Quit Smoking Side Effects Timeline.

Welcome to the Quit Smoking Side Effects Timeline, a quick reference guide for smokers who want to find out what happens when you quit smoking. This timeline is variable and dependent on an individual’s level of addiction.  Some will experience all of the day to day quit smoking symptoms and side effects of nicotine withdrawal, while others may only experience a few.

Please note, if you are looking for a timeline on how the body repairs itself as opposed to stages of withdrawal, please be sure to check out the post, What are the Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking?


Quit Smoking Side Effects Timeline

Stage One

First 7 Days

Side Effect – Chronic Physical Cravings.

Chronic physical cravings begin shortly after quitting then rapidly increase in intensity until they peak somewhere between 48 and 120 hrs, at which point they begin to gradually weaken. Physically, this is the toughest stage of the quit smoking and withdrawal process.

Having a greater awareness of how and why cravings occur can go along way toward making this quit smoking symptom more manageable…

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Side Effect – Irritability and Intense Mood Swings.

These are largely influenced by cravings and will peak at roughly the same time as cravings. If the smoker is also quitting caffeine, the symptom may be worse. With a bit of planning and know how, this quit smoking symptom can also be better managed on a day to day basis…

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Side Effect – Intense Fatigue.

A smoker begins an intensive healing process when they quit smoking. This process can severely fatigue the mind and body. Again, if the smoker is also quitting caffeine the symptom may be worse. It is important to get as much rest as possible and explore ways that can potentially help by combating the fatigue and tiredness that come with quitting smoking…

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Side Effect – Headaches.

It is not unusual for people to experience headaches when they first quit smoking. It is possible that the headaches experienced during nicotine withdrawal are the result of fluctuating serotonin levels. This is also a common symptom of caffeine withdrawal. Again, there are some things you can do to manage the head aches on a day to day basis…

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Side Effect – Chest Discomfort.

Smokers may experience a tight and uncomfortable feeling in their chest. This just goes away with time. Some ex smokers may also experience sharp pains in the chest, and while this may be normal, it really is a good idea to speak to your doctor and have your lungs checked. Even if only for peace of mind.


Side Effect – Constipation.

Nicotine and tobacco smoking interfere with normal digestive functions. Upon quitting smoking the digestive system undergoes a radical period of healing. Because of this, the digestive functions of your body may become unsettled as they become accustomed to a life without nicotine and tobacco smoke. For many ex smokers, this manifests as constipation…

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Side Effect – Flu and Cold Like Symptoms.

As the respiratory system heals, smokers will experience cold and flu like symptoms. The day to day symptoms can be headaches, flashes of hot and cold, chest congestion, cough, sore throat and nasal congestion.  The smoker will also likely begin coughing up tar…

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Side Effect – Increased Hunger and Weight Gain.

Nicotine is an appetite suppressant. When nicotine users quit they tend to experience an increase in their appetite. Food, particularly sugary foods, increase dopamine levels and may decrease severity of cravings. There are ways to minimise the weight gain…

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Quit Smoking Side Effects Timeline

Stage Two

7 – 21 Days


Side Effect – Moderate to Severe Cravings for Cigarettes.

The chemical dependency to nicotine is significantly weakened by around days 5-7. However, there is still significant healing required throughout the brain and cravings will still occur, though not as physically intense or long lasting. Many cravings will also be related to emotions and everyday memories that are still associated with smoking. They will begin to weaken over time and ebb and flow in severity.

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Side Effect – Moderate to Severe Irritability and Mood Swings.

Again, this side effect is largely influenced by the intensity of cravings.

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Side Effect – Mild to Moderate Fatigue.

As the now ex smoker, approaches the 2 week mark, fatigue levels will start to drop. Many ex smokers will begin to experience greater levels of energy.

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Side Effect – Headaches.

Headaches should begin to clear up by the end of the first two weeks.

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Side Effect – Mild Chest Discomfort.

This should weaken significantly once the chemical dependency is overcome. It may persist in a much milder state, alongside cravings.


Side Effect – Constipation.

This will likely persist in varying degrees of intensity.

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Side Effect – Flu and Cold Like Symptoms.

This will likely persist in varying degrees of intensity. The ex smoker will likely cough up more tar, more often as the lungs begin to clean out.

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Side Effect – Increased Hunger and Weight Gain.

This will likely persist in varying degrees of intensity and be tied in with cravings.

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Quit Smoking Side Effects Timeline

Stage Three

3 – 12 Weeks.


Side Effect – Mild to Moderate Cravings for Cigarettes.

Ex Smokers will progressively notice large gaps between cravings. There will likely be a number of spikes in relative intensity during this period, followed by a significant decrease in cravings. By week 6, most ex smokers are well and truly in control as the chemical dependency is well and truly beaten. By 12 weeks, levels of nicotine receptors in the brain should be equal to that of a non smoker and cravings from here on are triggered by habitual behaviors and emotions.

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Side Effect – Mild to Moderate Irritability and Mood Swings.

Mood swings will become far less intense as cravings  weaken and become more manageable.

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Side Effect – Mild Constipation.

The digestive system should be back to normal by the end of this period.

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Side Effect – Mild Flu and Cold Like Symptoms.

These symptoms will become a lot less frequent.

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Side Effect – Mild Hunger and Weight Gain.

By the end of this period, ex smokers should be in a much better position to manage weight gain.

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By the 12 week mark, most ex smokers will feel comfortable with their new lifestyle.


Quit Smoking Side Effects Timeline

Stage Four

3 Months – 24 Months


Side Effect – Very Mild and Infrequent Cravings.

Cravings progressively weaken to the point of almost being non existent. A six month ex smoker will likely experience very weak urges that add up to seconds per day as opposed to minutes. However, this period is still risky, as the periodic “walls” of cravings may become frustrating. These walls and urges will continue to weaken and by 12 months, most if not all ex smokers will go weeks even months between craves.

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  1. Its been 5 week of NO cigarette and no alternate like patches/gums. My Blood Pressure rose to 180/100 AFTER QUIT SMOKING. Before quit my average BP is 140/90 or max 160/100. Is it normal?

    • Yes, it is completely normal. It is most likely due to anxiety/depression you are experiencing. Please do not let this increase convince you that smoking will reduce your blood pressure, or smoking helps keep your blood pressure in check. Think about it, it sounds ridiculous even saying that smoking helps. It does not! Your brain will try anything to convince you to get back to smoking.

      • I’ve attempted to quit several times and I can agree with that statement my mind kept trying to find new ways or reasons why smoking is beneficial for me when I was going through my withdrawal. My recent attempt (which I hope will be a success) has had me having a severe stomach ache and all I could think of was that if I smoke a cig everything would be much better.

        • Never underestimate the power of your mind. If you are suffering physically to such a degree after the first 72 hours then it’s because you weren’t truly ready to quit. If you used willpower to quit then this is the worst way to stop smoking. Your brain will stress out so much that it will cause a bunch of discomforts physically. However if you did truly want to quit and did so with understanding and not through willpower then it is possible that smoking had been covering an underlying health problem with your stomach that you had had previously but wasn’t aware. In this case see a doctor to verify the stomach.

          • Emma Newell says:

            I quit smoking 2 weeks ago, cold turkey, it is all in the mind, i just decided in the middle of a cigarette that i smoke way to much and i was over it… lol, I was a 2+ pack a day smoker for 33 years!! But the issues I’m experiencing are terrible!! My mouth is so sore, I have horrible ulcers that drinking water is uncomfortable! My Epilepsy has gotten way worse, I’m passing out all over the place, I have horrible heart burn and I had Pneumonia right before I quit, but it doesn’t seen to have gone away, I feel like crap! Is this all normal??? Someone please give me some advice?? I’m on the edge!!!

          • @emma, your body is regrowing your cilia, and your sinus cavities are covered in toxic buildup. they are doing what they should be doing, kicking out the toxins, however it is uncomfortable at best, and for some completely miserable. it goes away after a smoke as you have effectively burned off the cilia that your body worked so hard to regrow. AVOID THIS TEMPTATION! I have found eating healthy helps aid in regrowth of hairs and helps sinus cavities flow more effectively. drinking water also aids in thinning out mucus. I have resorted to a spit bottle temporarily. keep in mind your body wishes to reach homeostasis. it will heal most affected or most important organs first then go down the line to next affected organ etc. it means your body has time and or energy to effectively go after your sinuses. Its a great sign however miserable it may seem. any efforts to stop will hinder the process and make it take longer, i.e. make you miserable for longer. again avoid temptation of quick fixes i.e. rinses, baking soda, etc. you will once again burn off cilia starting the process over. lastly I have found cherry tomatoes aid in quitting measures as they are in nightshade family, and take over the role that tobacco was playing but in a healthier fashion. you may notice you have a sudden aversion to certain foods (mushrooms, eggplants, etc), or certain sudden food addiction (cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, dark chocolate, apples, peanut butter). That’s a great sign your body is trying to heal a new organ. Choose organic as much as possible. best advice avoid soda, try and cut back on coffee, sugar, etc as these things may hinder your bodies ability to detox these things. I enjoy a sip or two of black coffee maybe three to five times a month. Keep in mind I am about 2 to 3 months into detox, but I have had to research what was happening in my body and foods to eat etc. At some point my body passed the point where homeostasis was impossible and had a complete meltdown. Im taking the long trudge back to health with many of the awful pitfalls along the way. ive read oodles and doodles of articles on nutrition, metal poisoning, the brain, etc. best advice go organic and trust your instinct (except when it tells you to smoke). Lastly when trying to smoke I found switching to american spirits first helped my body get used to not seeing lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, pesticides, etc in my lungs and pushed me to start eating healthy, which pushed me to want to quit. switching from one brand to american spirits was harder (withdrawals from additives) than quitting altogether. I have found it is more the additives than the nicotine our bodies get angry about not seeing, and kicking out substances such as lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury are harder than nicotine could ever be. you can do it, eat healthy, include fruits and veggies. eat less milk products and possibly less meat. see a nutritionist if you are concerned

    • I Quit smoking 4 months ago cold Turkey. March 2015 my Mother in law died at age 59 suddenly of a heart attack. A week later I ended in the hospital with chest pain and rapid pulse. Since then I have been in the ER a few times and had the million dollar work up, Chest X-ray-, EKG, 24 Hour Stress test, MRI of Chest, Nuclear Stress Test, colonoscopy, endoscopy, MRI of the stomach, CT and MRI of the Brain and Nerve testing. Seen a Physcologist, a and Counsler. Shrink but me on all the different drugs, tired them all and nothing helped made me feel I a Fog. Almost a year and two months later after making a bunch life style changes, the final change I made was to quit smoking May 2016. I was at work when I went for a normal smoke break took a few drags and asked myself what am I doing? I put out my cigarette and tossed a nearly full pack of cigarettes at a fellow smoker said I am done you can have these. Since quitting smoking 4 months ago I have irregular heartbeat, random chest pains that come and go, diarrhea quite frequently, and constant feeling that my demise is near. I have no cravings to smoke any more and just want this feeling in my chest to go away. All tests came back normal. anyone else going through this?

      • Steve Murnane says:

        I quit cold turkey 8/8/15 @ 10:32 AM, and so I’m a little past 13 months. I had decided that I absolutely was not going to smoke any more and I have not. This site was very helpful for me, especially the effects time line. I had not looked into the timeline before I quit, and so it was very reassuring to me that the things I was experiencing were normal to a quit. I never consciously, mentally, wanted to smoke again, but my body must have craved it badly, though. I had some fairly overwhelming anxiety about 2 to 3 months into it, and went to my doctor and was prescribed a low dose of generic Zoloft. I think the thoughts about my demise were the main cause of the anxiety. I think that the anxiety caused the shortness of breath, tightness in my chest, and what I thought was an irregular heartbeat at times. I don’t know why the thoughts about my demise surfaced like that; maybe not having the nicotine to suppress those thoughts was the main cause. Maybe there are other underlying issues that I’ve suppressed, too. I took the Zoloft for a few months, and decided that I didn’t want to be reliant on something like that in my life. I still have the anxiety, but as I look back, it’s becoming less powerful and easier to deal with as time passes. I certainly wish you all the best. I just thought that what I went through was similar to your experience and thought it might be the anxiety that’s causing some of the physical symptoms you’ve expressed. Please refer back to this site for the timeline. I found it to be my main “support group” during some of the more intense and trying times.

      • hi mark,
        i did quite last my and i say , i am going through the same exact problem of yours. i got astmha again. i done all the tests and all is normal. i ve been to hospital several times and i admit chest pain is my worst issue. im freaking out. i dont want to smoke but i want to feel good. that is why i did quit

      • Amy Norfleet says:

        I am at 26 days today. I only read this because I did a search about chest pains after quitting smoking. I keep seeing posts all over the Internet about the same issues over and iver. I can only surmise that it is normal. I have random sharp chest pains that scare me a little. The other day I had what felt like severe upper back pain, but I couldn’t take a full breath in without worse pain. This lasted 2 plus days then subsided. I read similar stories online from people after quitting. It’s funny how we quit for our health, only to be scared for our health afterwards. I hope you are feeling better!

        • Amen to that!!! I’m one month into quitting I got to say it seems like when you quit smoking your body goes to shit with your nerves coming back and the chest pains and the flu like symptoms it’s pretty damn scary at times. But I just say to myself its my body healing .

          • Cassandra J snay says:

            Yes it’s been 10 weeks tomorrow for me senc e i quite cold turkey i have been through he’ll i said wow when I smoked i was in grate heath now I quite it’s my body my blood presur e been up now that I have quite before before quite it was 112\80 or 135\88 that’s it now it’s 150/89 160/94 i had lots of anxiety my asthma getting better lungs are working better walking faster than before I can run feels grate I drink lots of water

      • Hi Mark,
        My name is Linda and on September 21, 2016, (2 mths ago), I was suppose to go in for yet another hernia Surgery. When I had the CT scan, it showed the bottom portion of my lungs and my surgeon saw something. He sent me back in for CT of chest. Tumor, then biopsy, diagnosis, lung cancer. I am 52 and had smoked on a regular basis for 40 years. The tumor was 3.8 in sz. At 4, I would have needed the whole thing surgery, chemo, and radiation, which I wouldn’t have done. Anyway I had the bottom lobe of my right lung removed with all the lymph node’s he could get for further testing. They came back okay. I was so unbelievably lucky that I WAS on top of the world, even with complications and in ICU for two weeks. It has been two months and a week and I am so depressed, I can’t stand myself. I cry all the time, I did have a major loss just short of three years ago, but I was doing so much better. I know what you are going through. I deactivated my fb also because it’s not a happy place anymore. I still have so much pain, I can’t sleep, I can’t take any pain meds that will touch the pain because it screws with my breathing. I have always been very active and now can’t her off the couch.
        Smoking for over three quarters of your life becomes a part of you and everything you do. At least for me. Hang in there Mark, if nothing else, you’ve got a good start.

        • Hi Linda, how are you doing now? I’m, 54 and I stopped smoking yesterday after 40 years. You are so right with your comment about it becoming a part of you and everything you do. Marriage, divorce, marriage again, raising children, good times, bad times, EVERYTHING I’ve done in my life I’ve done with cigs (with the exception of maybe sleeping) 🙂 I usually feel like my best friend has died when I try and stop and cannot imagine life without them [cigs]. I don’t feel so bad this time, probably ‘cos I’m taking Champix and I REALLY want to stay off them now. I sing in a band and smoking really takes its toll on both my voice and my breathing.
          I do hope you are feeling better and have stayed off the evil things xxxx

        • Hi Linda, It seems like you have been dealt a double whammy, giving up smoking and all that goes with it is tough enough, having the diagnosis and op for lung cancer too, I’m not surprised you feel like you do. I hope you have been back to your GP, if not maybe that would be a good idea and consider asking to be referred for some talking therapy, also google some guided meditation sites to help relax and motivate yourself. I do hope you read this and can start to rebuild your life with love, hope and strength, you have come this far, don’t give up now girl.

        • Hi Mark…
          My official day of quitting smoking starts on 4th Jan 2017. Ive been smoking for 19 years. I did not read up on anything about any side effects after quitting. All i know was on a crave to smoke. But after u read up, there is actually a plan to quit in stages. Maybe to avoid any bad or worse side effects. I quit ‘cold turkey’. The doctor’s are saying, that is the most effective and best way. But, im encountering the same problem with the rest of the readers here too. I have chest pains, the sharp ones… i even have palpitations!! This is the most scariest of all. Blood test, ECG, urine are all good results. Except for my good cholesterol on a lower side. Need to do more exercise and swallow some fish oil. I guess, there is nothing to worry about after reading that most are going through the same thing. But no matter what, its still worrying right. Im with you. I told myself, i have sinned by smoking, and to purify the body, i need to go thru some body repairs. Eat healthily. Google on some fruits juices that will help. Really, it helps.

      • I only quit a week ago and I feel like this exactly now. I keep having left chest pain and feeling like it’s about to end. I also have problems sleeping because the sharp pain wakes me up sometimes and also the sweating and irregular heartbeat. It might not be my time to quit but I had to force it.

        • It’s normal I’m on week 4 and the chest pain is minor but a little scary it started a couple days ago and weird heart beats so I got a heart check up doc said my heart is doing good no signs of anything and I’ve had blood work done all good I guess it’s just side effects the heart is working pumping bad stuff out when I quit I could not sleep or eat that went away 2 weeks later it’s like I had the flu and stomach bug right now I feel good but I’ll be better when my chest pain completely hose away keep up the good work you don’t need a cigarette is all a trick to kill us young people faster I’ve quit cold turkey and made my girlfriend quit as well so if we both can do it then so can you all together we all stand let no let cigarette be the reason we fall.

      • Wtg Corey, been two weeks for me. I just hate the thought of smoking and relished how disgusting it was and how horrible it smells in our hair clothes etc. I never ever want to smoke again. Good luck to you and your girlfriend! Too am experiencing flu like symptoms, some chest discomfort on and off but for the most part I feel much better! To everyone that has quit congrats to you! Drink lots of water to flush out the bad stuff and walk a lot

      • brandon persad says:

        Yes omg im going tru the same ting

      • I’ve had a very similar experiences. I quit about 6 months back. I had been smoking for 10 years or so. Then I just quit one day. Not smoked a cigarette since then. After 3 months of smoking one day I felt like I was having a heart attack so went to the ER. They did an ECG. My heart was racing and my blood pressure had shot up. I was put on blood pressure medication for about 2 months. It have been normal since then. But I always experience periods of discomfort in my chest or shortness of breath. Like you I did check with a bunch of doctors but the tests come out normal.
        I am thinking this has got to do something with anxiety cause every time I get these feeling and if I start thinking about good things the feeling subsides.

        • Brad O'Connor says:

          Hi mate, I have a really similar story to you, was smoking weed for about 6 years and after I stopped a few months later on three separate occasions my heart just raced out of nowhere it seemed. Proper scary and went to A&E the first two times, all tests came back OK. It gave me anxiety worrying about the next one though I had to see a therapist because it was getting a bit out of control. Just wondering how you’re doing?

      • Me,and makes me wonder,why I quit! Lol.also wake up stuffy nose,constant clearing of my throat which I NEVER had and chest heaviness.im 1 month so far,I miss it,I only quit because of that heaviness and tightness I felt from time to time.ugh.

        • Those feelings you are getting will be permanent if you continue to smoke. That’s our body saying STOP or this is what it’s going to be like. I quit and swore I was having a stroke. Still alive and mentally able to do everything. It’s all anxiety and all in the head!

      • After three months I am still having strange feelings in my chest. The way I breathe feels strange and I have had constant anxiety and panic attacks. I actually tried to have a smoke hoping it would all go away 🙁 it sent me into a spin and resulted in the biggest panic attack yet. I’m not sure if it’s my body’s healing process or what but I’ve to ended up on hospital gp & seeing a physiologist! Surely this can’t all be from giving up smoking? Can it ? Lol…hope my experience puts you at ease a little. Surely we are meant to feel better after smoking not worse. I do wonder if it’s all the new chemicals found in tobacco that is causing these affects. I’ll never smoke again !

        • Hi Nat,

          Same feeling! Im 3 months off the cig cold turkey and it doesnt get better, chest pains, palpitations and breathing seems not right. I just feel I am about to die anytime soon. When will this go away?

      • i quit smoking about 1 year and 2 months now and i still have dull chest pain. I was diagnosed with costochondritis but i am still skeptical. I am still clearing my throat and coughing up tarry phlegm. It freaks me out but i do not what to do. My most recent was a chest x ray in december 2016. I did a chest ct in June 2016. Doctor said its normal and i have to wait it out. Man this sucks.

      • Wow pains in my chest are really getting to me now since quitting smoking, especially when laying in bed It’s like having tooth ache

      • Brother same thing happening to me!!!

      • I quit a month ago and although I’m still getting nicotine here and there I’m having the same problems. I haven’t gone to the hospital yet but feel it’s my withdrawal doing all this.

      • Right now, my friend. I’m very active, I have a workout regimen of running, lifting and heavybag routine. I quit 4 mos ago and over the past 2 weeks I feel random sensations in my chest outnof the blue and feel like I’m short of breath but my oxygen saturation and heart rate are normal. I’m actually getting tired of this feeling day after day. It’s especially disheartening when you’ve done the right thing by eliminating tobacco and maintain exercise and you have to endure this. It makes nonsense to me. Someone said that ppl develop smoker’s asthma upon quitting.

        • James williams says:

          Yes.I was in the e r 3times a month same thing.it is anxiety.I quit smoking drinking caffien e sugar oil salt dairy etc all at once .50 days .still convinced I am dying .I am 59.hang in there.

