Between 66% and 75% of Ex Smokers in US have quit “Cold Turkey.”

Cold turkey, is reported to be the most popular strategy for quitting smoking among ex smokers in the US.

It is important to note that cold turkey may require several attempts before success.



  1. I smoked for 18 years and just quit I had great motivation to do so I started by cutting back from 10-15 cigs a day to about 2 cigs a day for a few days than down to 1 cig for a few days. A few days would be 2-4 than just at this point the cigs are giving you that feeling of when you first start like getting lite headed. At this point I really felt the effects of smoking so will power took over and I know longer would purchase cigs at this point. Than a few days passed and cold turkey took over and that was it done no more smoking no silly patches or anything just feeling good about my choice will power is really the key so good luck on your choice to quit.

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