer the symptoms for a number of days. For others it can last for months. My own quitters flu lasted on and off for several months, though only extreme for short periods of time, most notably over the first couple of weeks.

Over the longer term, I found that exercise enhanced some of the symptoms, but also helped clear out my lungs. If the symptoms feel quite serious or last for more than a few days at a time, I would suggest speaking to a doctor as you may actually have a genuine cold or flu!

What I personally find interesting, is that since quitting smoking two years ago, I have only suffered a genuine cold (virus) twice, and suffered for no longer than 72 hours. Prior to quitting, I would suffer two or three colds a year and they would last for around two weeks!


Tips for Managing the Quitters Flu.


Rest During the Early Stages.

Quitters flu is at its worst in the early days of a quit smoking campaign. It may help to rest and be as comfortable as possible, while allowing the healing process to happen. Consider drinking warm herbal teas to aid relaxation and relieve some of the symptoms.

Eat Quality Foods and Micro Nutrients.

The body gets the majority of nutrients needed to heal, from the foods we eat. If these foods are of a high quality and have sound  nutritional value, the more building blocks your body will have to aid the process. Consider eating more fresh fruit and vegetables and less processed and over cooked foods.

When You Feel Ready, Get Some Exercise.

Exercise promotes healthy lung function and helps accelerates the cleaning process. Consider starting with a daily, fast paced, five minute walk around the block.



  1. Today is day 10 of quitting for me. I tested going out for the morning and found I didn’t cut what I was doing short anymore because I didn’t get the crave. That was big for me. I too am using a patch but taking it off after the morning which is my bad time. I am on the weakest patch as of tomorrow. I was a light smoker so it has been easier than when I tried a couple years ago when I smoked more. I smelled my first cigarette in a parking lot today and it did not smell good. I’m more than a little hopeful this round though I have a longggggggg way to go. Thanks to this website for all the information it is priceless and really helps.

    • I’m on the patch too. I still want a puff here and there. I hate coughing up this stuff. Everyone sounds so ooooooo good. I’m scared

    • Congratulations!!! I am on day 21 of cutting down from a pack a day, to a couple of puffs at certain times in the day. Instead of smoking a full cigarette when I needed them the most, I only allowed myself 3 puffs off one. This worked well for the first week, the second week I cut down even further . I allowed myself 2 puffs and changed WHEN I puffed. Instead of puffing when I’m used to, I changed the time of day and had 2 puffs. For example, morning time, walking the dog, and after eating, I were the times I always needed a smoke, so I didn’t allow a puff att hose times, I would stretch my desire for a puff an hour or two from my regular times . Instead of first thing in the morning, I pushed myself to wait a few hours, and if there’s desire was too much, I allowed 2 puffs off a smoke, and that’s it! This third week I quit the puffs through out the day entirely and only allowed a drag at bedtime. I am on day 4 of no puffs at all!!! I doc buy some Nicolette which helps immensely ! Congrats to both you and me!!!!! Keep up the great work !

      • Great going Janet….
        I smoked for 17 years, 10-15 per day, and have stopped smoking completely for last 5 days. Even though its very tough, dropping down from 10 to zero, but I believe that my will power is stronger than this addiction.

    • Are you still smoke free? I’m on day 3 of just going cold turkey.. Im having all kinds of cravings but the most amazing thing happend early today (I ate a strawberry and I could actually taste it). That’s literally the only thing stopping me from lighting one up right now..I can taste food and the other thing is finding out my conditioner kinda stinks. Couldn’t smell it before but now I can, it smells like yogurt and not the fruity kind.? I’ve been walking around smelling like bland yogurt for years and didn’t know it..

      • I’m on day 5 and I can taste again and smell witch is good,but the bad part is the quitter’s flu??does not feel good at all but I got this.. good luck n keep up the good work you can do it

      • I’m on 21 days and it feels great but now I’m starting to the quitters flu and I feel horrible. I feel like im truly sick :/ idk what to do. but if I can get past all the cravings I can get past this. We can do it!!!!

        • Wow congrats! My situation is similar to yours i’m on day 24 the first week or so it was just the cravings and crankiness for me lol but now really starting to feel like crap. It’s like all possible symptoms are coming at once. I mean all of it. It’s scary at some points I can really freak myself out. But I can do this I’ve come this far. Dr’s app next week hopefully can be a little more at ease after that. Anyways good luck to you. You got this. ?

  2. I appreciate this website. I’m not as anxious today knowing that there are others out there feeling the same way I’m feeling.

    • Hi Jo. You know what? I’ve been off work for seven weeks with all the nausea; headaches; dizziness & lethargy! It really is not like me! I gave up smoking on 11/05/16. How long do I have to suffer the anguish? I’ve seen four doctors, and they haven’t a clue ( and say it’s not quitting smoking-orientated!). It’s a real boost to my health to read that this is a by-product of giving up smoking. Thanks guys.

      • Lori Bush says:

        I quit smoking 6 weeks ago and I’m still having bouts of tje smokers.flu. i didn’t know this exsisted. I’m so tired and sleep on and off throughout the day. I have head aches body aches and generally just don’t feel well. The chest pains had me worried but my doctor checked me out and said I’m fine. Good.luck to you

  3. cool thoughts to all ex-smokers on this website. i had most of the symptoms but now on my 18th day of quitting(cold turkey style) had me the following…chills,bad sore throat,anxiety,loss appetite due to acid reflux..but NO Fever..i felt like im having one but the doc says my body temp is normal.those chills almost made me had mild shakes…goin strong for few more days…have anyone faced the same symptoms like i did? i stopped my cigs n my caffeine fix at the same time….felt hell…

    • I’m on day 18 and today have have come down with “smokers Flu” I feel really ill 🙁 I cut out caffeine once and honestly I had never felt worse in my whole life so my guessing would be that teamed with non smoking would be extreme hell ! 🙁

      • exsmoker2 says:

        i feel you,i am on day 8 of non smoking,constant spitting of mucus from my lungs,at night i feel my cilia doing its work!what helps is water on the bedside and spitting has decreased but still i have to spit out.if anyone want to exchange experience so that we can feel relaxed,assured with a fellow exsmoker who is online of the time please feel free to email me

        • I am on ,day7-had the chills shakes – my skin is so sore brutal???? Is it a flu or smokers flu?

        • i have attempted quitting smoking twice, including now, and both times were different. The first time i stopped for a good four weeks and had painful hives on my legs and a severe sore throat. After a couple weeks, symptoms subsided but not before eating myself out of a house and home. This time around I have a bad cough and I mean bad…I cough to the point of getting a headache. I hope I get better soon!

      • cheers ex-smoker..i’m on my 24th day and the cold seems getting better..however i’m still getting that sore throat doesn’t swell alot but doc says its alot better than last time..any of u folks had long duration of sore throats before reaching the 1 month mark? – cheers n luv ST

        • Yes. Day 7 and suffering. Difficult to swallow and constantly hungry

          • I’m on day 10 and it’s stared to kick in. I’m getting through 2l of water and 5 cups on green tea a day. I think the multivitamin tablets are going to help also

      • the last time I tried to quit I stopped drinking coffee because for me that was a trigger but boy did that hit me hard …..I started smoking again because I could not take it. This time I am drinking one coffee in the morning and tea the rest of the day so that I still get my “fix” and it seems to be helping I am 3 days out of not smoking …..good luck !

      • That is what I did in the beginning because the coffee was making me more nauseous. I am now almost just over 3 mos quit and I am sick again…I just want it to stop. I am tired of feeling like total crap. On the plus side, I don’t want to smoke…lol

    • Omg there is no way to could give up my coffee as well as my smoking! One is enough. I’m on day 5 right now and and I am not sure what is worse the withdrawal from smoking or when I went threw caffeine withdrawals a few years back. I have noticed I can not drink as much coffee as I used to now.

    • imy last drag was on 5th of jan iguess its 6 weeks n i am feels ng chest tightness daily n acid reflux aswell went to doc several time he is giving be acid reduction tums. It feels like hell dont know when its going to endd keep me updated abt ur progress

      • hi tanveer..try to change ur diet and lifestlye. ive eating smaller meals and stay away from acidic will get better overtime.drink lotsa water and probably take up banana after breakfast lunch..

    • Just started my quitting process, I would chain smoke every weekend like crazy and have some here and there throughout the week but always thought I could quit just like that. But it’s the first time where I feel like absolute crap and the only thing that’s different is that I haven’t smoked in 5 days so I’m assuming this is withdrawals from it… I have never felt this ill to be honest, had anxiety all day, shaking, sore throat, headache, and everything feels weak but tense. This is horrible!! And the scariest part is I’m reading that some of you still feel this way after almost a month!! :((

    • penelope says:

      I gave up three weeks ago cold turkey style both ciggarettes and cannabis and have been ill ever since sore tonsal shivers sweats and strong fatigue mouth ulcers really can’t believe giving up could make me so poorly. It’s good to come across this page it makes more sense to me now as I have smoked every day for the last thirty years. Can’t wait to get past this stage

      • I got quitters flu four weeks after quitting and I feel soooooo bad. My throat is the worst and bloody nose, coughing, sore ears. Has it abated for you yet?

    • I had the full quitter’s flu and fell off the wagon. Now that I know it’s normal to feel this way, I will try again. Today is Thursday, and had been smoking three or four since Saturday, and didn’t start to go into withdrawal until Monday, I was was a 2-pack-a- day smoker, so cutting down to just 3 or 4 was a big deal.

      • I quit 3 months ago, and was wondering if anyone can tell me how long I will be feeling so awful??? I have NO cravings, just do not feel well …………..

        • I am exactly on the same boat as you. Hang in there Dee!


          • Jeez me too. I go for long walks then find myself feeling really fuzzy and getting anxiety. Other days I’m just so tired I can stay in bed all day. Ughhhhhh (116 days cold turkey).

        • I am also the same, cold sweats during the day and boiling at night. Its like a really bad flu that wont go away. Im on day 8 and no let off at all. Can any1 help?

    • That’s me plus the caugh.

  4. Today is my 6th day of quitting by Cold Turnkey method without using any substitute or patches. Feeling great despite of some stomach cramps, cold and sleep disturbances problems, everything is going well.

  5. Hi all, just wanted to quickly congratulate everyone who has decided to make one of the most important decisions of your life! I too had been a smoker since I was 14 and decided to stop sucking in poison when I realised I was smoking for more than half my life span! What have I been doing to myself all those years? I’ve now been on complete cold turkey for 6 days now ( both cigs and weed) and can honestly say I wish I didn’t pick up that first cig all those years ago, currently getting a soar throat so am expecting the quitters cold any day now but just wanted to say, yes I know the cravings can be hard at times but just remember they only last for a min or so, keep up the good work people and stay strong, you can get through this’d and live a happy smoke free life

  6. I would like to congratulate all of you. Stopping is the hardest. I have smoked off and on for about 35 years. Unfortunately I am unable to tell if it is quitters flu or not. I had to stop my hormone therapy due to breast cancer. Then I stopped smoking on 1/17. It seams that this may be some yet not all. I have not had any cough until last night while I was sleeping. I know this is it for me. I need to find a new stress relief. I feel better yet I do not like the weight gain!!!

  7. Day 28 today… I’d celebrate but I’ve been struck down with a smoke free head-cold/sinus infection?? Seemingly it’s common enough once you’ve quit, but otherwise have been fine up until this point. Increased speckled sputum being coughed up has only reiterated the damage the passed few years of smoking has caused. I have returned to exercising also which seems to be speeding up the recovery process, I am finally gaining my health back. And so are you… keep up the great work, cravings will pass… and no cigarette smoked will feel as good as being able to take a good deep healthy breath.

  8. Bob McMullen says:

    Day 28 smoke free after 48 years of smoking!!!! I’ve tried quiting quite a few times, longest was 1 month(honestly) and 4 months(dishonestly), You know trying to hide it from my wife and family, but all I was doing was lying to myself, not quiting for me. This time I didn’t anyone i was quiting and I doing for me.. Right now I’m going through flu like symptoms (feeling like holy hell), didn’t know about smokers flu till I read this web site. I know I’m going to make it, cause I’m not going through this hell again! The best of luck all the quitters out there!!

  9. I quit tobacco 2nd of January 2016 after 13 years of at least 20 a day. I’m 31. First 7 days I used the nicotine patches, after that I was introduced to e-cig (BLU) and been on it since. 18mg nicotine e-liquid at the moment, but am going to cut down to 12mg, then 6mg and finally to no nicotine at all. And then quit the e-cig too.
    I’ve been feeling so much better physically, I can smell things that I never was able to smell before. I can breathe better and feeling better in general. BUT I’ve been feeling like crap mentally since. Like having a constant PMS. Also my period was 11 days late. Feeling panicky, anxious and argue a lot with my husband. Oh and feeling dizzy at times and lightheaded. Hope this too will pass 🙂

    • It’s been 5 weeks for me, after 22 years. I feel good about myself that I could quit cold turkey. I’m still having so many problems. Headache, Lightheadedness, tingling in face. I’ve been to my Primary Care, ENT and Cardiologist I’ve had 2 MRIs and 2 CT Scans, X-rays, and I’m healthy. I beg to differ! My head hurt like heck it’s hard for me to stay at work. I don’t know what else to do. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!! any advise. I almost feel as though I would be better off smoking.

      • Christy says:

        Great job at reaching 5 weeks! That’s great!! Sounds like you’ve had the workup. When I have a headache, I usually drink green tea or ginger tea or just bang my head on my mattress. Or, take deep breaths and go in a quiet room….usually makes me feel better.
        I hope you feel better soon. Day 12 of no smoking for me and today I have very bad heartburn and very nauseous. Best of luck to you.

        • john manuel says:

          me too – the same things – i was as a dog for 2 days and still don’t feel too much better but hang in there

      • I feel the same way this flu is so shitty I thought about lighting up but I haven’t trying to make it now.the chills and throwing up is the worst ever what can I drink to not throw up constantly help please

      • How are u doing now, are u still smoke free? I got 18th days smoke free and I got the same syptoms as u

      • @ Help Me please – that’s what the cigarettes WANT you to think. Your post was from earlier last year, I hope you’re still smoke free! 🙂

  10. This is day 8 of quitting. Almost right away I found it hard to breathe, and also have styffy nose all the time. Constant yawning too. Today, my entire rib cage is in a lot of pain. Someone suggested my lungs are growing , pushing on my ribcage!

  11. 61 yo female smoked 42 years and up to 2 packs when i quit 7 weeks ago on Chantix. 15 years ago I had a quintuple heart bypass and a year and a half ago a valve replacement, still did not quit. Now I have after many failed attempts, have never stayed quit more than 2 or 3 days and then I would cheat. I have developed a cold I thought and went to dr 2 days ago, Levaquin and Prednisone again, but now maybe that is not it. It could be this coughers flu. Only thing is that the Phlem is so thick I can hardly get it up/

  12. I’m on day 5 of my second time quitting cold turkey and I feel awful. It truly feels like I have the flu. Cough, hot flashes, tingling in my hands and feet, headache. This is misery. Any tips?

    • Cold turkey is the hardest way to quit never stop quitting .keep up the hard work ,drink lots of water and eat healthy walking is good as well

  13. I quit smoking cold turkey back in November of 2015. I used a Ecig-mod to bridge over, which contained a small amount of Nicotine to ease the pain.

    Jumping over to the Ecig vaporizer, it was very easy and I did not experience hardly any cravings. Although I did get the flu like symptoms but mildly. I started out at 12mg and went down to 3mg. (ecig juice)

    Fast forward to last week. I got sick of the Ecig, and put it down. Shortly after doing this, I came down with the Flu, again! But, this time it was MUCH worse. Extreme chills, lack of appetite, lethargy, you name it. Nicotine is a hell of a drug.

    Haven’t felt better in years though

  14. Hi all ex-smokers, I am on day 30 and as much as I am happy not to stick the poison in my mouth any longer , I experiencing the worse flu like symptoms ever ! My throat and sinuses are so sore and I feel so weak , stayed in bed all day . Does anyone know how long this is going to last ? It’s a complete torture … ?

    • Help I am on day 2 and my throat hurts when I swallow and I keep sweeting. The Nicolette gum stings my throat.

  15. day 3 for me…….this is not my first time trying to quit but this time I really don’t want to smoke. I find that if I confront the places where I would normally smoke and not avoid them it is helping me. I go out on break with the smokers but I drink tea and it feels ok !!!!! surprise surprise….smoker for 30 years…

  16. Thanks for sharing all your experiences. I just passed the 2 month mark after going cold turkey, having smoked 2-3 packs/week over the course of about 15 years (I’d quit twice during that time, a year or two at a time, over other people guilting me into it – but that never works until you accept it & make the decision for yourself, does it now?). Anyhow… no coughs until now!! Went from sinus to chest, but very productive unlike the bronchitis I would ALWAYS get in the past, which made me wonder if this was a belated onset of smoker’s flu. Especially since it hasn’t incapacitated me in 48hrs like bronchitis used to. Thanks for the feedback. I can handle tha hacking if it’s just my lungs trying to recoup – I never have to worry about smelling like an ashtray, or constantly having breath mints on hand, concealing my stash around some people, and all the $ I’ve saved! & the cravings are, like, 95% gone. If this is the worst I get, I’ll take it.

  17. 7weeks today that i stopped smoking and have had this quitting flu twice. Not nice but just proves what smoke actually does to you. Hoping to feel right as rain very soon. Well done to all you guys who have quit too. It’s a long ride but saves money and your life. Good luck to the ones in early days. Keep up the good work and DONT give in xx

  18. That was very, very helpful that was great info thank you so much for that.

  19. DAY 7
    Today is my 2nd day of “flu like” symptoms. My eyes are burning. My nose is stuffed. And I feel like there is yuk in the back of my throat… I “feel” like I have a bad cold…
    I am happy to not have smoked 1 puff in the 7 days… I’m still wanting to smoke for the sake of it but honestly no “real” cravings like yesterday so far-lol
    I can’t wait to leave work and go home and hit the hay for the night!
    Pooped I am…. Feeling REALLY drained… Looking forward to another day of no smoking!
    Today I got paid so I transferred $56.00 into a new savings… That’s approximately the cost of 7 packs of cigs I’m sure I would have smoked… looking forward to reading everyones post daily as this site and all of you are Truly helping me…

    • Just to add-I do NOT have an apetite… And for Lent I gave up Soda, Candy Bars and Candy-hehehe I knew I was going to attempt to quit so planned appropriately-hehehe

  20. I’m on day 11 and i am feeling awful with tightness of the chest and tiredness like i’ve never felt before. My urge for a smoke has well and truely passed. Good luck to all who post on here, a long happy and healthy smokefree life to us all ?