          • Cassandra J snay says:

            Ur body wi l feel like ur dieing but anxiety Will mess with u b a d take ur meds get a cat helps with anxiety

      • I quit 8 months ago right before both of my oarents oassed away (9 days apart). Anout two months after quitting started the chest pains, shortness of breath, various other chest pains. I sleep terrible, gained 20 pounds and have low energy. Makes no sense to me and I’m tired of it.

        • I quit 13 months ago, after about 14 years of on and off heavy and light smoking. Did 8 days of patches, but they were making me nauseated, so I just stopped. Flu-like symptoms were intense for about three months, and I still have chest pains and palpitations. I gained 35 pounds in the process. Very little nicitine craving the first two months, never so strong that I would actually consider smoking again – and I’m around smokers all the time (including my bag). Still the best decision I ever made in my life! Good luck everyone!

      • Might be pleurisy smoking has left me with costochondritis and pleurisy. Pleurisy is a tight burning sensation and costochondritis is a sharp pain in chest. Pleurisy is swelling of the lining of the lungs all you can do is take anti inflammatory
        Same again with costochondritis but cartilage between ribs instead of lining of lung both together are so painful i had to stop and on day 3 of cut down and coping well i got patches and will be stopping ciggarettes fully in the next 24-48 hours for good.

      • Jewel Johnson says:

        Yes. I have quit more than once for different periods of time. I am hoping this time my quit will take. I think it’s been about a week for me, and I have a sore throat. I get heart palpitations intermittently. I have been more concerned this time, but probably due to my age. I had quit regular cigs 2.5 years ago and took up ecigs which I convinced myself were better. ????. I am now using nicotine gum when I get more of a craving. I have a Drs. Appointment tomorrow and hope to get encouraging news. ????

      • Richard says:

        I haven’t got any test done yet but I have bad chest pain in my side I don’t know wat I sit or sleep in bed guess I should get looked at

      • Jane chandler says:

        Hi I’m jane it’s been 3 weeks off cigs got feelings of tight chest and I do suffer from anxiety I shake is this normal cause I’m scared please get back to me my email is jane. Chandler1970@aol.com I need a friend

        • Hi Jane,
          I am 72 hours in to quitting and have the tightest chest. It has been freaking me out big time although eased of slightly today, but back tonight with avengance. I spoke to a triage nurse and she said to just relax and stick to my plan with my doc. I just can’t believe that people can walk around all day feeling like a small dog is sitting on my chest constantly. Have your side effects faded at all?

    • it has been 6 weeks since I quit- 5 days ago- I start getting ulcers in my mouth

      today I wake up and my face is now breaking out

      is this related to not smoking

      • Emma Newell says:

        This is why I was checking this site! I quit smoking 2 weeks ago, and was a 2 pack a day smoker for 33 years!! My mouth is do sire, I have horrible ulcers that drinking water is uncomfortable! My Epilepsy has gotten way worse, I’m passing out all over the place, I have horrible heart burn and I had Pneumonia right before I quit, but it doesn’t seen to have gone away, I feel like crap! Is this all normal???

    • Daniel Mays says:

      I quit 6 weeks ago because i was having anxiety attacks and smoking was making it worse. After quiting the first weeks were intense. Almost felt like i was having a heart attack. 158/110 bp but all episodes lasted seconds. Went had blood work and xrays done. All came back clean. As the weeks go on the shortness of breath and episodes branch out further and further. The also are shorter in length. Honestly can say smoking was killing me and quiting sucks but getting better. 15 year smoker pack a day. Just quit cold turkey. Got three beautiful boys and wife to yaoe care of. They were worth it.

  2. I am on day 33 smoke free, I feel absolutely great every now and again I still get the urge but I will not smoke again EVER. Congratulations to everyone who has stopped and for those that are wanting to stop it is not easy but what an awesome feeling once you have. WELL DONE TO ALL EX SMOKERS 🙂

  3. I quit smoking after 20 yrs on my birthday last week. My birthday wish for myself. Today is my 7th day, and the first few days were easy as I was out and about on a trip with a non smoker friend.

    I feel much better but I miss isn’t sometimes. You guys are right, the craving lasts usually for a few minutes and it will go. Wish me luck!

    • its better you should never think that there is a thing called cigarette. i am suffering now with more breathing problems. so never ever think about restarting the poison again. i will get cure as i started working out in gym. wish u all the best.

  4. 24 days ago at age 47 and after 28 years smoking a pack a day I decided to quit after my doctor said: There is a chance of lung cancer due to increasing the WBC and we need to repeat all the tests! Well, it was an alert and I stopped smoking right away. The lab test (blood and CT scan) later on showed everything is fine and there is no cancer, but I DID QUIT SMOKING with no help (patches, gums,…)

  5. Hope your doing well

  6. This will be my Week 5 since my last cigarette 🙂 I believe we have done extremely well giving up on the addictive smokes… It wasn’t easy but then I started having chest pains (still do now) that I actually decided to quit

    • How are you now? Are you still having chest pains? Have u been to the dr?

      • Richie Fitzsimons says:

        I’m nearly 3 weeks off them and suffering from chest pain bad the last week, been to doctor twice and had bloods and X-ray of chest and all looks good, is it just normal to suffer from this when you give up?

        • Yes chest pain is a withdraw symptom that will go away within in a few weeks. Don’t take my advice from it, just get a full cardiac check up from the heart doctor and let them know whats going on with your body since you quit smoking,

  7. yournamehere says:

    Today I felt kinda funny. Like as if I was on drugs or something. Never felt like this before. Don’t think it’s bad, and don’t know why? Then I realized that I have not had a cigarette in two years almost to the day. Kinda wondering if there is some lengthy side effect or something. Weird. All in all, I remember what it was like being a 27 year smoker. Miserable. I actually cannot even think of a reason why I liked it. It made me feel like crap most of the time. The cough. The stinky mess. Couldn’t jog a block without feeling like I was going to die. Havn’t had an allergy, or got sick in over a year, which has never happened since I was a kid. Sometimes it gave me some brain fog. Sometimes I felt like I was just going to fall over, and black out. Didn’t ever realize how much bad stink was in my life until I got my nose to work the way it is supposed to at least 6 months later. Realized what it is like to kiss an ashtray. Yuk!!! The only reason I can ever think of doing what I did, was because of my unstable frame of mind. Be it abuse, neglect, disorders, all of the above, or whatever. I put myself in a challenging position to free myself of burdens in life that rendered me vulnerable. Incapable. I chose to not believe in things that rendered me helpless, or put me down, and empowered myself to be impeccable. I threw it down on the ground. It is behind me. I don’t look back. What I felt today was glorious compared to what I felt like two years ago. The addiction is not the drug. The addiction is the mind. You cannot stop without it, nor would you be reading this. Empower yourself. Be impeccable.

    • not smoking anymore says:

      Cheers to u mate. i quit 5 days ago.. I relate to what u are saiying .. Keep it up and have a nice life ..

      • It’s been my first day 16 hours from the last cig .. Craving is killing me but I’m trying my level best . My hand / legs are agitated and my chest is paining .. Does that happen on the first day .. I Am also coughing a lot ..

        • Chris Kofoid says:

          Chewing sugar free gum helps. When I get a craving I chew another piece.

        • Wtg Corey, been two weeks for me. I just hate the thought of smoking and relished how disgusting it was and how horrible it smells in our hair clothes etc. I never ever want to smoke again. Good luck to you and your girlfriend! Too am experiencing flu like symptoms, some chest discomfort on and off but for the most part I feel much better! To everyone that has quit congrats to you! Drink lots of water to flush out the bad stuff and walk a lot
          Seriously learn to knit or crochet, it really helps. Good luck .

    • I understand exactly what you are saying..,in 35 and I’ve quit a couple times in my life before…I started smoking at fourteen because my best friend did and so did my mother..,the two most influential people in my life at that time..my girlfriend smokes and so does her mother…I’ve gone through the stages of feeling like I was going to did trying to exercise.or waking up in the morning not knowing how I was still alive from the amount I smoked from the nite before..I’m 5 weeks quit to two days ago…and I’m not going back…ever..my girlfriend and her mother make me sick..I have plans on leaving this house in April..and smoking is not coming along…in any way shape or form…my girlfriend knows I wont kiss her..and I fell her I can’t stand how she smells when she gets in the car..her mother has been told exactly how her habit is going to go or she is not welcome with me at all…there is no smoking in my future what so ever…and to all of you aspiring non smokers…do the same..extinguish it from your life completely and never look back..read that timeline..and get to 12 months..and you are done…,!!!!

    • MELISSA says:

      Wow thank u so much ! My anxiety gets so bad I think I cant breathe craxy I know but you are 110 % right I smoked to help heal abuse pain ! My lungs are still clearing its almost five months I just dropped it after about 17 20 years . Thank God. The anxiety gets so so bad .

  8. ismokedandiregret says:

    I am turning 45 and been smoking since 17.. I worked out and ran a lot and I would smoke after exercising and smoke after I ate. I quit smoking at age 35 for 3 yrs – and smoked again
    at age 39. I decide to quit 10 weeks ago. My worse day is 7 cigs a day and I actually got down to 2 a day before calling it quits.. I had a relapse after 1 week of no smoking – started to have flu like symptoms and ended up in urgent care.. Got a really bad sinus infection , had a hard time breathing, really bad headache.. that was enough to scare me.. I am on my 9th week of no cigs yesterday.. I was at a party a week ago a bunch of people were smoking – I did not light one up but I think the second hand smoke got to me and I am now feeling some really weird physical symptoms.. I get really dizzy to the point I feel like I am going to topple over and faint.. sometimes I even feel like I am leaning to my left when I walk.. I get hunger pains . the dizzy spells occur through out the day and it comes in waves.. I’ve had a blood test done and CT SCAN everything was normal.. I have an appointment to see ENT next week.. And now there’s a new annoyance- constipation! I drink lots of water.. use bnasal spray for my nose just in case..
    Has anyone gotten these types of withdrawals at this time frame? first week was wanting that cigarette.. 2nd week I got the prickly throat, heart palpitations, cold sweat, and feeling of your entire bronchial system swelling and constricting to the point you feel like your breathing thin air..and 3rd week everything slowly dissipitated .. 4th to 7th week was awesome.. like everything was normal and I never smoked in my life.. why is this happening now?? it’s freaking me out and I don’t want to smoke anymore but I want this dizziness to go away!! is this part of the process?

    • I quitted in early July this year after almost 30 years of smoking. over one pack per day and almost 2 packs before when I was 20 somethings to 30 years old. When I quitted, I just quit and never had the feeling to get a cigarette anymore. I feel extremely good because I never thihk of smoke again, My blood pressure go down a bit at 130-135/90-95. Drink more water than before. The only thing I cannot stand is the spittle I having now made me very uncomfortable. Everytime when I started to eat, the spittle will come out and make you cannot swallow…I just hate it..

    • Yes it’s a part of the process. I have been smoke free for 8 months now. And I had the same issues as you for the first 3 months. It will get better I promise you. I still have cravings at 8 months smoke free but not nearly as bad the first three months… Hang in there, lord knows I am. I’m 48 years old, and no longer a smoker… The dizziness will fade, and you’ll slowly get your life back.

      • Ismokedandregretsit says:

        Thanks..starting to feel better

      • Donna Mire says:

        James, how long did it take for the dizziness to go away???. I am 3 months smoke free come Feb 2nd, 2016, after 36 years, and I still have heart palpitations, dizziness stuffy nose, anxiety and panic attacks. I just feel awful. I have no desire to light a cig but this is truly scary. I have seen my PCP, my heart Dr. and a Pulmonologist and all say everything is fine. But none can tell me why I am feeling this way.

        • Catherine says:

          Were you ever able to get an answer aboit the dizziness and anxiety? Did it go away?

          I am almost at 11 months quit and still get the dizziness sometimes.

          And i habe not found any answers yet.

          • Dizziness and anxiety sounds mostly like issues related to breathing patterns. Try to breathe less (more deep, but slower breaths; instead of shallow, fast breaths) if you do.

      • Thank you! A BIG thank you James!

    • HappyToBeDone says:

      I quit a month and a half ago. I never had issues with coughing or a tight chest until after I quit. I smoked about a half a pack a day on and off for 30 years. When I quit, I developed a sinus problem and post nasal drip. Went to a couple of docs, including an ENT. The ENT found polyps in my nose and pus inside my sinus cavities. Tested the pus and it wasn’t anything that antibiotics could cure. Had allergy testing done and I am now suddenly allergic to my dog that I have had for two years with no problems. I think stopping smoking cleared my nasal pathways so that they could sense the allergies. Now with the chest congestion coughing and asthma feel, I think it is my lungs repairing themselves but it does not feel good at all. It has however stopped me from wanting to have another cigarette ever again. I will be starting allergy immunotherapy shots in a week which will hopefully stop my sinus issues and relieve the postnatal drip which doesn’t help my fleghm situation I am sure. I can’t wait to start feeling better again!

      • Hang in there! I too totally understand and am going through the exact same thing. Chest pains, back pains to boot. Dr. Has done xrays, listened to lungs etc etc. It’s just our bodies healing themselves and basically yelling at us for poisoning it. I regret ever smoking and its a struggle but keep up the good work.

    • Did the sinus problem go away and if so – how long? I have had severe sinus congestion to where i cant breath threw my nose at all and it feels like my ears are popping like if i had a change in elevation. I thought it was a sinus infection but a round of antibiotics didnt fix it – i havent smoked a drag for 4 weeks but am in misery with this sinus congestion – i have been to the dr. 2 times in these four weeks since i quite and no relief i feel horible! Not with cravings or thoughts of going back but rather with physical sickness to where i have missed work and havent been able to get out of bed at times. The latest over the last couple of days is extreme diahrea, body aches, and a little nausia kinda like a flu bug – bottom line is a bunch of sickness and i dont know if quiting smoking has wrecked my imune system??

    • Yes have had a lot of those symptoms quit smoking in January 2016 had an uncontrollable nosebleed developed sinusitis and also vertigo which is the feeling of spinning and dizziness when bending over moving in different directions started smoking at age 16 I am now 54 for quitting was the best decision of my life cigarettes are just like alcohol they are a depresent so you don’t feel things and they block off your sinus passages once you quit it’s like having sinuses of a baby you seem to be allergic to everything and your body mus heal over time it will probably take a couple of years but I’m going to fight it out and I’m going to win I won’t ever go back I wish I never started . the people that are really suffering from smoking that we don’t see because they are behind closed doors and that you don’t see them because they can’t come out

    • I am trying to cut way down and quit now. I currently also experience dizzy and vertigo symptoms even when standing or sitting still. It also happened last time I quit after several weeks also. I wound up in emergency room. Nothing physically wrong. In spite of symptoms I have to pick my quit date and will quit

    • Jewel Johnson says:

      Yes. This is 1 week for me being off ecig. I quit cigs 2.5 years ago. I have had dizziness, heart palpitations, and prickly throat and ears. Appointment with ENT tomorrow. I am older than most of the people on here. I hope no damage beyond repair. I am hard on myself for having smoked so long. I have smoked since I was 18 and quit about 4 different times throughout my life…..varying length of time before starting again. I want this to be my time to be free of the habit. However, I am using nicotine gum for bad cravings…..less than before though on cravings. Probably because I have less stress because I am retired. One of my children smokes and tries to quit periodically too. I hope he can……I feel like my smoking was a bad influence on him and for that I feel pretty crappy. I am working on using meditation and trying to stay positive. I am a little scared of what I may have caused with smoking. ????

  9. 9 weeks since last puff. Getting horrible mood swings, but managing it I believe. I do the soft ball squeeze with out the actual balls but it helps a lot to reduce the freaking rage. I am 43 and have been a smoker for 15 years.

    Well done all of us 🙂 great site.

  10. Congratulations to everyone……take a good look at yourself in the mirror and pat yourself on the back and tell yourself – GOOD JOB!!!! I had my last cigarette August 31, 2015. With the help of the good Lord I’ve been taking it one day at a time. I like the idea of the soft ball squeeze from Hamji. Great idea!!

  11. Just think how much better you smell because you don’t smoke. You hair, clothes, breathe! 🙂

  12. Day 8….Doing pretty well, just a lot of headaches. Congrats to all – not an easy feat, but will be well worth it down the road! Stay strong 🙂

    • Have a glass of warm lemonade first thing as soon as you wake up in the morning.

      In your daily routine, use multivitamin and Calc C to strengthen your imune system, this will also relax your nerves. Have atleast 12 glassed of water, or have cucumber and lemon infused water throughout the day also go joggging running, keep active.

      Before going to bed have Green tea with half a lemon squeezed in it.

      Stay determined to not smoke ever again. Look at all the positive changes happening to your body.

      Stay away from people who smoke, atleast for the time till you are more strong.

      May God bless you.

  13. I have been smoke free for 3 months and I am still really struggling with the severe mood swings and irritability. As-well as I constantly feel as if I am coming down with something , I never ever got ill and threw up before “unless I drank to much haha” I have also gain at least two stone in weight. I was i pretty good shape but now am worried stopping is have a reverse effect. I am twenty five years old and had been smoking for ten years. Is there any person that has a answer to feeling better. plus i cannot stand the short breathless situation!!!

    • Try breathing exercizes. Breath slowly in through your nose and then exale slowly through your mouth.
      Try to breath in as deep as possible. Keep doing it (10-15 times) until you feel slitghly dizzy.
      Then relax and enjoy the resulting sense of well being.

  14. Bob Vaughn says:

    75 years old, 50 years of smoking, off for 7 weeks feeling great

  15. It’s been just about a year since I quit smoking and I’ve never felt better,but when I first quit I had a heck of a time , it started with most of your common complaints I see here, -but I suggest to go see your doctor asap cause mine helped me through it all- (sarcasm). I’m on xanax for the anxiety,losartan and metopral for hypertension,cymbalta for depression,and miscellaneous medications for lung and/or throat infections when they arise,and I’m only 37 years old and not a day goes by where I wish I never started smoking in the first place, good luck to you all

    • MELISSA says:

      Wow thank u so much ! My anxiety gets so bad I think I cant breathe craxy I know but you are 110 % right I smoked to help heal abuse pain ! My lungs are still clearing its almost five months I just dropped it after about 17 20 years . Thank God. The anxiety gets so so bad .

  16. Its been 6 months and I am craving it just as bad as the first week. I dont think I can hold out anymore. The urge to smoke is driving me crazy!

    • Hi
      Now, it’s six months after quitting cig. I had stroke back in March. Still craving for cig.
      Taking zoloft.
      How to stop the craving?

    • It’s mind over matter now your nicotine free you have gone through so much to get to six months why would you let your body play tricks on you stay strong stay focused you don’t need them

  17. 13 days without smoking, i feel fresh, im enjoying the food, Gym is great, i can smell my cologne now even after work, its just a marvellous experience. I havent used anything to stop, just decided im tired. we can all do it. i know some of you are thinking 13 days isnt enough to confident telll yourself you have quit. BELIEVE ME, I WILL NEVER SMOKE AGAIN. good luck to all of you.

    • I quit smoking a couple of time’s in my life. Finally at age 48, I stopped smoking. I feel like I have the flu really,really bad. I don’t ever remember feeling like this. It’s hard for me to stay awake, my bones ache. My nose is clogged and running all at the same time. When does this end? I just quit Friday, February 18th, smoked most of my life. Helo!! Any suggestions? ????

      • I quit 1 month already,too,I’m still waking up clogged and spitting bits of mucus and chest aches,but I’m NOT EVER going back,I notice when I’m out at an event where smoke is I suffer the next day ,my chest is really tight and I am trying to clear my throat and indont know why ,nothing’s there,really annoying,just keep hoping eventually it. All Stops,I never coughed or had a hard time breathing all while I smoked now,I’m feeling like crisp,but all my friends keep saying ,it’ll pass ,don’t start up again,and I won’t,just wish I felt better!!

    • Hi nick very inspired by your comment this is my first day I made a promise to my girls that I would stop I’m looking to get not only fitter and more healthier I want my Will to be unbreakable I’ve quit cold turkey no gums pills patches etc I’ve done it now there’s no going back good luck

  18. Coming up on 5 weeks without a smoke. Good luck to all of you who are thinking about quitting and in the process of quitting.

  19. Day one of not smoking! Just reached the 24 hour mark. I have quit many times for various time lengths! The last time I quit was for 2 years! I have currently been smoking for 1.5 years! I am using the patch this time! I am full of anxiety and I crave a cigarette! Thank you for your stories to help motivate! I think each time I try it gets harder!

  20. I have been a smoker for over 20 years and last Friday I decided, enough was enough. I am on day seven. I have been inhaling Thieves Essential Oil when a craving hits me and so far so good. I have stopped carry this bottle with me everywhere I go because I don’t want to create a new habit. Overall, I’m feeling pretty strong and extremely happy with my decision.

  21. Hi everyone. My last cigarette I had was two weeks and four days now, wow. I get the crave but i know it will go away. I’ve been smoking since I was 16 years old and now I’m 23 years old. When I was 20/21 I quit for 7 months and started back up again. I went to a doctor’s appointment for a check up and doctor called me with some news I have abnormal cells on my cervix. I did some research and one of the bullets pin pointed stated that smoking increases the cancer. That did enough to scare me. I have not smoked a cigarette since finding out. I’ve been more cautious in taking care of my physical and mental health. All of you are extraordinary for quitting. Keep up the amazing work. I’m glad to have Googled and come across the page for inspiration and motivation.

