Ten Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking Cigarettes.

Reasons to Quit SmokingAre you struggling to find reasons to quit smoking? Or are you struggling to remember why you quit smoking in the first place? Hundreds of millions of former addicts have successfully quit and are now living a life free from nicotine.

Nicotine Addiction is a Chronic Brain Disease.

The number one reason you should quit smoking cigarettes is to cure yourself of addiction. Nicotine is a poison that negatively affects the human nervous system and physically manipulates the brain.

As defined by the American Society of Addiction Medicine;

Addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry. Dysfunction in these circuits leads to characteristic biological, psychological, social and spiritual manifestations. This is reflected in an individual pathologically pursuing reward and/or relief by substance use and other behaviors. – www.asam.org

Do you notice how cigarette cravings closely resemble hunger? Smokers genuinely feel and act as though cigarettes are necessary for their survival.

Thankfully, the disease is treatable allowing ex smokers to regain their freedom, which makes for a great reason to quit smoking and beat nicotine addiction!

If you want to escape being in a constant state of need and nicotine withdrawal, you should quit smoking cigarettes and beat nicotine addiction!


Nicotine Addiction Places You Under the Physical Control of Others.

Addiction is today’s slavery. You should quit smoking because big tobacco uses your nicotine addiction to physically influence you into giving them your hard earned money.

It is a cold hard truth, that as a nicotine addict, you are willing to die early and risk others for the sake of your much needed fix.

Big tobacco also uses you and your addiction to promote its product within society. Cigarette use among adults negatively influence children into becoming addicts themselves.

Exposure to secondhand smoke, such as a person can get by riding in an enclosed car while someone else smokes, has a direct, measurable impact on the brain — and the effect is similar to what happens in the brain of the person doing the smoking.  – sciencedaily.com


If you want to cease being a slave to big tobacco and regain control over your life, you should quit smoking cigarettes and beat nicotine addiction! 


Nicotine Addiction Creates a Permanent “White Noise”  in Your Life.

Addiction to nicotine creates unstable and abnormal levels of dopamine in the brain, the chemical responsible for feeling “good.” A nicotine addict’s ability to experience natural and well balanced highs from the simple pleasures in life is severely limited.

Put simply, nicotine addicts can not enjoy life without nicotine. Everywhere you go, it’s there.

It’s with you for every morning coffee,
after every meal,
when driving to and from work,
when you are on the phone,
when you are socialising with friends,
when you are feeling stressed,
when you are feeling happy,
when you are feeling angry,
when you are feeling sad…

Smoking cigarettes and nicotine addiction is dragging you down and holding you back.

Being able to thoroughly enjoy life and get more satisfaction from everyday activities is a great reason why you should quit smoking cigarettes and beat nicotine addiction!


Nicotine Addiction may Lead to Alcoholism and other Addictions.

There is a definite link between nicotine addiction and alcoholism. Most alcoholics are also heavy smokers.

Quitting smoking and overcoming addiction can help strengthen your mental will power and resolve to achieve results. If you quit smoking and beat the addiction, you will be in a better position to overcome any other addictions dominating your life.

By seeking treatment and overcoming addiction, an addict regains their will power and ability to get more out of life.

Having control over yourself is a great reason to quit smoking cigarettes and beat nicotine addiction!


Nicotine Addiction is Costing you More and More Money.

Nicotine addicts are increasingly unable to avoid paying excess tax. Nobody likes paying taxes, especially for no positive returns.

Getting a dopamine high that reinforces nicotine addiction and prevents the stress of withdrawal, is not a positive reason to pay the ever increasing taxes on cigarettes.

Avoiding all that extra tax is a fantastic reason why you should quit smoking cigarettes and beat nicotine addiction!


Nicotine Addiction Negatively Impacts Relationships.

Nicotine addiction and smoking have become socially unacceptable. Smokers limit their ability to create strong, long lasting relationships with non smokers.

Smoking also attracts the ire of the much greater non smoking community. After all, the byproduct of your addiction has a tendency to invade their personal space and also puts them at risk.

With increasingly strict anti smoking laws becoming more prevalent, smoking is becoming a major a social inhibitor.

Discovering new relationships is a great reason why you should quit smoking cigarettes and beat nicotine addiction!


Nicotine Addiction is Linked to Major Depression and Mental Illness.

Scientific studies have shown that there is a definite link between mental illness and the disease of addiction.

Nicotine has been shown to have effects on anxiety and depression in both human and animal studies. These studies suggest that nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs) can modulate the function of pathways involved in stress response, anxiety and depression in the normal brain, and that smoking can result in alterations of anxiety level and mood. – journals.lww.com/neuroreport

If you tend to be depressed, by overcoming your nicotine addiction and concentrating on building a better lifestyle, you can achieve the higher quality life that millions of ex smokers now enjoy.

Improving your mental health and breaking the cycle of depression is a very positive reason why you should quit smoking cigarettes and beat nicotine addiction!


Nicotine Addiction Weakens your Ability to Overcome Challenges and Solve Problems.

As nicotine addicts withdrawal from their last fix, they experience a great deal of difficulty maintaining focus on trivial tasks, let alone complex problem solving.

Nicotine addicts are always at a disadvantage during long meetings, training sessions and long periods of work productivity where access to a nicotine fix is limited. If you are an addict, try going without a hit for more than an hour and try solving a complex problem, or focusing on a single subject matter for more than 5 minutes.

By overcoming your addiction, you will be able to maintain a higher degree of concentration and productivity. This will enable you to achieve even more out of your life.

The ability to become more productive in life is another great reason why you should quit smoking and beat nicotine addiction!


Nicotine Addiction Causes Stress and Anxiety.

Smokers are almost always in a state of withdrawal. Because of this, smokers are often under a lot of physical and mental stress, often without realising it. This can also lead to emotional instability due to the constant cycle of highs and lows that come with relieving withdrawal.

Once a smoker quits and achieves significant long term recovery, (12 or more months) there is a very good chance they will be a far more calm and stable person than they ever were as a smoker.

Regaining a calm, less stressed mind and body, is a great reason why you should quit smoking cigarettes and beat nicotine addiction!


Nicotine Addiction Prevents You From Living a Fulfilling and Satisfying Life.

Life as an addict is not pleasant. It is not relaxing and as already mentioned, having an addiction severely limits your mental and physical ability to get the maximum enjoyment from life.

Addicts in general, are far less engaged in the world than non addicts, simply because they are constantly engaged in their addiction.

Addiction to cigarettes also affects your physical fitness, again, severely impacting your quality of life experience. Overtime, your ability to enjoy any form of physical recreation becomes virtually impossible, even walking up a short flight of stairs will leave you breathless.

If you quit smoking and beat the addiction, you may find yourself building a much more enjoyable and rewarding life. You may find the increased health, the money saved, the increased ability to focus and concentrate and having a more stable mind, create brand new opportunities in life that just didn’t exist when you smoked.

You may find yourself going back to study, or picking up new skills for a career change. You may find yourself picking up new hobbies or traveling more. You may find yourself attending more social events, or perhaps buying more of the material things in life that make you genuinely happy.

Addiction is a treatable disease and healing is absolutely possible. Millions of smokers have quit smoking and now enjoy life 100% nicotine free and  you could be one of them.

If you want to participate more in life and gain a greater satisfaction from being more able and active, you should quit smoking cigarettes and beat nicotine addiction!




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