  21. I quit for six weeks as of yesterday and have a terrible cough, I cannot wait for it to go away. Congrats to everyone here for quitting it is not an easy thing to do.

    • I am 45 days smoke free after 17 years of smoking. 1 1/5 pack a day. I don’t rely on patch, those patch are just an excuses.

      I did it because I wanna live longer.

  22. This is my 5th day cold turkey – I’ve tried to give up with patches before and failed, but never cut off nicotine completely. I have such a cold, sinus problem and flu symptoms it’s taken me by surprise. Good to read all of your comments, I’m 41 and I guess smoking for 20 years ish, 10 a day. Encouragement to all, as I know this is it for me, never going back

  23. Sandra Clark says:

    I am in my sixties and smoked for 50 years gave up nearly four weeks ago and I am loaded with flu like symptoms runny nose and headache had not read this blog until 3am this morning and wish I had been told what to expect not feeling any better but mentally can accept it I now have taste and smell back and will keep going,good luck to everyone doing the same

  24. DAY 8
    Hello everyone!
    I definitely need you all 🙂
    Some days are definitely worse than others that’s for certain. I am doing good today as far as no cravings. Mentally I’m pretty shot and probably because I’m so drained with this smokers flu!
    I’m glad I’m not alone on this journey although I do not wish it for anyone….
    what keeps me motivated as far as NEVER smoking again -not one puff is WITHDRAWAL! I NEVER EVER want to go through this again.
    I was a guilty smoker-yep-a pack a day and I’d waste a lot of them. I would guiltily buy like a pack or 2 at a time-
    I should have bought stock ?
    What’s weird is that prior to quitting I’d always thought omg what will I do with my hands? What about after I eat? Or with morning coffee?
    Here’s my truth-after first 3 days my actual triggers were not any of those! Weird I know…
    2 triggers that I hadn’t expected-
    1. My co worker putting on her jacket (we used to go smoke together)
    2. Leaving Walmart(hehe)
    I feel horrid WAAAAA
    I work from 6:30-12 tomorrow so this week 65 hours…
    How are you all doing now? Any interesting triggers or random thoughts???
    Take care and NO smokes!
    I may nap but will check in later….
    Lorie Ann

  25. DAY 9
    My throat feels bad(better than yesterday though)
    RESTLESSNESS-last night again
    My nose is runny(like sinus infection runny)
    Hot and Cold
    No appetite
    I’m exhausted. Wish I could be put In a deep sleep for like a week.
    My eyes are not burning today.
    No cravings today yet
    Todays journey-
    Work till noon-wash car-home – ZZZZZZZ and read, movies and feel BETTER!
    Keep going and add another Day to your NO smoking life!

  26. Lorie Ann says:

    DAY 12
    A good day today. No cravings. Working 11 1/2 hours- picking up kids from Boys n Girls club- then my sons haircut- homework and supper-pick up older daughter from work at 9 pm- prep for bedtime time-then bedtime 🙂
    KEEPING BUSY thats for certain!
    On Day 11 i wanted a cig. BAD-i was really anxious all day long.
    Hope ur all CIG free!

  27. Lorie Ann says:

    Also-flu is getting better- only symptom left is my voice is different and nose a little clogged yet- still restless at night though-

    • Good Job! Happy to know you’re getting better.

    • Hi Lorie,

      glad to know ur getting better..did u had any muscle cramps especially on ur arms during this 3rd weeks of smoking cessation?i had that when i was nearing the 3rd to 4th week.

  28. hey folks..its my 46th day without cigs. i did last time cold turkey for both nicotine n caffeine.i must admit im proud of my current achievement. anyhow my acid reflux seems to getting better..i took smaller meals per day and reduced acidic foods in my diet. as of this moment, i still had my throat swelling in the morning and sometimes i do get dry nose and eyes especially in the mornings. my anxiety has gotten a bit better but it will attack me randomly. had few muscle aches..did some tests with my GP everything is normal except that i had low potassium levels in my blood. doc said the withdrawal of smoking is strong and may lasted months. I have been a smoker for the past 16 years so this is the price to pay for taking up the first cigs (a truly menthol cig lover)… will update my progress weekly.

    • Hi there
      This is only my second day of not smoking although I have been on and off smoking for few months sometimes I don’t smoke for 2 plus weeks then slip up
      I was wondering if it’s normal to have severe heartburn this quickly sooo painful in there
      I also wondered if anyone experienced quite forceful and prolonged palpitations
      Thanks all and congratulations on quitting x

      • I got this I was really scared is it normal ?

        • Animaljeeptj says:

          Hi. I’ve been having horrible palpitations and anxiety. This and I had a tachycardia event is the whole reason I stopped. My cardiologist told me if I don’t quit I was going to have a heart attack. That day I haven’t even thought of having a smoke and I’m on week 3. Starting bp was 148/88 last visit last week was 120/60. I have had the smokers flu for three days now. I wake up in a sweat and heart palpitations along with insomnia. I don’t want to smoke ever again but I hope this flu goes away soon. I also quit coffee and caffeine at the same time. I’ve always rolled my eyes at people that gave me the “you should stop smoking” speech but now I’ve turned into one of those people. So far I’ve been successful of getting 3 family members to quit as well. But they didn’t smoke as much or as long as I have. I’m 38 now and started when I was 22 what started as a “only when I drink smoker” to a pack sometimes two packs a day. I wish I never asked my friend to try one at a party drinking all those years ago. Good luck to everyone taking that first step to the rest of your life. You’ll be happy you did. Just bare through the withdrawals and you’re free from this terrible addiction. And also have a lot more money in your pocket.

  29. Lorie Ann says:

    DAY 13
    WED. 7:12 A.M
    @ WORK 🙂
    OK last night I seemed almost 100% from what I thought was my smokers flu- so wake up this morning and I started sneezing about 10 times then stuffy and runny nose….
    Yep-that’s where I’m at with that… I have no cough though…
    I still do not really have much of an appetite… With giving up Coca Cola, Candy and Candy bars for lent I’m hoping to prevent the “gaining weight” deal. My job is terrible for the junk food department-hehehe… As I said before I am looking forward to running and seeing if there is a difference… Want to wait till actually feel better… I am still exhausted-typically… Short half day at work today-3 dental apt. myself included(EEEK)
    No real cravings although ANXIETY loves to show up every now and then… Yesterday I could have totally smoked-lol- my bf was over and he smokes and so the socializing part of it I do enjoy as well… Lucky for me I hate the smell of cigs. I think I actually like it better now… Weird I know… Friday will have punching bag set up-YAY!
    I look forward to reading ALL your updated post….
    What keeps me away still from smoking one puff is WITHDRAWAL!
    Take Care-
    No Smoking!

    • I posted earlier about banging my head in Scotland. I never wanted to give up because I’m a runner and do 2 miles a day so I have never felt any bad effects from smoking. I had flu 2 years ago that’s about it. So my theory is that running has kept my lungs cleanish. So get out there and use your lungs it will clean the crap out quicker. And yes I feel shit also the light headiness is crap and today I was confused I ordered a good friend an orange juice she has never had an orange juice in her life! But it’s worth it for my children ??

  30. Christy says:

    Day 12 of no smoking, cold turkey style. No cravings but still have the smoker’s cough, chest wheezing especially at night, severe heartburn this morning, and nauseous. I am on my way to work and will have ginger tea once I get there. I am hoping for all these symptoms to go away soon.

  31. The Pandaboy says:

    guys just read Allen carr’s Easy way to stop smoking. In these intense craving times…the guy delivers a masterstroke …The dude is simply brilliant…Its like he switches off something in your brain and then onwards you just dont even think abt it..
    I am 6 days and 12 hrs smoke free. Cold turkey after 7 yrs of 10 a day

  32. Day 7 for me, has been challenging to say the least but I am powering through it and keeping laser focused. Noticed that black speckled phlegm, very gross but glad to be getting rid of it… You realize how horrible tobacco is once you try to quit…

    One thing I’ve learned is that I can NEVER touch another cigarette, to truly keep off of them for good. So many times in the past, I’d figure I would just have a puff, or just one smoke to get over the hump… DO NOT DO IT.. Never touch a smoke again.

    Stay Strong… Mind Over Matter!

  33. Christy says:

    Day 14 of no smoking cold turkey. I feel fine. I still have a little cough and chest wheezing at night but it’s getting better all the time. High hopes this 2nd time around. Was smoking a pack a day on/ off for 20 years.

  34. I’m on day 14 after quitting cold turkey. I smoked for 5 years close to a pack a day, quit smoking for a year and a half and went back again for about 2 months and i’m quitting forever now. I experience wheezing in my throat especially when running, and my sinuses have been congested for the past 2-3 weeks. And after i run at medium-high speed for 15-20 mins i get lightheaded and feel like coughing badly, also feel like my heart rate went higher after 15 mins when workout is done. And definetely dont feel like my lungs take in half as much as they used to when i run. Are this symptoms normal and will the wheezing go away and be able to run more then 15-20 mins without feeling like i’ll pass out?

  35. 153 hours of not smoking

    Smoked about 17 years pack a day

    Don’t know how I made it this far cravings almost gone!

    Starting to feel runny nose and very tired. But saved about 60 bucks so far ?

    I quit for about 2 years about 5 years ago also and I found it a lot easier to quit then .

    I would recommend cuting down how much you smoke first for a few weeks

    That way your cravings won’t be as strong.
    Also get a gym membership and hit that sauna!

    Maybe by doing thies things you can increase your chance of quiting and possibly avoid quittes flue ?

  36. Pamela G says:

    Allen Carr is absolutely genius! Former pack-a-day smoker for 32 yrs. I’m nearly 2 wks. Smoke-free, 5 days nicotine free. Have chest tightness, and intense muscle pain in neck/upper shoulders. Sense of smell is slightly improving. Drinking hot tea appears to sooth chest discomfort. Not liking the weight gain already. Otherwise feeling wonderful especially upon waking. Feel well rested and bright eyed and no more coughing. Stay positive and feel good about your quit.

  37. hv anyone had excess of saliva and aching jaw??im having those and i realize my palms are getting really warm that its even feels warm in an airconditioned environment..

    59days of coldturkey — clean from tar and nico

  38. olumide olawale says:

    I stopped smoking on 1st of january this year,its three months now but am feeling weak and pains in my chest could this be cause by quitting taking drinking and smoking?pls get back to me asap.thank paul

  39. Hi all, I quit smoking 3 days ago and after reading all of your comments it has made me feel a lot better. I already suffer from anxiety so the thought of quitting was very hard for me. I am on welbutrin to help with the anxiety and to stop smoking as of Monday. I was curious if it’s normal this early for my chest to feel extremely tight and my back to be hurting? I do have dry heaves in the mornings as well so of course I’m just a little nervous something is wrong. Any advice is greatly appreciated!!

  40. On day 2 right now, I have been shaky, sweaty, and extremely nauseous. I know I have to do this, but lordy christ is my ass sick.

  41. Crystal Tillotson says:

    I’m on day 89 of not smoking. I’ve been more sick being a non smoker than I ever was when I did smoke. I’ve had non stop post nasal drip, issues with my throat, and I’ve been on many antibiotics and nasal sprays for it. I’m hoping it will all slow down and stop soon! It’s been almost 3 months and I’m tired of feeling sick all the time. It’s been such a pain in my butt! Any helpful tips or tricks to start feeling better?

    • Me too three mounths haed aches body aches still sweating bad taste in my mouth shoulders sore arms i hate it but going to stick it out

      • hey Clayton..i’m having the same. went to ENT and the doc prescribed me with nasal spray. i’m going into 68 days of cold turkey. had bad taste in my mouth (acid reflux??) and sometimes i would sweat and then get a feel of shaky/slight tremors. body aches came after the sweat but it gets milder each day…do you had excess saliva building up with some ache on your jaw?


        • Yes my jaw on the left side hurts and my throat is killing me just had ultrasound on my throat they said its fine but i wouldnt think so

          • Aches and tremmors. Fully clean since st party’s

          • C. Saylors says:

            Clayton~ I don’t know your history, your family history, or your age but with a history of smoking and left sided jaw pain you speak to your physician and have a cardiac work up if you haven’t already, just to be on the safe side. Take care and hope you feel better!!

    • Stick it out… You’ll feel like a different person after the 1st year! I was hospitalized twice with pneumonia the 1st year I quit… It was horrible…. It wasn’t until after that I felt better and perhaps finally normal! Completely detoxed….

      • What sid they put you in the hospitals. For i wounder if that is what i have i have a hard time breathing and its been 10 months i walk around every day with my breathing steips on my noise. Any info woukd be great

    • On day 5 of not smoking after 22 years give or take of quite heavy smoking. On day 4 I started feeling ill, all the symptoms of flu and generally feeling a bit stressed out. I also gave up smoking cannabis which I’d smoked for roughly the same time. What’s really helped me is CBD oil. It’s derived from the cannabis plant but contains only minute traces of THC. It completely stopped my cravings and withdrawal symptoms for cannabis not so much for the (evil) tobacco though! But CBD has certainly kept my mood up and helped ease the difficulties with giving up cigarettes. CBD isn’t in any way bad for you and legal to buy online in the UK. If you look it up online you’ll see that it has many benefits for lots of different problems one of which is anxiety/depression two things associated with giving up smoking. Worth a go if you’re struggling. Good luck everyone. Smoking tobacco is an evil habit that only makes you want more…don’t let it win!

  42. 16 days clean. 33 years old been smoking sense 16/17 easily a pack a day when I quit cold turkey.first few days felt great as if I was healing already. more energy positive attitude toward this great thing I am doing for me and my family. day 14 worst stomach pains ever flu like vomiting cramping bloating… slept 20 hours straight woke up cover in sweat… went to work almost passed out first time ever leaving work due to illness day 15 slept another 18 hours sweat out another bucket eating healthy drinking lots starting to feel myself again… never again.. I love my son so much I want to live.

  43. Been a smoker for 20+ years, decided Mar 21st I was going to quit, slowly cut down to 2 a day, finally today Mar 29th I have not had a smoke.

    Past couple of days I have felt like I have a low grade fever, chills come and go, throat hurts, nose is stuffy.

    I hope this passes soon.

    • I’ve heard it’s smokers flu, I’ve had it 3 weeks and it’s not getting better. I will stick it out if you do ?

  44. Three weeks smoke free after 24 years. Been on champix for 4 weeks fantastic,no cravings. For the first week sweated buckets all night, blocked sinuses for 3 weeks, im tired and ache all the time. Now the cough has started and seems to be getting worse daily. I hope this doesn’t last months I don’t know if I could take it!!

  45. I quit smoking cigarettes new years 2016
    I experienced mood swings but besides that nothing!
    Just recently (3 months later) I have been coughing bad, it been dry and my chest hurts. Sometimes I can cough up white stuff.

    Could it be the pollen or from cigarettes?
    Anyone know?

  46. Hi I quit cold turkey after 34 years of a pack sometimes ok a lot of times more
    : ( I’ve been smoke free for 120 days now after crying and pretty much eating from my bed for the first 2 months and being completely insane I’ve gained 20+ lbs and I am now trying to workout and eat healthy but I feel like I have smoke stuck in my throat ? I don’t know how else to explain it, sounds weird but it’s like I need to exhale smoke but I can’t? Anyone else feel like that or anything similar ?
    Last year the Dr gave me a breathing test lets just say I did Not pass my Dad died from COPD, lung cancer and complications from it 3 years ago and had been on oxygen for years I didn’t want my grandkids watching me die like that so I finally quit. I had tried everything in the past patches, gum, chantix, anti depressants nothing worked I knew it was just going to have to be cold turkey and will power and I know now I’ll never pick up another one! I tell myself whatever happens or goes wrong in my life smoking a cig is not going to change whatever’s going on so why bother?? Good luck to everyone You can make it another minute watch the clock if you need to and then just make it another minute after that…Keep going You’ve come this far you can go farther!!!! ??

    • Thanks, at least I know it will get better

    • Just a note to a kindred spirit of sorts. I am on week 3 of my quit after 34 years of smoking. Seems like cold turkey is the only way to go. We can do this!

    • That’s exactly what I say, Mel…why bother…the problem will still be there & it actually makes u stronger if u know you’re dealing with the problem instead of thinking you’re transferring it, which they don’t have the answer anyway. Well done, this is my 7th day & determined to keep going, although like others have developed this cold/fever/aches & haven’t had s cold for 3 years…lol

    • Mel, In Feb I quit cigarettes after 30 years using an e cig and after a month of not vaping I can almost permanently smell vape way up in my sinus so I know how you feel. Exactly like you describe, it’s in my nose waiting to exhale. I guess after 30 years of abuse it’s going to take my nose more than a few weeks to return to normal, whatever that is

  47. Tinesha says:

    I quit cold turkey February 1, 2016. This was 5 days before my 35fh birthday. I decided to quit because cancer runs on both sides of the family. I have two children. Anyways for 3 weeks now my sinuses are out of order and my throat hurts on the right side. I didn’t feel this as a smoker. But overall I’m just going to keep taking it day for day. But I feel good mentally to know nothing can tick me off to wanna smoke a cigarette.

  48. Jeanine says:

    I quit on Feb 22. 2016 with the patch for 1 month and lollipops. At first I felt like I could run a marathon Now I am crashing hard. Tired, weak, muscle aches, chills, and the most annoying thing is the sensation of having to cough at the top of my lungs. Acrid taste when I cough. Feels almost like pneumonia setting in. My ears are also plugged. My lungs have become musical. They squeak when I inhale. I smoked for 30 years 2 packs a day in the end…. those home rolled cigarettes. I will never go back to smoking. Going to look at this quitters flu like a sign that something good is going to come out of something bad.