  22. I’m into my 4th week and going strong, but I’m getting indigestion type symptoms, is that linked to the giving up smoking?

    • Kerry Keena says:

      Hi Richard I’m on 8 weeks stopped now I have the indigestion gas feelings almost feels sore inside I’m also struggling with sob I’m on tablet for anxiety at the moment also steroids and strong anti bio tics I’ve smoked for 30 years im 49 years old just had chest X-ray which came back clear

  23. Kerry Keena says:

    Hello everyone thought I would share my quit experience with you I been smoking 30 years I’m 49 now I’m asthmatic also I decided to quit as was getting frequent lung infections and mucus in my throat I quit 23/09/15 and haven’t cheated at all I can honestly say I don’t want too, this has been a very stressful year for me and my health I found I have a large gallstone that I’m also on menopause and have trapped nerve in my groin which caused me to leave work as the pain was excruciating after standing for a few hours up to now ihave always been very active relatively healthy etc my experience with quitting well what can I say anxiety stress cravings insomnia aches pains severe shortness of breath lung pain upper back pain stiff neck tense muscles coughing sore throat etc etc I wonder when it will end but I know I have put my body through this for long enough it seems only right it would put me through these awful feelings of ridding all the nasty toxins, I have to say with all honesty I thought that I was dying I got my self in such a state googling all my symptoms and reaching my own scarey diagnosis I ended up not being able to breath going to the Drs and being told I have severe anxiety and stress and depression ??? Imagine being told this a few weeks after having your dream wedding ?? which I know realise has made these symptoms made me feel so much worse !! I’ve been given tablets to help with this but after reading a few quitting forums I realised I’m not alone others are suffering horribly the same as me ! It kind of comes in a strange way as a huge relief not that I want others to suffer just to know I’m not alone, also I’ve learned lots of new ways to help me like the deep breathing, steam inhalation to help remove mucus etc etc you kind of think you will instantly feel better but realistically why would you ? I have to admit I was kind of naive and can now understand why people say they felt healthier smoking ! Not that I ever would gin but I truly believe smoking does most definitely mask things, I’m trying to keep active, although I have never been an exerciser I am walking and keeping myself busy in the house I do eat really health due to my gallstones, I am due the op but can’t have taken steroids for 6 weeks before I can have it ! Kind of a catch 22 as need my breathing to be better before I can have it done ! With all this said I’m keeping my head up and retaining a positive mental attitude I will get through this and really hope this posts helps someone who need some reassurance !

    • Sean Garcia says:

      I’m 45 yrs old I smoked for 30 years. I quit the first week of October 2015, I have not slipped once not one puff. Today is 1-23-16 almost 4 months now. I still am suffering from anxiety, which is causing me chest pain, shortness of breath, loss of sleep. I wake in the middle of the night in a sweat in complete despair. Depression has set in. From what I have been reading these are common withdrawal symptoms that usually last a month. When will this stop ? Is this happening to anyone else ?
      I would prefer not to take a pill to suppress it, as I’m hoping that this will pass in time as my body and brain move on from my addiction to nicotine. On a good note my cravings are few, my skin looks better I really think I have beaten the hardest part in quitting.

      • Donna Mire says:

        Its happening to me and its miserable.

      • Hi Sean well done. Yeah it will pass and you will feel so much better. I thought I was dying when I stopped, had nightmares, anxiety , sweating the lot. My chest was so bad I thought my lungs where going to collapse. I’d never felt this way when I smoked. But you know what? It’s your body repairing itself Sean. Keep up the good work and believe e you will reap the benefits…. Good luck, you can do it!!!

        • Everybody is different but how long did it take for you to start feeling better physically – its been 31 days with out a drag and im struggling

          • What I’m wondering is I’ve tried to quit years ago one time five yrs ago lasted three months but never had these severe effects of nautious fatigue sinus problems etc. And am wondering if there is something different in cigarettes now or if other people years ago had these symtoms or not. I would not put it past them to introduce something into them to intensify the withdrawal symptoms. It has been three weeks and the first time am disgusted so bad it out ways any cravings I have . I guess because with all the knowledge at our finger tips if you would not drink that toxic mixture if it was in a glass why would you smoke it tell your mind that it will bring you mind to reality and eventually your brain will be with you because it will associate a cigarette with drinking the toxic mixture and get disgusted

      • Heidi O says:

        I quit 12/7/17 12 weeks ago today. The first few weeks were actually ok with distraction of holidays and company. But in January I started feeling chest pains, back pain between my shoulder blades, yucky taste in my throat, and feelings of doom. Woke several nights in a complete sweat. I am 47 yo female, I smoked off and on for 28 years – and 1/2 pack per day at most. I’ve been to the doc and my normally normal blood pressure is high 152/85, and was diagnosed with anxiety and smoking withdrawal. He put me on 50 mg per day of Zoloft. I hate taking it. Some days are worse than others. I’ve started exercising 30/min per day as of Jan 20th, started yoga for relaxation (love it), taking quality vitamins and drinking at least 80 oz of water per day, and eating better. I was convinced until coming across this forum that I may have a thyroid or menopause or heaven forbid a heart condition as I can not understand the hollow chest feeling, or panic that sets in without warning. I kept all to myself at first but had to get help finally and today just had blood drawn for ruling out thyroid condition (sister has thyroid disease).
        I will never smoke again. This is the 3rd time I’ve quit and the other times started again within a year. That will not happen again. I am so thankful to know I’m not alone in what I’m experiencing I am curious though for anyone else has this too, has your blood pressure normalized after time? I don’t want to go on bp meds if possible. Stay strong everyone! And smoke free!

    • Ricki T Johnson says:

      At 65 and back surgery, I decided to give up the smokes after 47 years. It’s been 6 weeks. I have experienced pretty much all of the symptoms: congestion, insomnia, constipation, anxiety, depression, heart palpitations etc etc. What has helped is exercise which releases your natural endorphines which relaxes me. I also find considerable relief going in the sauna, by putting water on the rocks the steam makes breathing much easier and the heat releases the bad toxins in the body. I go daily. It also reduces my anxiety and depression. I am now confident that I will beat the demon.

  24. Im 34 years old and been a smoker for 14 years, i cant believe how days turned into weeks and months and years with me thinking ill quit on Monday! I quit 8 days back and feeling less scared now in general. Yoga has helped me a lot to fight cravings and many other symptoms. Im still foggy every now and then but ive decided never to smoke again!

  25. Day 5, chest tightness is the worst so far. I king of manage the cravings, but i am down this road without being convinced i am quitting for good. I wish i was convinced as most of you are. I want to stop, but i am kinda afraid of the symptoms and not sure if i can avoid a relapse when hanging out with smoker friends, etc. When i will feel better? I hope after two weeks???

    • Ismokedandregretsit says:

      No… Please hang in there.. You an do it.. I felt that way 4 weeks ago and someone here reassure me that it was going to get better.. And it does.. Stop hanging out with your smoker friends.. Avoid temptation.. You smell that cigarette smoke and ur going to have a mental battle in your head..

      • That’s great I quit one month ago and now I quit weed, have been having chest pain heaviness in chest shortness or breath. I am so happy to see you have stop with the pains. Thanks no more cigs for me ever. Thank god

    • Ismokedandregretsit says:

      BTW .. The first 3 mo. Is a roller coaster.. But IT DOES GET BETTER!!! Try not to relapse because every time you do.. You are throwing all those previous efforts and symptoms are magnified.. So hang in there.. It will get better.. And FYI.. I’m vmcraving a cig right now .. I’m on day 60.. But I’m going to ignore the crave.. GL!!!

  26. It’s been a little over two months for me. I get the odd pang that is usually easy to dismiss. Every once in a while I get one that won’t go so easily. Those stronger cravings tend to coincide with extraordinarily stressful moments. In those moments I try to remember the filthy stench that followed me everywhere, my inability to horseplay with my three year old boy because of my pathetic lung capacity and high blood pressure, and the stress of planning my entire day around the precious moments when I could suffocate myself with toxic fumes. And if that’s not enough, I visit this page and look at the Stage One side effects. Thanks for reminding me how difficult those first few days were, and what a great victory every ex-smoker has achieved!

  27. I am 23, been smoking Marijuana for the last 2 years. I really want to stop this habit, but has proven impossible for me. Someone kindly help. Will appreciate much. Thank you.

    • I find kava tablets help to stop. The easiest way to stop marijuana is to not buy it. Focus on that. Once I have it I cannot stop until its all gone. The only way I can exercise discipline is not buy it. If you can stop now at 23 you will be investing in a happy future. Marijuana and smoking only makes you depressed and anxious over time. I thought it made me feel better, but long term it only gives you more issues. I’m 42 and suffer because of my choices to smoke. Escape now while you are young and build a life free from addiction, you will be so much happier I promise.

    • I have wuit weed ciggs and caffeinated drinks all at once plus my body was recovering from a fever. I felt dizzyness like i was having a heart attack went to docs ecg scans bloods test. Its mostly mind over matter where we are use to something. Most of my symptoms and withdrawals are bareable but i have this lighter chest as if its easier to breath but my heart feels slightly like i have heart burn and and a bit of a weird pain/flimsyness in my arm like its lighter but all tests say im ok i guess its just nasty chemicals leaving my body and my body just crying at the pain ive put it through hoping it will pass and get better

  28. Ismokedandregretsit says:

    Today is my 60th day of no cigs.. It should have been 120, but I think I relapsed when I was at a poker party and sat next to someone who smoked a pack of cigarette w/in an hour.. so if you are going to quit.. make sure you are nowhere near where you are going to inhale a lot of second hand smoking – Because all those you out Into it is GONE! and the withdrawals are multiplied.. That’s what I’ve experienced anyway.. the dizziness is starting to taper off and not as intense. the “going to topple” feeling is gone.. I still get some chest congestion.. I caught a cold from my niece 4 weeks ago and it took me 3 weeks to get over it because I think I may have had the smokers flu, allergies, and virus.. I took the typical allergy medicines, decongestants, lots of fluids – hot water with freshly squeezed lemons and honey I drank a lot of these- I also slept with my head propped up to avoid head congestion.. I felt so much drainage though that I felt a type of lump on my throat.. Again I went to UC and told Dr I’ve had a cold 3 weeks ago prior to this.. his diagnosis: sinusitis and was prescribed antibiotics. I had the antibiotics on hand but I did not use it.. Even though my hubby was adamant about taking it.. my cold and congestion went away.. now the symptoms I am having is hives.. I get them sporadically.. And it itches like hell.. But I have a history of breaking out in hives when stressed, new detergent, allergies to mold and ragweed.. So I try not to think about the itchiness the hives go away and if it gets really bad.. I take Benadryl.. So since quitting smoking I’ve had a CT scan, ENT consultation, Diabetes testing, and BP test.. all came out clear.. I’ve had all the symptoms mentioned on this site, anxiety, panic, heart palpitations,dizziness, cold sweat,hot sweat, chest hurting, soreness behind my ribs.. You name it.. And oh BTw I’m in my mid40s so I may be peri menopausal.. Sorry dudes TMI – lol..
    I am not a Doctor but If I was to self diagnose MySELF.. I would say that I am afraid.. I lost my father in law to Lung Cancer and went to the radiation and chemo treatments with him and it scared the crap out of me.. I talked to a lot of people going through it.. Some smoked some didn’t.. But from what I have observed and learned about Cancer is: Quit smoking.. If you want to live longer you stand a better chance.. so back to me being scared.. I smoked .. I knew it was bad for me but it felt good.. Then I stopped .. And I’m thinking what kind of danger have I done to myself .. So that paranoia and my brain telling me to smoke again is a bad combo.. NICOTINE is bad!! I’ve never done hard drugs but I truly believe Nicotine hijacks you brain.. And you have to be strong.. You have to pacify yourself.. And tell yourself it’s okay… Breathe in Hold it and breathe out.. Do this until the physical feeling goes away .. Regain control of your mind and body.. Hug yourself and talk to yourself.. also – pay attention to people around you especially the ones who smoke.. You can smell them right?? Do you want to smell like that again.. Listen to their hacking cough.. Focus on what it sounds like.. Sounds horrible right?? So whoever you are.. You’re okay.. And if you are still freaking.. Go get it check to have your own piece of mind.. I did.. At least once a week.. hang in there.. I am.. I know there is a long road ahead and this is going to be for a long time .. Listen to your body and remember that you are in a healing Process .. A long healing process and It’s going to be okay!!

  29. Mohamed K. says:

    i’m 28 years old, i started smoking at age of 18, i quit smoking in January 2015, sometimes i start to think that i made two big mistakes in my life: 1- that i started smoking. 2- that i quit smoking,
    one year of quitting smoking i gained 20 Kilograms, and i feel like i lost a dear friend, and my self-confident somehow is weaken.
    still, I feel very proud of myself, and i always know i did the right thing.

  30. Hi there im 43yrs i have been smoking for 30yrs,today im 6weeks smoking free.it feel. awesome my chest used to make a noise at night when im sleeping,i used to have a shortness of breath as well.But today gone are those things,so people who try to guit smoking GOOD LUCK

  31. its 8th week now,,,,having all the dificulties but once said no so its NO,,,,its much better a life
    keep it up,,,,v can do this

  32. Well, I’m on day 3 of quitting cold turkey. I feel like I got hit by a bus. Everything hurts and I feel so muddled and tired. I keep reminding myself that I did a lot of damage smoking for 18 years and that this is the right choice. It is a bit like I lost my best friend, and at the same time I don’t want to ever have another smoke. Insomnia, and mood swings are terrible but it will get better. Haven’t started coughing up stuff yet. This is hard and I think all the people in here who have already quit are amazing. I don’t know you all but I’m proud of you!

    • Hey Rachele, this is my 2nd day of cold turkey. Based on your post date it should be your 15 day of non smoking. I hope everything is going fine. Lets persevere together.

  33. Day 19 since quit. 55 years old and I’ve smoked the last 39. Smoking has been a miserable ball-and-chain that has ruled and ruined my life. But now I’m in charge and empowered. It has been hell at times (like almost every minute) but I do feel I can breathe better.
    I’m just reminding myself that it will get better and I must reach deep for that inner strength to resist.
    Hang in there brothers and sisters and we’ll kick the crap out of this sinister enemy!

  34. I’m on day 7. Should be 14 but I relapsed on day 7 last time. I have a tight throat feeling and I’m very paranoid about it. I’ll be going to the doctor this week to talk to them about it and the effects of quitting. I didn’t smoke a lot, more smokeless tobacco than cigarettes so I’m wondering if quitting smokeless tobacco can cause throat tightness. It doesn’t help being a very dry time of year either.

    Most people talk about quitting smoking but I don’t see a lot out there on quitting smokeless tobacco and the side effects of specifically quitting smokeless tobacco. Just wondering if anyone has quit smokeless tobacco and if they experienced the side effects mentioned in this article.

    • Jason
      My husband quit smokeless tobacco 3 months ago and he has experienced shortness of breath (which I think is anxiety due to no nicotine), headaches, mood swings, constipation AND diarrhea, stomach cramping, sore/tightness in the throat, fatigue and random pain. The mood swings and fatigue are lessening, but he still has them from time to time. I wish you all the best! Blessings!

  35. I have been smoking at least a pack a day for my entire adult life. I stopped smoking 6 weeks ago using Chantix. The reason I’m using Chantix is because it worked for my girlfriend. It is super expensive. $350.00 for a 4 week supply. (3 months recommended). I have 1 side effect from the Chantix. Super vivid dreams. (I actually really like the vivid dreams tho). I have cravings, but they don’t last very long. I still smoke pot so I feel like I’m cheating a little, but pot really helps to keep my mood solid, takes away anxiety, and keeps me from being a dick to my girlfriend. I also read a book called Quitting The Easy Way, by Allen Carr (I think). I have really been enjoying the freedom I have being a non smoker. I don’t need to choke down a smoke before I enter a place where smoking is not permitted. (Everywhere) I take more time at dinner and enjoy slowly conversing over a meal, and not taking a smoke break or rushing out to have a smoke after eating. I DON’T STINK LIKE A HOBO ANY LONGER. Not long ago, when I was still a heavy smoker, I was at a bar and a really good looking woman sat next to me. We spoke for a while, laughed, and were really hitting it off. Then she leaned in close to me, smelled the smoke on me, said “you are a smoker”, and that was that. She was instantly disgusted. Since I was nicotine bitch, I continued smoking them Camels. I really do wish I quit many years ago, and find myself feeling sorry for people I see standing huddled together smoking ciggies. Cigarette Companies are pure evil. Anyway, good luck to everyone for quitting this nasty habit, and remember, DON’T BE NICOTINE BITCH.

    • I used nicotine,loved it ,I’m a month out,I’m OVER smoking ,I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss it,and I feel crappy since ,stuffy nose,some chest pain,mucus,but I’ll stick it out,I don’t miss the feeling if panicking when my pack would get low ,lol.

  36. This is the longest i have stopped smoking since 9 years ago. Its only 36 hours since my last stick, not very impressive but i’m hanging in there. After smoking for 9 years, all i wanted after lunch was go outside my building and have a few stick. Instead, now im typing away on this website.

    I am having chest tightness and feels my throat “pipe” getting narrower. Is that normal?

    • I know it has been almost a month since you posted this, but I really hope that you are still not smoking! This is day 27 for me and I’ve had every symptom on this website, including the feeling that your throat is closing up and chest tightness. I still have them from time to time. I wish you all the best! Blessings!

  37. It has been 8 weeks since I smoked my last cigarette. I am 69 years old and smoked since I was 16. I seem to be having more stress this week than at the beginning. I am on step 2 of the Nicoderm patch. I know I will not smoke again but can’t wait for all the craving to be gone. Good luck all.

  38. I’m on week 8 & have just started to have symptoms I have never craved a cigarette since I give up but on this week 8 I have a really bad flu like symptoms & I feel I don’t want to get up I have been in bed all night & all the next day I have a very sore throat I cannot talk properly my eyes are so painful my nose is constantly running &so crusty red,my chest feels raw inside…..wow I feel really ill

    • You should call your doctor and check with them maybe there’s something you can take over the counter. There are millions of things that you can take over the counter that can help. I hope you are not sick and I wish you luck!

  39. Forgot to say I’m doing this cold turkey

  40. Hi all

    At the end of day two and it has really not been difficult so far in terms of physical craving. I was starting to get happy about that and then started reading that days 3-7 are the worst.

    I am so happy to be doing this and so ready to be a non-smoker, I really hope I have the willpower to get through the next few days.

    Wish me luck!

  41. I think I’ve been smoking about 40 years. Last 10 years two packs a day. The gum seems like it’s working but then again only been 3 days. felt lightheaded congestion. Hot and cold sweats. I tried to quit maybe 4-5 times past year. I don’t feel the urge for a cigarette on the third day. I’m not even thinking about it. I notice a mood mood swing it myself. I’m hoping this will be the final attempt and suceed in it. I’m mixing the nicorette gum with regular gum for the sweet tooth. Hopefully I’ll succeed this time. I want to see my daughter get married and my grandchildren.

  42. Indian Guy says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I have been smoker since 8 years, 30 cigarette a day. and today is my 3rd day since i quit. i tried to quit few times before but failed after a day. this time i made myself determined to quit and be a non smoker. though craving is on its peak. no patch no nicotine gum. only mint gum and that is helping.

  43. Well today is going on the 4th day and I have a wild headache. The gum does help for the cigarette cravings. The morning is the toughest time for me. And I’m going through some personality changes which is I can’t stand being in my own skin. Wishing you all luck! It isn’t easy. But I’m determined to be a non-smoker for the rest of my life.

  44. An update from me julie,I posted on 5th January saying how I’ll I felt,I’m feeling like cap still but still not smoking,I’m very developed cold sores,this is the hardest thing I have ever wanted to achieve,but as I’m so determined I’ll carry on….good luck everyone ???????….☺?☺?☺?☺?!!!!

  45. Day 8 and I would be fibbing if I said it’s been massively difficult because it hasn’t thankfully. Last time I quit few years back in my early 30s I had a harder time. My throat really suffered.

    Anyway this post is to say the key I found is being able to see the benefits. Some notice very quickly, but others may take a week or two. Walking is a way to speed it up.
    I’ve actually been drinking alot of herbal teas and I’ve noticed how fanatic a move that was! The best move and I would suggest and recommend to all. Your body will clean quicker ‘naturally’ and you will be hydrated.
    One thing with me when I smoked was dehydration.. Something we ignore and something that is as important as eating well and exercise. Something that changes our minds. Hydration will impact anyone that quits this destructive habit.
    If I get some feedback I’ll keep posting.

    Ps I’ve never posted on a forum before.

    All the best and inner strength


    • nick what were the problems you had with your throat im going through something to with my mouth and throat love to know that others have had simular to this ,

      • Day 33 for me. throat feel like something is in it. Anxiety at an all time high. my eyes are doing funny things, but when i ask people if I look normal, they say yes, but it feels like I’m looking through different eyes. Thank God for this forum, otherwise I would swear that I’m absolutely crazy.

        • Your right if it wasn’t for this I would be at a doctor’s office a neurologist a ear nose and throat fir sinus or at the very least think I have picked up some strange bug but because it started when I quit I checked into side effects and thank goodness I saw I was not going crazy that it is normal in most people .

  46. Now 2 years ago, after taking up and quitting my 4th pack of the day, I feel so shit unbelievable, out of breath even when I get into my car, smokers cough so bad I often have to puke, and when I did smoke never had a smokers cough, gained weight as the craving is still there and instead of a cigarette a swig of coke, I honestly wonder how long this situation is going to last, by the way stopping was not a big issue, you pick your moment and convince yourself.

