What is the Number One Way to Beat Nicotine Addiction?

Smoker raising hands questioningly What is the number one way to beat nicotine addiction? If you have spent any time online looking for an answer to this question, you will have no doubt seen the division that exists within the quit smoking community.

The fact is, ALL of the major methods used to quit smoking; cold turkey, nicotine replacement therapy, medication and hypnotherapy, have worked for millions of people.

Cold turkey, nicotine replacement therapy, medication and hypnosis have ALL worked for MILLIONS of people.

Too often, we see advocates of the above methods battle it out for the number one spot by throwing around percentages and success rates, each claiming to be more effective than the others.

The reality of the situation is simply this; when held under the light of day, each and every method fails and I mean overwhelmingly fails, far more than they succeed.

When held under the light of day, each and every method fails and I mean overwhelmingly fails, far more than they succeed.

So given that the four most commonly used methods fail more often than they succeed, is it still appropriate to think that the best way to quit smoking is dependent upon what method is used to quit? Somehow, I doubt it.

So what is?

Ask ex smokers what was different about their successful quit from all their previous failures.

Well, in my opinion, adhering to quit smoking best practices, is the best way to quit smoking. If you are serious about quitting smoking, my advice, is to ask ex smokers what was different about their successful quit from all their previous failures.

Ask this question often enough and you will start to discover a trend of best practices that are consistently used by successful ex smokers. You will also notice that these practices are not dependent on methods used.

I also believe that if you continuously fail to quit smoking, there is in all likelihood, a continuous failure to significantly address these fundamentals BEFORE your quit.

The Good Quit Fundamentals

The more effort you put into getting these right, the more likely you will successfully quit smoking.



Smokers become Ex Smokers because they want to quit, not because they should quit. Before you make an attempt to quit smoking, make sure you know why you are quitting.

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All ex smokers, had at some point, dramatically shifted their perspective of smoking and their mindset over nicotine addiction. This is largely acquired by gaining new information about their condition. Knowing your addiction, leads to a greater awareness of what is involved during the healing process and also increases the belief, that quitting smoking is in fact very possible.

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It is rare for a smoker to succeed without some level of support network.
Support is perhaps the most influential factor for a successful quit.

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Many ex smokers will tell you they had a sound plan for quitting. They knew what they were in for and had made considerable effort to prepare themselves.

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If you are willing to quit smoking and confront the withdrawal process, than all that remains is a commitment to allow that process to occur.

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  1. Leslie Floyd says:

    I quit smoking, after 50 years of smoking, when I had a major heart attack.
    Home by myself, I could barely talk to 911, after finding a 99% bockage, I had two stents put in and decided that’s it! It has now been over 5 weeks, but whose counting LOL , I still have usually two periods a day where I want a cigarette. My energy level has been terrible so I’ve been resting , sleeping and being lazy. Which now I find out is what happens when you quit. Smokers flu? Decided in my mind that I am done with smoking. Even though I tell people I’ve stopped smoking because I dont’ want them coming back at me, if I start back, I thought you quit! So I’ve just stopped smoking for now which I want to be forever.

  2. I have been 3 months without nicotine and im in hell!!! Im so tired, irritable and feel constantly anxious. Its the anxiety thats the worst its a constant scared feeling in the pit of my stomach and i feel like im not coping. I keep on making serious errors like started 2 fires, leaving keys in the door i am in a blurrrrr!!! Is this normal? Please help!!!!!

    • Many ways to detox the body of years of stored toxins. Does take a while so why rush it. Look into natural metal and toxin absorbers.

  3. you’re right it does take a long time to detox your body of toxins especially the ones of cigarettes had left but there’s some good simple and cheap recipes that you can make a smoothies to help detox your body and also drinking a lot of water and getting enough rest will also help detox your body it’s a long process but you have to stick it out if you want to see results it’s not going to be easy nothing ever is easy you have to fight for it

    • John Harmann says:

      Excellent advice. I smoked for 63 years, and quit cold turkey. You can’t do this by yourself – you definitely need the help of the man upstairs. Thanks to him he never bends-so lean on him!

  4. Eleanor Mullen says:

    Soooo glad I found you. My problem is HOW DO YOU STOP IF YOU DON’T WANT TO? (and have no willpower.) Its my son 54 who is afflicted with schizophrenia. He rolls his own from a large can of tobacco. He smokes down to 1/4″. Tried gum many years ago and went back after 1 year. Also many years ago tried hypnosis N/Good. Has no friends, doesn’t want a radio or TV or phone. His doctor is not addressing the issue ..only his meds and sickness.
    G-d help me to help him.

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