    • Hi Jeanine,

      I’m 78 days into cold-turkey clean of cigs. Those that you’ve mentioned were the symptoms of early signs of withdrawal. I had those while in 3rd to 4th week. It will gradually getting milders until it stops. I do feel some weird taste at my throat sometimes, and last week i coughed up black like substance. It gets better afterwards. Just to make you feel better these were the symptoms i faced for the first few weeks to 2months:

      -Chills and jittery (always feeling a bit colder even in non-airconditioned rooms) – gradually wore off after 2months
      -Muscle ache (it will shift to different parts of the body but my shoulders and bicep had most of it, went off after 2.5months into cessation)
      -Cold sweat (will gradually wore off after 1 month )
      -Headache ( had this while going into 2months, went off after a week or two)
      -Teary /bloodshot eyes (starting to have this while going into 2 months, still have it)
      -Sore Throat/Tightness – (1st week until now , but gradually getting better once my ENT prescibed the nasal spray and acid reflux meds)
      -Acid Reflux – ongoing since first week of cessation
      – Fatigue / Weak feeling – ongoing
      -Grouchy/Angst – ongoing
      -Anxiety/Depression – decreased greatly while into 2months of withdrawal
      -Cough – Had it for a week and crapped up some black/yellow phelgm

      Hope this helps! Just stay strong..if the symptoms doesnt get better anywhere between 1-3months, get help from your GP. {P/S}:i certainly did and all the docs told me i’m fine and healthy. :p

      • Hi St
        I went cold turkey Jan 1st had pretty much the same as you anxiety. Pain in lungs tingling in hands and feet not sleeping very well general aches Lethargic and can’t stop crying at times.
        No appetite.
        Please can you give me a little hope that things will get better soon.
        Thank you

        • hi bonnie,

          congrats on a life without those deathsticks. i wud recommend that you have a visit to your doctor and have a full med checkup before assuming its smoke withdrawal. but based on your symptom alone it looks like u’re having bad anxiety..word of advice stop googling all your symptom and trust it will go’re doing fine and you’re body is adapting to life without nicotine. i do realised alot of new and strange things happening to my body every single week(or days)


          • I have not had a cig. for 36 days. I was sick in the beginning with headache, sinus congestion and horrible cough. As of right now I am feeling much better. This has been the best I have felt in four weeks. Its been tough but I will keep plugging along and not smoke.

          • Hi st
            Thank you for replying
            I’m off to ent Monday as doc not happy with lung function. Still feeling tired and sick but on the hole a lot better.
            Hope you are still going strong.
            Again thank you for you support it really helps.

    • Hello,I’m 21 days I feel the same way.Felt better when I smoked in a sense, Also my voice and short of breath, going to doc. Next week everyone scaring me saying walking pneumonia,I haven’t told them I stoped smoking, I’m not sure they know it’s been 29th years lol.Tracy any feedback back?

      • My cough is weird started real deep if I talk to much or do to much I cough on top of feeling like crap.the shortness of breath is pretty scarry I thought stopping smoking I would feel good not sick and low energy and muscle access along with other stuff.It’s been 2 weeks

  49. I’m 16 days and my chest hurts like hell. I don’t have cough but I feel like my chest is burning. Very disturbing. I don’t know what to do cuz all my friend are smokers and I don’t know anyone who has quit. Anyone can help?

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Rei,
      Like you, I also have a burning sensation in my chest but only in my left lung and I can feel it in my back. I’m a 40 year old woman who started smoking at age 14 and smoked about a pack a day until about 3 years ago when I began to notice a pain at the base of my left lung and quit. About 2 months later the pain was gone and I (stupidly) thought I could have one or two cigs on the weekends. Then I resumed smoking daily, about 2 or 3. Then about 3 months ago I’d quit again. Again, after a couple weeks thought I could have one smoke on the weekends. Then it was 1 one day, none the next, then 2 or 3 on the weekends – on and off but could never completely given them up. The one thing I’ve noticed since smoking only 2 or 3 a day is that my left lung has this consistent aching and burning sensation. About a month and a half ago I had a CT scan which came back clear (doc said nothing wrong, healthy lungs). (How this can be baffles my mind.) I (stupidly) resumed having 1 or 2 cigs a day, for about a week, and 2 days ago had my last one (and have sworn to myself to never have another). Yesterday, my left lung (the one in which I’ve consistently experienced this burning sensation and ache) felt fine. Today, the burning sensation and dull ache in the left lung have returned. The only thing I can attribute to the burning sensation you and I are experiencing (and, like you, I also have no cough) is that maybe we are feeling the cilia working to clean out the lungs. I’d noticed that on the days that I’d smoked I felt nothing in my left lung and would experience the burning sensation and dull ache only after NOT smoking for 24 hours or more. While I’ve rattled on and on about myself here, I hope that it may give you a comparison against what you’re experiencing. And if you’re really nervous (as I was – I was panicked), I’d suggest talking to your doctor about it and having tests done (as I did). I’d spent over $600 but the peace of mind was worth it. Also, there are foods/vitamins, etc. that can help repair lung damage caused by smoking – Google it. Keep up the good work in not smoking!!

      • Quitter says:

        Hi Jennifer,
        After reading all of these blog posts, yours resonanted the most with me. I’m 32, had my first cigarette at 14 and was a regular smoker by 16. About 10 a day (sometimes more) for half my life. Last month decided to quit and switch to e-cigarettes. My tonsils swelled up, I freaked out and quit everything cold turkey. Urgent care doctor and Primary Care Doctor said my tonsils were fine after testing me for strept and a number of different things. So, I decided to celebrate my health with a cigarette. Then, it was rewarding myself for not smoking….with a cigarette. So now I’m up to 2-5 a day. However, I’m currently at 36 hours no smoking.
        I agree with your theory that it’s after 24 hours of not smoking, SOMETHING hurts – throat, back, I’m having sometimes having slight difficulty swallowing. So of course, I’m panicked and going to the doctor. I like the idea of a full health work up and extra vitamins.

  50. Bonny1951 says:

    I went cold turkey jan 1st never felt so ill
    Anxiety headaches chest pain not sleeping hot cold and really tired. think the flu part was before new year that’s when I decided to quitt still feel rubbish but no way am I going to give in

  51. smoking about a half pack a day, on day 7 without smoking, sore throat is one of the worst symptoms, fever is on and off, muscle aches come and go as well but joint pain is consistent,never thought quitting would make me feel like this, the first 3 days were some of the best ive had, 5th day is where things started to go bad, stuggling to make it out of bed in the morning. Today is the first day ive missed class purely because of sickness in years, after this i will never smoke again it is not worth the after effects while quitting.

  52. Hi guys
    I’m on 10 months of no smoking and still feel rubbish
    Colds/flu symptoms, hot and cold sweats etc
    Same symptoms as you all
    I’ve had a cold every month since I gave up
    All I can say to you all is STICK WITH IT GUYS

    • Hi claire
      My mum quit in dec and ever since suffering badly with hot and cold sweats they really knock her off her feet. Cannot eat when she gets them and they last for days on end then she has couple days without them then they come back. Is this a normal process as shes had pneaumonia too

  53. I am 54 this year and have been smoking since I was 14. I have decided its time to stop! Am struggling with it. Cold turkey is not easy at all. I have cut back by more than half and have all the symptoms of Quiiters flu! Wow! Its crazy. Aching joints, hot n cold sweats, no energy, breathlessness, coughing and insomnia. My father passed of emphysema and that was in 2004. That wasnt enough to make me quit. Sad really. But now I know its time. I have a huge struggle ahead but I know in the end I will get a few more years out 9f my life? Thanks for all your posts. It is very helpful. Good luck everyone.

  54. Been smoking since I was in Grade 8. I’m turning 30 in two months. I stopped smoking cigs 3 days ago and I’ve been using Nicorette’s QuickSpray 1-2 times an hour with only 1mg of nicotine in each spray. Its helping me quit, and the cravings are getting less and less with everyday, so less sprays in 1 hour, almost down to only 1mg (one spray) an hour. Been coughing a lot, raspy voice from coughing, a bit of light brown/yellow phlem comes up, usually in the mornings, but the cough lasts throughout the day. I feel a bit light headed sometimes but its do-able, and I have not had a cigarette in 3 days, which is a big milestone for me. I love my fiance’ and my toddler daughter so much, which is why I’m quitting. If anyone can quit, you can quit. – Remember, its all in your brain, once you stop, it takes about 1 month for your brain to create new stems and form that smoking habit into a NO smoking habit. Good luck to everyone on your journey. xo

  55. Kiara Ann says:

    Hi guys my names kiara I’m 19 years old I been smoking for 2 years now I know that’s a short period of time but i use to smoke a full pack a day and i decided to quit to have a healthy life style I quite smoking 2 days ago I been feeling sick I can’t sleep I wake up in the middle of the night my doctor prescibed me nicotine patches and there are helping with cravings but this morning I woke up throwing up I been using them as prescribed and i was wondering if this is normal I also feel tightness in my chest and my mouth taste funky and i been wheezing with cold chills and i get headaches on and off and i just want some advice and some moral support thank you

    • Quitter says:

      Kiara Ann,
      Congrats on making the decision to quit. I am 32, have been a regular smoker since I was 16, at about half a pack a day. Keep with your journey, it will be WAY harder to quit after 16 years of smoking than 2 years. I’ve just re-started my quit for the second time. My throat is sore, I’m super grouchy, and but I know I’m going to get through it. You’re so young, I wish I would’ve stopped at 19 – actually, I wish I never would’ve picked on up in the first place! You can quit, stick with it!

  56. Hi
    My mum quit smoking in dec. Ever since shes had awful hot and cold sweats for days on end. They drain her make her very weak cannot eat anything then she had a couple of days without them then they return. Is this a common side effect of not smoking as shes been in hosp with her breathing , had chest infection after infection, pneaumonia.
    When shes has hot sweats her temp etc is all normal.
    Had lots of tests done and all comes back normal apart from her chest infections. Been on few diffeent antibiotics and steroids but still suffering with hot and cold sweats.

    • Hi Sandra, I quit cold turkey last June after many years of smoking like your mother. This will not be easy for her. It’s almost 1 year for me and only feel good right now because of a recent hospital visit in which I stayed for 3 days. I had an infection since I quit. Also steroids 5 times now. No hot flashes though. How old is your mother, maybe she is going through the change? I never expected to have such a hard time. Normally I’m never sick. I’m a very hard worker and that too was very hard for me. I think everyone has a different experience. I’m sure she will be fine but it may take a while. I wish you both the best of luck. Please update how she is doing when you can. I’m sorry that there isn’t enough information on the Internet for people that do quit.

  57. Hello everyone who is fighting the battle to quit smoking!! I have been cigarette free for about a week. eating healthy and getting enough rest is really important. your body is going to be more tired than usual as the nicotine leaves your body. I have been taking a probiotic that I bought at a natural market. and I have been going to bed around 830 every night to increase my immune system. you have to be vigilant every single day about not smoking. and after a few months it won’t even cross your mind.

  58. Hi Kiara Ann, …the tightness in your chest sounds like anxiety. when you start having a craving or when you feel like the walls are closing in take long deep breaths and hold them for 2 or 3 seconds then let the breath out as slow as you can. try to drink as much water as you can to help the nicotine leave your body. the nicotine patch that you are wearing may be too high of a dose for you and that may be why you feel like throwing up. do your homework do your research about nicotine patches and talk to your doctor and see if he can prescribe you the lowest dose possible for a nicotine patch it may just be too much for your body. of course a doctor went to college for his degree but your body is your own and no one knows your body like you do.

  59. I recommend everyone to try a probiotic made by RAW. And and also try oil pulling. oil pulling is using cold pressed sesame seed oil or olive oil or cold pressed coconut oil…use only about half a teaspoon put it in your mouth and swish it around for at least 20 minutes or as long as you can stand it it pulls out the germs and bacteria out of your mouth which will also help prevent respiratory and sinus infections.

  60. we all have to be patient with ourselves and give ourselves credit quitting smoking is not easy it’s really a genuine fight. I’m 36 years young and I have a 3 year old daughter that I have to live for and try to turn back time for. I have to live as long as I can so that way I can try to protect her longer and teach her more because the world is going to be a more horrible place when she’s an adult. and I really miss doing things such as hiking playing tennis and swimming I want to be able to do those things again and especially with my little girl. I know if she sees me smoking cigarettes she will also eventually 1 day probably smoke.

  61. everyone keep fighting everyone keep fighting. cigarettes kill you slowly. the damage that cigarettes do is very gradual. I lost my mother to lung cancer in 2001. the cancer spread to her brain and she died from about 6 tumors in her brain. she was only diagnosed with cancer one year.

  62. our health is the greatest investment that we can ever make for ourselves and for our children. if you do not have good health then you have nothing.

  63. hello everyone,
    I quit cold turkey on the 15th February 2016 after 25 yrs smoking about a pack a day of 10 and then some… I’m 46 next week
    After reading many of the posts i can honestly say that I’ve experienced nearly all of the horrible withdrawals & side effects of not smoking lovely filthy fags,
    oh how I miss smoking fags 🙁
    so, anyhow, i never knew that quitting was going to have such a drastic effect on me physically,
    At first, my smokers cough stopped within 24 hrs, which was very surprising,
    and the cravings and Very Bad Mood eased within the first week or two so all good…?
    NO !
    as the weeks have progressed so I have felt worse with terrible sore throats, really bad indigestion, aches and pains, bleeding gums, breathlessness and coughing up the worst black brown gunk….really bad…which i have to say after nearly 2 months is just starting to improve,
    what have I done…
    so, is there any good news..?
    well, I honestly don’t know
    feel crap and have put on a whole stone in weight…!
    OMG just can’t stop eating, everything… like crap mostly, sweets, chocolate biscuits, crisps, custard filled doughnuts…3 maybe 4 at once…! just always looking for something to shove in my mouth other than a lovely filthy smelly fag…
    im really questioning why I should bother, felt fine all the time i was puffing on lovely fags
    but yes, there you go just remembered the good reasons, my kids, running around the park, remembering what life is for… living !
    Got to say, even now as I gulp in a large lungfull of clean smoke free air with my chest still aching, that i severely underestimated just how physically demanding this is,
    just got to keep on going
    want to have a fag now, feel stressed writing this…aarrhhhh !
    oh well, I’m sure i will feel better for it one day…
    good luck to everyone and keep strong
    and keep looking at all the smokers out there,
    that’s what I do, just want to stand next to them….! So sad….
    quitting has got to be the right thing to do,
    hasn’t it….?
    Yes, we’ve all just got to keep reading the good stories out there and believe that a life without fags is a good life,
    good luck to all

    • hang in there Rob. I’m on day 5 & simply refuse to cave. I lived the first 17 years without cigs and will beat this. I’m 53 and must admit I love to smoke but smoking isn’t a requirement to live. Today my right ear was making noise- I cleaned it upon waking and removed black tar?! crazy!! I have to block out all the games my mind is playing on myself….trying to convince me of the 1000 reasons I need to smoke. Praying someday all this bs with stop & I will be glad I deprived myself of my favorite bad habit! One day @ a time sweet Jesus!

    • Hang in there. I know what you mean by shoving food in your mouth all the time. I eat all of the time. I miss smoking so much during certain times of the day. I almost caved in a few minutes ago but i started reading what all of you out there are going through that I did not smoke. I will not smoke today. Stay strongh!!

  64. I went for a walk on a trail for the first time since I quit 38 days ago. I could actually breath while walking. I’m still wanting one and struggling with mood swings. I get through one day at a time.

  65. I have stopped smoking for 5 weeks now and occasionally use the low nicotine vapouriser tohelp me through. I have smoked for over 50 years. I have been really unwell, sick, tired all the time sore legs bag and chest, headaches, sweats, shaking the list just goes on. How long is this going to last.

  66. Rough weekend wanting one but still smoke free. My digestive system is going through withdrawals. Stomach cramps at times. Its been hard but still I won’t smoke today!! Stay strong everyone!! Happy Smoke Free Monday!!

  67. After smoking 1 to 2 packs a day for the last 27 years I quit smoking with hypnosis on the 16th of this month; I don’t have any desire whatsoever to smoke, no irritable moods, no feeling deprived et al.. However, I have all the physical symptoms of “Quiters Flu”….I’m glad I found this article, because beforehand I thought I was coming down with the actual flu.

    • Congratulation Steve !! I suffered with “Quiter’s Flu for an easy 6 weeks. I have been smoke free since March 12. I started to cut back on my smoking this past December. Quiter’s Flu has come in waves during this jouney of being smoke free. Sinus congestion and coughing were the worse symptoms for me. I am no longer coughing and my sinus congestion had gone away.

  68. Dave Rolph says:

    Dave says:

    It will be 4 years in May since I quit, smoked a pack a day for 32 years, suffered through the quitters flu for the first 6 months along with many other side effects as the toxins leached out of me. toughest one was the feeling of not being able to get enough air in my lungs. I have since learned that they put the cocoa plant in the cigarettes to open up airways so when you stop you no longer have this. Everything is better now accept still coughing up tar everyday

    • 4 mounths here lots of blood work done xrays on lungs 3times 2mris and ultra sound on throat and still in painjoint aches ears and throat and stomache but it all boils down to smoking 35 years is alot of cleaning

  69. Hello, I’ve not had a fag for 4 mths now . I’ve got myself a vapour fag. Must say I probably couldn’t of come this far without it. I’m not dependant on it, buts it’s there when I get a craving. No body ever tells you how bad the withdrawal symptoms are. I must say I feel crap most of the time. I’m more tired now, have awful headaches, sleepless nights. I coughed so much I needed to go doctors. He gave me a inhaler which did help. I find now if I walk a good distance I start feeling breathless. I’m proud I’ve come this far, but do miss having a fag and seems very lonely also now. Must say I’m eating more now too?sue

  70. My family worked on the yard and had a fire. So hard not to smoke while sitting around the fire. I noticed though that I could breath better and the smoke from the fire didn’t irritate my lungs like it use to. I have been smoke free since March 12 of this year. I went through smokers flu and am finally starting to feel the benefits of quitting. Stay Smoke Free!!!