  47. I quit smoking two weeks ago and the only side effect is that I feel better. Much better. The withdrawal lasted 72 hours, and I’ve had cravings but to call either intense or severe would be an exaggeration.

    • Day 21 for me cold turkey. First couple of days were fine by day 3 I couldn’t sleep was up pacing around the house. Then everything calmed down again. By day 5 the nausea kicked in. By day 15 intergestion.now back at work after the xmas break and the last few days cravings like you wouldn’t believe. Even found myself sitting in the carpark during my lunch break counting all the people holding cigerettes in there hands as they drove past. I have made a doc appointment Wednesday. Hoefully she will.recomend something.to take the edge off have been using gum and hard boiled sweets. When do the cravings and…..argh

  48. Hi all. Day 35 for me today and the cravings this morning have been intense. I’ve been to the shop and had the opportunity to buy smokes, but I bought sugar free gum instead. I have a sort throat since yesterday and it’s the first negative effects I’ve had since giving up. I did things backward, went to the gym first and then gave up smoking. Going to the gym made me see how much my health has suffered and gave me reason to quit. Also, bit of a fright I got in the sexual department. Smoking affects more than you know. Do it for yourself, Do it for your health, do it for your self esteem. Do it for those who mean most to you.

  49. It’s been 12 days since the last cigarette. I’m 35 and was a smoker for 15yrs. I had always planned to quit smoking, but never actually tried. My quit date was a happy accident. After quite a few cocktails, I found myself at home with no more cigs. I figured what the heck, I’ll try. The first week was almost unbearable. My throat was so sore and tight, I thought it was an allergic reaction. After seven days of gnashing my teeth and trying to hold to the drunken vow, I gave up. Went to the 711 to get a pack. Joked about it with the clerk. He told me he was coming up on his 2nd year anniversary of quitting. I put my items on the counter and paused for what seemed like forever. He rang my items before I could ask for smokes, looked at me and said,” Now get out of here.” Now, five days later, I am committed to never smoke again. No matter what my cravings say. You guys and gals are awesome! I’m glad I found this site. I’m all the more sure now.

  50. Interestingly, I only used to smoke on nights out, those smokes didn’t come to much and I would never buy any when I was sober. Then one day, someone introduced me to e-cigarettes, I tried it, and loved it, I felt I could smoke all I wanted sheltered from the dangers of the real thing. Nevertheless, whilst I wasn’t smoking tobacco, e-cigarettes do contain nicotine and it didn’t take me long to realise I was hooked – I felt I smoked the e-cigarette more than air sometimes! In addition to this, if my e-cigarette ran out of battery, I would turn to the real thing – it was a vicious cycle. 3 years on them I finally decided enough is enough on 2/01/2016 – I have now been a non smoker for 10 days and I guarantee you and myself and those little cravings that I will be a non smoker for the rest of my life. I feel like the chemical cravings were most intense during the first 3 days, the last 7 days are more habit cravings – break the habits by embracing change, go to the gym, cook, play the xbox, drink water, chew gum, literally introduce anything to replace the habit and you’ll be fine. Also, be aware of those who smoke in your friend group and try reduce your face to face time for those initial 3 days – a temptation can easily sway you then. Good luck to all those trying to quit smoking 

  51. I quit smoking 12 days & two hours ago. I have been smoking for 28 years, one pack a day. I once quit smoking for exactly 1 year in 2008, celebrating one year of not smoking with a few puffs was really a stupid idea, I started getting urges and was back smoking in two weeks This time around I feel quitting is a little easier, the first 5 days were very tough, but every day things get better. But this time the amounts of food I am devouring will make an elephant gain weight. I know I still have rough days ahead of me, but I will go past them – good luck to everyone and remember that one puff will destroy all the good work you have done. Next week I start the gym (cannot wait)

  52. Hi Everyone! To the writer of this article, thank you. This is the best information I have yet to read regarding quiting smoking.
    I am on day 14 of my quit. I have smoked for 40 years. Quit once for a year, not sure why I started again. This time around with my quit, I am giving myself permission to treat my addiction as just that, an addiction. I am paying 100% attention to me and my quit. This article you wrote has given me permission to do so, with out feeling quilty. I know how stupid that sounds. But being a mom and caregiver by trade, I have always put my needs last. I quit cold turkey. The first week was actually not that bad. This week!!! Horrible. I feel like I am not getting enough air into lungs and almost like I have to retrain myself to breath. My anxiety is also through the roof, which really sucks. But, my want and need to quit is much more powerful then these temporary negative feelings.
    Congrats to everyone that has quit and decided life is more important then a cigg..

    • on day 17 now. Some days are better than others, and I do get some stronger urges too. but overall, I know in no time I will hardly remember that I smoked .. keep it up Sally !

  53. Day 15 cold turkey. Started smoking as a teenager – and regularly from the age of about 17 – so at least 30 years. I remember the first time I made a serious attempt to quit – I didn’t want to be someone who smoked for more years than she didn’t smoke. I was around 30 years of age and still on the right side of things – even with 13 years of cigarettes under my belt. I lasted 6 months before a wedding in Berlin and I realised I had spent every day subconsciously planning to smoke that day. And that was it really for the next 10 years. Then I decided I wanted a baby – so I quit – and got pregnant within a few weeks so then it was easy. After my baby was born it continued to be easy – I never ever ever wanted to smoke. I felt sorry for smokers. I didn’t want smokers anywhere near my baby for fear of lingering chemicals in their breath and clothes. I passed people smoking outside buildings before work and my heart went out to them. I prosletysed and annoyed smokers telling them that it’s only when you’re off them for years that the nicotine fog really lifts and allows you to truly understand the addiction for what it is. I explained cognitive dissonance to people who didn’t want to hear. I was the most irritating reformed smoker ever. And then guess what? BAM. When my child was about 3 (so about 4 years nicotine free) I was having an extremely stressful time at work – went to a party one evening and took a drag of a roll-up from a friend. A roll-up? I never even liked roll-ups. Felt dizzy and nauseous and said “Ha-ha! No risk of me ever smoking again!!” But you know the rest….. That was FIVE YEARS ago. 5 more years of smoking – secret smoking from almost everyone but my husband – thousands of cigarettes, millions of chemicals and ever closer to a fatal disease. 5 years of smoking in lane ways outside buildings in the rain. 5 years hiding from my child. 5 years hiding my shame. 5 years of brushing and flossing and gargling and chewing gum and spraying perfume. 5 years of lying to myself and everybody else. 5 years torn with guilt and self-loathing looking at my child. “Mommy, Mommy – where are you?” Why did it take me so long so long to get back to this point? And am I likely to ever make the same mistake again? NO WAY! NO NO NO NO NO NO WAY. Or it will actually be over my dead body.

    Courage mes amis!

  54. Its day 23 for me of not smoking. Pack a day for 30 years (except twice when I was pregnant) I knew it was time to quit for good. So far I am still battling the fatigue, tiredness, muscle aches, but the positive side is I can breathe better, I can sit through a movie without having to pause it several times to sneak outside, no coughing, and I don’t smell bad! Food is tasting different, things I used to like I won’t touch anymore, I believe I am just tasting what they REALLY taste like for the first time! 🙂 I hope the fatigue leaves soon as I want to exercise so that I don’t gain a ton of weight but right now I just can’t get myself motivated to do it. I do have one suggestion for those of you that are struggling with “what do I do with my hands” during a craving. I started coloring! Adult coloring books have helped me keep my hands busy and my mind concentrated on something other than smoking! My worst cravings come when I am bored, so I whip out a coloring book, and it gets me through that 5 minutes of the intensity of the craving. Every one of you that smokes and succeeds or even has a slip and tries again are my hero’s! This is probably the hardest thing I have ever done, but I am determined to succeed and I know you will too, just stick with it!

    • I quit on December 3, 2015 after 25 years . I used the nicorette mini lozenges for the first month, which I have pretty much weaned myself off of. Even in the beginning I never used the 15 per day it says you can use, I only used between 5 and 7 a day. Around week 2, I got really sick, terrible cough, runny nose, congestion, sore chest and extreme fatigue, which lasted for about 2 weeks, but felt like forever. No one else in my house, hubby or kids was sick so I knew it was from stopping smoking. Like you, a lot of things I loved to eat just do not taste the same anymore. I smell everything better too and trust me not all smells are good. There is someone in my office that has the most terrible breath (they don’t smoke) and I cannot be around them at all, I’ve worked with this person for years and never noticed it until I quit smoking. Also, public restrooms are atrocious since I quit. Your right about boredom. I never want a cigarette until I have nothing else to do so finding a way to keep yourself busy is a must.

      • Oh yes, the smell thing is horrendous! I am shocked at how strong the cigarette smell is to me now. There are a couple of smokers in my office and when they are in the elevator with me or if I pass them in the hall, its terrible! I can’t believe I smelled like that for the majority of my life, I don’t know how my circle of friends could stand to be around me, they are all non-smokers! Just another reason that I use to remind myself of why I wanted to quit. I have been using the patch and am getting ready to step down a level which will hopefully reduce some of the aches and pains a bit. Congrats on getting as far as you have!

  55. I’m 27 smoked for 13years and pot as well , today I my 6th day of quitting, I only quit twice before when I was pregnant and really hated the smell it even made me puke,(only for 4-5month) but am feeling really sick even tho am smoking weed my withdrawals include extreme tiredness, tendency to stay in bed all day, chest pain, I used to have very bad sinus but symptoms reduced since I quit, insomnia, constipation, and its like cravings started today but I promise myself never again to even have a puff, because like 10 days ago I had like a very severe chest pain left side under my breast bone and shoulders and neck but they weren’t severe like the chest pain , and it only hurts when I’m leaning forward or lying on my left side pain was horrible and didn’t last for more than 3-5mins but I comes and goes, even today I’m still with this pain but its much better than when I smoked cigarettes, I’m so happy to have found tho page , all of us are heroes if we truly manage to quit and never come back because cigarettes have been the worst thing to have ever happened to anyone

  56. I am on my 7th day, I hit the gym 2 weeks ago and felt that it was stupid to smoke while my body was still gasping for air. So far I’ve lost 6 lbs. I am taking Wellbutrin but not for smoking cessation, however, it is prescribed for people who want to quit smoking, it alleviates cravings and lessens the depression. I have been smoking since I was 19 or 20 on and off for 6-8 months at a time. I really want to stop for good this time. I have so much more to look forward to new goals to set, smoking just gets in the way of everything! I do realize I’m more depresses when I do smoke, and I fell that I am not in control of my life at all.

  57. On my 24th day now, I have a bad sinus – is this normal? My carvings are a bit higher than last week

  58. I’m on my 11th day not smoking now and I feel more free every day. I do have some craving that come by for only a few mins though. I’m trying to combat it by doing activities now that my lung and blood stream is not filled with the extra carbon dioxide any more. I just signed up at a cross fit gym.

  59. I’m officially on my 2nd week cigarette free and I feel great. I was not able to sleep much last night, but it still beats feeling trapped by those cancer sticks. I started an exercise and new lifestyle in eating and so far I have lost 12 lbs in 3 weeks.

  60. i stop smoking for good 6 months but all of a sudden ı got upset a day and i start smoke back for 13days but now have stopped for 3days now but why is that i got extra ordinary angry when i stopped

  61. Day 2 but on a patch (went straight to level 2)…have been smoking for 25 years and aged 40 now. Averaging a pack a day. Have been wanting to quit for ages but find it so difficult. The moodiness and tearfulness are what really get to me when I try cold turkey. So have gone for the patch on the basis it will smooth out the nicotine withdrawal. Unfortunately I work with ALOT of smokers so that makes it really hard but its now or never I have decided as there is ALWAYS an excuse!

    • I smoked for 50 years. 2 packs a day for the last 30 years. I had pretty much accepted that I would die a smoker. In the doctors office one day and picked up an info pack on Chantix. He came in and asked if I wanted to try it. Sure why not, I’ve got nothin to lose. I had heard mixed reviews about it,also I defined vivid dreams as nightmares. Didn’t want to do that on purpose:). My dreams are very detailed kinda like watching a movie. I can’t express how many times and ways I have tried to quit. And this time I wasn’t trying. Just curious. I even paid a hypnotist $500.00 dollars I figured it would be worth it to quit. I couldn’t wait for the session to be over so I could go smoke. I couldn’t believe that within the first month I was down to one pack a day. Without trying! I have been smoke free since December 23, 2015. Unbelievable! I am amazed. So I came to this site to see if I could find a detailed healing process. It seems logical to me that my body has to overhaul itself and find natural chemicals to function on. If I have any left. I’ve heard when you replace something your body just quits producing it. So I wonder after 50 years if it will engage. If anyone knows of a more informative site? Thank you.

      • I just posted the post at 1:02, February 4, 2016. I wonder why it says tomorrow morning? 🙂

        • Yeah, it’s probably because the server stores the date in GMT timezone and does not convert it back to the user’s timezone….

        • I just quit for 4 days now, and I feel like crap, I am on the patch and have smoked about almost a pack a day. I have also lost 5 lbs, that does not seem normal I have vertually no appetite. Why is this happening

          • Hello. Are you smoking while on the patch? If so, that might explain why you feel bad, have no appetite and lost weight. You may have nicotine overdose. Smoking 1 or 2 cigarettes on the patch isn’t really dangerous, but a pack a day is…

    • My last cigarette was New Years Eve Well done everyone !!!
      When you stop counting the days you know you’ve quit. I’m day 42 can’t believe I’ve made it this far smoked for 15 years I am now 30 and free. Can breath, run, positive more productive and generally more happy. My fingers aren’t freezing my breath oh my gosh my breath smells better. I don’t spit anymore and my brink of death cough is totally gone. Food tastes amazing !!!
      I put on 5 kilos in the first 4 weeks but now my hungers died down and I have control and am exercising. Cravings are far and few. Even started drinking coffee again and it’s fine. Not ready to try alcohol yet as the two for me go very much hand in hand. Not worth it so not fussed at all. So proud of everyone whose giving quitting a go never stop trying and keep it up we all know what your going through it’s a very hard but rewarding process and guess what you are totally worth it!!!

      • Good job! Same as you, I quit on Jan 1st but I am not feeling the way you are. I have problem concentrating, I’m sweating a lot more, I get shortness of breath / panic attacks where I need to stop whatever I’m doing and go for a walk (seems to work for me)…

        Looking forward to reel in those benefits….

      • Nicotine stimulates release of Serotonin is responsible for the “reward feeling” from smoking. Unlike bupropion which activates dopamine, Chantix blocks nicotine receptors which makes nicotine ineffective. I have no idea how it helps but glad it did for you. You can boost your own Serotonin naturally by eating triptophan rich foods (eggs, cheese, nuts, salmon) combined with carbs like mac & cheese, or oatmeal with nuts. Sunshine and exercise also boost mood. This can reduce cravings that are stress related and mild depression from less Serotonin after quitting. It’s always best to talk to a doctor if you have difficulty with mood or depression

    • Kelly Shaw says:

      Good for you! Good luck@!

    • Hi Sheren, when I am reading your post I feel as if I wrote it myself. I am also 40 and have smoked for 25 years. I am also on day 2 of the patch. Good luck to you!!

      • Good luck to ya`ll.
        I`m now on my 40`s +2 and been smoking for the last 20 years and that sounds scary.

        in 20 years I had could raise a child, get a PhD or become an entrepreneur .
        1 pack a day, hike two times a week and mountain bike sometime but it wasn`t so hard as get used not to smoke.

        I went for vacation to Lima Peru with my wife and prior our visit we found this doctor that eventually wanted more money for being foreign. So I did the cold laser treatment and I can even stand next to a smoker, I can smell a smoker from 15 feet away.

        I`m suffering with the gain of weight and depression but it was worth it.

        Every time either i`m at work or hiking up on the mountains I just love the feeling of breath clean air.

        • Don’t keep munchies around, instead have health snacks like veggies. I have actually lost weight, my snack of choice is baby carrots. It should be something you enjoy and easy to eat and easy to grab from fridge. You could “hand to mouth” all day on carrots and not gain an ounce. Fruit can be good but is high in sugar. Nuts are good but can be high in fat and sodium if they are salted. Sun and exercise is good for depression so take a walk every day you can, even just around the block.

    • I’m 36 and was a social smoker since I was 16. I quit successfully on the patch with minimal side effects but when around a lot of smokers I would inevitable cheat and bum 1 from a friend. it was really hard because I really enjoyed smoking. My best friend fave me the secret to his success, a vape e-cig. It’s important to get a good quality one and an e-liquid with 0 nicotine. Don’t be tempted to get even a little nicotine in your e-liquid or you will be on the roller coaster again. E-cigs aren’t regulated by FDA yet so make sure you know what they put in it. I’m lucky that my Vape shop mixes their own e-liquid with all natural ingredients. I love the dessert flavor and the menthol flavors help to calm my asthma which became deadly serious as I battled through the smokers flu.

  62. I’m into my 4th week not smoking. I have a light craving right now that is why I am writing. I feel strong and I can definitely move forward with my new healthy lifestyle. I start the real cross fit classes tomorrow and I’m definitely excited to test my recovering lungs to their maximum capabilities.

  63. im having a couple of panic attacks and depression lately. having shortness of breath and sometimes chills. im now on my 25th day without nicotine(cold turkey). hv anyone had this when approaching 1 month without cigs? im also having restless nights and insomnia…smetimes i missed those moments while im with the cigs on but it doesnt mean i had cravings to smoke again..just these troubles that u had once u stopped smoking..is almost unbearable…sigh

    • Hi, I’m on day 26 and having the same as you! It’s kind of nice to know I’m not alone in these symptoms. I’d had panic attacks in the past but always related to a specific circumstance and they’d stopped so was shocked this week when I had one out of nowhere walking down the street! I also have no urge to smoke am just sick of the increase in anxiety I feel like I’m constantly fighting a panic attack! I guess we just have to keep reassuring ourselves it will fade and maybe smoking would relieve it temporarily but one day we would have to go through it all over again and it would probably be worse. Good luck!

      • You know, when you have a panic feeling or craving, study it in your mind. Analyze the sensations and be aware of how it feels. Then you will feel like you understand the feeling and you CAN ride it out, you’ve done it before because you KNOW how.

        • goin thru my 28th day of smoking cessation. i’m still having that cold tingling effects on myself..i felt that my body temp had gone down terribly n felt chills all together. i forgot to add that i’ve had sleepless nights with recurring night sweats (the amount of dampness was so-so but it does wet my shirt probably cos its hot here in Malaysia). Usually i would wake up freezing due to the sweats..lose a bit of appettite in the morning but i will have cravings for food during lunch and dinner….a close friend of mine told me this is part of an anxiety symptoms..i never had such and i would consider this to be quite serious…am i making a good move to stop smoking?

          • ST, you made the right choice to stop smoking, but it is going to be tough for a while. I could never quit cold turkey due to anxiety and headaches. I had some success with bupropion (medication) and finally quit for good with the patch with NO side effects. Your symptoms sound like an imbalance of Serotonin, what nicotine stimulates in the brain. Its lile your body is in shock amd uour brain is overreacting. You can tough it out and wait for your brain to re-adjust itself, or you can see a doctor and get treatment for the anxiety and depression. The doc can also prescribe nicotine patches, a lot of insurance and stop smoking programs cover them. I would go with the lowest dose for 1 – 2 weeks to help ease your way.

        • Well said!

        • calab Vincent-goncalves says:

          Hi I have just put the patch on today after smoking 20 years. I also suffer from panic disorder and am terrified that my panic attacks will return. Ask your doctor for anti anxiety for those panic attacks. They are safe and just having them makes you feel better because you know you can stop it before it happens.

      • percival says:

        I feel diffirent symptoms. I quit smoking 5 days already. Now my sex life is very active.. im sorry to say but im always feel so horny..

      • I suffered panic attacks like you before I quit smoking ..quit now for 7 weeks and panic attacks are back…the only way I can describe how I feel is that …..smoking has been a good friend to me over the years ……parents dying…bullying at work and coping with panic attacks…now that has been taken away I feel a real sense of loss ……. also suffered from painful sinuses and now green phlegm…yuk

    • natalia Spurry says:

      Thank God someone else has mentioned anxiety. I’m 43 days smoke free and got slammed about a week and a 1/2 ago with pure anxiety, depression and panic. I would really appreciate knowing if I’m the only one. The pharmacy says its normal..please someone let me know if you’ve experienced this dread. Gone from a pack a day Reds cold turkey.

      • Hello, i am 41 y-old and I stopped could Turkestan on January 10, 2016 … I do not feel that much the need physically for a cigarette but since about 2 weeks: I am anxious, stressed for nothing (very impatient) and not sleeping well … I am feeling tired of all these psychological side effects.

    • Joy Dowdeswell says:

      I too am having awful sleepless nights and very hot inside..I am 67 and have smoked for 50 years so to go cold turkey is obviously going to be hard..amazed how quickly I’ve stopped coughing but these awful nights are hard to cope with..hope it will go soon..good luck everyone..isn’t it a hard thing to do?

  64. I’m 36 and I’ve smoked for roughly 9 years, half a pack per day. I’m on day 4 of quitting and I’m having horrible stomach problems……it’s rumbling constantly (not from hunger) and is pretty upset (sorry, tmi). Anyone else have this problem?

