What is the Best Way to Quit Smoking Cigarettes?

There is no single, optimal way to quit smoking. Everybody is different and lives within different circumstances. What might be good for a young, single individual, might not be as good for someone pregnant, or in the middle of a particularly stressful time in their life.

It would be extremely arrogant and presumptuous of me to tell you what the best way to quit smoking is. I don’t know you and I sure as hell don’t know your specific circumstances.

However, I do know there are a small number of methods considered to be among the best ways to quit smoking. I can also help you decide, for yourself, which of these will be the best option for you.

The Most Common and Successful Ways to Quit Smoking.


Quit Smoking the Cold Turkey Way.

Evidence suggests that Cold Turkey is the most commonly used way to quit smoking among successful ex smokers. For reasons I discuss in this related article, cold turkey should NOT be overlooked and has for many recovered nicotine addicts, proven to be the best way to quit smoking.
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Quit Smoking Using Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

Nicotine Replacement Therapies such as Nicotine Patches, have assisted MILLIONS of people to successfully quit smoking. If used according to instruction and in consultation with a physician, NRT can be an effective way to quit smoking.
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Quit Smoking Using Prescribed Medication.

The academic discipline of neuroscience has provided tremendous breakthroughs toward our understanding of the brain and many of the neurological diseases (such as addiction) that affect it. This has allowed for the development of new medicinal treatments that have proven to be effective in helping people successfully quit smoking.
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Quit Smoking with the aid of Hypnotherapy.

For those who are susceptible to hypnosis, hypnotherapy has the potential to be a highly effective way to quit smoking.
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Quit Smoking with the aid of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

CBT is a highly effective psychotherapy treatment that can be used to assist quitters using any of the above mentioned ways to quit smoking. It is an additional aid that helps empower addicts to take control over their own healing process.
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Again, the best way to quit smoking is entirely dependent on an individuals circumstances and it is worth noting, that ALL methods used to quit smoking, fail more often than they succeed. Further, it is ALWAYS the quitter who ultimately determines success.

If you are still undecided, consider reading this article, which reviews some of the Pros and Cons of each method.

Hopefully the above information assists you in finding the best way quit smoking for you.

If you would still like a personal recommendation on how to successfully quit smoking, it would be to study up and work on these 5 best practices commonly used by successful quitters.



  1. I quit in mid April with electronic cigs then NRT – patches, inhalator. I then went back to electronics and the odd cigarette began creeping in. I completed about 6 weeks before smoking real cigs usually after a beer. Sorry I sound like a hopeless case. So I am now on 7th day of Champix and feeling very low, still trying to smoke though despising myself, and wonder if I should go cold turkey

    • Hi Gayle, I’d suggest keeping your doctor in the loop and talk through any decision process. It is always a risk to deviate from an already established plan and the junkie brain will feed off of it. The first hurdle is breaking the chemical dependency. Focus 100% that for now. Once broken, you will have a lot more control.

      Stay Strong!

  2. Great site, lots of great tips. I especially appreciated the article about fatigue. The extreme fatigue Ive experienced the past two weeks is like nothing else and it terrified me until I found out what it was. Now thinking that Im actually tired because Im smokefree makes me grin even if Im too tired to do anything. I think the fatigue will help me reset my tempo. The nicotine Ive been so addicted to have made me into a very stressed person both physically and mentally and Ill benefit from slowing down. Overall Im already feeling like a calmer and more balanced person.

    I’d like to recommend Allen Carrs method though, I’m the third person I know that have quit with the Easyway method. During earlier attempts Ive been struggling with depression and grieving the loss of the cigarettes but have now gotten a whole new out look on things after reading his book. It is a version of the cold turkey method but mentally quite different from just using willpower. Ive tried most of the others and this is whats really worked for me.

  3. Gavin Morrison says:


    I completely agree. I have been off the cigarettes for 2 months now after reading Allen Carr the Only way to stop smoking and I have to say I have found it very easy. Past attempts have always lead to cigarettes creeping back in, particularly on nights out but not this time. Initially i was using the ecig and patches for a couple of weeks, whilst still reading the book, but as soon as I finished the book, I ditched the NRT, I havent regreted it once, its amazing.

    • That book is really amazing… I cannot recommend it highly enough.
      A few of my close friends (pack a day smokers for 10+ YEARS) quit after reading the book. I thought it was a joke but after trying to quit on my own several times.. cutting down.. vaping.. etc I would always ended up smoking again.

      So I read the book and bam. I don’t even want a cigarette.

      I feel amazing.

      One thing I can add to the book (maybe it was in there) is anytime I got that “ping” of a craving… instead of saying “damn I need a smoke” I say “I’m so glad i’m not smoking right now”

      Sounds silly but man.. gotta do what you gotta do.

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