  71. I’ve been smoking for 12 years since, then i started to quit smoking this month 3rd April 2016. After 5 days quitting i started to feel uncomfortable. my hand started to shivering and having a hard time. Then comes Anxiety panic attack, Insomnia, Mental confusion, Vagueness, Irritability, headache, Depression, Heart Palpitations rise all comes at once!
    I even wake up in the middle of the night caused by heart pounding and rush my self to ER. The doctor says it was normal to have this kind of heart palpitations because my body are withdrawing it self. It’s been 3 weeks now i’m glad those common symptoms had faded. But now i started to have flu, cough and sore throat! Feels like never ending. Cough every night and i even can’t use my nose to breathe causes by running block nose. i had seek the 4th time medical attention and finally the doctor gave me some medicine to ease some struggle! I’m hoping this will over soon and started my healthy life style with my family!

  72. I quit yesterday cold turkey. 04252016 I am 35 years old artist from los angeles. I began smoking cigarettes at the age of 17. The only significant memory of some success was in my mid 20’s i stopped smoking because I picked up kickboxing but that only lasted for 6 months.

    I saw this comment area is recent and active and will be coming here for some support.

    • Congrats David!! Quiters Flu is hard but its your body’s healing process. Stay strongh! ! Don’t let the cravings get you down. They do pass. Stay Smoke Free !!

      • Vicki
        .u are awesome. positive..thanks. we can do this!!!

        • Thanks……its been hard but each day I just tell myself smoking is not an option. I have certain times of the day that the cravings are So intense. Especially right after work. That’s the toughest time. But low and behold it passes. I would of felt really stupid if I had caved and had one.

  73. I am on Day 19 of quitting smoking. Today woke up with a bit of tightness in my chest and a small annoying cough. Smoked for several years but decided to quit when I started to not feel good 3 weeks ago. Turns out I had a herniated disc in my neck and it appears I am now dealing with the withdrawal symptoms. Headaches, ears plugged, mild cough, chest tightness. I have also been having major anxiety especially at night. Wonder if that is coming from the fact that I quit?

  74. Hey Mel, yes I feel like smoke is stuck inside and id feel better if I could cough it out. Good luck on your successful journe

  75. OMG Really, this is doing my nut… 3 months in lost a week at work so far due to flu no 2 weeks later again..
    Have stomach issues, throat issue, nasal congestion which i think may be a sinus infection, watering eyes, headaches and cold/hot flushes.
    Realise we have basically screwed our bodies up for a long time by come one where is the light at end of tunnel ie all above states same as i feel too but noone really posts back with on x day of n month i felt goood 🙁 humph so fed up smoking seems really appealing right now

    • Don”t smoke Grid!! You will start feeling better. It just takes time. I was sick for at least six weeks before I started feeling better. If you have caved and had some cigs don’t sweat it. Just drop those coffin nails down the toilet, throw them out your car window, bury them, give them to the homeless guy, you get the picture. Get rid of them and ride out the storm. Stay Smoke Free!!

  76. It has been 67 days since I quit. Has anyone felt a tightness in the top part of their chest? The tightness in my chest has gone away, its like it moved. Any advise

    • I meant top part of back. The tightness in chest has moved

      • Yes! I also have a tingling feeling in the middle of my chest.. It almost feels cool to the touch, like I rubbed A535 on it or vicks vaporub.. Its like a cooling menthol feeling. Im 52 days in with no tobacco.

  77. its been 39 days after i quit smoking and everyday i feel of having a slightly chest pain on the left side.. my hands and feet are tingling… and i have a mild headache… sometimes anxiety hits me specially when night comes.. and my upper back has already in pain.. and every morning when i already done exercising i spit a white sticky phlegm… i imagine that my body recovers.. but sometimes my mind thinking horrible… i smoked since 16 and now i’m 22… is there anyone who has the same feelings like me? i hope we all have a fast recovey… i realized that life is an important blessing for us and quitting smoking is one of the best lesson i ever had..

    • cassey says:

      Larry, i know how you feel.
      i’m expecting to recover from this withdraw as well.
      this is a great lesson for us who smoked in the past.
      life is priceless, and we will fight this thru!

      • We will make it Team. I quit January 30 and have relapsed 3x smoking 2 cigarettes each time and then destroying the rest of the pack . I have developed bronchitis, sinusitis, and allergies apparently . Mouth tasted like metal and sometimes had blood specs in my spit. Had chest X-ray and everything was good but the steroids and antibiotics haven’t seemed to help. Never got sick when I smoked . Pretty sure I was dying until I saw this forum today! I feel stronger and I know I’m getting better! Let’s hang in there !!

  78. DAY ONE: after being on Champix for 3 weeks now, have noticed over the past week. my body is trying to trick me, as my actual day to stop looms closer, my packet of tablets has more in it than it should…soooooo, TODAY is the day, with or without support, I have decided to bump myself off them totally today, …Here we go!!

  79. Treat yourself today!! You have earned it by not smoking!! Take some of that money you didn’t spend on smokes and treat yourself to something. Quitters flu isn’t contagious just unpleasant so go out and have some fun. Stay Smoke Free and enjoy life!!

  80. I really hope this is all my body rewiring but the past 7 weeks smoke-free have been so hard on my system. I was feeling great the first few weeks then all of a sudden when I thought I was in the clear I had racing heart, dizzy feelings, a cool menthol tingling in my chest, zero appetite and aching lower back. Ive also been to the doc and am getting my thyroid tested.. Doc said i was likely hyperthyroid (didnt feel bad before i quit).. So i hope this havoc on my body is all temporary and will sort itself out. Also have been wildly emotional (constanty crying). Will this last a whole year??!! When will it ease up.. (30 yr old female, smoked for 15+ yrs, heavily + pot) i still need the pot 😉

    • Update: i have figured out that the pot was causing the majority of the heart palpitations.. Going to ease up on the greens and see what happens. Might throw my brain for a loop but hey, if i can not smoke cigs.. The weed will be no problem. Here’s hoping. Other symptoms are also alot better today with mimized thc .. Interesting

  81. Grayham says:

    Hi there I started smoking age 16, I quit about 6 months ago, the beginning was hell clearing out the cravings, but I have no problem with quitting as I wanted to do it, I think if you really want to do something you will, well I just for 6 days have been bunged up, sore throat, blacky and greeny flem in the mornings coming out, even after 6 months you can get ill and have a good clear out, good luck to all, you can get through it 🙂

  82. Im 33 years and have been smoking for about seventeen years. I quit 24 days ago and was doing decent until four days ago when i started getting sick. Ive got body aches, headache, watery eyes, jaw soreness, dry cough, and congested sinuses with yellowish plegm. WTF. Right now i am confining myself to the bedroom cause im not really sure if i have a virus or something, and i dont want to get the family sick. I do still have a strong appetite, so that makes me think that this might be the smokers flu that you all speak of. I really like not having the smoker stench anymore, and im incredibly happy about the fact that my buddy down south seems to be doing better. Anyways, best of luck to you all. We can win this battle.

  83. Vicki here…… I didn’t smoke today!! I will not smoke tomorrow!! We can do This!! I have been smoke free since March 12. I have gained 10 pounds. I have suffered through quitters flu. But I will not smoke.

    • Good job Vicki! I’ve gotten fat asf right now but we can deal with that as our body continues to heal!

  84. cassey says:

    Updating my self’s been a month now since i quit cold turkey. 3 weeks of coughing and i still have my tight chest and wheezing.. this can triggered my panic attack because it makes me think too much..did anyone here experienced same as i was?

    • Cassey just keep on motivating yourself that your body will recover after a few months… Don’t think about negative thoughts.. Just have a positive thinking.. Now i’m not totally healed but i know good things will happen.. Just keep on praying too :)) i’m on the stage that i feel better but sometimes i’m not.. Get some run and drink a lot of water… Talking with your friends during night will help you a lot.. I’m from the Philippines and there is no such blogs like here.. Sometimes i feel like i’m the only one who have this withdrawal in our country but i’m thankful that i found this blogs :)) it helps me a lot…

      • Hi Larry! thanks for your strong motivation!
        And also you too, keep in mind that you are not alone 🙂 We quitter all can do it! By the way how are you Larry? feeling any good? I’m doing my best now! :))

        • Larry and Casey, hope you’re both well. I feel so much better after I found this forum today. I discovered I’m not alone and my symptoms aren’t uncommon. Thank you both for sharing!

          • Hi dallas :)) i hope you’ll become better… Just keep on thinking positive things and it will came back to normal… I hope we all here getting a group chats in facebook so we can update ourselves ?

        • Cassey i’m not totally ok.. In every day i feel a mild headache And chest cramps but it will gone in a couple of minutes.. i feel dizzy when i’m in the crowded area and it will gone when i’m in the comfortable place.. My teeth are grinding every afternoon and it came back to normal… I hope it will gone before my birthday :)) 2wks from now i’m turning 23 :))) how are you now cassey?

  85. Help my muscles ache and i feel fluish for a week now…i quit 3 month ago amd im going outamy mind!!

    • 15 days smoke free! I went to the Doc 16 days ago because I was having trouble breathing. I had just gotten over the flu 2 weeks prior. I was sent to the ER by my doctor because my oxygen level was 89. It took 6 breathing treatments and 4 hours in the ER and a COPD diagnosis to make me realize I had to quit. I am now going to a Pulmonary doctor and he found something on the CAT scan of my lungs that had him a little concerned. I will get the results next week. Good luck to all of you. I also have the muscle aches and fatigue.

      • Bobbie Wungnema says:

        Diane. God I hope you are doing better. I quit after the copd and 10 mill nodul finding. I know it’s for my health but I do wish doctors were better at telling you things and more informative.stay strong live long.

    • How are you doing now Chris?

  86. Im on my fourth week of quitting. I feel better in the sense i can breath more easily, don’t use my asthma inhalers anymore and i can excercise without getting out of breath so quick etc. However, my first week i got horrendous flu symptoms (only had one cold in 4 years) and it lasted 2 weeks then seemed to clear up but now in my fourth week it seems to have returned, but this time i have horrible nose congestion through the night and constant nasal drip through the day (it is literally non stop, where does it all come from?! Haha) my throat also keeps swelling up and i get all the muscle aches etc too. Anyone got any tips for congestion? I have tried sprays, tablets, chilli, turmeric, cayenne pepper, the lot but nothing eases it, i can’t get a good nights sleep because of it.

    • Scotty Mac says:

      Hi, Jenny! I have had some success using “Alka Seltzer Cold/Flu” gel tabs for the respiratory symptoms at night. Also, just popping an Advil during the day helps with the sore throat I have been experiencing since going cold turkey recently. Careful you don’t use or overlap Advil with an over-the-counter cold med, tho, as you could wind up with too much acetaminophen in your system. I hope you are continuing to rock this!!! It’s gonna get better!

  87. Vicki here……I have had muscle aches all last week. My throat gets tight with wanting a smoke but I will not smoke! I have gained some weight. Ugh!! I am going to eat better this week. I can’t keep substituting food for smoking. Have a Happy Smoke Free Monday!!

  88. Lica Jobse says:

    Lica from South Africa. It has been a week now after smoking for 25 years… I only get headaches i the back of my neck. I have no cravings for smoke and if I do smell it or see it I feel sick. I am so glad that I made this choice and what really helps is that me and my hubby started this together so that does help a lot having him with me for support and being there. Truely blessed and happy with our new way of life. Blessings

  89. Andrea Bromley says:

    Its 20 days for me now and I will never go back to it but at the moment feeling worse than with the cigs. Breathless, aches and pains, insomnia, exhaustion. Just hoping it will improve soon. Have been very dependant on an ecig and peppermints. The thing thats driving me mad is a sore mouth and tongue. Is that smething anyone else has noticed?

    • My mouth and tongue got sore also. Sucking on ice cubes helped me. Also drinking ice water helped. Stay strongh!!

  90. I quit smoking last Nov. I’m 60yo and started smoking at 13 and steady at 16. I have severe copd but was able to get around ok and could ride my Harley. Since last Jan. I have been to the Lung Doc. 2 times and the emergency room 1 time with short breath. I’m still coughing up phlegm that’s looks like cigarette tar. I’m starting to think that I’ll never get back to my baseline before I quit. I did have my bike out this year, but after I backed it out of the garage I had to sit awhile and catch my breath before starting it. X-ray and Cscan show no new damage. Next week is a new PFT test, we’ll see then. Sometimes I wish that I didn’t quit. As long as I’m sitting I can tell that I’m exhaling and inhaling more air but when I start to do something I get winded. I guess that is somewhat of an improvement. I was getting winded just sitting or talking for awhile. Has anyone else had these things happen to them?

    • Good for you Howard for being so brave by quitting smoking. I quit March 12 2016 and I still get breathless. Its not as bad though as It was when I smoked. Your body is better off without the cigarettes. Even if your mind and body is telling you different. Stay Smoke Free. You will keep healing and breathing deeper and better.

  91. Hi vicky we are almost the same of quitting schedule… I quitted last march 21… CongraTs for being smoke free in 2months :)) there are times that i feel headaches and shortness of breath..But now i can handle it :)) how long have you been smoked?

    • Hi Larry. I have smoked since I was 22. I turned 50 In February. I think that’s what have motivated me to stay smoke free. I smoked a pack a day. I quit a few years ago but it didn’t stick. I feel more passionate about quitting this time around. Time to grow up. I still am pretty healthy and I want to keep it that way. Good luck to you Larry. When are some of your tough times to want to smoke during the day?

  92. Hi Guys, I wanna share something that can improve us after quitting smoking :))
    1. Consume antioxidant-rich foods such as :
    Blueberries, broccoli, spinach, grapes, sweet potatoes, green tea, and fish in particularly are high in anti-oxidants.
    2. Exercise Learn to breath efficiently as:
    Breathing from your diaphragm, as opposed to breathing from your throat, will help expand the capacity of your lungs and make them stronger.
    You can to sit on a chair with your back straight, and lift your arms above your head while breathing deeply.
    Or go take a jog in the park for 30 minutes in the morning or after working hours in the evening.
    We can improve guys! Just be strong and speak your mind! :))

  93. chris hankinson says:

    59 year old 45 year smoker here, I was hospitalised 12 days ago after collapsing due to shortness of breath. I spent 4 days as an in-patient and have had no cigarettes since. I feel lousy, flu like symptoms, constant blocked nose, coughing, spluttering etc etc, but you know what? I will never go back to smoking, the sheer terror of not being able to breath has made sure of that. I’m back at work on Saturday so hope the fluey symptoms subside.

  94. mesomom says:

    I’ve not had nicotine for three weeks. I was not prepared for how sick I feel. My mouth and tongue are raw and sore and tingly and nothing tastes good, but I’m hungry a lot. I gained 6 #s already. My stomach is so bloated my clothes don’t fit and I feel fat and miserable. I am light headed and have poor concentration. I feel unsure of myself and my actions. My face is all broke out and red.
    I only smoked about 7-10 cigarettes a day for a number of years and I got a virus and then bronchitis so I quit cold turkey. Not sure I should have done it this way, but I am 100% committed-I will never smoke again! I am not having real bad cravings just this awful sickness. When will I feel better? Someone please tell me it will be soon.

    • Mesomom……. Vicki here……it will get better. It may take longer then three weeks though. Your body is healing and it also wants nicotine. It will be a uncomfortable process to heal and learn to live without the smokes. Weight gain happens. I’ve been smoke free since March 12th. I have gained weight and at times felt horrible. I will not smoke though and finally I’m feeling some positive signs in my body.

  95. I honestly thought I was dying. I had not researched anything about quitting before I threw my pack away. I was laying on the floor with my three year old son a week ago watching TV and just felt…defeated. I didn’t want to die because of something I am actively doing to myself day in and day out. A pack a day and cold turkey…and holy hell I feel like I have been kicked in the chest, my lungs are on fire and I feel tired and irritable. I thought I was coming down with something until I found this site. Suffer through it…I got it now…

    Anytime I get a craving I look at a photo of my kid and go for a walk around the block….its working…so far…

    Good luck to you all!

  96. I’m 47 years old started smoking at age 11 and a steady habit of a,pack every two days until I hit 25-30 which was a pack a day easy. I’ve tried quitting g several times the past 4 years but could not kick the morning coffee house where I’d do my morning habit of coffee and a cig. I’m now finally on my way in my 4th week of no smoking. I started off with chest pain and noises when breathing. Then the chunks started coming out of my lungs yellow brown color the chest pain went away after a week and the hacking and wheezing is getting less but now I’m hitting the flu like symptoms. Hot flashes, fatigue and have to push myself for energy. My tongue color is back to red instead of brown and food is tasting really good. I got to be careful not to gain anymore weight. Just thought I’d share my symptoms. Oh and I’m really moody hot and cold like a Rollercoaster.

  97. I’m just going into week two of being smoke free, I’m finding the best way to deal with the symptoms are plenty of fluids and exercise. We just have to ride it out, the stuff I’m coughing up is more than enough to keep my mind focused on not having a cig! My GP has also advised me that the more you think about the symptoms the more they will show (placebo effect) and being ill is a part of the healing process. A few things I have found really helpful, write down the pros and cons of smoking (no pros for me) and keep them on you for when the cravings become unbearable, remind yourself you are extending your life, stay away from situations that tend to encourage smoking such as drinking alcohol (my worst temptation to smoke), place the money you would normally save in a jar I’m currently at around £140 (20 pack a day)! Good luck to everyone and keep the positives in mind.