    • hi blue..i had the same thing too..i think most of the ex smokers had it..something to do with the acid reflux. i’m on my 25th day now and that symptom gradually decreasing…cheers~

      • i am on day 45 my acid reflux symptom is not going away doctors hav prescribed me ppi tablets plzz some suggestion will help if you feel thesame that is chest tightness n acid reflux

        • Reflux is common. I had heart burn for 2 days recently thought an alien was burrowing out of my chest. I cut out tomatoes entirely. It is tough but you need to know what your trigger foods are and avoid them of look forward to taking Prilosec or similar everyday. If it is worse than a few tums, see a doctor to make sure it’s not serious. GERD is more than occasional heart burn, it is damaging to the throat which is already damaged by smoking. Also nicotine is a laxative so now your body is adjusting to not taking one all the time. You mau experiance bouts of alternating constipation and loose bms. It helps to add fiber supplement to readjust you digestive tract. My best cure I call Tonic. It is 1 part honey, 2 parts Apple Cider Vinegar, 3 parts water, and shake well. Take a few sips morning and night. Tonic calms an acid stomach, soothes a sore throat, and quiets a phelmy cough. It also curbs an appetite. Honey gives energy and soothes throats. ACV adjusts stomach ph, thins phelm allowing it to be coughed up, revs up metabolism and curbs appetite while restoring electrolytes.

  65. Reading these posts are giving me a sense of encouragement for the future. However I’m on day 7 and I don’t feel like myself. I have smoked for close to 18 years, a pack a day and I was a pretty calm and mellow person. No I cry a lot, I get aggravated quickly because everything seems to be a stressor and I am experiencing panic/anxiety attacks. Has anyone else experienced this? How long will this last?

    • Hey D
      Keep it up 7 days is such an achievement. The first three weeks are very agitated and up and down. You’ll be snappy and can be mean. Your cravings for nicotine and the toxins will be driving this as your body is rebalancing and revitalising itself. Perfectly normal it will ease off eventually. For me it was the period i don’t want to go back through which made a puff not even worth the chance. Wohoo one week is fantastic
      Smell and breath that fresh air !!!

  66. done with my FIRST month! Going into my 5th week now. 🙂

  67. 46 days for me today, cold turkey. I had a few manageable cravings a day until 2 days ago where I started facing a major family problem. I feel like the carvings are back, and I feel like a cigarette or 10 will relax me – but I keep telling myself smoking will not help me, or relax me it will only make me feel worse. One day at a time

  68. I’m 63 I started smoking when I was 18 in boot camp I have tried so many times only to fail after 7 days this time is for real I stopped February 11 2016 I’m having some tightness in my chest and not sleeping well but when I need help I read what other xsmokers are going through and it keeps me in Focus Thanks for all your support

    • i just turned 60 smoking sense i was 15. quit 10 months ago 21 may 2015.its been a long road after going to hell and back.today 10 months later i feel great.still finds it hard to breath at times but every thing else is gone no pain no craving.will never smoke again.if you quit don.t give up it will get easyer as time goes by.if i could do this believe me anybody can.

  69. Kelly Shaw says:

    Day 6 and up in the middle of the night sipping tea as I have quitters flu. Did hypnotherapy to quit with step 2 patch. Die hard 30 year pack a day now non smoker. Email me for support.

    • well done, one day at a time, every morning you will be a little stronger

      • Congrats, I think the best way to quit is the patch, less trauma to the system. For smokers flu relief check out my recipe for Tonic in post above. Works wonders if you don’t mind the taste of vinegar.

    • hi I’ve been smoking a few years now and its been like the shackles were on so to speak im 8 days cold turkey i don’t want to fail I’ve started a gym up but im eating everything constantly hungry but i feel good i want to quit for good
      after i used to have you know with a girl i would light up now im not smoking how will it be im looking forward to this my smell and taste has improved i feel better then ever

  70. hi im on 33 days not smoking . it been a long hard road now im on sore thoart. and coughing up a lot of mucus.my mood swings have been coming and going and my kidds are like wow that not my mom lol. im 42been smoking 32 years, and did it cold turkey .

    • Great job! You got this!
      On my day 8 cold turkey and really struggling. A lot of respiratory issues and very irritable, I hope to make it to 33 days.

      • Me as well. It’s been 8 days since l quit. Chest pains and shortness of breath. I’m 68 years old and have smoked for 40 years. Couldn’t sleep last night (breathing). But having gone through those 8 days, l am determined never to smoke again.
        Good luck to all of you.

  71. Day 7 of not smoking. Severely depressed but I’m determined that I will not pick up another cigarette. I’m also eating everything in site.

    • You can do it!
      Day 8 for me cold turkey and,also, eating everything on site. Having alot of respiratory issues…I hope I’m not having a heart attack.

  72. Hi all, im a 49yr old who was smoking 20-25 ciggs a day for 30 yrs. Im just starting wk 6 as a non smoker and please believe me when i say it does get easier and you will feel better. Everybody will withdraw differently, i found the first 7-10 days the most difficult not only because of the constant urge to smoke, but i also had other symptoms hit me out of know where! 1. I kept sighing or taking deep breaths couldnt stop it, then for 2-3 days i had the urge to run? Would absent mindly take a deep breath and then want to run (Def not fit enough) thankfully this passed as i thought i was turning into Forest Gump. But i did start walking though as a form as exercise thank god as this helped me with the next two symptoms 2 & 3 Eating & Restlessness. I ate everything!!! Sometimes if i couldnt get the wrapper of a food item properly or quick enough i ate that as well, my dinners were suddenly twice the size of my husbands, i could feel him looking at me as i ate but he never said a word (prob to scared) bless. Restlessness, i didnt know what to do with myself (apart from eating). This was worst in the evening but those things that i used to do ie. Reading, crocheting i couldn’t concentrate on. Again on came the trainers and i would go for a walk. These two withdrawal symptoms lasted for a good ten days and then started to ease off. These were a few of my worst symptoms. Keep going everyone, im am so determined to keep going as i dont want to go through that again.

  73. Lorie Ann Fosterling says:

    Day 5 for me!
    This one has been the worse- I REALLY wanted to smoke today- I did not- it passed-
    I find whining and venting really helps 🙂 If I want a cig. I say it- lol I am sooo looking forward to day 10-little goals… I totally just want to get to a point where I have zero cravings… Day 3 was clockwork on my sense of smell! I opened a savings account and will put my cig. Money in there – I will transfer every time I get paid. The insomnia and restlessness were the worse and yesterday was the first night I was able to sleep throughout… Will try to remember to update-I think joining a forum is awesome ….

  74. Nicole Clark says:

    On day 5 and I must say I feel amazing. I think the worst part is our heads lol. Everytime I have an urge I tell myself I’m free now. I smoked 2 packs a day for 21 years and a month ago gradually dropped down to 6 a day. Now that was hell. Totally quitting has been a relief after that.

  75. I am on day 4 but it feels that i am in big trouble i can not concentrate every time feeling sleepy. My brain is short of numb .. It feels like always close my eyes. Can’t concentrate. There is no craving for smoke not even a single time.

    I used to smoke only in the afternoon when i was at work , did not smoke on evening and nights, so in short i am used to live without smoking for sometime.. I tried quitting earlier and did not have that kind of health issue.

    Please let me know or share thoughts if I need to do something.. I am not going to smoke that is for sure.. but whatever happening with me is also not bearable .. Please advice

  76. I’m on day 4. The flu symptoms have been very annoying. I quit for almost a year before, but I was literally by myself for the first 2 weeks. I find that I eat more when I smoke, and never sweets. Is this weird? I also find that my cravings are more for the company, and advantages of having the need for that ciggerette. Ive gone weeks without it recently, and yet I’ll just start smokeing again just to need somthing.

  77. Day 8 of no smoking via cold turkey and I’m really struggling. The cravings not as bad as the first 4 days but still struggling. I feel like I’m having a heart attack; my chest hurts, chest wheezing, smoker’s cough, and just really irritable. Decided to quit 8 days ago because I was so sick, I thought I was going to die. Have been smoking on/ off for 20 years and have been thinking of quitting for a while but just couldn’t do it. I went from smoking a pack a day down to 3 to 4 cigarettes a day until 8 days ago, cold turkey. I feel miserable!!

  78. I quit 4 weeks ago. I read Allen Carr easyway to stop smoking. I can’t believe I never heard about it before. It gives you a great mentality for quitting. If you really do want to quit, I can’t recommend it enough. Good luck

    • I quit 4 weeks ago. I read Allen Carr easyway to stop smoking. I can’t believe I never heard about it before. It gives you a great mentality for quitting. If you really do want to quit, I can’t recommend it enough.

      I am currently experiencing this quitters flu and it is awful. Horrible congestion and all around feel bad

      It’ll be worth it

  79. my friends say ‘with a cigarette you’re not alone’, but they just tryin to make it funny.
    They’d love to quit

  80. Into my 16th week of not wanting a cigarette which initially was totally down to an influenza virus of the more severe kind. The respiratory effect of the virus was horrendous as was the effect and consequential thought of inhaling hot, sticky, pungent tobacco smoke. I do not view the situation as ‘having quit’ anything. I don’t discuss it with anybody or look for patronising encouragement. I simply do not want tobacco smoke inside my lungs either now or in the future. I’ve experienced all the predictable consequences of no longer inhaling tobacco smoke, some of which produced severe side effects for short periods of time but I myself, not because of anybody else’s persuasion or prognosis, no long wish to inhale tobacco smoke. I’ll always be a smoker but I won’t actually light-up again because I’ve no wish to suffer the consequences of inhaling tobacco smoke. Has it been difficult? Actually no, not in the least, not once I decided I didn’t want to anymore and I stopped feeling sorry for myself. And I’m an individual blessed with low will-power, moderate anxiety issues and over 40 years worth of tobacco smoking expertise…..but now I don’t want one. It isn’t an issue nor frankly, anybody else’s business, because if it was I’d receive patronising encouragement and more than likely light-up again as a consequence. It’s not difficult. Try it. Good luck.

  81. Christy says:

    Day 11 with no smoking, cold turkey style. Lol. Feeling much better except the smoker’s cough and chest wheezing in the evening. No cravings probably because of my new mantra, smoking is no longer part of my life. I’ve been eating alot thou but it stopped today. I prepared some healthy snacks so I have eaten those instead of potato chips. I’ll see how it goes. This Saturday I will be going on a very difficult hike, I’m looking forward to it. I’ve hiked there before but always took me 3 hours to get up there and another 2 hours to come down. I will try and do it for 3 hours instead of 5. BTW, this will be my 2nd attempt to quit smoking. First time lasted 6 years and I’m hoping this time indefinitely. Good luck to all, we can do this!!!

  82. I am on day 5!! Quit with breathe Laser and much prayer! The first 3 days I was sneaking a drag from my wife (she has quit now also) I then figured out that if you sneak a drag here and there it just prolongs it. You just have to decide to quit and go head first into the abyss! Figure out how to “harness” the cravings and turn them into a positive feeling! I have been reading Psalms 18, which really helps! Don’t think you can sneak a drag, just makes it worse! I was smoking a pack a day, on and off with chew for almost 40 years! We can get through this…..every day gets easier! Hang in there!

  83. Christy says:

    Day 14, I think, of no smoking, cold turkey. I’m feeling good except a little cough and still chest wheezing at night but it’s not as bad as before. Didn’t go hiking today because it’s storming here. Heavy winds and rain right now. Still eating more than normal but I’ll work on that, too, later on. Best of luck, Everyone!!

    • Day 15 , I thought I will die as a smoker, but after so many attempts with great difficulty and will power I could manage to do so, Now I don’t feel the urge to smoke , I am feeling good that I finally quit but problem is Insomnia ,Chest Wheezing at night , Horrible dreams, no concentration,feeling sleepy at day time ,Heart burn.. God what not .. Hope these things are normal Withdrawal Symptoms .

  84. I’m on day 6, on the patch. I’ve been struggling to quit since Sept. when I made it for about 5 weeks. I’ve gone back and forth since then…smoking a few days, quitting a few days, on and on. I’m completely commited this time. The main withdrawl symptom I’m having is chest pain and heart palpitations. I’ve read that this is just lung cleansing, and fairly common so I’m trying not to freak out about it. I’m also going through “the change”, and have some anxiety and hot flashes. I have smoked a pack a day for 30 years. It’s time to quit for good! My motivation is wanting to be healthy and live to see my sons graduate college, get married, and give me some grand babies! Good luck to all!!

  85. Laffinbuda says:

    48 years old – smoked for over 30 years. I am on day 7 with patch. Cravings come and go, but work is a massive trigger and find it difficult to concentrate and control cravings. They are getting better, but my brain is in desperation mode, lol. I’m ignoring it. I feel tired, depressed, but I know this is par for the course. I am hanging in there because I want to do this this time. My motivation is to add more years to my life besides not feeling like a slave to cigarettes. I envied people who never smoked and never had to face the addiction… but I am at least doing something about that now. Good luck to all and stick with it. It will be worth it – even if your brain is trying to tell you otherwise.

  86. I smoked my last cigarette on February 3rd 2015 at 7:40pm. I smoked about 14-17 cigarettes a day for past 30 years and I am feeling great. I did start out using Chantix and after two weeks of not smoking I decided to wean myself off of it. I must say it was very hard at first and I think I would have done anything for a smoke after I stopped taking Chantix. But I stuck to not smoking and got past the worst of the cravings. I know that I still have a long road a head of me, but the best part of all of this is that it will be a smoke free road.

  87. Day 18 of no smoking, stopped cold turkey. Same symptoms, occasional cough and still a little chest wheezing. Other than that, I feel OK. No cravings at all anymore but, who knows, maybe later on. I’ve started exercising more so we’ll see. I hope to stay smoke-free indefinitely. We’ve got this!!!

  88. Richard Petrey says:

    I have only been a non-smoker for one month and 10 days. I was a very heavy smoker for at least 35-40 years. I was gonna go with a patch but decided to go cold turkey. It was pure hell for awhile but it is easier by the day. It is still a battle and probably will be for awhile longer. Cravings still come and go but getting less intense. Went on the net and downloaded some motivational videos to help with the weak times. There are some great ones out there. To all you people trying to quit stay tough. It will happen in good time. Just keep the faith!!!!!!

  89. Amanda W says:

    I wuit randomly 4 days ago (Tuesday… See I said it was random). I find that first my smokers cough gets really bad before I quit. Last time I quit for a year, mid pack, because the guy who sits next to me in the office said how horribly sick I must be. Well that was my every day cough I hadn’t noticed it got that bad but when I thought about it I was shocked that I hadn’t realized it was so bad.

    As I said I had quit for over a year but then me & my boyfriend found out my parents both had cancer, they told us at the same time about both of them. That’s enough stress to make anyone light up. I smoked all through moms illness so from last April until this month, she had passed in December. Now I am starting to get on my feet again & exercise, eat healthy, & quit.

    You do have to quit on your own time, every single day for the past 2-3 months I said I was quitting & meant it, but physically I was not ready until it just happened last Tuesday. Now I have been vaping on a low dose of nicotine 4mg & will drop down probably to 0 in the next 2 weeks. Still last night when I drank & was thinking of mom I walked around with a cigarette in my hand but managed not to smoke it!!! I find saying no while drinking is always the first big hurdle to get over.

    Everyone keep with it!!!

  90. Day 28 of no smoking after quitting cold turkey. Most of my symptoms have gone away, no more chest wheezing at night, no more spitting phlegm up, and no more coughing. Yayyyy! I still sometimes have cravings but just for a couple of seconds but not tempted enough to have one.

    I saw my doctor last Thursday and my BP is normal now and all my labs has come back normal, we were both pretty happy. I think, my doctor was more happy that I quit smoking than me. Thought was funny.

    2 more days and it will be a month of no smoking. Quite proud of myself. In September, I will be going to New York for a week as a reward to myself. So looking forward to it. Best of luck everyone, we definitely got this!!!

  91. Almost 7 full days of being a non-smoker. I’m 26 and have been a smoker for 10 years. I’m experiencing intense craving and still have flu like symptoms.

    My lungs feel so much clearer and I FEEL better than I did. My bronchitis and smokers cough went away pretty quickly. Still lots of mucus though :\

  92. Ruth o'brien says:

    Hi Phil. I have stopped smoking too as I got sick of them too. I love swimming and I have been on and off cigs for years. I found the days I smoked swimming was more difficult than the days I didn’t. I feel must better and am going to continue to do so. Best of luck


  93. Day 36 of no smoking after quitting cold turkey. I feel good and no more withdrawal symptoms. It looks Iike I can do this after all. Best of luck to all!!

  94. Six weeks without smoking and I feel so so free. Thanks everyone for your comments – I read them all to reinforce to myself that I’m not alone on this one. I’m taking it really seriously and trying to keep mindful this is a really big deal and I’m doing great – and so are you all by the way ?. Hope you’re all enjoying being able to breathe again as much as me woo hoo !

  95. Day 1 of cold turkey, I normally smoke 30 a day for the last 30 years. My husband quit 3 days ago and we had decided to do it together. I wasn’t ready 3 days ago but got up this morning and decided that I was going to put off having one. I just kept putting it off all day and now I am going to go to bed and the pack I opened this morning is still full. I am so hoping I can keep this up as I have a severe anxiety disorder and I do smoke to control attacks that my medication can’t handle. Wish me luck!!!

    • When you have complex conditions, it’s best to get help. I could never quit cold turkey because I smoke to help my migraines. My doctor prescribe the patch and I quit easily with few side effects (just smokers flu which with my asthma got real serious.) I wish you luck and with good moral support you can do it but with severe anxiety, I would talk with my doctor, especially if you are going to continue cold turkey. Nicotine can affect the way some medications work too. It’s great you are quitting together.

  96. Mark001 says:

    I stopped smoking and had a relapse….this is why:
    I was never prepared for depression…yes, depression.
    I never had cravings, no, after 5 years of 1 pack-a-day smoking, I stopped and for 6 months I never wanted to light up, and that’s what was weird. First day I was dizzy, felt like I was drunk, and it went so far that I felt like I wasn’t in my own body. Soon after my work started suffering, I lost my ambition, willingness and basically everything was “just want to get home and not talk to anyone”. I started getting anti-social. I didn’t want sex with my GF, hell I didn’t want anything with my GF. Soon after I started punching walls, doors, every single thing irritated me. I am not a depressive person. People always described me as a guy full of life etc, etc. I relapsed and as soon as I lighted up again, I felt like life got back into my body. Stupid? yes. But when your whole life is on the line, job, relationship and your mind, I’ll put off quit smoking for a while. I was just annoyed that nobody mentions depression as a side effect. People, I swear. I never had craving, weight gain or any other described symptom. I was just depressed. And it almost cost me dearly. So take this into account if you are about to quit. I will quit, I don’t plan on smoking for long, but this was helpful period, now I will know what to expect. So heads up and good luck!

    • Bjladner39 says:

      Some advice…. Get on medication for depression. I smoked for 25 years and now 7 days smoke free. I did not quit because I wanted to. My health is at risk now. Chest CT scan showed not so good results.. Please stop while you still can and get medication for depression.

    • I would suggest getting on Welbutrin. It’s an amazing antidepressant and a quit smoking medication (Zyban). I almost quit without trying while taking it for depression. I didn’t quit then because I wasn’t mentally ready to, but I had less craving and few side effects (more energy, better mood, lost weight ). I really get your relapse. I broke my previous quit after falling asleep while driving. I like to smoke while driving and it helps me stay awake. now I use a 0mg Vape when I need to. Definitely talk with your doctor and get support for your next quit. People shouldn’t make it so hard on themselves going cold turkey when there is so much help out there.

  97. Wow …. Today is my 210 days are over without smoking. It is such a beautiful feeling. Going so deep in meditation. Watching withdrawal symptoms has became a meditation. Now even in dreams I remember that I have left smoking. So it is not as difficult as people think. I was smoking for 21 years. Feeling so good in health. I could leave it early also if I knew it is so easy.

  98. I must also share that this website really helps me a lot. whenever I was remembering smoking I was reading it. It helped a lot. I can not believe 210 days without smoking ! For me even 10 minutes without smoking were hard. And it helps to feel oneself. It is so good for meditation. Such a joy to feel life and fresh breathing. Thanks a lot to achoice2live.com ….

  99. Bjladner39 says:

    It’s been 7 days smoke free. I don’t have the cravings. It’s the chest pressure pain
    It’s like I am having trouble taking a deep breath. Normal??

    • Great job on your success. I had chest tightening also. Most websites say it is just our lungs starting to clean themselves. Im on day 7 also after relapsing a couple of times. Im praying to stay smoke free this time. I truly hated myself for lighting up after weeks of not smoking and hope the guilt and shame will motivate me this time around. Good luck to you!

  100. Bjladner39 says:

    I did not stop smoking because I wanted too. I recently had a chest CT scan done and the results were not good. I just hope some of the damage can be reversed.

  101. Smoked 1 pack most times more a day for 15 years. Took Chantix for a month and a half and have been smoke free for 2 weeks. Don’t be scared of Chantix guys. It is expensive but your life is worth more. Crazy dreams can be lived through. I had some of the weirdest dreams I ever remember having but not one of them killed me…. moral of the story is Chantix works and nobody has ever died of some weird dreams. I hope anyone who has the will power to try will succeed and have a healthy life. Noone should ever die from stupid cigarettes ever. Find your way and never give up!!!!

  102. I quit Smoking after 32 years on December 8th. For 11 years I smoked cigarettes and in 1995 I switched to Cheap Swisher wood tip cigars, yes I inhaled them. My digestive system has been attempting normalize but it’s still not there yet. I had no idea that this would be the result of quitting smoking and if I understand correctly not everybody goes through what I’ve encountered. I have abdominal pain and endless amounts of stomach gas resulting in constant long and deep belching. Often this excess gas makes it into the digestive track which then results in bloating . I’m glad I quit but I never saw this one coming.

