Why is this year, the best time ever to become an ex smoker?

No Smoking SignSixty years ago,  Sir William Richard Doll, established that smoking was a significant cause of lung cancer. Since then, the anti smoking establishment has had to overcome tremendous challenges in order to shift society away from cigarettes. 

Most notably, the challenges set by big tobacco companies; such as their refusal to disclose information regarding their immoral business practices.

Despite the persistent efforts and huge gains made by the anti tobacco movement, smoking still remains a strong social and cultural practice. However, this does appear to be changing. At least for those of us fortunate to live in developed countries.

It is now more common, at least in some countries, to become an ex smoker, than it is to become a smoker. Countries such as the USA, UK and Australia, now report that ex smokers outnumber or equal the number of smoking civilians.

This is at least due in part, to the strict anti smoking laws and regulations being rolled out by governments across the globe. Laws which also significantly limit the opportunities for children to become addicted. More people are quitting and less are becoming addicted.

While all this is great news for the anti smoking community, and of course our children, what does it mean for the millions of people still addicted to smoking?

The answer is pretty simple.  It is becoming lot easier to quit smoking. Not easy, but easier.  As demonstrated by the fact ex smokers are now beginning to outnumber smokers.

Let’s have a look at why today, it is easier (again, not easy), to become an ex smoker…


Studies in Medicine and Neuroscience have Made Huge Advances.


Developments in neuroscience have proven the complexity of nicotine addiction and that it is very physical in nature. In fact, the American Society of Addiction Medicine has officially declared that addiction is a chronic brain disease.

While at first this seems grim, the fact is; our advances in medicine and neuroscience have opened up a whole new level of understanding about how to effectively treat addiction, and better explain how it affects us as well.

This creates an opportunity for addicts to gain a much greater awareness and understanding of their condition. Nicotine addicts who have sufficient knowledge about their addiction, can believe with confidence, that they too can physically heal and reach a point in their life when they will not miss smoking.

Click here to read more about nicotine addiction and its affect on the brain… 


Methods to Quit Smoking Have Become More Diverse.


Another added benefit from our advances in medicine, is the diversity of methods for quitting smoking now available for would be quitters.

There have been huge advancements in medicinal treatment such as nicotine replacement therapy and prescribed medication. Combined with our ability to better understand addiction, all forms of treatment can also now be more effectively managed for optimal results. Even the traditional “Cold Turkey” method has been significantly enhanced by our expanding knowledge.

Click to here learn more about some of the methods available…


Laws and Regulations Make it Easier to Stay an Ex Smoker.


Due to the amount of regulations now limiting smoking practices within many developing countries, life as an ex smoker is becoming a lot easier. In many places around world, a smoker has to go out of their way to satisfy their addiction. As a result, smoking is no longer permanently in the face of many ex smokers. Less temptation makes for an easier quit.


The Internet Allows for Easier Access to Information and Support.


The internet, combined with smart phones, tablets and mobile computing, have made information and support for ex smokers all the more accessible. Ex smokers and quitters can now find each other more easily than ever before and quickly gain access to the encouragement or guidance they need. Support is literally right at their finger tips. The Facebook Quit Smoking community is a great example of this.

ACHOICE2LIVE™ has also recently launched The Good Quit, quit smoking help and support group on google +.


A High Quality of Life is a Lot More Achievable as an Ex Smoker.


Smoking is becoming ridiculously expensive. Many smokers are burning huge holes in their wallets to feed their addiction. With the overwhelming majority of smokers existing within the low income bracket, opportunities to achieve a higher quality of life is severely limited.

Ex Smokers not only enjoy a more positive and healthier lifestyle, they have more financial freedom as well. Once quit, the motivations to stay quit are getting stronger.


The War On Tobacco is More Than Ever,  a Cause Worth Fighting.


The biggest asset in the war against big tobacco is ex smokers. There can be no better advocate for quitting smoking than an ex smoker.

Ex Smokers carry with them, hope, for all smokers who feel they can not escape their addiction. With big tobacco now aggressively attacking billions of people throughout the developing world, the moral cause for becoming an ex smoker has become even greater.



  1. 40 year old man ,off cigarettes now 9 weeks..never been here before.started smoking during 1990world cup.had 10 Carroll’s in pocket the night ireland played England.used to hide them down field as I was only 13.by 15 I was 20 a day.I paid for them working for farmers.my gums are now badly reseeding from smoking.gums pulling away from teeth
    .I get shivers every so often from withdrawal,even after nine weeks.I hope it gets better and I hope to make it to ex smoker.

  2. Kristen L. says:

    Hey Brian,

    I am on day 3. I hope you stuck it out and made it to ex-smoker too!

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