    • Having a rough time. I honestly don’t think about nicotine very much but it seems I think about how lousy I feel everyday. Reading some of these positive comments really seems to help. I’m trying not to focus on my newly developed allergies and lingering cough and instead focus on what is better since my quit date of January 29: the metallic taste in my mouth is gone, my tongue is red again, no blood in my saliva and I have saved a lot of money. I went to GNC yesterday and got something to boost my immune system and am also going to start taking Vitamin C. If the GNC stuff helps, I will definitely share that information.
      Hang in there everyone: One Day At A Time!!!!

    • Keep up the good work Dallas. I am on Day 26 smoke free.

  98. Vicki here……trying to stay positive. At work we had to park in a different parking lot then we normally do. Its futher away from our building. In the past I would get breathless walking the distance. Not yesterday!! I will not smoke today!! I didn’t smoke yesterday and I won’t smoke tomorrow!!!

    • Glad to hear Vicki! Keep it up. I’m at 4 months and actually walked 6 laps around a track today. I didn’t set any speed records but it felt pretty good. I think I can deal with everything but the cough is really annoying. I don’t know whether to take something for it or not. I am using Halls lozenges as someone recommended and am taking Robitissin which calms it down. Quitting is not for sissies but we got this!!!!!

      • I can walk further without being out of breath…I just find myself wanting and missing a ciggerett….Maybe its the summer weather…I used to love to smoke outside when the weather was nice and warm…I just need to find other activities to do outside….Like exercise…Someone suggested to color in one of those coloring books…

        • I know exactly what you mean. I haven’t been able to enjoy sitting outside on my deck which doubled as my smoking spot. It’s ok to miss Vicki but you’ve come to far now!! Stay strong!

  99. Been just over a month, using diet and exercise to help with the transition. Able to jog more and more. Got hit with a terrible sinus infection, which may have been the quitters flu. But I can’t seem to shake the sinus congestion or chest tightness. Is there anything I can do?

    • Hey its Vicki…..My doctor recommended muscinex for chest and sinus congestion. If its quitters flu it will eventually loosen up. Just takes time. Good for you being smoke free!!! The medicine also helped me through quitters flu…

      • Thanks for being so attentative! I took some mucinex. The tightness feels like soreness, i think due to using muscles I’ve not used before. Should’ve taken it slower but I found it easier just to dive on in

  100. Been vaping for the last couple of years. I was off everything for 7 years before that but had a terrible breakup. The vaping had ‘devolved’ to smoking the last month and before I knew it I was back to square one. Started waking up in the middle of the night to have a smoke. Not acceptable!! I have had many kicks at this cat over the years. I am on Day 4 of Cold Turkey and I must say that this is the first time that I have felt this lousy…feels like flu- sore joints, the runs, intermittent chest tightening, no energy. Just sleep and eat. Googled Smokers flu and found this website. Good know I am not alone, but this is the first time I have ever had these kinds of withdrawal symptoms.

    • I feel you Peter! Hang in there. I’m 4 months in with nagging cough, congestion and my latest symptom is no appetite. Has anyone else lost their appetite at this stage ? I refuse to google symptoms anymore. I know it’s a part of the cleansing process but I’m so over it!!!

      • Dallas…. Vicki here….I haven’t lost my appetite but my stomach occasionally gets upset. My digestive system just feels off some days. I did Google this and it said that your system has to get use to no nicotine…Fun Times!!!

        • Hey Vicki,
          I think all of my systems are off, respiratory, digestive, everything. I’m using multi-symptom Mucinex for the congestion and cough. I am sick of the cough over everything. It has come and gone several times over these 4 months but is hanging around longer. I think that is what scares me the most. I don’t want to do a year of this. Sometimes I cough up phlegm and sometimes I don’t but I’m tired of coughing and sinuses are all blocked so that is making it worse!1

          • hey dallas,
            im also at 4months plus of smoking cessation. having really bad coughs with phlegms. doc told me could be my got so bad that i would cough day and night with some running nose.probbly cos i had this while being a smoker but cigs tends to mask this illness.another thing i do realise palms are really warm..if i hold someone..they would said that my palms are warm and asking if i might be burning up?have y’all folks face this?


      • Thanks Dallas. Well, I have survived… 🙂 It’s been absolutely crazzzy…the mood swings have been off the chart, and the bouts of mental confusion…being unable to think anything through has been wild. I am convinced now that having an unlimited source of nicotine being delivered to my system via vaping for the last 2 years has only served to increase veracity of my addiction to nicotine. There has been a cold empty gnawing in my guts that lasted for days on end. I almost phoned my doctor because I didn’t know whether nicotine withdrawal could be harmful if it was too intense.It has just subsided in the last 2 days. I want this monster out of my body. Today I feel like I washed up on the beach

  101. I am on my 2 month 6 days smoke free now, had a roller coaster ride since 2nd week quit cold turkey. In 2 month i feel worse after that i feel it’s getting better. but no cheers for that first, it still coming on. Sudden mood swing, Sad, Depression, headache, join and muscle pain, especially my back and chest. It come and go in a sudden. I sleep well after last 2 month, but yesterday i woke up early 4 in the morning with tired and lousy feeling. My eating are getting better, but i do control my diet, everyday practicing deep breathing, walking exercise, eating tomato and dark vegetables everyday. drink botanical tea mix with ginger. breathing was good, the only thing is my upper chest sometimes get heavy in a sudden.
    Just wan’t to wish you guys good luck and hang in there, we can make it!

  102. It has been two months, i have stopped smoking. I am MA students, its really tough though i fight with the situation. I m not okay with my left lung as it hurts s.times. And my throat is itchy, during night i can’t breath well. OMG! I well never ever smoke again

  103. Well, today was my third day without a smoke. SO glad i decided to go looking for “after quitting” symptoms! I had never heard of smoker’s flu, but I sure do have it.
    I decided to quit because I was waking up in the middle of the night feeling like a fish out of water. Every time I would smoke, it just became a coughing session.
    I’d look at the cigarette and literally ask myself “Why do I keep doing this?”
    About a week and a half ago I woke up to go to work and was having a real hard time breathing. There were some fires in Canada, (I am in Wisconsin) and the news said some people shouldn’t even be outside. I went to the urgent care place and they took x rays and said I had the beginnings of emphysema. A week later, here I am :-). I quit drinking cold turkey on New Year’s Eve Y2K. I WILL do this!
    the doctor at urgent care even recommended that I try to “cut back”. Maybe HE needs to learn some stuff! I could tell right away that that was no option.
    Thanks to the terrific people that care about us and take the time to put these sites up! Your efforts ARE much appreciated!!!

  104. Hey guys, crickey. I got myself a throat infection so smoking became very difficult. Had my last cigarette last night round 8pm and I ended up waking up with cold shivers. Had to get up and run a hot bath. When I woke up, I felt like I had a panic attack, stuggled with breathing and cried and cried and cried. Then I realised it’s withdrawal AND actually being sick. I feel awful!

    • Without those moments, no one would quit. Times like that build strength and resilience. Get pissed off and use it when the next craving hits. Strap in for a roller coaster ride though. When you feel it’s hopeless just remember, you are no different than anyone else who quit.

  105. Been a week for me since i quit….How long will these withdrawal effects last???

    • First week is the toughest… to be honest, it was all a blur and I can’t remember much other than surviving the day. It does get easier, that I promise. Week 2 was easier physically, but just be cautious of stress and reverting to old vulnerable habits. It’s all in your head at that point. Talk yourself through them, think about a loved one, or who you will be when you’re not smoking…whatever, and after about 5 -10 minutes, you’ll be alright.
      In another week or so you’ll find yourself busy and then it will hit you…”I haven’t even thought about smoking”… those are the moments that get you through the tough ones.

    • Hang in there Marie! I’m at 4 months and have just started feeling a little better. Some people say theirs lasted a year so buckle up! I know it will be well worth it eventually . I lost a dear friend last week to a heart attack who was a heavy smoker. His death is making me determined to stay smoke free! You can do it. Take it one day at a time!

  106. Hey ST, it sounds like we have some of the same symptoms. I have allergies and sinusitis which does make me cough a lot. The extra strength mucin ex cough and congestion really helped. I’ve taken it for 2 weeks and the last couple days cough has been improving! I found a combo allergy and sinus medicine I’m trying now thinking it will help with face pain and watery eyes. I have not experienced warm hands but nothing surprises me! Hang in there as this too shall pass!!

  107. Chris Laport says:

    On day 10 of cold turkey quit. Stress still brings on cravings in a big way. Hoping this symptom will abate soon. I have found a meditation app, (OMG, I can meditate!) quite helpful. I believe I can do this!

    • You can do it Chris…It is hard because everything was turn new in a sudden..Same as me, on my first week i was feeling ill and crazy as shit! Never knew i’v been smoke free almost 3 month now and i can see a light through the tunnel. I’m so glad that i can go this far, and i would definitely not going to smoke again! Hang in there Chris!

    • Hi Chris., what is the meditation app you found? Im on dqy 2 of no ciggarettes and made it to this point through zyban…not ideal but its helping to regulate my moods and enabling me to not even have cravings. Ive tried patches champix 3 times but in the end it is a state of mind that I had to get to. I would like to learn to meditate as I think it will be a good tool long term to deal with stress and cravings..thanks


    • I know how you feel Caligal! Just get ready for a bumpy ride. It sounds like you’re experiencing the early stages of Quitters Flu. Just stay strong and know some days will be better than others, but in the end, you are doing the right thing for yourself and your loved ones. It’s not easy but I know it will be worth it!!

  109. Thanks everyone. I didn’t know about Quitters Flu until i found this blog. Went cold turkey on May 26, now it all makes sense! I’m coughing (forgive me) “chunks,” my voice is cracky – sound like I’ve got laryngitis and my throat hurts. Funny thing is i feel fine. No fatigue like i work get when i have the flu. I’m chalking it up to this all being part of the healing process. Thanks for the tips and tricks: Mucinex and herbal tea
    What’s been working for me is to have an ample supply of gum with xylitol instead of sugar. I’m chompin it everytime i get the cravings.
    I go to the gym and do cardio just to get my lungs activated. It’s been helping a lot to force my lungs to work for themselves.
    I got a 90 minute massage to reward myself and a pedicure from a nail technician who does reflexology on my feet. When she pushed on my foot the area associated with my lungs i would cough -that’s not a bad thing. Any way i can get myself to purge my lungs, the better. It all makes sense that kicking up these toxins will have a residual effect and the flu- like symptoms are the result, but in the end worth it.
    Took my first hit of a cigarette when i was 12; I’m going to be 45 -coincidentally on my quit day.
    Good luck to all of u. Keep fighting the fight. I’m going to try to do this. It’s really hard and easy for me to relapse.

  110. So far do anyone experienced swollen lymph node on the neck after quitting? Kinda strange after quitting for 2 month 3 weeks and i got this on my right front neck, just below my jaw. it’s been there approximately for 2 month.
    Is it anything to do with quitting smoking? Had anyone experience the same symptom? I wen’t to ENT for check up and the doctor did say it was an infection and there was nothing to worry about. But the sore sensation that keep running thru my right neck and also the back of my neck keep me irritate. 🙁

  111. I am SO glad that I found this site. If I, no scratch that, WHEN I get through today, it’ll be 13 days with no cigarette. Today I have been experiencing severe nausea and heartburn, and a bit of a sore throat. I wasn’t real sure if these were common side effects. I do feel really run down, but am going to keep on trucking along. It’s been a long time since I really tried kicking this nasty habit, but I vow to be around for my girls for a REALLY long time. to all those that are struggling…if I can. You can quit too!!

  112. Hey guys just an update to everyone… I’m on 3months and 1wk since i quitted smoking… One thing i realized that 90% of the physical pain we feel is all about anxiety… Our brain release stress when we overthink that’s why it connects into physical pain like shortness of breath, dizziness, muscle pain, chest pain and many more… In 1wk of practicing my subconcious mind some of the pain i feel was gone.. Our subconcious mind tricks us so in my opinion try not to worry… Is it true that mind over matter :))) i hope my words will help you guys :))))) just keep on praying too… God is with us.. Every pain reminds us a new lesson 🙂 Godbless to all 😉

  113. Milomir says:

    it’s been 28 days since my last smoke and i had two 2-day “colds” in a 10 day period
    it’s better now, caughing alot tho

  114. Melissa says:

    I’m day 3 of no smoking. Had my last smoke on July 4th and I’m going cold turkey. Been a smoker for 12 years and it’s kicking my butt. I’m only a few days in and the cold/flu symptoms are dominating me. Also been off work for those days so I’m hoping once I hop back into the kitchen it’ll take my mind off everything.
    Anyone have advice to cure this “flu”?

  115. If i had a like button here i would like to give a thumbs up in each comment everyone of you had shared through your personal experience. From the first day i had quit and keep coming back to this forum for more motivation for my self. It’s been 3 month and 8 days now since my last cigarette, and i had do well. Keep update your self in any situation guys! Sharing is caring 🙂 By the way, you can practice subconscious with a little Mozart music in your background. It truly will give you a piece of relaxation mind. Don’t worry so much, and keep praying. Goodluck guys!

  116. Hi Gang, hope everyone is staying strong with your quit. I finished 5 months and so many of my symptoms are gone, but the cough is hanging around and annoying me. Sometimes I cough up phlegm which I know is good but other times it sounds like a barking seal. I guess my question for all of you is should I be taking mucinex. I took it a couple weeks and then read that you shouldn’t take anything do I stopped but my cough hasn’t. Some days I barely cough and it seems worse on days when I walk. I’m trying to get more exercise so it seems the intensity had increased. Ideas or suggestions???

  117. Help!! I from off the wagon.. Recently my mom has gone into a nursing home with hospice care. Its been a very horrible month watching her get weaker.. My stress level went through the roof. I need to get back on track being smoke free. I had quit…Now for the past few weeks I have smoked. I need to make a new quit say and go back to being smoke free. I feel like such a loser..

    • Randy C. says:

      Hi Vicki, I too fell off the wagon after being totally off cigarettes for nearly 6 months. The circumstances that led to my “backslide” were very similar to yours. I went back to smoking, and remained so for 3 months. Just quit again 6 days ago and determined to hang in there this time. Praying for you and your mom.

      • Thanks so much for your prayers. I am going to go back on the patch.. I feel disappointed in myself.. This has been a very sad and rough summer.

  118. Randy C. says:

    I felt the same disappointment, Vicki. I understand…… Give yourself the credit you’re due and don’t give up. You’re strong …. YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL in beating this. What you have been thru would have broken nearly anybody.

  119. Vicki I put the patch on. I will be smoke free!! I want to do this! I can tell the difference in the way I feel from just going back to smokes for the last few weeks.

    • Randy C. says:

      Vicki, Which strength patch did you put on, 21, 14, or 7mg ? Since it’s only been a few weeks, you may be able to start out with the 14 mg and do fine….. at least that is how it was with me.

      • I went with the 21mg…I have the 14 but felt better wearing the 21mg.. Had a good day. I’m back on track.. I don’t want to be a smoker. I feel so much better not smoking. One day at a time.

        • Hey Vicki, Don’t be so hard on yourself . You got this!! Stay strong and motivated . Sometimes life gets in the way. Quit beating yourself up. You know what to do and how to do it so let’s go!

        • Randy C. says:

          Vicki, As Dallas says…… time to move forward. You will beat this thing.

        • Randy C. says:

          Vicki…..Randy C. here. How are things going with your quit ?

  120. Steve Williams says:

    I quit recently as well. On off with chantix then just decided I’m done so I quit cold turkey. I will save my health for later on in life, money savings, the stink gone, I can breathe again etc,etc. Withdrawals started as cranky no mood for small talk,then that subsided. Then came the heartburn although there, it was mild compared to what I was used to. Then the heart palpitations when I was exercising got worse from what I was used to as well. So I stay active to try and overcome these things. Now I have the flu like withdrawal symptoms and am home from work researching what’s goin on with me. I do know this, I will never! I mean never! put that crap in my body again! I want to live a clean healthy life for the rest of my life! I have also cut way back on caffeine as I was told is a big contributor to these occasional palpitations I experience. God willing my heart stays healthy. Good luck and hang in there everyone.

  121. Thank you for your comments. I am 4 months smoke free after 16 years of smoking. Feeling sick on and off. Some days I feel like giving up but reading your comments help!!! I need to start feeling better soon. School starts in 3 weeks (I teach 6th grade) and I need to feel better!! Had a bad weekend. Stayed in bed with severe congestion and hot flashes. At 52 I know in the long run this is so good for me but I hope I survive getting through this!

    • Hang in there.

    • Good Luck this school year Cindy! This will be my first year that I’m not sneaking outside between classes or during lunch to smoke. Now I will be actually able to smell the smoke on my students clothes when they sneak out!

  122. Codders says:

    THe biggest incentive to quit for good is the thought of having to go through the withdrawal symptoms again. Good luck all

    • I agree with you Codder. I’m going on my 7th week cold turkey and I always keep it in the back of my mind the things I went through the first few weeks of quitting. I don’the want to go through it again.

      • Hi George, Could you be more specific about what you went thru the first few weeks ? I really would appreciate it.

        • Hey RC, thought I could tell you what I went through the first several weeks: taste of metal in mouth, blood in spit, cough which was apparently bronchitis , ear infection, sinusitis and allergies. I’m nearing 6 months although I did cheat a couple times early on, and most everything back on track except for lingering cough that finally seems to be clearing up. You might experience all of this or none of it as each of us has our own unique experience. What we will all share is a healthier and happier lifestyle. Best of luck!!

        • Hi RC. I am still going through my withdrawal symptoms but I do notice that they are gradually going away. It’s funny that my first two weeks of not smoking was a breeze. it seems like nothing is happening. Then came the third and fourth, the worse. I started feeling bloated, chest pains with shortness of breath. This scared me to a point that I took myself to the ER twice. I had not idea what was going on. Blood works EKG and CT scan were all fine. The doctor asked me what have I been doing. I told him I quit smoking. He congratulated me and told me you are going through withdrawals. I must add to the anxiety…really terrible. What I do to ease things, drink lots of water continue eating even if I don’t have the appetite and talk to someone. I find message boards like this very helpful. Hope this helps out. Hang in there! We can do this!

          • Thanks George for you detailed reply and encouragement.