  103. 100 days yesterday of no smoking, I feel great. Sometime when I drink on weekend, I have an urge and two, but I do control myself. I feel more confident about never smoking again. Now it is time to get serious about the Gym, need to shed the 8 KG (18 pounds) I gained. Well done everyone and let us stay away from the cigarettes for ever

  104. Well it’s my 5th day without a cigarette and everything is going crazy.. I mean literally. Like the intense cravings for smoke, aggression and short temper but there is more to that Something is wrong with my stomach and i am scared for that coz every time I take a meal , I have to go for the bowel movement immediately. I threw up a couple of times too. Can anyone here help me with this please.?
    I used to have 10-15 Cigarettes a day and now I am not smoking even a single cigarette not on the patch too..

    • CS
      You need to hang in there. Believe it or not I had a major breakthrough this weekend that has carried over to today as well and for the first time in 4 months I’m encouraged. My stomach problems basically migrated through my entire digestive system with it affecting a different part every 2 to 3 days. For the last 3 weeks I convinced myself that I had a terrible cancer in the digestive track but now I’ve really turned the corner. I think I smoked more and longer than you did so hopefully your normalizing won’t take as long as mine did. In the meantime I recommend digestive enzymes, probiotics, and some type of colon care. I’ve been taking all 3 and I never felt like I could take too many of them. I went through wild extremes in stool color that only contributed to the belief that I had something seriously wrong with me but with the aid of this forum and a couple of others like it I pressed on and now I have cause for optimism. Stay on course, resorting back to smoking is the worst thing we could do because if quitting causes issues like this just think of what else it is destroying in our bodies.

      • yeah that is what i wanna know..is it normal..or i have cancer..? good news is that there is no blood in stool..bad news is I feel exhausted all the time..persistent cold and chest pain.

    • Nicotine is a laxative so now your body is trying to adjust to not having it. Also the toxins we inhale move through our system and now the body is in overdrive to detox. It is natural if uncomfortable. If you find that too much OJ gives you the runs (like most people) I would suggest drinking a half gallon in an afternoon to flush the works. I like it because it tastes good and has good vitamins in it. It’s also gentle to my bowels, although I have to be careful of my acid reflux. A good probiotic would probably help too. Taking a walk in the sunshine is good for boosting mood and for regulating the bowels, even just once around the block. If it is really troubling see your doctor. I recommend the patch because I think it is much less traumatic to the body and mind, but I never had the willpower on my own. Good luck.

  105. I never had any discernible blood either but it would go from very dark tar black which typically indicates blood higher in the digestive system or even stomach ulcers and then change to very pale beige color which could indicate some other organ failure like pancreas. I was concerned too that I had some type of cancer and came very close to go to the Dr. like I said this past weekend really brought about a positive change and I totally feel different. I read a lot of stuff about quitting smoking and the digestive system and you should Google it too and don’t just take my word for it. There has not been a lot of research on the correlation I’m talking about but there is plenty of evidence to support it. I guarantee you if I would’ve gone to my Dr. I would be out thousands of dollars and they would’ve diagnosed me with IBS. All my symptoms qualified my aliment to be IBS.

  106. Scott from Sth Oz says:

    Pack a day for 22 yrs. Ive half tried many times to quit without success. This last time i used patches 21mg prescribed by my gp and continued to smoke normally. After a couple of day’s the smokes started to taste bad, i tried to fight it but as someone above said, i may have had nicotine overdose. Over the period of the month, i was down to 1 – 3 smokes per day down from 25 – 30. My last smoke was lunchtime monday 21st of march. 1 calender month today! I attribute my current success to a health product i started taking in February. A totally natural liquid triangle of health product containing superfoods such as wild alaskan blueberries, noni berries, wild alaskan sockeye salmon and much more packed into delicious tasting and easy to use products. I believed my will power was non existent, and have had little to no side effects whatsoever. I am not a fitness fanatic or health guru, in fact my lifestyle was quite the opposite. Now Feeling amazing with minimal cravings and bouncing into my new lifestyle.. id love to share this product with the world as its changed my life for the better.

  107. Hi

    I am eight weeks in – cold turkey and am worried about the constant nervousness I feel – I cannot pinpoint any reason but it is like how you feel before a race or an exam but v intense – if anything these feelings have been getting worse since the quit – I was on 40 a day at the end smoking since 15 years Any ideas or words of wisdom would be appreciated – Many thanks

  108. Ahmad Abdel Latief says:

    Hello all,

    Great thing to live normally smoke free, on 3rd month now smoke free. I can breath, eat, smell, think and everything different. The ultimate advice DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE SECOND HAND SMOKE OR PERFUMES, try your best to avoid smokers even if they are in same house those are surely not normal healthy persons as we all were. Second hand smoke exposure will let you go in loops of withdrawals as if you just quit now!!!

    Don’t accept to be a victim to social life, home life, partners or even work. Being a non smoker is the best decision of your life time. Even if you will stop your whole pervious life and gain your new healthy mentally life it does worth believe me.

    After 12 weeks life starts to get in more balance although you can ease following withdrawals based on the triggers:

    Cravings; think of the benefits of a normal healthy person and how bad is your smell as well as the non controlled hundreds of chemicals in the smoke that will skin your life. Eventually these effects will fade week after week but again don’t see smokers or don’t go around smoke as you will reset you time and make you as if you just start quitting now.

    Quitters flu; some above the counters flu management tablets will help very much (mostly pseudoephedrine, antihistamine and analgesic) as the immune system start to recalibration and healing process (as nicotine make cooperative componds with all systems and slmost halts them) and irritants as well as allergens will be noticeable to your immune system, try to avoid perfumes wether you wear them or around you, Air fresheners, pollution, dust, chemicals in the air, nicotine smoke for sure, house dust mites, carpets and rugs, humid places higher than 55% relative humidity, scented soap and shampoo, scented detergents. I know this might sound hard but believe me it hasten the respiratory system recovery and latest studies shown that odors and fumes are as dangerous as nicotine smoke.

    Mental swings, anxiety and panic; take deep breaths, walk or exercise, do something you like, listen to some chill out music and remind yourself why that is happening. Insomnia and moid swinging can be eased by chamomile hot drinks it relieve insomnia as well as digestive upset

    Constipation, digestive upset and huger; fibers as well as vegetables, fruits with low sugar as well as green leafy vegetables as Basel, coriander, iceberg lettuce, parsley, celery, mint, etc….. And again anise and chamomile tea hot drinks are great to ease mental and digest stress.

    Finally welcome folks this is the tax we pay to fix what we spoiled for years and years. Nothing like one day of a healthy life. Keep the good thing.

    And let me know if you need Support help, all yours all the time great fellows. Thumbs up all

  109. So I am on Day 3 after reading the best book ever, “The Easy Way to Stop Smoking” by Alan Carr. I was at a conference in San Francisco and I heard a bartender talk about it. So I got the book…I was anxious the whole time reading it thinking it could never support me in stopping and it was stupid. And yet, I feel like a happy non-smoker who is going through withdrawals…Rather than a smoker who is being deprived of cigarettes. Nothing could make me pick up a cigarette only because I don’t want to go through quitting again. I highly recommend this book.

  110. Christy says:

    It has been 10 weeks of no smoking after quitting cold turkey. Cigarettes is a thing of the past for me. I survived it yayyyy!! I feel much better all around. It was a tough road. I’m taking it one day at a time. Best of luck to everyone!

  111. Chantal says:

    Quit smoking cold turkey 3 weeks ago. I’m really not doing good, seem to be heading on a little down. Crying all the time for everything and nothing. Can anyone relate to this?
    Will this stage get any better?

    • Chantal, I quite 4 weeks ago and for the past 3 days I have had to fight buying a pack. I thought this craving was limited to the first 2 weeks but it isnt so. I can hardly function for thinking about smoking just one. I am fighting it because i just cant start the process over again and throw away this 4 weeks of not smoking. I hope you are better now and have moved on to a less stressful existence.

  112. I have read through these comments several times over the past few months to catch a glimpse of how my own journey may go. I quit smoking February 15 of this year (2016). I was not sure I should post anything before because I didn’t want to sound gungho and then fall off the wagon but I had a very interesting revelation today. There is a smoke area I have to pass by twice a day when I arrive or leave work that early on I was afraid might prove daunting. Today I actually have it a thought and that thought was this “dang that smells and I’m sure glad I quit”. I think I am confidant enough to say I have a handle on this now. I had been smoking for 14 years (pack a day) and when my 3 year old son visited me he asked with a very judgemental look on his face “what are you doing?” when he saw me through a window smoking on our porch. No drugs or anything needed…. I just quit….it’s great to be able to breath again!!

  113. Oh wow…
    I did it! I have not had any nicotine in 40days!
    I will not try to make it sound easy as I still struggle some with craves. I don’t seem to be like many who quit who hate the smell of cigs. I miss it still, but I know I am in a much better situation health wise.
    One thing that helped me the was knowing that a crave only lasts 3-4 mins. They may hit back to back but it is a struggle for a short time. I can do this!
    Some physical issues and dang my face is still breaking out!!
    But I am a winner. my whatapp phon 00201001818262 egypt

  114. I used to smoke pot and cigarettes all the time .. Mainly cigarettes , for 8 years . Pot for 5 , top it off I’m asthmatic .. I would still excerisce before I had quit . Intensive exercises , I’m on week 1 of quitting . Something happened and I hyperventilated causing me to freak out and stop smoking … Man I do have ups and down , although I don’t crave a cigarette anymore. On day 4 I tried a drag and boy did it hurt my lungs to smoke . It’s raining hard like hell in my town and my Dr says its Mold in air . I’m on 2 inhalers and a pill for lung imflimation . Everyday I have controlled breathing , my second day quitting I went to hospital and they gave me Anxiety pill.. :/ it helps me cope with the thought of controlled breathing . I really wish I don’t have to take it. Days I do days I NEED it . My lungs feel like I barley can receive oxygen , my back hurts. It’s hell … Stuffy nose , I just wish I never had smoked .. I really want to exercise but scared , and when I shower .. Body temp is changed and I feel dry inside . Has anyone experienced this ? It’s only when I sleep I feel as nothing is wrong, I wake up and back to controlled breathing . Sometimes it feels as if I’m gonna die , I was diagnosed with sever anxiety as a child .. Smoked a pack a day to cope and stayed away from the things I wish I could conquer about anxiety . Rewarded myself with pot as well .. I’m only 24 and I can’t wait to rid myself of this nasty breathing issue . I do not even wish this feeling on my enemy .. I had only quit a few months when I left to Basic Training wen I was 18. Smoked like hell afterwards .. If I can get through this, I will post again . I don’t mean to sound like a baby , but hell. Everyday feels like a last breath , that lead to anxiety attacks . I will get through this , and for people with my similar experiences . Good Luck , Stay Strong my Friend . God Bless ,

    • kclongstocking says:

      Hang in there Edward. I also suffered severe anxiety as a child, but no one ever told me my life was bizarre. I didn’t know there was any different way of being. I’m sure that is why I started smoking at 12 years old (I’m almost 60 now.) Quitting smoking is a kind and loving thing to do for yourself and you should do as many kind and loving things for yourself as possible. Anxiety is fear. If your son was afraid or terrified what would you do? Do that for yourself now and work on healing your spirit alongside of your body. They are directly connected. Best wishes to you.

  115. Melvin Edwards says:

    I have been smoking for over 50 years, I am now 72 years of age.22 days ago i was sitting watching TV when it just came over me to give up smoking. I said”MEL” your 72 it’s time to put it down,so far so good. It’s not a easy thing to do,especially when you wake up in the morning or having that cup of coffee, sitting in the bathroom or finishing that good meal , you see this is not my first rodeo, I’ve been down this road before,I also know that the mind can play tricks on you,always be prepared.This is what happened too me this time around. 1. I had my first anxiety attack while cooking, needless to say it was quite frighting.After sitting for about ten minutes i was back to normal. 2. On my 8 or 9th. day i started feeling a tightness in my chest, mainly the right side front and back,inhaling or bending forward can be a real job. Friday i’ll see my doctor for my physical update.So my friends always remember that your mind will team up with desire to bring you down,fight a good fight.Look it as bad cop,good cop –bad cop is desire,he has a bag full of tricks to put you through hell, and good cop is no other than your mind who will ask you this, Why put up with all that crap that Desire throwing your way ? light up and forget him. They play tricks don’t be fooled.

  116. Melissa Bertolini says:

    Hi. I’m Melissa and stop smoking January this year (2016), right after my birthday. I’ve been a heavy smoker the last 20 years and last year I decided that 40 was my limit. So yeah, I was pretty happy with myself about this decision and started the process of escaping the nicotine slavery. I think I did a major mistake using nicotine gums, but honestly I couldn’t do it other way. So until a month ago ( let’s say may) I was chewing like crazy. My history is pretty common I think, since I did gain a lot of weight, I was in constant mood swings, that kind of thing. But suddenly, out of the blue, I started to have taquicardia, like a lot really, insomnia, acne, among other things. During my check up I was diagnosed with Graves disease, which is a autoimmune disease related to the thyroid. And I’m here today just to share and maybe have some support or empathy, cause I feel terrible and sick. I was hoping that after being free from cigarettes I would be joyful and full of energy or something good. I don’t have cravings any more but I feel awful. Are any of you feeling like crap after almost 6 months? Tks

    • kclongstocking says:

      So terribly sorry to hear Melissa. The cigarettes probably were masking the symptoms of Graves and you might have suffered even more had you kept ignoring it. I’m feeling pretty awful right now because I quit in September, didn’t smoke for 7 months, started feeling really good, and then started again a couple of weeks ago. I gained 15 lbs in 7 months. Since you have been chewing your body hasn’t had a chance to get rid of the toxins. You’re not getting as many from the gum but the side effects will last longer as long as you are still ingesting nicotine. Hang in there and keep reminding yourself how much you want to be nicotine free. It is the hardest thing to quit and if at first you don’t succeed, pick yourself up, brush yourself off and try again. If your best friend was feeling like you are right now, what would you tell her? Then why not treat yourself as lovingly? (This exercise was the most healing one I’ve ever run across and I use it constantly.) You are so WORTH IT!

  117. kclongstocking says:

    I’m going to be 60 this October. I started smoking at 12. I have quit at least 4 times for 2 years and then got tricked by my mind telling me “you can have one. You quit already, one wont’ make you start again.” But it did each time. I quit again last September. 7 months smoke free and it was the easiest quit so far, as far as cravings go. I got most of the side effects but knew about them, so just waited through. The constant mucous cleared, vivid dreams returned. I felt good. In an instant at a friend’s house she lit up and I wanted to share with her. Slippery slope….Shame, guilt, anger, depression… How many times do I get to do this? Each time I said confidently, “I know that I will NEVER SMOKE AGAIN.” But I did. My grandkids are coming next weekend and I don’t want to be smoking then. I’ve already smoked about 8 today. ;( On the flip side, reading all your posts (ok not all of them!) has helped me feel strong enough to do it again. Quit again and lose the 15 lbs I’ve gained since September. sigh……

  118. Ayush Joshi says:

    Hello everyone, its been almost a month since I quit smoking, but only now I have started to get severe heartburns and acid reflux problems and sinus congestion also a little pain on the lower left side of the chest, is this normal? I get anxiety attacks thinking about it.

  119. Donatella says:

    I am 65 years old….This is my 8th week without a cig.
    Skin already looks nice.

  120. Hi to all,
    I am 60 . smoked @5o/day.130 days no smoking. but severe problems exist, like stiff neck, disturbance in the brain, fatigue,wet nose and severe sleep disturbance. can any one suggest how long it wiill trouble me. no medicines or replacement therapies.
    Thank u

    • I would say probably up to six months to a year believe it or not but over time it will get better I have suffered bloody nose is they want to do sinus surgery anxiety shortness of breath vertigo all symptoms that will slowly subsided I believe overtime The sinus surgery I hope I do not have to do I keep using nasal wash now 2 to 3 times a day and things of gotten much better it takes time because I smoked for 35 years so it can’t just get better overnight good luck to you it’ll get better

  121. I am 28 and been an off-on smoker since I was in high school. Started with curiosity about smoking in elementary school. My question is, what is happening to me? I can go a looooong time without a black and mild, I’m talking months and my last duration 2 years. But out of the blue, a black and mild is all I think about. It’s all I dream about. What is this??? I hate it! I even hate smoking but I all of a sudden feel like I can’t go today without. I dont understand and I’m feeling depressed among other feelings. What’s happening to me?

    • Rita smoking cigarettes the nicotine is a depressant just like alcohol that blocks feelings throughout your body it blocked sinuses for me and kept my anxiety in check when you do quit it is all about learning how to cope with the physical feel again . Most of the anxiety should be short-lived and will get less and less overtime but I think even like an alcoholic you will always have some crave for nicotine . Didn’t mean to give you all kinds of things of happened to me but I think starting and stopping quite a bit is never good it’s drug Abuse like any other drunk and you’re sucking smoking to your body and how can that be good for any of us The more I thought about that the easier it was for me never to pick one up again

    • Oh and by the way I smoked for 38 years since I was 16 I am now 54

  122. 20 years old and been smoking 6 and a half years… going on 32 hours now without a hit. Cravings are un-real, my throat feels raw and it hurts to swallow, Im dizzy and shaky, having crazy mood swings and anxiety. When will this end????? I feel like Im going to die and cant shake the feeling that its not even worth quitting. PLEASE HELP

    • Donatella says:

      Just now caught your plea, Jacob….How are you feeling now? Still not smoking? Quitting can be very difficult.
      Always remind yourself that it only gets better with time.
      All the best to you.

  123. I’m on day 4 of quitting and I don’t feel too bad. I quit mainly because I have a 2 year old daughter (I never smoked around her) and I think it contributed to my anxiety.

    Currently I don’t feel any worse than I did when I was smoking, I believe that my 5 a day habit would leave me in a state of almost constant withdrawal – anxiety and depression being the major symptoms as I couldn’t smoke in the evenings.

    I’ve tried to quit before, once for over a year but anxiety led me back to smoking. I’m determined not to let it this time. It’s not just about me anymore.

    Plus I need the money……

    Well done to everyone else who has quit.

  124. I quit smoking 3 months ago. My average consumption was a pack a week. I never coughed, had problem breathing or nasal congestion. Now I am coughing off and on all day and night. I have constant nasal stoppage and drip. additionally, if I overexert I can hardly breath for about 5 minutes. What is happening??

    • I never coughed either when I was a smoker and when I quit I had a little cough. I read on a medical website that its normal to cough up mucus when you quit and if the cough last more than two weeks to see your doctor. It does sound like part of the withdraw symptoms of being a newly ex smoker. Good Bless!

  125. I smoked for 10 years then quit around new years eve. It has been more than 8 months. I feel a ease in breathing my coughing is nearly gone, mucus still comes out of my nose which i think is the way of the body to clean itself. I just feel more energetic and healthy all together. The only con i can think of is i gained a little weight but that could be because of a change in eating habit.

    • I also had all those symptoms but nose congestion has not improved. Some strange sticky clear discharge comes through nose Doctors said its due to allergy when i smoked i was never allergic to anything.Please help out its been above 6 months since i quitted.

  126. Randall C. says:

    I quit smoking using hypnosis 6 months ago after 26 years. The only real side effects up until now were dreams of smoking and being upset about it even in waking. Now I have this brutal cough (coughing to the point of gagging) that throws me into a type of asthma attack I have never experienced before. Its almost like trying to smoke while dealing with bronchitis, but bronchitis flare-ups from cigarette smoke lasted only a few minutes without needing my inhaler, while this lasts until I over use my inhaler and for several minutes after.

    Not only that, but I also end up with migraines that last several days at a time and have gotten medicine from a walk in clinic to help alleviate them.

    Are these normal side effects for smokers with asthma who have quit along this timeline or should I see a my doctor?

    I am a white male 39 years old, 6’1″ 160lbs with overall good health as of a few months ago.

  127. So I’ve been smoking for 5 years on and off (I’m 18 years old) I just decided to quit smoking s few days ago and I am going absolutely INSANE, I have a horrible chronic cough,my chest feels tight, I am congested and my nose is stuffy making it difficult to steady my breathing for work (I do outbound calls from 9AM – 8PM) I have always struggled with anxiety/panic attacks but they’er starting to peak now that I’ve quit smoking what can I do to subside these symptoms while I’m at work at least

  128. I shattered my ankle last year on 15 th November my hubby took me to hospital in car ,was the journey from hell as my foot was pointing in the wrong direction I had broken both my tibia and fibia one completely exploded,I had to stay in hospital for 7 days after they had manipulated my ankle back to something that looked normal then I had to have 5 hours of reconstructive surgery to put it right then 5 months bed and none weight bearing.
    The day I did it was the last day I touched a cigarette I just never thought about them after smoking 40 a day from the early age of 15 but in my later years as I am now 58 smoking hand rolled tobacco but not as many, I actually enjoyed them more especially after meals.
    It is now coming up to a year of just stopping and my breathing is shallow and I am having lots of sore throats have just been reading on the official lung site lots of people end up with COPD hope that is not the case.
    I am just trying to be positive my ankle is great and I am driving and getting about, so fingers crossed.
    Good luck to all of you who have stopped.

