Is There an Easy Way to Quit Smoking?

Greedy con artist with moneyIf there were an easy way to quit smoking, the death toll from tobacco would not have reached one hundred million last century and it wouldn’t be set to hit a billion people this century.

If there were an easy way to quit smoking, there wouldn’t be a multi-billion dollar cigarette industry.

If there were an easy way to quit smoking, there wouldn’t be a multi-billion dollar quit smoking industry.

If there were an easy way to quit smoking, it would be so well known and widely used, that you likely wouldn’t even be asking the question. Your desire to be a smoker would have passed just as quickly as every other ridiculous phase you went through as a teenager.

The fact is, there are no easy ways to quit smoking.

If there were an easy way to quit smoking, it would be so well known and widely used, that you likely wouldn’t even be asking the question.

I have heard and seen people claim that it is easy to quit smoking and I find myself shaking my head in bewilderment every time I do so. Addiction is a chronic brain disease and the last time I checked, chronic diseases of any kind were not exactly easy to heal from.

In my experience, people who claim that quitting smoking is easy, usually fall into one of these categories…

  • They are trying to sell you a product or service, using the notion “it is easy to quit smoking,” as a selling hook.

    Such products do not usually deal with cravings or withdrawals in any realistic sense. Many go so far as to claim that such things are a fabric of your imagination or the result of brain washing.

    Those that do attempt to address cravings, often rely on repressive techniques and the power of suggestion which only works for a small percentage of people. If quitting smoking was easy, there wouldn’t be a need for their product or service.

  • They are trying to convince themselves that it is easy to quit smoking because they likely bought into one of the products or services mentioned above.

    Such people will claim it is easy with an extraordinary amount of passion and become frustrated and angry when challenged. Often these people will throw out ridiculous insults in response, usually about how you just “don’t get it.” I guess it assists the repressive techniques they are using.

  • They are simply blowing their own trumpet because they need to feel more superior than you.

    These people generally react the same way about any challenge in life.

  • They have absolutely no idea what they are talking about and would rather pass on bulls#!t advice than offer anything of actual value.

    Yes, I am specifically talking about the crowd who feel smart by suggesting that to quit smoking, all you need do is “stop smoking.” I am sure I speak for a lot of smokers and ex smokers when I say,

“Thanks for your truly wondrous insight. It would be awesome if you could now lead by example and stop being a d!@k, I am pretty sure it’s easier than quitting smoking!”

Quitting takes heart, courage, intellect and requires the support of others.

Accepting that quitting smoking is difficult, is just as critical as accepting it is possible. By accepting the challenge you become empowered to meet it.

You can begin to take serious action towards healing and start coming up with serious strategies that will actually work for you.

Quitting takes heart, courage, intellect and requires the support of others.

It requires a champion effort to heal from addiction, just as it takes a champion effort to heal from any other disease.



  1. Thanks for your truly wonderous insight…. 😉

  2. DarkTrance says:

    Thank you. Your website is very inspiring.

  3. Once you decide that you want freedom from smoking, it is easier to beat the cravings/habit/rituals. I hate needles and tell myself I could never be an intravenous addict, and those druggies sicken me. So, when I’m craving a cigarette I tell myself I can have it intravaneously only-which is stupid and it makes me realize I can control my cravings, and it would not in fact be what I want. Nicotine, heroin, same shit as far as I’m concerned and as soon as you start putting cigarettes in the evil column instead of your friend column-it will get easier. Joel’s library online is free and promotes going cold turkey-but do what works for you. And Allen Carrs Easy Way book and DVDs helped me, and laser therapy got me through the first few days. Never going back!

  4. Allen Carr highly recommended!

  5. Another vote for Allen Carr here. I read about half of his book a while ago but still remember much of what I read.
    Now that I have finally quit I will read the book again.
    Amazing how people will spend what they do for cigarettes but balk at $17 for a book that will help stop the smoking expense!
    I just quit four days ago now, but I believe I have the will power to stick it out.
    IF you don’t truly want to quit, you won’t. Same with any addiction.
    It needs to come from within.
    Allen’s book will help you with facts and reasoning.
    It will be up to you to face yourself and your addiction.
    Don’t wait until you are told “quit or die”. That WILL be your choice eventually.
    Just do it!
    Quitting is an “unpleasant experience”??
    Sure is!! But I find that coughing after every puff is even more unpleasant.
    Maybe it would help if you rented an oxygen bottle just to tote around for a week and see how that feels?
    Glad I am doing this now while I still have a chance.
    Best of luck to you all 🙂
    Oh, this year would be 50 years of being a nicotine slave for me.

  6. I’m on day five of quitting smoking..Its the hardest thing I have done & am writing this feeling down, very down & craving a death stick (as my step Dad describes them) but I will stay strong & try & fight this awful feeling 🙁 X

    • Totally feel this.. I was the same, i gave in on the 4th day though. Im going to try again and hopefully it will be my last attempt.. if not, ill try again.

  7. I tried for 24 hrs and then gave in to have a cigarette . I want to lose weight, eat healthy ,exercise and not smoke. Feeling afraid if I can and what to tackle first . I was very edgey and rude while24 hours without . I want to do this ????

  8. Bullshit. There is. It’s even called “easy way to stop smoking”… I quit few months ago. I’ve experienced no pangs, absolutely no desire to smoke since then. I’ve felt great from the very moment I smoked my last cigarette and I am certain I will never start smoking again. You can find a free copy online or a video version on youtube.

  9. Nothing wonderful comes easy. I knew for sure that there is no easy way to quit smoking. You just have to be firmed in saying no to your bad smoking habit.

  10. Stop the Brainwashing says:

    Another vote for Allen Carr. 42 year smoker, countless failed quit attempts, some of which lasted 3 months-2 years. I was 100% sceptical that there was an “easy” way but, by the end of the book, I’d quit (cold turkey) for good. My husband, also 40+ yr smoker, no quit attempts in the past 25 years, also quit cold turkey, by the end of the book. A timeline for health recovery (i.e. 20 min=drop in blood pressure, 1-9 months=cilia regrow, 1 year=heart disease risk halved, etc.) is very helpful and inspirational. This timeline simply reinforces that quitting smoking causes months/years of discomfort, which is the marketing campaign created by the multi-billion dollar, smoking cessation products industry. Spend $20, buy the book/CD, free yourself from your addiction.

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