          • Hey George, the water has really helped me a lot too. I’m trying to cut back on Dr. Pepper and so I increased my water intake. I don’t want to get too healthy too quick though! Lol!?

  123. Hey Everyone…. I forgot to mention that my doctor prescribed me a 30 day supply of Advair. As I understand it, this is a drug (inhaler) commonly used by people with asthma. He said it would help get me “over the hump” while my lungs were recovering. Anybody else heard of this ?

    • I though a couple of times that I felt like I needed an inhaler. Thankfully, I’m over that part of the withdrawal but if it helps you, pump away. I was given Flonase which made me feel loopy. Hated it and quit using it!

  124. I am trying to beat this addiction. I am seeing my mom today. Its hard seeing her so weak. I am going to wear the patch and try to stay strong mentaly, physically, and emotionaly.

  125. July Jones says:

    Thank you all for these wonderful posts. I quit a couple of days ago and I am feeling horrible! I have the worse sinus problems, headaches, sweats, and the like. It hasn’t been fun but I am almost happy to have all of these symptoms because I can really see what damage I’ve done to myself by smoking for years. Thanks again for sharing! We will do this!

  126. john loasby says:

    Well everyone, here is my story. And without offending anyone I am going to probably say what some of you are it all worth it? Been smoking for 45 years and because my wife gave up sometime ago I felt a cad watching her take in the stink and wash my ashtrays so I finally simply went cold turkey..that was March 1st this year. You know my grandfather smoked until he was 98, I gave him is last ciggy! Look at Nice in France. People get run over by a madman in a truck..when your time is over and all that!! Regardless of whether you smoke or not! Terrible affair that was. and so are many other things going on at present.
    And here is my point. To cut a long story short, over these past 4 plus months I have been quite sick and gained about 40lbs. Had major gum surgery and was actually told that smoking does inhibit the growth of gum disease(or rather hides it) Had to spend about $20,000.00 on this extensive gum surgery and crowns galore as I felt my teeth were coming out. Headaches all the time, now getting sore throat and feel like I have the flu but just don’t have it and godammit I miss a ciggy.
    Here this gurgling in the back of my breathing is rapid, have sort of panic attacks at night and never had such high blood pressure… I am seriously wondering what the heck is happening to me but I promised my wife I would not go back to smoking but I am seriously wondering now………….I just have to do some sort of excersize but feel tired and listless and actually have never felt this awful in my life………………so I am just wondering what this is all about? I know we are all told this is the best thing you have ever done but truly is it? As I am feeling really bad and don’t quite frankly know what to do about it.
    Rant over…………………………enjoyed finding this board and hope I have not offended anyone, this is not my purpose. Just feeling real bad, and would you believe it very unhealthy…………………..ironic isn’t it..never had a single problem before?

    • John, I’m not offended at all and totally understand where you’re coming from. I never go to the Dr. but went twice during my first 4 months. I wanted to feel better immediately, emotionally and physically but apparently that’s not how it works for some of us. All I can tell you is to hang in there! I believe it’s going to be worth it in the long run. After 6 months, I finally feel like a better, healthier version of myself. Please don’t give up. I know it’s tempting , but you’re doing great John. Your Dad was truly blessed, and I’m sure your wife would love you to be around that long as well!! Don’t give up!!!

  127. It’s been one month today….and instead of celebrating….I had to talk myself out of dialing 911 twice. Haven’t felt good all day, but I think it’s anxiety related. 1/2mg of lorazepam and a little deep breathing has started to help. Taking one hour at a time at this point in the day.

    I was actually doing well until I woke up on the 25th day with a fever, sweats, joint pain, dizziness, scratchy throat, and a nose that started out running…then clogged up completely. Haven’t felt well since. Hanging in there…barely.

    I wanted to mention also that I put Vicki in my prayers as well, I hope you’re still here Vicki. I have been following your comments in “support of others” all throughout this thread and when I read that post on July 11th I couldn’t help but feel my heart breaking….Please don’t give up and hang in there!

    Best Regards,



    • Hey Steven, Vicki has been in my prayers as well. Funny how I keep coming back here to check on everyone. This was a godsend for me so I hope I can be a help for someone else! That Quitters Flu sounds like it got you pretty good. I did and still do a lot of deep breathing exercises which someone suggested. I take a deep breath and say the alphabet twice in my head then exhale. I do that 10 times in a row and it has helped. I say the alphabet really fast though!!! Take something to help you breathe and knock you out before bed . NyQuil worked for me and eased the anxiety also. Good Luck!! You got this!!!

  128. Hey Dallas, In your previous post ( July 8th ) you mentioned that you had found a combination allergy / sinus medicine. Please share with us what that was. The usual stuff like Allegra, Claritin, Zyrtec…. are all but useless, at least for me. Anybody else found a “winner” for controlling allergy / sinus ? Mine were pretty much controlled until I quit smoking.

  129. Correction: Should have been Dallas’s post on JUNE 8th…. not July 8th

    • Advil Allergy and Congestion really helped. It has the same active ingredients as sinus medicine also . Hope it helps!

      • Thanks…..appreciate it

      • I have pretty serious sinus issues….but I’m also allergic/super sensitive to just about every type of medication…so I take one Advil(per day) and ramp up the neti pot usage immediately upon feeling any type of sinus issues going on. Then I use the neti pot for two weeks after I feel the problem is completely gone.

        It might seem a little unconventional, but I’ve received more relief using this simple method vs. trying everything out there….including antibiotics.



  130. Dallas….

    Thanks for responding. Today is day 40 and I’m now getting over the cold/quitter’s flu or whatever it was that sprang up on day 25. I’m actually not used to getting sick, I think the last time was in 3rd or 4th grade…almost 40 years ago. I’ll add….I hear people equating smoking with getting sick, I never saw the connection. I never got sick once and I smoked for 30 years.

    The deep breathing I do is a 5-6-(8 to)10 count. Breathing into the stomach, not the chest. 10 of these usually helps alleviate any anxiety…if it doesn’t, I take something called “Rescue Remedy”, you can find it at Whole Foods or on Amazon. The stuff works quite well for keeping me from going down that road toward getting anxiety ridden/panic attack. If not…I then grab the prescription meds as a last resort.

    I never actually had a single anxiety issue until I quit drinking coffee….and I quit drinking coffee only because I was trying to quit smoking and decided I couldn’t do both at the same time. So, I quit the coffee first. Bang! Panic attacks for six weeks. Pure hell…as I didn’t have a clue as to what was happening. It was actually so painful “emotionally” that I don’t like to talk about it.

    At any rate….feeling better. Although….as of day 40, I’m not feeling much of an improvement since I stopped smoking. I think the sickness derailed everything, but I’m just starting to exercise a little by walking and I’m hoping that things will get better.

    As of today, I’m not really having any urges or desire to smoke and really haven’t had any since I the first week. I’m also actually starting to think a little clearer, I don’t feel as empty headed and/or foggy brained as I was feeling in the first month. Not sure I can call that an improvement exactly…smile, but I’ll take it.

    I’m keeping Vicky in my prayers Dallas, hopefully she’ll check in and let us know how she’s doing.

    Take care,


  131. Hi everyone,
    Day 3 for me and it’s really hell.
    Noone has mentioned unhappiness so maybe its just me but i feel dysfunctional and almost paralyzed without my smokes. Sat at the table thismorning and didn’t know what to do. It is so horrible……
    Problem for me is that everything i did in life was accompanied by having cigs – so i don’t have ‘triggers’ because EVERYTHING is a trigger! Just being awake is a trigger.
    What frightens me most is that it’s getting harder every day instead of easier.
    When i see people happily puffing at the coffee shop i feel so envious i hate them. Does this wretchedness ever end?

  132. Hi Carrie,

    You are not alone ! Feeling anxious about EVERYTHING is a very common side effect of quitting smoking. I nearly lost my mind for the first 8-10 days before it started to subside ANY AT ALL. It is indescribably miserable but you CAN fight thru it one minute….one hour….one day at a time. You have nearly conquered the physical part of nicotine withdrawl already (nicotine takes 72-96 hours to purge from your body). The problem after the first 3 or 4 days is (1) the psychological withdrawl and (2) the process of you body beginning to repair itself.

    As the body repairs itself, you will probably encounter a LOT of unexpected physical symptoms ( Quitters Flu ) . For me it was chest tightness, shortness of breath, no energy, loss of appetite, waking up several times a night, cold sweats, sudden feelings of panic….. you name it, …..hell on earth ! And a cough that you think will never get better.

    Now the good news. Over time (seems like an eternity) things will slowly…. and I do mean s-l-o-w-l-y…. start to get better. You will notice that the cravings are less frequent and less intense, you will start to sleep better, breath better etc….. It took a long time for me ( about a month ) to start to breath a little better. My doctor gave me 30 days worth of Advair. This is an inhaled medicine that people with asthma take to help control inflammation in their lungs. It really did help me fight thru the breathing difficulties while my lungs were figuring out what the hell to do without constantly being assaulted by cigarette

    Some of the folks on this board: Dallas….George… others will no doubt offer their advice. They’ve experienced all of the things you are going thru and are fountains of information.

    This WILL end ! Stay strong.

    Praying for you. RC

    • Hi RC,
      Thanks very much for reply and encouragement.
      yeah i already had a cold when i quit but didn’t want to put off my quit date because there’d always be something.
      Now i’m more sick so don’t know if its the cold or quitters flu or combo. That’s how i found this site – i’d never heard of quitter’s flu before!

      4th day with no puff and i don’t get small cravings because it’s a constant craving (as the song goes)………

      It helps to know i’m not alone. Good luck to everyone on this wretched horrible road of torture.


      • You are not alone Carrie. Just remember, what you’re experiencing is temporary and everything will be better. Hang there!

      • No problem Carrie…..

        It really helped me to know others cared and had experienced some of the same “stuff”. It’s one heck of a ride….. not easy…. but my moneys on you. You can do it.

  133. I am smoke free 30 days but I can’t stand these sweats. When will it stop. I’ve smoked for 60 years but only half a pack and so I have been using the 7mg. Patch. I’m not craving but I cannot stand these sweats another day. Is it normal and when will it end.

    • Hello Lois,

      Happened to me too. It lasted about a week or 10 days. Keep in mind that everybody is different and it could possibly be less. Hang in there….it will pass.

  134. Hang in there,
    Every obstacle and pain you are in now are like military training, train your self from enemy, be strong physically and mentally. Give your self 5 month, set your mind saying that you will be better after 5 month. Don’t freak your self out, Get your self up and do some exercise, yoga and deep breathing everyday. I promise you will be fine. It’s not easy, but only you can help your self. Force your self to do it! Sweat your self out! I have quit 4 month till now, i started to see a light on the other side of the tunnel. Pray to God if you are weak, He will listen. Trust me.

  135. Shirley L Guthrie says:

    Hello I have been smoke free for 4 weeks now after smoking 23 years. It’s been easy for me other then the fact that I’m always wanting to eat and my throat is killing me and my lymph nodes are swollen. When will I feel normal??

  136. Smoke free says:

    Been smoke free now for 4 weeks what can I do to loose weight and stop eating so much. I am exercising but still eating and sore throat. Will this pass or is this a new habit I will have to kick

  137. Two weeks smoke free today feel like crap with this quitters flu.I won’t complain about that ,because I smoked for 30 yrs.I stopped before but never felt this bad.I could cry from how I feel about putting that poison in my body all these years.I am determine not to smoke again.I just like to say good luck to everyone and thanks for posting your experiences they are very helpful.

  138. day 8 for me and feel crazy every day. I’ve been drinking neocitron to help me sleep cos of the flu but am afraid to get addicted to it! I miss cigarettes so much. I loved smoking, it was happiness and so calming.
    I’m facing a big stressor next week and gotta get thru it without cigs. Ugrh.
    Good luck to all you brave souls out there trying to quit. We’ve got to support each other. Misery loves company……..

  139. Hey Everyone, just checking to see how everyone is doing. Stay strong and motivated to quit and take it one day at a time. My sore throat was really intense but probably only lasted a week or so. As far as my weight, I just told myself that I wanted to focus on one issue at a time and my priority was to be smoke free. At 6 1/2 months I feel so much better so now I am trying to ease some healthier foods in my diet along with more walking. I thought that I would never see any benefits from quitting smoking but thankfully after 6 months, I am starting to reap the benefits of a nicotine free lifestyle. I know a lot of people felt better sooner so don’t give up! Hang in there and if you fall down, get up, wipe yourself off and get back on it. ??? By the way, someone asked if I miss smoking……I sure do but cigarettes no longer have the power over me that they once had. Now I am in charge!!! Best of luck!!

    • Good for you Dallas! Congratulations! Im going on my 11th week. Still having withdrawals here and there but managing.

  140. Hi Everyone… hows the quitting going?
    this is basically day 10 for me… i must say that i do get a craving now and then…it hasn’t stopped completely… my major side effects to date:
    1. Tingly feeling in feet, and most of body… its like this irritable feeling especially when trying to sleep.
    2. I find it difficult to get a complete night sleep, I’m like semi asleep if you know what i mean.
    3. I can confirm though, I hate the smell of a person that has just had a smoke, it makes me feel nauseous, and it makes me realize how other people felt and my partner after i smoked… kinda keeps me motivated
    4. My sense of smell has increased dramatically
    5. My nose has been congested for the past 2 days and on some days its like really dry, and i noticed slight nose bleeds, but nothing major.
    6. My skin definitely looks a bit fresher if you know what i mean
    7. I know my breath smells good now, before this, i used to chew gum, and i promise you, even the gum never helped, it kinda got drained out quick of the scent and taste.
    8. My lips feel smooth, soft and even tastes better…lol
    9. My hands and clothes smell good, I’m, the kind of guy that loves to smell good
    10. My home smells better

    The main reason i quit smoking though, is due to my wife being pregnant with our first child, and I want to be a father thats active and someone my son can look up to. I always believed that I need to lead by example, even when it comes to my education, to expect my son to obtain a college degree, i would need to have one myself… The same with Smoking, I dont want him to pick up this filthy habit, so ill keep him away from it as much as i can… and later in life, he can make his choices.

  141. Thanks for your encouraging post Laz.

    I know exactly what you mean about being semi-asleep!
    Same for me so i’m always so tired.

    But, opposite to you, when i smell smoke from someone passing me on the street smoking, i want one so bad!

    I’m very worried about eating because i’ve always been
    slim, i think because of my smoking, but since quitting i’ve been eating constantly whether i’m hungry or not – and not the rabbit-food they recommend!

    If anything weakens my resolve it will be gaining weight. I don’t want to get fat. But i also want to be smoke-free! Don’t know what to do.

  142. I am on 3.5 weeks of not smoking. This is the hardest thing I have ever done! I am very active 39 year old female. I quit and almost immediately developed chest pains. Freaked out and constantly think I am having a heart attack. Went to an urgent clinic, found my blood pressure through the roof-PANIC ATTACK was my diagnosis, EKG was normal. I do have an appointment to see a cardiologist tomorrow, just to be safe! I have been taking my blood pressure regularly and it’s all over the place, no consistent readings…..thought smoking was supposed to make you feel better, so far it’s making me feel worse! Between the panic attacks and chest pain, I am frustrated! However, despite these episodes and issues, it feels good to not smoke. I still work out as I normally do and everything seems ok with me! I have not had any weight gain, I actually had weight loss, but I get stressed and anxious and then do not eat!

    Hopefully my heart is well and I am just in recovery and withdrawing from the nicotine beast! Oh, I quit cold turkey, 7/22/16 at 12 noon! (but who’s counting!)

    • I am going through the exact same thing! Chest pains, but mine feel like they are deep into my back and almost feel muscle related. I too am 39 and have HBP and take meds regularily. I stopped cold turkey on July 25. Hope everything turns out well. I’ve yet to make an appointment for myself with the Dr. I think I should do that sooner rather than later to be safe.

      • I was obsessive over it all. Which made it even worse….I do feel much relief getting confirmation that all inside was ok. I do not take meds for HBP, apparently it’s only really high at the dr. I bought a machine and its ok. When I saw the cardiologist on Wednesday, it was 180 over 110!! HR at 108….normally its 125 over 80… about whit coat hypertension. I hope you continue in successfully quitting!!

    • Heart is healthy!! Still having chest pains but they seem to be diminishing….today is day 28 for me….starting to feel somwhat normal and getting back to me…anxiety still high at times, also diminishing.

      Wishing everyone the best of luck on quitting!

  143. 5 months now since I quit smoking. Been running 4 times a week, and getting rather good at it. However, over the past 2 months Ive gotten sick 3 times. I went to the doctor after the second time and got antibiotics which helped then. Now i’m sick again, is this normal?

  144. Just checking in. I’m nearly at 3 weeks of hell………
    Want to thank you for some tips that’ve helped – RC said to through one minute, one hour, one day only at a time, and that’s what i did. It was easier to get over the bumps rather than looking at the whole mountain to climb.
    And thanks to Dallas for saying it’s like the Military – facing the enemy, which is smoking!

    A warning for new quitters – if you get through the beginning stage your mind might start to play tricks on you – they’re like demons but there’re all me! They say – well done! You can have just one puff now! Celebrate your achievement! But i can’t have ‘just one’ ever again or i’ll be right back to square one. I’m an addict…………

    Hang in there everyone!


  145. Just checking in on how is everyone doing? Hope everyone is hanging in there.

    • 1 month and one day smoke free for me. The desire is pretty much gone. I am still having symptoms of nicotine withdrawal…..chest pains, albeit diminished, are still present. ..happy with success so far, just want to feel great again!!!

      • Congratulations Misty! Keep it up. You will feel great again! I’m going into my 3rd month. Still not 100% but hanging in there.

        • Thanks George, for the words of encouragement. It’s good to know that we’re not alone in all of this and we all seem to have similar events, pains etc. Helps me to not add to the anxiety quitting has already given me.

  146. Ashamed – i fell off the wagon because of an ex problem doh! I got so far and am so disappointed in myself.
    I’m starting again. Wish i could be put to sleep for a month!