  129. Hi there,
    I am 14 days now smoke free and I wanted to just make this thread longer so that others that land here from a google search find as many as possible people that kicked cigarette ass and be inspired and psyched to go on with their battle one more day…….
    Stay strong …..it will pass…

  130. I quit cold turkey three months ago after 43 years of smoking mostly menthol. It has been real tough on me. I don’t crave cigs at all but I can’t get over the thinking that I might have quit too late. I felt better when I smoked. Getting up from a chair quickly sends my head spinning and chest pounding. I have a sore throat and sinus issues. Had a CT scan and surprising enough the doc said I only ranked lung damage as that of a person that has had bronchitis every year of their life. He said on a scale of 1-10, my damage is only a 2. Yay for that but why do I still feel short of breath?? Hoping after the first hard frost and the allergy season is over, that I will feel normal again. Please tell me that it will be worth it.

    • I’m wondering the same thing. I quit in May and feel worse than when I was smoking. I get short of breath just walking through the store. I’m 54 and been smoking as long as I can remember, at least 45 years . The last 15 years or so I was a 3 pack a day smoker and started having shortness of beath problems. I found out I had a heart attack and the bottom of my heart died and i didn’t even know it happened. The heart cath showed it was a while ago at least 6 months ago and the heart had already rerouted itself. They said my lungs look great hard to belite i was a smoker. I’m about to start smoking again, i felt better when I did.

  131. Chris Brantley says:

    Hello! So I’ve tried quitting before but have relapsed within a couple days every time. Even with nicotine gum. I’ve been smoking roughly a pack a day for about 9 years now. I am honestly sick and tired of smoking. I hate doing it . I hate that i feel like crap all the time, I hate coughing up mucus every morning, I hate smelling bad, I just dislike the habit all together. So 3 days ago I ran oout of smokes and when I got to the gas station to get more I decided then and there to quit and bout one of those eCigs instead. The one I got was Vuse, I didn’t like it and almost gave up but instead I looked online and found that Vuse has 48mg of nicotine which is WAY too much and probably why i didn’t like it. So I went and I bought a very basic Vape and some 6mg vape juice. So far with this I have gone 3 full days without a “real” cigarette and all the nasty additives that go along with it. If I can keep this up then I will eventually lower the nicotine content progrrssively and that should do it. I feel good about it so far. A couple times I have wanted a real one but I told myself I just wanted the nicotine not the extra garbage and kept repeating to myself that my vape IS nicotine. I guess my question would be, is this an effective method to quit? Has anyone had any luck making the switch? Will I still feel as bad health wise? Just looking for some advice I guess. I noticed after I switched my chest has been very tight, I don’t know if it’s from the vape or if it’s the cleaning process of getting rid of the tar and stuff. The day I wake up not coughing junk up is the day I’ll feel like quitting is worth it. I know I hate it but it’s been really hard to overcome. Thanks for any input from anyone who switched to vape rather than gum or something.

  132. Peony Morningstar says:

    I’m proud of all of you! I’m 6 weeks off and saving a minimum of $160 a month.
    I’d like to talk about the side effects of Chantix. Most people complain of nightmares. I quit by using it. Trust me, it was worth any nightmares. I could not have quit without it.
    Unlike some other products, it does not put nicotine into your body. It works by blocking, or coating, the brain receptors that crave nicotine. Fortunately for me, it also alleviated most of the physical symptoms of withdrawal. The only thing I had fight was the habit itself.
    I quit my second week into chanting and have been off chanting for two weeks. Still no physical problems but I have to work through the habits like after dinner, first thing in the morning, etc..
    Even the habit problem is easier. Sometimes I may think about cigs once a day, other d a us I don’t at all.
    Worth the side effects.
    Good luck!

  133. Day 13…cravings can be so intense, especially in the morning, afternoon and evening! Lol, seriously I’m feeling so much more energy. I’m not longer coughing up the most disturbingly disgusting phlegm. However I am extremely easily irritated , but all in all; it’s wonderful not to be a smoker…I no longer smell like an ashtray and I can walk and walk without running out of breath!?

  134. Smoked off and on since I was 12 but was only a light smoker and also a heavy drinker in my late 20’s. Quit smoking and drinking cold turkey in 2012 at 37. Went though 3 years of withdrawals. House burned down in 2015 and started smoking and drinking again but not as much as before. Now I quit again starting November 1st so this is day 4. I’m coughing and feel tightness in my chest somewhat but its my lungs repairing itself. I felt this the last time and went to doctors and they said I was fine. I feel confident I won’t light up again.

  135. I’ve smoked for 27 years, about a pack a day. I’ve been smoke free for 8 months now. I know my lungs are healing and trying to get all that crud out. These last 4 months have been terrible!!! Chest tightening, thinking I need my emergency inhaler more than I should and using it, no energy at all.
    Just looking for some guidance on how to cope. I’ve recently found pressure points help when trying to calm myself and to breath normal.

  136. I’ve only just recently packed up smoking….I’ve only smoked just over 2 years so not too long, but I’ve gotten a really bad cough which is creating really bad pain in my chest, along with cutting out caffeine….is there anything I can do to help with the pains?
    I get sperodic chest pains without the cough but nothing too bad, it’s just really hurts with all the coughing.

  137. Lynton Jones says:

    I been smoking for 40 plus Years, cleaning Ashtray out one day …looked and was disgusted too know all this has been going inside me for years upon Years, cleaned and dried Ashtray put it on Windowsill in Kitchen where it still stands all nice and clean……. packed up that day November 25th 2013 …….Surprisingly no Urges to start again 🙂 also saved enough to fly to Thailand on 2 holidays and South Africa…… Loving my food and walk regularly also …..Doctor been telling me for years that if I stopped smoking would get some of my earring back….as got 85% right 75% Left deafness, How right he was got 10% back ok not all but just shows what smoking can Do. Never go back ….Did use this site when I gave up many years ago and still do ….funny no side effects only headaches and off course bringing up bad stuff off Lungs all clear now …… Pleased as punch

  138. William Thomas says:

    I stop smoking six years ago and I feel great sometimes and sometimes I don’t it’s a see-saw effect with me I think it’s just my mind playing tricks I went cold turkey I stop weed and cigarettes in one day thanks to my God and savior today I am smoke free I did not have any cravings for neither of them I am so thankful for this moment I had to share it with you all

  139. I quit in May and feel worse than when I was smoking. I get short of breath just walking through the store. I’m 54 and been smoking as long as I can remember, at least 45 years . The last 15 years or so I was a 3 pack a day smoker and started having shortness of beath problems. I found out I had a heart attack and the bottom of my heart died and i didn’t even know it happened. The heart cath showed it was a while ago at least 6 months ago and the heart had already rerouted itself. They said my lungs look great hard to belite i was a smoker. I’m about to start smoking again, i felt better when I did

  140. Hey,I’m 13 weeks off the fags and 13 week sick….I can’t seem to catch a breath and I’m hoarse,especially in cold air…been to doctor,emergency doc etc and all clear…It’s driving me mad and giving me anxiety also had lots of tummy problems,still waiting on scan but I’m in a lot of pain and seen a lot of doctors…gallbladder,gallbladder inflammation,ulcer,uti or kidney stones….no one seems sure!Doctors think I’m gone mad,I’m starting to feel like I am

  141. Chuck Rittgers says:

    This is day 2 for me. This morning I had chest pains that were kind of a tingling feeling only very intense. I had pains in both of my arms. I did take a couple aspirins and chew them up thinking I was having some kind of heart attack. It did subside and I slept for2-3 hours. I feel fine now except I want a cigarette. I have stopped smoking before for 2-3 years. I always think I can stop and start at will. I can’t. I had to plan on stopping on the 1st. For over a week. I would like to actually stop this time. My older kids hate that I smoke because they worry about my health. My wife smokes but she will not smoke around me when I am trying to quit. She has cut down well over 90% since I stopped because it is to much trouble to go outside to smoke. I guess I am on this web site to get something to hold me accountable. I hope it works. I have been smoking for the better part of 70 years

  142. Hi all, I am smoke free for one week now, and had spent the past few months significantly cutting down.

    I am very pleased to have come across this site, which I did while searching timeline and related pains etc.

    I have been feeling OK, but have,upon reflection, had some definite depressive and anxious feelings, which ties to what I have read above. I have also just started getting pain in my upper back/shoulders, and twinges in my chest, so am very relieved to read so many other people having had the same sensations, and it’s bloody worrying/scary to be feeling this after stopping.

    Sadly, I was 11 years old when I began smoking (14/15+ when smoking up to a pack a day), and I have just turned 34. I got to a point where I knew what I have been doing to myself for so long, and knew it had to end. I dislike everything about smoking, and have also stopped alcohol too, as they went hand in hand for me. I have had a few cravings, but my will and desire to stop has blocked me buying more cigarettes. I honestly HATE tobacco, and feel that I will not quit on quitting this time. I am a non-smoker 🙂

    I am going to get a doctors appointment and ask to have my lungs checked as a precaution, and for peace of mind, and I am still worried by these pains etc, but I do feel that this is the start of healing, and I have abused myself, so this is to be expected.

    Well done everyone for quitting the horrible habit, or even just trying. I feel now that there is a time when we are subconsciously ready to stop, and I am at that stage now.

    Thanks for the support, and I hope to return the same to others 🙂

    • The first week is the toughest so be proud I’m up to three weeks I to smoked at eleven . I have no cravings and hate them with a passion . Only thing is I have this smokers flu pretty bad but don’t care better than smoking and it will one day run its course. We all think it won’t get me until it does one way or not through your health it will beat you so stand firm quit and stick to it .

  143. This is not my first time to quit smoking but this time I pray to God I never puff a cancer stick again. Originally attempted to quit in 2010 and quit for while in 2014 and several petty attempts for the last two years until last week I made my mind up. It’s not worth it, I quit 5 days ago, went through and I’m still going through the withdraws but I’m going to make it. The only thing I don’t like is having palpitations, those heart flutters scare the crap out of me but not enough to justify smoking a cigarette. I have lived with palpitations all my life, just noticed they are worse when around my period and when I have quit smoking, its my body flipping out because I kicked the habit and my mind and body is readjusting to life.
    I would rather have these symptoms for a few weeks then have a cancer diagnosis in the near future. Don’t talk yourself into smoking when you are having a stressful moment it’s the addiction talking, been there done that and here I am in a vicious cycle of stupidity because I justified my reasons for smoking and being saying that I can quit again and again.
    I also have costchondritis which is chest pain not heart related and not fun when it flares up with stabbing pain in the front and back of your chest. I had a bad episode of it last week and what did I do, smoked a few cigarettes later than night in the privacy of my home not once considering you are 40 and in this age bracket where the cigarettes are catching up and NO time will not be on your side if you keep smoking, NO you probably won’t live to see 70 if you keep smoking (I personally don’t know of any active smokers making it to 70). Don’t make excuses as to why you can’t quit, make excuses as to why you can quit and be your best friend and find an ex smoker to be your cheer leader!

  144. Hi everyone
    First of all its great to see so many people who are experiencing the same thing I am and I congratulate you all on giving smoking the boot, truly well done!!
    Im 19 and ive been a smoker for 3 and a half years and currently I’m on day 30 of my quit journey and I feel pretty good mentally about my life choice but physically is another story. I’ve had a cough for the last 4 weeks that has defiantly settled down and at this point looks as tho it will clear up along with the mucus that comes up often whenever I cough. But my biggest worry is this really annoying tightness in the chest that comes randomly in different places of the chest area. It isnt a severe pain or tightness, just seems pretty minor and with each day seems to be gradually getting abit better but its still a worrying occurance. Especially since I quit about a month ago (6 January). Ive seen my Dr once in this time about the coughing and he checked my breathing, heart rate and lung capacity which were all perfectly normal. I’m going to get an x-ray in a few days but have settled on the fact that this is pretty normal and could well just be my lungs and body healing or possibly chest congestion or even muscular strain from coughing but I’m still determined to let my Dr have the last say.
    It’d be really helpful if anyone has or has had the same experience and knows whether it is as I’m assuming just my body/lungs healing and taking its precious time at that. Thanks.

  145. samar nawal says:

    I have quit smoking after 4 years last week and after 2-3 days there is a stabbing like pain in my chest and epiglottis….please let me know if this is also a kind of side effect which get cured with time or there is any other problem i was not a chain smoker , I ised to have 2-3 cig a day nd sometimes more

  146. Sam Walker says:

    Congrats to all people giving up. Well done. All my friends gave up over the last few years, and eventually I became the only ‘piriah’, lol; insisting I did not want to give up; that I could not possibly unless I really did want to. Well, over the last year I have really wanted to, but could never commit. However that day eventually came, and after smoking for over forty years, I am stunned at how easy it has been for me to go without smoking this last week; I really have not missed it . . . There is no irritability or increased appetite, only me strutting around as proud as a peacock. And even though it has only been a week, I know I will never smoke again–the first days as far as I am concerned are the most crucial; if I could get through them, I knew I had the power of mind to keep going. However, who knew the brain would try and trick me into giving up giving up? Initially I used the ‘Thrive’ gum, but gave that up too because I thought it was causing palpitations and the painful skipped heart beats I have been experiencing, which, at this point are pretty much consistent and hugely uncomfortable. When I first found out this is a side effect, my brain did try to tell me to just deal with it then, and have a smoke. And while I had no intention of giving into that, it made me research if these symptoms were normal, and then I came here–thank goodness–and found out about the brain’s underhanded methods to pull me back into the dark side. Won’t work, brain . . . Now, how can I persuade it to stop the palpitations. Drinking water, and all that, yeah, I will, I don’t drink much coffee, only first thing, but do I really have to give up my evening sav blanc! Sheesh! I am again chewing the nicotine gum in a desperate attempt to alleviate the palpitations. Who knew, psychologically I would be fine, but physically, it is becoming evident is another matter. I hope it is short-lived, which I didn’t give up, would be me instead, I’m sure.

    • Keep in there Sam I to have smoked over forty yrs tried and failed many times and feel disgusted that I’ve been doing this long and the damage I’ve done. I think I always failed because it was my buddy I needed it to get me through the trials and stresses of living it was always there to make me feel better. Now after reading how nicotine works and endorphins released I kind of feel betrayed by myself my mind didn’t have all this information so even when I quit before my mind didn’t understand why I was depriving it. Now it understands it’s easier it can’t convince you that you need it so much. So this time is better easier your not hitting a brick wall you don’t have to convince yourself because now you have all the medical information. You are fighting your mind but you are not an unarmed opponent like before. It’s a month for me feel like crap from withdrawal symptoms but no I’m breathing oxygen in my blood and not smoke and tar in my lungs
      Pat yourself on the back and keep strutting like a peacock for lots of years to come.

  147. Hi all. My name is deana. I quit 7 months ago and I smoked for 30 years. I didn’t think I was a heavy smoker and went through maybe 6 to 10 per day. But they mount up! It is great to see a guided timeline of withdrawal symptoms and I think I can safely say, had and still going through them. No one can prepare you because we are all different but we can talk and know we are not the only ones to feel rubbish and have days where there are more side effects than usual. The aches are upon me now and heartburn. People don’t seem to understand how intense these feelings are! But we will get through them. I have gone gold turkey and cannot stand the smell of smoke but I won’t let that prejudice against people who do smoke. No one knows an inside story. Good luck everybody and stay safe x x

  148. I had a mouth surgery 2 days back, removed a horizontal wisdom tooth and was a pretty bad surgery. Got meds, and i am thinking of using this time to quit smoking. Considering the poisonous smoke will infect my surgery i am not doing it. Cravings are here, as i did not plan this. I always thot i would stop smoking the day i would decide so. But i now feel like this is the right moment to do it. Started having chest pains today. I think my surgery will be healed in 1 week or 10 days from now. And i have a court trial in a month and got to fight a suit. Am afraid i will get back to smoking. Am confused. I feel like i need to quit this smoking, but i also feel like am not ready to quit now. Is it an excuse i shall stop smoking after i finish with the issues in my life? I am also selling my house and going to live in another city soon. And i was expecting to start everything fresh again once i am there. I do not have any drugs or alcohol problems, just this cigarette! And it is the damn DRUG! I am confused to stop cold turkey now, or post-pone it to another day. Would apreciate advise from the experienced! Thanks

  149. Move Marrow says:

    I can’t thank you enough for the work you’ve done on this site. All your information is a great help, I have been smoking for the past 20 years and after many failed attempts I am now 12 weeks without smoking. I found that in my previous attempts I was able to beat the physical addictions without too many problems but as the days went on I wasn’t coping with my brain’s emotional addiction. Your article about brain plasticity as not only helped me to realise that my brain can be “retrained” towards non-smoking but it also helped me realise that there are so many more things that I can do with my life.

    I have been meditating every day for the past 2 years solids and being aware that it was a brain coping issue I told myself that it was like a temporary mental illness that I had to beat. Since I stopped there has been a good few triggers that would have always had me heading strait back for a pack but now instead there is that small voice in the back of my head saying, good man one more piece of the wall is going down, every time I am beating a trigger I become a better man, a healthier man, a happiest man.

    It’s possible keep going and thanks for the great support on this

  150. Hello Everyone.

    It is great to hear your experiences, addiction in any form is not easy. I have been struggling with nicotine since I was 17. I am 26 now and have chest pains regularly.


    I have decided to quit before using times like my wisdom tooth extraction and sickness to mask the pain of both. I have looked into my cigarette ashes and have been repelled by the smell and the habit. The more I smoke, the more I am comfortable smoking. I feel nauseous all the time thinking about a cigarette, smoking one, smoking another one….When is enough enough? Ive also had my skin dry out and veins in my face throb. It has been 4 long days and I thought I was going crazy in the first 2, my eyesight was completely blurred and my equalibrium a fail.

    I am looking forward to my senses returning and can already smell the air of a sunny spring day. Stay strong and stay beautiful!

  151. I quite smoking for 1month +,and I feel something runing in my body ,and I don’t want to continue what will I do ???

  152. 209 Days since i quit smoking. It sure ain’t easy at first, specially the first 5-10 days it’s intense, with mood swings and crazy cravings. But after that it gradually calms down. You start getting cravings or feelings of agitation for 2-5 mins , few times a day. Then after a few weeks it becomes a few seconds a day, then few seconds in a week , and so on.
    The Key factor is don’t let certain changes / side effects / symptoms convince you that you were better when you were smoking. This is where addiction plays mind games on you.
    You are definitely better off without cigarettes in your life, so if you get a flu , start coughing more, get headaches, fever, constipation don’t let it turn you off from quitting. And I’ve found such websites to be supportive in my journey of quitting. My advice is to focus on the positive comments, not the negative ones.

    And finally, cold Turkey is by far the best approach, because it’s not a matter of will power and gradually decreasing your intake of cigs. It’s more of being 100% convinced that your life will only be better after you quit and that smoking was the biggest mistake you ever did in your life with respect to health, which is a blessing that shouldn’t be taken for granted. The sooner you do this, the more you save of your health and less permanent damage is done.
    P.S. Allen Car’s method is powerful. Read his book and the rest is up to your mind.
    All the Best folks and God Bless

  153. Trying to quit smoking again for the fourth time, but I’m feeling really ready to quit this time. I’ve had bronchitis five times in the last two years, and my chronic sinusitis has become so bad the pressure in my head is unbearable at times. So ready to let my body heal after ten years of tobacco use. These chest pains and hot flashes from quitting are no fun, but I’ve just gotta keep my eyes on the prize and get it done this time!

  154. Sally campbell says:

    Hi I’m Sally and I’m on day 7, I feel like I am in hell, not only did I quit but have a very difficult mother to deal with, I feel depressed, sad, mad feel sick and dizzy and the cravings are so bad that I feel like a failure that I feel this way. The congestion still don’t gone up I feel it in my chest and I have heaviness as well and hope it will cone out of me, I walk about 4 miles a day and drink water and try hard to keep busy, having a very hard time

    • Stephan says:

      Hi Sally,

      Hope you are still going? If you are, you will find it is getting easier everyday and you will find yourself cursing smoking period. It is a terrible habit with terrible consequences. Change your habits and change your mindset, you will find it helps.

      Good luck and stay with it!!

  155. Stephan says:

    I am on Day 10 today! It has been tough at times but every day is getting better, with less and less time worrying about cravings. A stick of gum and keeping the mind busy has been the best tactics so far.
    Some of the hardest times are when driving and completely stressed out at work. I will not let my mind trick me into smoking another cigarette. It cannot help me in any way. It can only hurt my body.
    What brought me here was a search on the chest pain. I am somewhat relieved to read this is a very common occurrence. Mine is floating. Sometimes no discomfort, then its back left, front right, gone. Then maybe once every couple of days a sharp pain that lasts less than a minute and gone. Of course 10 days ago, I had none of these symptoms. I had pain in my elbow once and I am glad it wasn’t elbow cancer! LOL.
    All the best to all of you. I have read some really positive stories, and I hope all of you have stuck to quitting, and if not made it a point to try again. This isn’t my first kick at the can, but my last.

    • I smoked for 50 years and quit using the patch in November 2016. 7 months still fighting with bronchospasms. I’m using inhalers. the doc gave me Advair and albuterol. Don’t give up yours lungs repair themselves. If you are having anything besides breathing problems and food tasting better and you can smell better there must be something else wrong. My blood pressure is under control first time in 30 years. I’ve even had open heart surgery in 2004. good luck and stay strong. enjoy your life without cigs.

      • Stephan says:

        Today is day 22! The cravings are almost non-existent and very easy to deal with.
        Over the last week or so, the slight discomfort I have been feeling in my chest is pretty much gone. Haven’t experienced any chest pain for a week or so.
        I have noticed that my resting pulse is now down to a constant 60-64 bpm.
        I golf and I always walk the course, and I notice that the large hills don’t affect me much anymore and my heart rate recovery at the top of the hill is very fast compared to when I smoked.

