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  1. I really like the site keep up the good fight im glad im not alone.

  2. Nora Martin says:

    I smoked my last cigarette on 11/26 at 2:30 p.m. I am handing the cravings, mood swings, and being unable to sleep; however the one thing Im having real difficulty handling is the weight gain. I have worked so hard to get the weight off only to quit smoking and I am watching it come back on, already gained 2 pounds. I don’t want to go back to smoking but I will if I can’t find a way to keep the weight from coming back on. I changed the things I ate the day I quit figuring this was going to happen. I changed to healthier foods and less foods but still it is coming on. Is there anyway I can possibly stop this. I really dont want to start smoking again.

    • I would accept the weight gain for now, though do what you can to minimise it of course. The heal is hard enough without stressing yourself over the weight gain. Once the brain has sufficiently healed from the addition, you can dedicate more of yourself to any other areas of your life you wish to improve. For now….HEAL!

      Stay strong!

  3. Thanks a thousand times for everything that is written in this website, I read its articles randomly everytime I get an urge to smoke.
    I quit for the last time, after 4 years of trying and lying to myself; this past Thanksgiving. It has been 12 days now, I figured I would use the long weekend as a jump start. The first 4 days were relatively easy because I was used to not smoke for 2 or 3 days at a time but then the fifth day hit and it was painfull but I was determined to make it. On purpose I kept my caffeine, food and sweets intake intact as an extra challenge.
    The last 7 days have been more and more manageable thanks in large part to this website and I am looking forward to the near future when my body will feel fresh and rejuvenated. No quit smoking symtom, no matter how painfull and how long it lasts; is worst than smoking so to those who are trying to quit I would say go thru the suffering once and you will do yourself and your loved ones a big favor.
    It is easy to quit smoking but it takes a great deal of determination and the right help to quit for the last time.
    Thanks !

  4. I stopped smoking last March. I have not had any mucus in my lungs as of yet break loose. I expected to cough this up by now as I smoked 2 packs a day for 38 years. For the past 3 weeks, I have had several pinched nerves in my neck, upper back between the shoulder blades. Also on either side of my parallel with my breast. The feeling is extremely painful as it feels identical to the pain one feels when anesthetic releases from your body. it has occurred to me that this is a sign that I will be coughing up many years of evidence soon. if so, how should I prepare for this and how can I alleviate the pain? How long will this keep me confined to my bed and many heat packs? Standing feels like I have a sword in me!

    • Dear Gio,
      I am not a medical professional but i would highly suggest that you consult with a physician regarding your chest pain.

  5. I have a stuffy nose(I haven’t started quitting yet but I am going to in two days) Will the stuffiness go away eventually?

  6. Hi, i quit last 3 weeks and im feeling dizziness exhaustion, weakness and lack of energy. My hands amd feet are a little shaky due to weakness. Is that a normal symptoms of nicotine withdrawal? Thanks!

    • Veronica West says:

      Hi, yes those are withdrawal symptoms, after 3 weeks without smoking your body has eliminated almost all nicotine and thats the way of telling you its missing it. It gets better as weeks go by you’ll start to feel more energy, better mood, etc.

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