    • Hi Carrie. Nothing to be ashamed of. At least you have the attitude to get back in it. Keep trying! Stay strong!


      • Hey George, It’s really nice of you to be so supportive of others that are struggling. How is your “quit” going ?

    • Hi Carrie, Don’t stop trying !!!! You will find that it is easier to get back on track with each attempt to quit. You did it once, you can do it again…. one day, one urge at a time. I have to agree with George…. your superior attitude will get you thru this. I will be praying for you (and all of the good folks on this board).

  147. Hi RC! I’m doing well with my quit. Going on my 3rd month. Still experiencing some withdrawals but able to manage it. I hope your quit is doing well. Keep it up! Stay strong! By yhe way, quick question. Where is everybody from? God Bless!


  148. I’m from Texas….USA….. Still struggling with staying off the smokes. Just 3 weeks into my last “quit”….

  149. Hang in there RC! I’m from Los Angeles.

    • OK…. I have to ask……… Dodgers or Angels ? Don’t mean to get off subject; just curious. lol

    • Wouldn’t it be cool if others shared where they’re from ? Just goes to show that no matter how old we are, where we’re from ,what ethnicity we are etc… we all fight the same battles in life (in this case smoking). You have all been, and continue to be a great support system and an outright blessing to me and I thank you all very much. Anybody heard from Dallas ? Sounds like he finally has this thing “licked” as we say here in Texas. lol

  150. Dodgers 🙂

  151. How’s everyone doing?

    • Hello George, Nice hearing from you. I’m hanging in there, but barely ! Been battling a damn respiratory infection for the last several days. Doctor has me on a short course of steroids (5 days) and a weeks worth of antibiotics. Funny how I NEVER got these when I was smoking !!!

      Decided to “cheat” a little and bought some nicotine patches (14mg). Seem to be helping a little. Really wish I had been able to tough out the cold turkey approach, but apparently not as tough as I thought…lol

      How are things going for you ? Carrie…. Cassey…. care to chime in ladies ?

      • Hey Everyone! I’m back, just wanted to check in on everyone and I must say it felt so good to be missed!! I was getting my son back to college in Colorado and back to work (high school teacher). I came through it smoke free even though it was so stressful, but I’m so much better off than I was a year ago. I coped with empty nest syndrome by smoking, so I’ve come a long way! I don’t know if I would have made it without this site! I was so lonely and depressed and was sure I was dying!! I hope to be able to inspire someone and encourage someone like I was encouraged by so many on this site. Stay strong everyone and if you fall off, just get back up, dust yourself off and keep going!!! And of course….I’m from Dallas!!!!

      • Hi RC! Sorry to hear about that. Just keep trying. Well for me, I’m still going through withdrawals. I really thought I was in the clear but it snuck up on me, I was not prepared. I did not fall off but was very close. I took 3 days off from work just to rest. Still keeping strong and really praying to get through this.


  152. Day 3 of quitting cold turkey style. I was a chain smoker 20 – 30 sig a day for 9 years . On day 2 i started getting smokers flu and seriously i Feel like im going to die. I have a cough (infection in my right long), fewer (hot and cold), headace, sore mussels and i realy mean sore (If anybody touches me I feel like im being ripped apart), i have been vomiting up slime, and my sinus is blocked, been sleeping maby 2 houers a night. To make things worst i found out 3 days ago that im pregnant, so no meds for me to help me along. I am also crying alot like a baby. To be honest this is definatly the hardest ting i have ever done. My mind keeps telling me that one smoke will make me feel better. But in all honesty when I think about the pain I went throug to get to day 3 it realy isnt worth it to pick up a sigarette again. Worst part is I could be feeling hormonal becuase of baby or quiting i honestly cant say for sure. I read every msg above and I relise everybody’s symptons are diffrent and time their sick. I realy wish someone could tell me how long it will last. ?

    • It’s all temporary Nicolene. I know it’s difficult and I do wish that someone could tell us how long it will last. Hang in there and stay strong! Congratulations with your baby! God Bless!


    • That’s a great question Nicolene. Wish i knew the answer too. From reading the msgs here it seems some people get over it sooner than others.
      In my real life too, some people had an easier time than others. e.g. One guy quit one day 4 years ago and hasn’t had a single puff since. He said only the first week was tough.
      Another one quit cold turkey for a whole year, then one day for no reason, she was over at a neighbor’s who was smoking, and she suddenly said ‘i want one of those’ and she took it and smoked! Then she was right back at square one. Except that she’d also gained 90 lbs. over the year!
      That scares me. I don’t want to get fat and i don’t want to fail either.
      Congrats on your baby! That’s wonderful.

  153. Thanks for asking RC……
    I’m still hanging in…barely. Wretched and sorry for myself
    all the time and nothing seems worth doing. I have a really sore throat and sinuses – don’t know if that’s from quitting or not. Also been feeling depressed…….

    I’ve got a family thing coming up this saturday – oh no!
    Don’t know how i’ll get through it without my crutch.
    Also there’ll be booze there and i quit drinking so event will be very challenging for me! Wish me luck.

    All the best to everyone and thanks for your support.

    • Hang in there Carrie. Stay Strong! God Bless!


    • It sure is easy to get depressed from missing your “old buddy”. I also quit drinking. Never was much of a drinker, but booze is definitely a strong trigger to smoke ! You’ll beat this. Praying for you. RC

    • Thanks George and RC,
      I didn’t mean to imply i was much of a drinker either. Just socially. But i ALWAYS had a cig with a glass of wine………couldn’t not.
      There’ll be wine and beer at the family party and i just can’t have it without a smoke! Such misery.
      I hope noone at the party (specially my brothers) will say “hey Carrie you’re not smoking! Did you quit!? Wow!?” – that will annoy me and i’ll want to light up instantly!

      • Carrie,

        I hope I didn’t offend you. ( we don’t think you’re a “lush” Carrie…LOL). To paraphrase Forrest Gump; ” Cigarettes and alcohol go together like peas and carrots.” One is just not the same without the other !! It will be hard, but I have every confidence that you will overcome the temptation to ‘fall off the wagon’.

        Can I assume that since your family party is over the Labor Day weekend that you are in the USA ? If you’re comfortable doing so, do you mind sharing where you’re from. Seems we have quite a diverse group: Dallas and myself from Texas, George from L.A., California, Cassey is from Borneo (if memory serves me correctly…..) All fighting the same battle… cool.

        Stay Strong….Praying for all of you. RC

      • Hi Carrie. If you were asked if you quit smoking and you answered YES. Are you going to get any support from them? I think it’s cruel if you get mocked. I’m still on your side.


        • Hi George,
          No they wouldn’t mock me but i’d feel all this pressure and patronizing like i’m a kid getting a gold star. It’s hard for me to explain the feeling to you! They’re all long time ex smokers so i’ve felt like a leper at family dos – only one sister-in-law still smokes.

          I’ll let you know how it goes next week.

          George, i’m so envious of you that you’ve come so far and you, RC and Dallas give me hope!

          btw i’m in Canada……………


          • Envious? You shouldn’t be. We’re all going to get there…Smoke Free. Stay Strong! God Bless!


          • Hi Carrie,

            My money’s on you !! I’m certain you will make it thru your family gathering with your “quit” intact.

            Hello to George and Dallas…. i’m happy things are going well for you gents.

            Welcome aboard Nicolene. RC

          • Hi RC. How are you? Hope everything is going well with you.


  154. Hang in there Carrie and Nicolene! I know that some people were able to quit with very few side effects . Unfortunately…..not us! My Quitters Flu lasted almost 6 months and the only good part was that I was really to sick to crave cigarettes. I am just now drinking an occasional cold beer because like RC said, they go together. Just know that even though mine lasted 6 months, I didn’t have every symptom that long and yours could be shorter. Just hang in there y’all. Like my mom used to say ” and this too shall pass.” I’ll check in soon?

  155. Is this site still active

  156. Hey Guys,

    Hang in there! Be strong! Give your self a target.
    No matter where you from, quitting gives us the same symptoms and effects, it’s bad for your body. Remember that. I’m on my 5th month now, still experienced some unpleasant sickness on and off depends on the weather over here in SEAsia. Push your self guys!

    • Hi Cassey. Keep it up!


      • Hello George (and Cassey).

        Nice hearing from you all. I’m heading into my second month after “backsliding” a little bit. Just getting over a respiratory infection that was not exactly pleasant. As I mentioned in a prior post, I never got these while I was actively smoking….. go figure ! From what I understand though, this is apparently not uncommon. Did anyone else experience this ?

        I am happy to hear things are going pretty well for everybody else. Let’s hope Carrie is able to hang in there this weekend.

        What’s up Dallas…..everything to going well?

        My best to all….. RC

        • Hi RC. Glad to hear that you’re over that infection. I’ve never experienced it and I hope I don’t. I’m still hanging in there. Hope everything is well with you.
          Stay Strong guys!


  157. Hey Guys, Nice to know i’m not alone!
    My body get crazy after i quit smoking 6 month ago and is that normal? it was like my brain cant get good focus, feeling weak and sleepy nerves get jerk sometimes..i feel hot and cold sensation always…and there is a swollen lymph node on my neck. Those symptoms appear to happen after i quit smoking, i thought i would be feeling healthier then before but now i got all this i’m freaking out! Passes all those common quitting symptoms already but feeling like there extra 101% of other things hitting my body. 🙁 anyone?

    • I felt some of the same symptoms. It’s awful, never want another cigarette, refuse to go through this again. I do feel better and I’m a little over a month, so there’s hope! Keep it up

  158. Hey Mike! I can relate to the symptoms that you are experiencing. I go through it myself and I’m a little bit over 3 months of being smoke free. Hang in there! Congratulations on your 6 months! Welcome to the club! Stay Strong! God Bless!


  159. I’m 24 days smoke free today. I’ve been doing really well up until the past couple days. I’ve been doing saline rinses and have an appointment for the doc tomorrow. I’m hoping it’s the smokers flu everyone is talking bout but we will see. I’m happy to find a website that is recent where many people are talking. Congrats to all who have quit and are still going strong and some of us suffering will make it!

  160. Hello All………………… Hey Mike and Patty…. welcome aboard.

    Patty, My sinuses went absolutely “bonkers” too. It’s a miserable feeling isn’t it ? I wouldn’t read too much into it just yet. You are doing the right thing by going to see your doc. For me, the majority of the discomfort passed after about a month but still annoys me from time to time. It could be something as simple as seasonal allergies.Dallas recommended Advil Allergy & Congestion and it helped quite a bit, at least in my case.

    Mike, What you describe are all pretty common. We are all different and improve at different rates. Read back thru some of the older posts and you will see that what you are experiencing is not at all out of the ordinary. Don’t give up !

    George, Dallas, Cassey, Carrie…… hope everything is going well for all of you. RC

    • I’m about a month and a half in being smoke free. Still having a few lingering anxiety feelings and this damn chest pain has to be the most annoying. Btw,I live in Florida!! Stay strong and smoke free!!

    • Doing well here RC…thanks for asking. Hope everything is well with you. Stay strong!


    • Hi RC, George, Misty, Patty, Mike,
      Hope everything going well guys!
      I was busy this few weeks trying to put my self busy on my work, you know trying to put away those negativity thoughts on my mind!
      Well doing daily routine work in office and i definitely have changed a lot! lack of focus, slow thinking and fatigue. I really like to be as before full of energy but not with smoking! Sometimes this feel is freaking me out! Hope you guys doing fine! Push your self, deep breathing helps. Control our mind and don’t let control us! Positive!

  161. hi there,
    Well i survived the family thing without a puff but pigged out on food the whole time – everything i could get my grubby little paws on.
    I’m still sick on and off – some days worse than others. It’s a cruel irony that i quit smoking but feel sicker than i ever felt when i was smoking! I seem to have a permanent head cold and a cough like a seal.

    Hang in there everyone and lets just do it!

    Thanks for your support and good wishes.


    • I’m proud of you Carrie. I knew you could do it !!!!!!!! RC

      • Thanks RC –
        you’ve got more confidence in me than me!

        One tip from Vicky has helped – drinking from a straw (recyclable straws only)………

        Does anyone have tips for dealing with insomnia? It’s horrible to lie awake all night thinking about smoking! Even when i’m asleep i’m sort of half awake. Very restless and anxious…………….


        • Hello again Carrie. In response to your restlessness and anxiety, I would suggest going for walks. That’s what I do. It my work for you.


          • Hello George,
            Thanks for the tip. I do walk in the day but can’t walk in the night because we have lots of bears where i live.

            Sorry you’ve had a tough week. It’s such a roller-coaster ride isn’t it?! And never in a good way. We’ve got to try to stay motivated.


    • Well done Carrie! I can relate to what you’re experiencing. It’s has been rough for me this week. My withdrawals seems to get me while I’m at work. My coworkers don’t get it and sometimes makes a joke out of it. I just downplay it and mind my own business. I’m still in the ballgame and still ahead. Wish me luck.


      • George,
        Don’t care what people think about you. They don’t understand, ignore them and continue to do your work. Be strong George! i know it’s not easy i’v been there. Positive George Positive!

        • Thanks Carrie! Thinking positive right now. It’s going to be a fine day. Have a nice day. Stay Strong! God Bless!


  162. Hey everyone,
    Just checking in on everyone’s quitting. I ended up taking this past week off of work to relax and try to wrangle in these withdrawal symptoms. It’s been since July 22 for me, so a little over a month. Still a rough go. But seems to slloowwwlllyyy improving. Hope everyone is still successful in quitting. Best of luck to all of us!!

    • Nice to hear from you again Misty. I pretty much did the same thing a couple of weeks ago. My withdrawals decided to show up again so I took some time off work. Hang in there! Stay strong!


    • Good to hear from you Misty!
      You’ve really done great to get that far! I’m behind you in weeks, but still sticking with it. Every day i wonder ‘is it worth it?’ If i could only have ONE cigarette, it would ease my troubles!
      But then i would have to go through all these withdrawals again – because it wouldn’t be just ‘one’……

      If i took time off work – then i’d be wanting a cig even more, because i’d be worried about losing my job! It’s like a vicious cycle.

      Cigarettes get me through my stresses and worries………

      Well done Misty!


      • Hang in there Carrie. We’re getting there
        Stay strong!

      • You’re doing great also Carrie! I still feel like my body is in recovery, I am so disappointed that we did this to ourselves. Feeling a little better each day, I hope you all are also! Let’s kick nicotine butt!!

  163. Hi everyone….. RC here,

    It’s good to hear that pretty much everyone is sticking to it. Man, don’t you wish that you could just flip a switch and turn off the cravings ? Mine are subsiding agonizingly s-l-o-www.

    Biggest triggers are: Morning coffee, after meals, stuck in traffic, ANY form or amount of alcohol, having conversations with people who are smoking (man, those smokes still smell good).

    It still amazes me how we allow our lives to be controlled by nicotene !!!! Still hanging tough though.

    Good luck everyone…. Stay in the fight. RC

  164. Just checking in to see how things are going. Hope everybody is sticking to to plan. Hang in there Carrie, RC, Misty and Cassey. Stay strong!


  165. How’s everyone doing? Hope everyone is well.


  166. I quit smoking COLD TURKEY 21 days ago. It’s been a hellacious few weeks. Major anxiety and panic attacks. Depression. Breaking out in hives. BUT in the past few days I’ve noticed I’m beginning to feel normal again. Much less anxiety. Better mood. No hives this morning. I’ve been trying to quit for years and I can say the biggest contributor to my success this time around is NO CAFFEINE and NO ALCOHOL. So essentially, I quit cold turkey off of cigarettes, alcohol, and coffee 3 weeks ago. I felt horrible in the early withdrawal phases, but the coffee and alcohol were always want triggered me to smoke again. So this time around, I cut all the stimulants out and it’s been SO much easier to not light up. If you’re having trouble quitting – I recommend cold turkey…but only if you’re going to cut out alcohol and coffee, too. Otherwise you’ll be too tempted to light up again. Sending lots of love to all of you trying to quit. I know the struggle, but IT IS POSSIBLE to quit.

  167. Hi everyone,
    I’m approaching 3 weeks cold turkey now and it’s been a hell of a ride. Been sick and have constant anxiety. And the cravings have been intense and powerful ongoing.
    I agree with Makenzi about caffeine & alcohol. I also had to give them up to beat this thing. I miss the socializing but it was a necessary choice. I also have trouble talking on the phone without cig in hand!
    I’m dreading the rain coming and those grey dark skies…………and no cigarettes to take the edge off my depressed mood.
    Good luck to everyone with your quits………
    Wish i’d never started smoking. It was so stupid but i didn’t know it at the time.

  168. Sorry – just want to add a thanks to Cameron for this site, and to everyone who contributes to it. Even though we’re all in different parts of the globe we’re all fighting the same battle and it’s comforting (at least for me) to know i’m not alone! We can vent our misery without being judged or told we’re weak…………

    Quitting smoking is the hardest thing i’ve ever done in my life, so far. It’s a gripping addiction.

  169. Hey, my name is Danielle, I am 32 and have 3 kids. I quit August I believe that’s about 6 weeks. OMG…. I am not having a hard time anymore with cravings (that was only hard for me for a week or two) but I am physically and mentally going through hell and cannot function properly. I am having such chronic panic about my health. The first couple weeks I had what I thought to be “understandable” side affects… Achy, sore throat for a couple days and some swollen lymph nodes popped up on my neck. Here I am at 6 weeks.. I’ve had a tightening of my jaw feeling that is driving me nuts, a lump and strange sensation in my throat especially when I swallow which I’ve had for about a month, some aching in both my ears, so so so tired and weak all the time and just starting to get a cough. I’m obviously afraid of cancer or something that I will have yo live with (suffer with) forever and when the panick kicks in forget about it!!! I have seen my GP and got blood work which haven’t seen but he said was normal and I had a trip to one of those clinics because of the sensation in my throat.. They took an X-ray and said that was clear but to see an ENT which I have an appointment on Monday so I’m hoping for answers and relief but panicked that something is very wrong…I couldn’t get off the couch today!!!! This is rough and I don’t know technically if it’s from quitting or not but it sucks.