        Keep up the good fight all.

        • I am on day 20. I am also facing the chest discomfort and mild chest pain regularly. My Chest X Ray was normal and my Doctor recommended a anti-
          acid and few pain killers for 7 days. Sometimes it feels too scary and increases my anxiety at a very high level. Please advice.

      • I have been quitting for the past couple of months. My neighbor does and it’s hard to not just ask for one. Then my lungs just hate it.

  156. hlo frds i am dinesh i had smoked max 4 year i am addicated for weat . charas . so on .. tombacoo chewing . i decided to forget all this bad habit by step by step and drink a lot of water . and excersise regularly . now with the help of god i am feeling fresh god promise i left all bad thing .. i am happy some thing like cold cough and even in my stomach and kideny wbc (pus) came 15-60 but now it reaches 2-3 by drinking plenty of water .. just try to forget will power is neccessary ..best of luck .

  157. I will be smoke free for a whole year next week. I was never a heavy smoker, on average 10 a day, but it was 10 a day to many for 35 years. Smoking never seemed to bother me because i was always kept myself fit and active. I use to hike up mountains, rock climbing, swimming, biking on a regular basis. However, just because I didn’t display any symptoms, didnt mean smoking related damage wasn’t present. For 12 months or so before I quit, I noticed i was getting fatigued more easily, my breathing was getting more and more labored to the point where I had to severely cut down on my physical activities. I made the decision to quit, although it took me 6 months before i finally managed to quit outright. I tried patches, hypnosis, vaping, none of which worked for me. I eventually quit cold turkey. I took myself away into the mountains for a week so i had no access to tobacco and would be distracted enough in hiking to not want to smoke. It got me through the hardest first week, the physical withdrawal part. Over the next 3 months i went through mild panic attacks, depression, confusion, insomnia, chest pains. I can imagine I wasn’t the easiest person to be around. Between 3 and 6 months, i really started to feel better. The cravings had by this point, virtually gone away aside from one every now and then that would last only a few seconds. I felt good in myself, even though I had put on 20 pounds in weight and knew that i had beaten smoking habit/addiction. However, although i felt great in so many ways, i began to notice that my breathing, although it had improved, it was still not great. Between 6 months and now at present, 12 months, it has become clear that my breathing is showing signs of serious decline. I have no cough but i get out of breathe very easily. Sometimes climbing the stairs is an ordeal and leaves me gasping for breathe. I am constantly fatigued to the point where walking my dog would leave me exhausted for the next 2 days. I did a quick breathing test at my GPs and she said my forced expel of breathe is below normal and that I probably have COPD, although i will be having more thorough tests next week to confirm this. I can only imagine how bad i would be now if i hadn’t of quit smoking when I did. If you smoke for a long time you will not get away with it Scot free. Smoking often masks health issues, as well as causes them. I feel like my life as i knew it, is over and im now faced with a rapid decline in my health and quality of life and all through smoking. If you still smoke, quit now. Telling yourself it’s to difficult is an excuse because the addiction is talking for you. Quit now and prey that you don’t have any of the myriad of diseases that smoking causes.

  158. I just started quit smoking cold turkey for 6 weeks. I quit due to I had very bad heartburn attack. I started to smoke since age 18 and now I’m 49. First 4 weeks I’m ok but this 2 weeks I had the craving feeling but it go away within few minutes. This 2 days started to lost appetite , constipation and feel everything seems not right. I don’t know all this is it the side effects of quitting smoking.

  159. I always said I would quit smoking before I turned 50, It was my 49th birthday this month and I decided in September that I would give myself a birthday present and stop smoking. Started taking Champix… OH MY GOD… I thought I was going to die… had all the side effects… chronic nausea, fatigue, flatulence, aches and pains, insomnia, very low blood pressure… I thought about quitting CHampix a few times as I was so sick… anyhow stuck to it and am now week 3 smoke free. Whoo Hoo! However have now got quitters flu… terrible post nasal drip and sore throat and cough… quitting is really hard especially when you have been smoking for 20+ years. Looking forward to my 3 months being smoke free!

  160. chris smith says:

    I have been tobacco free for 12 days now. I started smoking on a regular basis when I was 20, and I’m now 39. The final push for me was meeting someone who would not date a smoker. I decided that she was more important. The first week was the worse by far. Irritable, intense cravings, headaches, insomnia, flu like symptoms. Now I feel much better, but still have days where I feel tired. I don’t have cravings, and when I smell tobacco smoke I want to puke. My sense of taste and smell have improved as well. We all need that final push to quite. You have to find yours. Rather it be fitness goal, a loved one, financial, but above all health.

  161. Celeste Snyder says:

    I’m three weeks into my quit and have just got sick. I’m not sure if it’s a cold or quitters flu, but I wanted to share how easy these three weeks have been. After trying everything to quit over the years, I feel like this is the one for me. I used zyban, Chantix, patches, hypnosis and could never beat the cravings. This time I barely have them. I got on zyban and three weeks later made the plunge to quit. That day I started with patches and listen to hypnosis in my sleep at night. I also joined a gym so I’m keeping busy and pumping the junk out of my lungs and I have a small e-cig that I puff on a little bit when I need to. This time I refuse to let cigarettes beat me. Good luck to everyone on your journey to good health.

  162. I started smoking heavy at 17..a pack to 1.5 packs a day. Now I am 35, on day 9 with no cigarettes. The method I used was Jesus Christ. There’s no other way I’d have been able to make it a day, I’ve half heartedly tried to stop in the past and 2 days was the longest I could make it, I smoked dope at the time. I quit that a couple months ago too..didn’t have any problems. I felt better and had more energy and was getting out more after smoking weed. No withdrawals.

    When I gave up the cigarettes I didn’t have any physical withdrawals other than being indecisive and tired. All I want to do now is lay around and sleep. I don’t know why..I thought I’d have more energy from quitting but instead I just feel lazy, unmotivated, and I don’t like it. I’ll make plans to do something and don’t follow through on it, I don’t know what the deal is. All I want to do is lay around and sleep. I also keep having these vivid dreams with people from my past in them, particularly an ex girlfriend I haven’t seen in years. I don’t know why. Makes no sense to me at all. I don’t use chantix or whatever it’s called either, which I hear gives people the vivid dreams. I stopped without drugs, or any other method. Thou shalt not kill was written in the scripture and I was killing myself by smoking so much. Destroyed my teeth, lowered my lung capacity, became an addict to cigarettes, it was time long ago to cut it out.

    I’ve been pretty irritable and discouraged also, which I kind of expected..I can be irritable and discouraged anyways but lately it has increased a little. My appetite has increased which is a good thing though because I didn’t eat enough, cigarettes killed my appetite. I eat healthier now, less sugar and more natural foods. I just wish I could quit being so lazy and laying around all day napping. Maybe it is just my way of passing time and avoiding situations that make me want to smoke or being around secondhand smoke, or maybe some other reason I don’t know. I’d just like to be more active. I had gotten back into exercising after quitting weed and now fell back out of it since quitting smoking. I hope this goes away it feels like I am wasting time and wasting away just sleeping all day. All I know is I ain’t going back to smoking, it wasn’t doing me any good that is for sure..if ruined my teeth.

  163. I stopped smoking 1 month ago and after 1 week I developed a really annoying dry cough. Somedays I cough constantly and on other days it’s not as frequent. Is this normal and if yes, how long will I have to wait for it to get better. My doc checked everything and just said my lung is a bit dry at the moment.

  164. Hi all.

    I am on day 22 no cigs. Use a vape but still getting chest pains bad, that was my reason for quitting. So many people are saying chest pains, asthma and a feeling of not being able to clear the throat while laying down at night. Its so scary but is this what others are experiencing? I want to get fit and long term (im 35) I want to train for Ninja Warrior. Well done to everyone who left those evil horrible things behind. God I adored my smokes, now, I’d ban them if I could. Keep strong people. ????

  165. I quit dipping tobacco about two years ago and I am still feeling that “foggy brain” syndrome; memory, irritability, inability to concentrate like I used to. I was a heavy dipper (dip in all the time and dipped Copenhagen for 35 years). I am still chewing nicotine gum throughout the day, but not all the time.

    Has any other former tobacco users experienced this several years after quitting?


    • I think that you might be experiencing a continuous withdrawal symptom. From what I’ve read so far it takes about 30 minutes to an hour for the nicotine levels to drop, at which point you start experiencing withdrawal symptoms (hence lighting a cigarette). But you reintroduce your dose of nicotine in the body via gum. This way you keep your nicotine addiction alive. Try not having any gum for a week and see what happens.

  166. Same here , quit for the xxth time , been smoking 35 years. It’s been 1 month since I quit last. The last few years I have been a light smoker and noticed the pain when I smoked but worse when I quit. Seems like every time I quit I get chest pains that panic me. I guess thats why we are reading these posts . We just need to know its normal and they will go away. The anxiety is horrible and the feeling you are dying is intense. Dont give up and go back to smoking, it’s just torture every time you quit. I truly believe they put somthing in the tobacco to dull the pain, so we don’t feel the effects of smoking. When we quit , we start to feel the pain. Hopefully it’s a healing process , I just always worry it’s heart or cancer this time and the anxiety makes it even worse. I AM NEVER SMOKING AGAIN !

  167. Does quitting smoking result to stroke.???
    A chain smoker quitting smoking at once is good for health??
    A normal smoker quitting smoking at once is good for health??
    How to manage the side-effects of quitting smoking like irritability and insomnia???

  168. chris mcmeikan says:

    Anyone gotten bad acne/whiteheads from stopping smoking?I stopped 3 weeks ago now and my face is terrible with spots,they just keep appearing!!

  169. Alex Shapsenzon says:

    Holy crap I quit over a month ago, and damn all this crap started to creep up on me, chest pains, anxiety, depression,throat tightness, dizziness, lightheaded,stomach Infection its like I hit the lotto of the worst possible scenarios when It comes to quitting smoking, still going to go through with it, hears hoping it gets better.

  170. Hi this is my 6 weeks quit Cold turkey and i still feel fatigued, chest tightness, nose block and, bloated, digestive problem..i quit 6 weeks ago because i got acid reflux and i have to stop caffeine and alcohol and smoking at the same time… but i am not getting any better..hopefully with Grace of God I declare that 1 day I will be ok.. i am working overseas in the remote area ihave to do leave of absence and go home to my country. For medicalchecked up all turned out normal.. anxiety and panic attacked always kicking in at least once a day i am taking Lexotan 0.75 mg for my anxiety and panic attack everynight but still i am having insomia for the past 3 days…please advise me what to do?

  171. Daymen W says:

    So glad I found and read this article. I quit 5 months ago after smoking for 20 some years. I am definitely experiencing these symptoms and was starting to worry about my own demise as well. After a month into it I experienced the cold flu feeling quite severe and it was steady for a good month and then it turned into an every other day thing. And I still get it randomly per week but popping an ibuprofen or other pain reliever seems to help those days and severity doesn’t last as long. For the first few months I also had extreme fatigue and a bit still but less often. Also I get random shooting pains now and then in my chest, that has seemed to increase a bit now on month five. Hoping this is still part of my lungs healing process. All in all please know I’m experiencing everything this article states and you all have mentioned. So have faith we all get our lungs back to a healthy feeling etc

  172. Justin Giroux says:

    I quit smoking about 2yrs ago. I had to put myself to bed rest for 3 months because I got so much chest pain and sickness. I remember the butterflies in my stomach were so bad I could only sleep an average of 2hrs per night. When the 3 months cleared and the chest pain numbed I was never the same since. I’ve felt horrible since I quit. I’ve had an uncomfortable chest feeling, paranoia, and panic ever since. Quitting smoking has destroyed my life. Now I’m so scared to start again so I’m going to be stuck like this for the rest of my life.
    I’ve detached to any relationship because I feel so unhealthy. I spend every waking moment alone. No friends and no female relationship for years now. I struggle to work, fitness, hell, I even struggle to walking in a normal pace.
    My life is over.

  173. I am now 40, been smoking since 1999, average 20 a day sometimes 30. I had bad acid reflux, lower back pain, daily headaches, an irritable throat, chest pains and bad skin. I have been off the smokes since the last week of January and I can comfortably say I have never felt better. No more headaches, coughing, chest pains but I still have skin problems. Just about a month ago I started getting a strange sensation in my chest – almost like anxiety, chest would feel like it is closing up and heart beat increases. Been to the doctor and she has referred me to a cardiologist due to high cholesterol but I wonder if this is just another sign of my body cleaning itself?

  174. I truly appreciate this post. I been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You’ve made my day! Thx again

  175. Almost 6 months now from my quit date, I’m almost on a daily basis getting achy flu like body aches like you would feel during a fever, chest feels tight during these episodes. Notice more in weather changes. Anyone experiencing this and does this eventually go away?

  176. I quit on April 23rd and it is now May 21st. Almost have made it a month. Let me explain some of the things I have gone through in the last month. (I’ve also quit weed, eating processed foods, eating only lean meats and veggies and naturally occurring sugar-no caffeine either—it’s been hell.)

    So the first three days of quitting smoking I had next to no sleep. Everytime I was about to fall asleep I would have a hypnic jerk, or quickly being shocked to being fully alert and terrified. It is very unsettling and adds to the anxiety. Anxiety has been my biggest issue by far. I went to the Dr about 12 days into quitting and everything checked out. She listened to my heart and said it sounded very normal—at the time i was having such heaviness and pain in my chest-probably the anxiety. A week later I went to the dentist in the spirit of overall health—I neglected that for about 8 years Nd have a few things to get worked out. The weird feeling in my chest left only to be replaced by extreme dry mouth after the dentist appt-terrible indigestion as well—probably low stomach acid but waiting on test results for that still. I put my body into shock by trying to change so much at once but I know I needed to. I am overweight and I smoked a pack a day and an ounce of weed a week barely ever drank water and didn’t take care of my teeth-of I make it through all this change I will truly feel blessed. Anxiety can change how you act, it can affect vision, digestion, breathing, heighten your senses to things you never noticed before-it amplifies the bad—breathe. Find something healthy that helps you relax. I have lost 24lbs in the last 28 days due to working out, eating right, drinking water, and trying my best each day. I find working out is the best time for my mind to forget all the worry Bc I am actively doing something to change my situation. The weird chest pains come and go. The dry mouth is starting to let up. I starting using some Manuka Honey to get rid of any bacterial infections in my stomach 15+ UMF. I have dentist appt scheduled for a deep gum cleaning and some fillings—plus need to get all 4 wisdom teeth out.

    Why do I write all this??
    If you are not overweight, haven’t been a pothead for years, don’t have a bunch of dental issues and you have only quit smoking—you can do it. Just as I can do all of the above. All my problems didn’t start overnight and they won’t be solved Overnight but I know you can quit smoking cigarettes. I have regular check ups every Friday with my doctor at my request Bc it eases my mind and she’s a really good doc.

    Go to your dr if you are worried. I hadn’t been to one in 12 years prior to quitting. Never had anxiety. Never had any of these issues. But it is worth it. Why? You get to live your life and you save a bunch of money and it’s just not worth it to slowly kill yourself any longer.

  177. Todd Christopher says:

    Thank God for this website. I am on week 3 off ciggs and 3 months off weed and I have every symptom mentioned here. This web site is the only reason Im not in a hospital because I swear I am dying. Thank you everyone.

    • It’s very strange no one tell you this bit about stopping smoking, I think if I’d know I might not have quit…. just don’t think I can stand being so miserable and stay off the cigarettes… maybe it will get better
      Good luck

    • Michael White says:

      I am frigging NARCOLEPTIC. I have smoked since I was a TEENAGER. Quitting was easy. No coughing, no horrible cravings. I’ve had a little bit of irritability but I am always irritable. What is killing me is the FATIGUE and EATING too much. I am too tired to exercise. I can barely get through eight hours of work without passing out.

      Wish you all the best. IT HAS to get better. We are doing a wonderful thing! Aren’t we?

  178. Hi been quite for five months after smoking 28 yrs
    Am 41 now,
    Just not getting that boost of energy that people tell you about, strange on and off feeling in chest, small spots around my chest, am depressed and tired but was before stopping, I thought stopping would help that too but nothing yet,
    Please tell it gets better as I been thinking of going back to smoking my little friend again,
    Thanks mart

  179. I quit just 7 days ago today. I don’t feel focused, don’t feel that I can do my job, I am extremely tired and irritable. The worst part is the foggy brain. I am using patches but its not working this time. I have tried to quit for years. I am sitting here struggling with whether I should go bum a cigarette just to see if I can have a little clarity back even though deep down I know its not going to solve the real issue. I just do not know what to do..

    • Have you thought about hypnosis? That’s what we did once. For what it’s worth, a heroin addict once told me quitting heroin was easier than quitting smoking. Hang in there. Think of all the money you are saving and the great vacation you’ll be taking.

  180. I once quit for seven years and I quit again six months ago after 19 years of smoking again. I had a horrible cold and it wasn’t as bad as the first time I quit. That time I wanted to die and had to leave work because I was crying nonstop although I wasn’t sad, my body was cleansing. I gained 54 lbs. that time and I am trying to put the brakes on this time. I don’t drink beer now so I don’t see 54 lbs. in my future, at least I hope not. Now my eyes are crusty in the morning and my doctor thought it was nicotine leaving my body. I can also breath through my nose again and I sleep better at night. When people say, “Don’t you feel better!”, I honestly tell them I feel about the same. And the same goes for food, it tastes the same. So, I enjoyed every puff I ever took but it was time to quit.

  181. Sahil sethi says:

    Its been 21 days i have quitted smoking..
    Since past 7 years i was smoking and my age is 26..
    I am feeling a slight pain in my right chest and arm.
    Blocked nose is also a problem.
    Gastric issues are also there..
    Is it normal for me or should i visit a doctor?

  182. Pains, problems, everything – all come from brain… Calm down. Breath… Enjoy the fantastic fresh air. Breath again… Deep… It’s over. Cigarettes are not bringing you back the “joys” of past… That story is over… Now think ahead – what you can do tomorrow?.. Have a cup of tea, or coffee… Relax… Meditate and enjoy… Now you are free…

    Free from the indistry that is trying to suck you back into $$$$$ multibillion dollar business of selling poison – smth that will not kill you immediately – but you will be dependendant and buying from them again and again and again all life…

    So congrats to escape from them. The “HELL” is a myth… Everything is much better if we have a person we love and smile at him or her every time we feel “craving”… Smile more… Love more… Enjoy…

    Do not believe any “HELLS” – because the moment you believe, it is getting materialised.

    Again- breath… Deeper… Love… Harder… Smile and enjoy… Freshness!


  183. Hi, I’m 21 yrs old and I smoked for 2yrs and I have been smoke free for 2 months now and I’m having back pains, chest pain and stuffy nose…. Please is this normal… When is it gonna end cuz it’s really frustrating and I’m scared as hell….

    • Hey there Jonathan. Im on the same path and with the same symptoms and smoking length as you are. Im also have the annoying stuffy nose and sometimes chest pain when trying to breath as normal. But I think it goes away by itself as time passes by. Try to breath calmly, deeply, think positively and just give it some time. No worries – You are not alone! Sending you believes, stay strong!

  184. Hi everyone, i randomly found this by googling a symptom and was hoping to find some support. Im 20 as of today and ive been a smoker for almost 5 years. I recently (2 years) got addicted to weed (smoked it daily) as well since i have *issues*, recently though i felt my health rapidly decline. I finally decided to quit due to a sharp pain in my chest after smoking weed and i couldnt find advil and almost had a panic attack. Ive completely stopped weed for 3 days now and went from over half a pack to barely a cigarette a day. Im mainly really worried about the chest discomfort. I stopped smoking to avoid any chest pain. It seems as though stopping has caused a very annoying and worrying chest discomfort and would really love some reassurance. Ive been to a doctor for a heart and lung scan and both were confirmed to be fine and the original pain was inflamation. I just want information that would give me closure since the chest discomfort is making me anxious. One other thing is i cant seem to build an appetite. Ive barely eaten in 2 days yet i have to force feed myself just to get some food in. Thanks in advance.

  185. I quit smoking for almost a year and half now. thankfully I have over come all the cigarettes cravings. I made my self motivated to quit smoking for my family especially for my two daughters. I just consumed a lot of lemon juice and water. I make sure to myself that i will stop smoking no second thoughts of taking another cigarette just plain self motivation and a lot of friends and family help for inspiration. I’m lucky to find this blog. now I know what whats happening to my body after I quit smoking. now I balance between food and exercise.

  186. It’s been 5 weeks since I stopped smoking using patches, first few weeks were fine then developed the quitters flu been able to manage that it’s the breathlessness and the tight chest I can’t handle it feels like a band is around my chest when does this go away it’s so uncomfortable

  187. Anybody have Long term heart palpitations While smoking?? I mean like having a few cigs during the day and not having any cigs for a few hours, but the Palpitations kept going while not smoking (in between cigs)?? When I lit up my first cig in the morning, the palps start right after that cig? Anyone get that too while smoking?? Thanks for any replies…plus that would help me!!

  188. prince wani says:

    i m 32 year old i smoke 15 years..now i quit frm 1month and 3 days..wat hapn to me is drepression,heart rate goes up,pain in chest,pricks on skin,lazy,not intrested in sex,sm thng movng in chest..
    wat should i do

  189. When a person tries to quit smoking there leads to a number of side effects .

  190. The side effects can be Chronic Physical Cravings, Irritability and Intense Mood Swings, Intense Fatigue, Headaches etc.

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