    • And btw the swollen lymph nodes from over a month ago are still there!!?

      • Hey Danielle! I know what you are going through right now. Like you, I don’t have the cravings just the withdrawals. I do have good and bad days but I do notice that it does subside very very slowly. Hang in there and if possible let it take it’s course. There is a link on the top right of this page where there are people that you can chat with in real time…Quit Message Board. Take care and Stay Strong! You can do this!


      • Hey Danielle!

        Same as me, my lymph node also swollen for 5 month now. And it still there at my right neck just under my jaw! It sore and pinching in that area! Be strong Danielle!

        • I didn’t think it was normal to have this many symptoms after 6-7 weeks… I started to get worse instead of better!! I feel so bad in my throat, weakness, fatigue,anxiety,lymph nodes, tight neck area, tight chest high up and if I DO cough something up its tinged color which is just starting now..and general sick feeling that I am convincing myself I must have cancer or an underlying disease. I’ve had a ct scan that says it was clear but my mind says I must need an MRI or have a cancer or illness they haven’t examined yet.. I think if I knew this could be normal I could get through it but the fear that something seems terribly wrong is horrible and I know anxiety and worry is making it all worse. I feel like I’ll never feel better?

          • Don’t be discouraged Danielle. Things will get better. I know it’s difficult. I’ve been there. Let your quit take its course. Hang in there. Stay Strong. God Bless!


  170. Thank you guys says:

    I have been battling cigarettes for the better part of 20 years. I am now 35, and although I quit a few times here and there for a couple years I’ve always come back. However, I have never felt like I have the last few weeks in my past experience of quitting. I have cut down from a pack a day to 3-10 cigarettes a day for most of August. And since September began I have cut down to 0-5 daily. The days when I smoke fewer cigarettes really take a toll on me the following day. I have hot and cold flashes at night when sleeping. Also at night I often wake up with dry mouth and need water (I sleep with my mouth open) ; which was never a problem before. The worse part is I have had nasal congestion/runny nose for the last 4 weeks. I have worked up from 5 minutes of bicycling to 20 minutes; which I do every evening after work and after I just cant stop coughing through the night. After starting exercising I do not have chronic fatigue which was a problem for the last few years for me.
    Some of other symptoms have include: a fever for couple of days, body aches, sore throat, tooth aches, increased phlegm mainly yellowish, chest pains, sinus infection (*5 days of smelly buggers),

    Found this site helpful. Just wanted to share my experience on the road to 0 daily.

  171. Hi George, RC Dallas?
    How ‘y’all doing these days? You’ve been so supportive and encouraging on this board to everyone, specially George. Thanks.

    My quit is an ongoing nightmare really……
    The fatigue is debilitating and even getting out of bed in the morning is a huge effort – and doing even the smallest routine tasks is like climbing mt. Everest.

    I was doing some personal reflection about my relationship with smoking. Looking back, smoking was so much part of my everyday life – a reward, a coping med, and even when i was happy, smoking enhanced my happiness. I never thought about what was in cigarettes, just that they were my friends and made me feel good. Doh to me!

    Also, one withdrawal i’ve never seen is, that i have horrific nightmares every night! Does anyone else have them? Will it ever end?

  172. Anyone heard from RC

  173. responses stopped posting……here now

  174. Hey everybody!

    Checking in on everyone, just a week shy of 2 months smoke free here! Oh boy, the struggle is so real!!! Not having cravings, but these aches, pains and feeling sick and tired are the worst!! But determined to keep going, there is no turning back now!!

    I am so thankful to have found this board to give us all strength in knowing we are not alone. It has definitely gotten me out of unnecessary ER visits! My anxiety and chest pains were so bad I could have sworn I was having heart attacks!!
    Stay strong everyone!!

  175. I quit smoking, about 6 days ago, I have been using the Nicotine Gum to help. I have had a sore throat 4 days now, a runny nose, and coughing things up occasionally. Are these symptoms normal, I thought it was the lack of nicotine that gave you “Quitters flu”. I am still using Nicotine in the gum and I feel terrible. How long will this last?

    • Hello Brian! Welcome to the board! Congratulations on your quit. You might be having a real flu. I suggest you see you doctor just to make sure. Stay strong!

  176. Hi all, enjoyed reading all your inspirational posts. I’m on day 4 using 21mg patch. Stopped 31yrs female and have been smoking 20 a day for 2 years. Smoked from age 15 to 20 the stopped for 10 years before. Feeling positive, not too cranky but today I’ve got fluish symptoms and feeling dizzy. Have phlegm that won’t shift from my throats making it hard to get a breath. Decided to go to bed early and relax (6.30pm) good luck everyone and thanks

  177. How’s everybody doing?

  178. Hi everyone

    Welcome to our misery club Brian & Laura.

    How are you doing George? Hope you’re okay.

    I’ve got a horrible streaming head cold last few days – one of the worst i’ve ever had in my life. There’s no relief. And i’m such a pathetic wretch that i still want to smoke!

    I feel like something the cat dragged in…….and i look like it too.


  179. Made 2 months smoke free yesterday! Finally starting to feel normal again, finallly. Anxiety still around, not as bad. Started aromatherapy with essential oils, I may swear by it soon!!!!! Seem to really help. It’s still a slow tough road that we’re all on. Good luck and stay strong EVERYONE! We got this!!

  180. Where is Everybody? Hope everyone is well.

    • Hey George! I’m here and fighting the battle. Still nicotine free since July 22, 2016!!

      • Hi Misty! Nice to hear from you. This place has been quiet. Good for you with your quit. Keep it up! You got this. As for me, hanging in there. Still going through withdrawals. I’m only a month plus days ahead of you but who’s counting? Stay strong! That goes to the rest of the gang.

  181. I found this site looking to why I am vomiting and so sick. Day two of not smoking. I really feel ill. I smoked 20 years about two packs a day. I quit because my husband found out he had lung cancer. Problem is I have never been this sick in my life! How long does this last?…On top of that I want to bite everyone’s head off. I am being the biggest bitch without even realizing it. Hopefully day three goes better.

    • Hi Angelina,
      It’s a living hell isn’t it?!

      • Hello Carrie, George, Misty, Welcome aboard to Laura and Angelena,

        I’ve cheated a time or two in the last 5 weeks, but haven’t fallen off the wagon (had any cigarettes at all) for 16 days now. I work in a very stressful business and things just caught up to me a time or two when work got really stressful.

        A cigarette turned off the stress like flipping a switch….. but only for a short while. NOT WORTH THE TEMPORARY RELIEF GUYS (AND GALS). You essentially go back to square-damn-one. DON’T DO IT. I promise you that you can’t smoke just 1 or 2 !!!!!

        Hang in there everyone. If you need to vent…….i’m here for you. Thank you all for being there for me. RC

    • Thank you for sharing your story Angelina, it is significant to me and my loved one.

  182. I’m so sad I’ve smoked for so long. I quit 13 days ago but what matters are the days ahead, smokefree for the rest of my life. I smoked for 10yrs and now I want to weep for the hurt I’ve caused my body that has only tried to protect me. My throat is so painful I can’t even swallow my saliva… thank you everyone for sharing your stories. Much love.

  183. I’m on my first day. I am feeling nausea and dizzy with no appetite. Is this part of quitting?

  184. Hi George, RC, Misty and everyone,
    Hope you’re hanging in there……..

    I’m still sick with what seems like a permanent cold (unless it’s allergies but i’ve never had allergies before), and feeling wretched but still smoke free.

    Those ads that tell you the quitting withdrawals last for 3 days are lying i think!

    One positive thought – if we can stay smoke-free til new years eve then at least we won’t have to make that new years resolution to quit because we’ll already have done it!

    Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all of you in North America! I’ll try to give thanks for my decision to quit smoking although it’s hard to feel grateful right now….


  185. Hi Guys!
    How is everyone doing? Sorry For the late update!
    Been travelling to Vietnam and just got back!
    I saw people smoke every corner I go, but i don’t feel attracted anymore! Even the smells don’t drag you to it!
    Stay strong Guys! WE can do it! HoooRahhh!

    • Good for you Cassey!
      Gives us all hope………..(though for me the smell of it still makes me want to light up, but i’m not as far along as you are) Wish i could see the light at the end of the tunnel…….

    • Welcome back Cassey. Good to hear from you again. Keep up with your quit. Stay strong!

  186. Thanks George! Thanks Carrie!
    Same to you guys! Stay strong! Lets walk a healthy life! What matter the most, Enjoy Life to the fullest!

  187. I was about to freak out before finding this article. I had no idea about quitters flu. I thought I would only be like crazy wanting to smoke. It turns out I have a bad reflux, extreme anxiety, blocked nose and sinus, caught but a thick phlegm that never comes out, chills, no appetite, insomnia and that is on my 12th day! Even my voice has changed… I hope I can make it.

    • Hi Mano…………………

      You can make it. You just have to want it bad enough. Hang in there. Each of the issues you mention are not at all uncommon. Are you using any kind of replacement; patches, gum, etc. or did you just go “cold turkey” ?

      • Hi RC! How are you doing? How’s the rest of the crew doing? Hang in there guys. Stay strong!

      • Hi RC! Thanks for the kind words!

        I’m using the 2mg gum but only very little, about one a day. Started on the 8th day after I thought I was going to pass out. The last two nights have been a bit better, have slept more and during the day the anxiety has been at bay. How long will this last?

        • Hi Mano,

          I wish I could give you a solid answer on how long the various issues last. We’re all unique and react differently to quitting. For some, the worst is over in a week or two; for others (me…. damn it), things drag on for a month or so. The fact that you’re sleeping better is a very good sign. You should be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel soon. That being said, don’t be discouraged if symptoms seem to disappear only to come back with a fury….. it’s all part of it. Remember: Quitting is a process, not an event !!! Tough it out….It WILL be worth it.

  188. Wow. I had no idea. I’m 6-7 weeks off smokes after 1/2 pack a day for 35 years. Those weeks have been rough but not in ways I expected. I quit once for five years in my 30’s and suffered through the withdrawals, but it was nothing like this time–I’m now in my 50’s. The symptoms I would consider like drug withdrawals I expected and they were the worst the first few days and have since tapered off. No, it’s what is referred to here as the “quitter’s flu” that has kicked my *ss.

    But reading all the comments here has been so helpful, I just felt I had to give something back by giving my own experience.

    My “quitter’s flu”: chronic (not severe, just uncomfortable) chest pressure/pain, occasional “chills,” general feeling of crappy-ness that just never goes away, need more sleep (from 6 to 8+ hrs/night req’d), low energy level, apathy, feel like/think I’m dying, sort of feel like I need/want to vomit but never doing so, more “stress” headaches. After a month, saw my MD. Within a week, went to emergency room. Also saw nutritionist. All tests negative for serious illness. Each of them said quitting smoking can be tough, but none of them had the kind of specific info this site has.

    Now that I’ve read so many of the stories of others, and the simple, useful article at the head of this site, I feel like I understand what’s happening, and instead of feeling like it’s 75% sure I’m not actually dying, I now feel it’s 98% sure I’m not actually dying. I’m just quitting smoking and the body is doing what it has to do to recover.

    I don’t know that I have useful advice for others except that I’ve used Melatonin to help get better sleep (and vitamin b-1 can help with nightmares) and I have recently decided I probably need to avoid alcohol, as it seems to make the anxiety-attacks come on more easily. Did I forget to mention those? Yes, that’s a version of thinking I’m dying stuff. Sigh.

    Wow, who knew?

    Thanks for the site and contributions.

    • Thanks for sharing AJ. I am going through the same thing and I’m 4 months into my quit.

      • Hey George…. RC here,

        I’m hanging tough and symptoms are starting to subside a little ( very ).

        AJ really shared some good information in the above post….seems AJ is living an almost identical nightmare to several of us, including myself.

        It was nice to hear from Carrie and Cassey. It sounds like the gals are sticking to their quit. Great news ladies….well done !!!!

        Welcome aboard AJ and Mano.

        P.S. Several months ago the posters on this site shared where they were from and it was really cool. Anybody care to share ?

        I’m in Texas, USA


  189. Thanks for your messages AJ and Mano. Makes us feel we’re not alone, although i don’t wish this horrible journey on anyone.

    I’m still smoke free and still enduring all the withdrawals……like AJ i have terrible nightmares and constant anxiety. I was happier and healthier when i smoked which is a cruel irony.

    Hi George & RC – good to hear from you and you’re staying on course. Wonder how Misty is doing?

    Stay strong everyone! We can do this………….

    Carrie (in Canada)

  190. Tora goshi says:

    Im on my first month now, didnt get help from any site nor did I use nicotin products to stop smoking my cravings stopped appearing after the first 3 weeks, im going full cold turkey. Im cleansing my body everyday, I pee more than regurlare I exercise 5 day a week to maintain a healthy body. Cigaret smells so bad and I had to wash all my stuff, even my winter jacket eww. Well to all you new quitters out there, dont quit half, quit entirely, stop taking supplements for nicotin, you are not the nicotins slave, you are your own master. Take control over your own life and follow your dreams.

  191. Well Hello everyone!
    How you guys doing? Hoping you guys stay strong and stick to the plan! I promise there will be an End to all this. I’m on my 6 month and 20 days now, Never felt great then ever before! Breathing was so clear and Comfortable. Only sore once in a while, but i’m over it!
    This is the lesson we had learn guys, never turn back even you feel suffer to the max. Always look forward and seek for light. Stay strong and you will be rewarded! I can see the light in the end of the tunnel brighter day after day… Bring the spirit UP!
    George, RC and Carrie, Let us hold hand for the sake of our self and others who had the desire to quit! All depends in your mind.

    Cassey – ( In East Malaysia )

    • I’m so glad that you’re doing well with your quit. You give me hope that this quit will bear fruits. Stay strong Cassey! That goes to RC, Carrie, Misty, AJ and Mano too!

  192. Always nice to hear from you Cassey. You’re a winner !!!!!

  193. Hey everyone!! I’m smoke free for almost three weeks now and using nicotine gum about 4 mg a day. Good news is that most of the physical symptoms have almost disappeared and now I have some strong cravings a few times during the day. It’s totally worth it though and I’m gonna hang on! We can do it people!!!

  194. jay solanki says:

    Aaah…3rd day on quiting.. Nd m getting cough nd all time hungry.. Even my body getting hot nd cold..

  195. Thanks for your encouraging post Cassey!
    Hope at some point i can get to where you are now in your quit but i’m nowhere near right now.

    I agree with you that it’s all in my head……..but try telling my head that!

    Fighting the weight gain, Ugh.

    What i have is character weakness – i.e. will-power in my mind but none in my actions. Everyday is supposed to be a new leaf – but every day i put it off for another day!

    Thank you all for sharing. Hope you’re all doing better than me.


  196. Hey everyone! So tomorrow is my 3 month mark of quitting!!! I also no longer feel as if I am dying. Chest pain has almost subsided completely. Anxiety is becoming less of an issue. No desire for a cigarette AT ALL. Stay strong everyone, we have a wonderful support system here. AJ your story sounds exactly like mine!! This quitting is awful, but succeeding at quiting is wonderful!

    Misty (Florida, USA)

    • Hi Misty! Good to hear from you and WELL-DONE!
      You’ve reached a millstone…………
      Gives me hope.
      Did you have trouble with weight gain? (If you don’t mind me asking) – pls don’t answer cos it’s none of my bus.

      I seem to have replaced cigarettes with food aargh.

      Yesterday i ate a whole small pizza by myself (so ashamed) – but it still wasn’t enough! And all i wanted after consuming it…… was a cigarette!

      Oh well – as Miss Stacy said, ‘tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet’!


      • Carrie,

        If you can beat the cigarettes, you can beat the weight gain. I have all of the faith in the world in you. One step at a time…’ll win both battles. Don’t beat yourself up. You’re a winner. RC

      • Weight gain not an issue. I weigh 122 lbs, my husband is a personal trainer, so I have no excuse to gain any weight. I do love food and to eat, so it’s tough!! It’ll all work out Carrie, just be aware of what you’re consuming so it doesn’t get out of hand. Good luck!!

        • And work out, you gotta work out, helps to maintain a positive mind and body, and promote your accomplishment of no smoking! Taking that extra step for a healthy body, ya know.

        • Good advice Misty thanks.
          I was 128 lb when i quit and never over 130 for 2 decades. Since quitting smoking I am now 135 lb yuk and so uncomfortable!

          Trying to walk more and drink lots of water.
          Still have flu-like symptoms and anxiety as well….but sticking with it.

  197. I have decided to quit smoking black and milds today. I started with cigarettes and switched to blacks. Have been smoking for 10 years which is way too long. Yesterday I had to check myself into the hospital because of the alarming pressure in my head and numbness in my left leg. I just felt highly unusual like I was going to leave my body. Tried to shake the feeling but i only began to feel worse by the minute. My blood pressure was 198/104 and I felt like I was going to die. That experience alone has changed my life. I just want to take care of myself from now on. I have always had above average readings with my bp but this was a feeling I had never felt before and I know that it wouldn’t be so high if I wasn’t smoking. I wish everyone the best in quitting. My journey has only just begun. Namaste!

    • Good luck on your quit. Stay strong!

    • Best of luck to you BlackGirl!

      It’s a tough ride but well-worth it if you can power through!

      This message board really helps me too. Even if noone’s there….we can vent and update ourselves.


    • It’s all very common I suppose. I felt awful and still have bouts of feeling terrible. It’s been over 3 months already. Stay strong!!

  198. How is everyone doing?

  199. Hi Everyone,
    how was your day? Fine?
    Hope you guys had a wonderful time yea!
    Don’t give up! You can do it!

  200. And good morning!
    well, kinda… i’m on day 5, on the patch. No cravings… well, I find myself walking outside my apt for an after-meal smoke, then it hits me, oh!
    Aside from “sticky sweats” and vivid dreams/nightmares everything was fine. This morning woke up coughing and with a sore throat. Fun! Haven’t had a cold or cough in over a decade. Not happy about it… but hey, it beats the alternative!

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